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Happy Anniversary 2

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S: An & Diana . Anniversary . Volume 2

FC: May 20, 2011 | An & Diana

1: Happy 2nd Anniversary!

2: Remember | when: | You would drive on the causeway back to Davis in from Sac and would ask me if I wanted to go on a rollercoaster, and then you’d switch to the fast lane and we’d just bounce up and down | We would go to E-board together and hang out before and/or after and just do homework or enjoy each other’s company | You got me into "Suits" after taking our composites. And we had a suits marathon and it always reminds me of you! | We were in bed watching “Suits” and eating gummy fruit snacks, and I would bite half of it, and stick the other half on your face! Hehe :) | We went to the Social at the bowling alley and arcades and you . won a gazillion tickets and started wrapping it around yourself | We picked up littles and made posters, went gift shopping and crafted together

4: We went to the gymnastics fundraiser, but you wouldn’t do anything because you were convinced you broke your rib. And every time after that, whenever we did anything physical, you’d claim your rib was broken | We were at the potluck with Theta Tau and I didn’t want to get grass in my shoes, so you carried me across the field of grass. So cute! | Crossing | Weekend!

5: We had so much drama throughout Spring Quarter I can’t believe we actually made it through all of that. Having lunch at Red Robin was so intense. I’m so glad we decided to forget everything and forgive each other. | I was going to watch Avengers with Rey and you called me before I went, and you kept insisting that it was pronounced Ahhhh-vengers and I was getting so confused because you were so convincing! I am not that gullible! Then we went on our $5 movie date to see Avengers the week after in Davis!

6: Spring Banquet 2012

7: my college sweetheart | There were all these complications about going to banquet as dates and spending crossing weekend together I’m so happy we ended up together We went to Putah Creek in the Arboretum for | the Liquid Hotplates senior farewell concert to watch Melissa sing. Liquid Hotplates and A'cappella groups will always remind me of the Valentine’s gram I bought | You called me literally as my head hit the pillow because you were too drunk to drive home after going to the bars with Jon. I'll rescue you whenever you need, babe! | We had Skype dates at night when we were apart | We sent each other emails and texts with hugging emoticons Mine are better! (“\(^___^)/”) Yours looks like an animal that is having trouble putting its arms around me (>.____.)> hahaha

8: Downtown Davis

9: Dave and Busters | Roseville, June 2012

10: Tower Bridge and Old Sac

11: We showed Linh and Linda around Sac. We went to dinner and walked around Tower Bridge. Old Sac, and the Capitol! We had so much just running around and being silly. We ended up in the Arboretum at night (it was scary!) and we were just cuddling on the dock. It felt so right to be together and I loved all the hugs and kisses!

12: Graduation | Day!

13: We went to Reno together at retreat! And you knocked out on my shoulder so I had to put the 300-dollar turtle on my shoulder so you could sleep. I got super, super, super buzzed at D&B and knocked out on the car ride home. But when we got back, we ate the watermelon with a spoon and I knocked out again. You called me right as I put my head on the pillow to pick you and Jon up from the bars because you two were having bonding time. I'll rescue you whenever you need, babe You gave me the key to your apartment, so I can go and get things for people when they needed it. It made me sad because it was so dark and empty every time I went back. During finals, we took a study break and went to shoot hoops at Rey’s apartment and I was wearing sandals so it was difficult to run and jump. You missed a shot so you had to run through the sprinklers for me. You didn’t know I played so well, huh? That same night, you picked me up to throw me in the hot tub,then dropped me :(

14: Graduation together!!! It was so hot, but it’s definitely an experience that I’m glad I got to share with you. I can’t believe you got so messed up the night before (Actually, I can), and wanted to throw up and sleep throughout our ceremony. At graduation, you were wearing a grey dress shirt and it was so hot you sweat through it Gross! My first time at Sonic’s Drive-In after returning our graduation gowns and we ate in the car! We were having dinner at Cheesecake Factory after I got back from LA and | I just kept rubbing the white napkin on your black polo to make it all furry and linty! Hehe!! :) | You and Chuong didn’t know where the billiards place was and we parked so far that we had to ride one of those bicycle carriage thingys to meet Linh and Toby I finally set up the Bluetooth on my car and called you on it. I took a picture and sent it to you, you noticed that there was a heart next to your name and you were no longer “PAD An Le.” You earned the heart ;)

15: University of California, Davis | Class of 2012 | You made fun of me because I never heard Conjunction Junction or the Adjectives song. You called me hairy and scary bear And then for a few days we called each other (insert adjective here) bear. And then when you got drunk, you were singing that song to me while Theo was driving you around... not embarrassing at all...

16: . We saw the stinky flower, Tammy the Titan at the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory!!! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Because we'll never willingly do it again... | We finally decided to work things out. We spent an amazing couple-of-days together before finals... Writing my paper, going to dim sum, running errands, and lots of sleeping over. I really don’t know what took us so long, but better late than never, right?

17: You were being all sad and nostalgic as you rode your bike through Davis one last time | We stayed up all night before we both had our last finals and were getting tired and bored of studying, so we did LSAT and were Craigslist-ing barn animals for our farm together! Right before our last final, we did something for good luck, and we both ended up getting A's! We should do it more often :) Going to the bars after finals ended with our friends and Linh and Linda! We sent Sheva to the hospital and had a great time that night! Linh was telling us when we were drunk and you let go of me when I ate shit on the curb walking to Tres, you both tried picking me up at the same time and bumped heads! Hahahhaaha! And Sheva stepped on my shoe and I fell right before that, so I was eating it all night | We packed for the first time you were going to leave Davis after graduation. I actually cried that night because it was so weird and surreal that you were actually leaving me :(

18: .I loved it when you would meet me in SF after my interviews and stuff! You and I had adventures all over SF, including when we discovered the beach and you pushed me down so hard I had sand everywhere! Punk! Then we had some alone time in the park! | We literally stopped to smell the roses...

19: Ocean Beach, June 2012

20: I kidnapped you for your . birthday weekend, picking you up and taking you hostage, and as soon as we got to the hotel... | We had breakfast at Embassy Suites! I can’t believe we missed out on it the last time we stayed there! | When we were about to sleep at the hotel, I told you how I felt that you weren’t as interested or invested in us, because you stopped chasing me and stopped trying so hard to win me over, but you reassured me by telling me you worked so hard in order to get us to where we are now | We were such an old couple because as soon as we got home we wanted to take a nap before going out again, but ended up sleeping for the entire night! Hahaha | Brazilian Steakhouse dinner!

21: When we were having dinner at Pampas, you kept taking notes on your phone after each different type of meat we tried. I didn't know you were such a meat connoisseur | We parked in the structure for dinner and you decided to lead us there and we walked all the way around when I was wearing heels! | Hahaha you were joking around and said it was . sweet of me to be in part of the plan, when Hopkins & Carley were throwing you a surprise welcoming party! . | Hanging out with your friends at Barcode after we had Carne Asada fries and they were so funny! Now I understand why you always make the silly jokes that you do | Your entire group of friends came to pick you up from getting a haircut... | Hugging me while waiting for Theo to pick you up

23: Happy Birthday Babe! July 2012

24: I found out you really liked Redwood Trees when we went to Mystery Spot! We drove through Santa Cruz and when we found the place, we saw this entire car covered in bumper stickers. After they gave us ours, I told you I’d stick it on your car... Hehehe We volunteered during the Mystery Spot demonstrations. I love how you are willing to do these things with me! Driving around Santa Cruz and San Jose throughout the whole weekend, just having adventures in each other's company You drunkenly called me and left me a message about how some girl was professing her love to you and all you could think about was being with me. You told me that you wanted to make it work because you were seriously in like with me. Drunk talk is real talk, and it was so nice to hear those things from you because you hardly express yourself and it’s actually reassuring sometimes to hear it once in a while!

25: Santa Cruz, July 2012

26: Cha Siu Bao's in Oakland Chinatown :) You took me home so we can rest before going out with your friends to Gyu Kaku that night, and we locked the door for stuff :) We also weren’t able to nap because we were gossiping like little girls We were in your room with two beds, we went to sleep together in the same bed, but you were being drunk and annoying, and to be funny, I told you I was going to sleep by myself in the other bed. You told me that you wouldn’t sleep until I came back, and before I could ask you if you were serious, you started to snore. When you woke up and saw me on the other side, you didn’t even know what happened... You came back to Davis for the last time to move out, and you told me I’m never allowed to help because I always get emotional But it’s sad! A lot of shit went down in there! We were watching Suits and Lincoln Lawyer at Rey’s place, and he kept calling us out when we violated his #1 rule: No Cupcaking Hehe! We were trying to keep your mattress together, so we got trash bags to put on each end, like mattress condoms... but that failed, so we had to saran wrap the entire mattress. You made fun of me for putting on the last piece of saran wrap like a patch! Haha After locking your apartment door for the last time, you realized you left your wallet, phone, and watch inside! Typical you... And I actually helped you break into your apartment! We disassembled your bed, and you made fun of me about how I should never do anything laborious We played human Tetris, because you decided to drive the tiniest car in the world to move out of your apartment and we had to make everything fit At afternoon tea, I started putting fruits in your tea and I told you I would stick a blueberry up your nose And I picked up a little one and said I was gonna go easy on you! Hehe We were only supposed to get tea and leave because you had errands to run, but after you found out there was unlimited tea you wanted to stay, so we studied for a little bit at Tea List

27: Afternoon Tea

29: Yosemite, August 2012 | We went camping and the drive to Yosemite was absolutely beautiful! We barely got to the campsite and Thanh made us drink and I got super buzzed, but it didn’t hit me until we were hiking and I got super lightheaded We stopped at Tunnel View and took pictures like tourists

30: I was super prepared for camping and brought absolutely everything we needed! I kept telling you how cute the doggy door in our tent was! You kept being paranoid and forced me to put everything in the food locker Even my wet wipes! You thought I was trying to get you killed by a bear

31: Hiking&Camping! | Every time we hugged, kissed, or did anything cute, Eunyce’s sister kept saying “Aww” and then we trapped her in our hug. You were teaching the little girls how to make S’mores and the perfect way to get it gooey on the inside. You even went to go pick branches off bushes so you could have the perfect roasting stick... We realized that our tent was pitched on a slant, so when we laid down to sleep, we would roll down the hill We woke up in the morning to this bird that sounded like it was scouting to eat our babies and pets. You walked me to the porty-potty because I really, really, really had to go early in the morning after the bird woke us up! We went to the creek at night and you mistakenly washed your face in "clean, refreshing" water... We ended up getting stuck babysitting on the ride back. You're so good with kids... Because you still are one

32: San Jose, December 2012

34: Berkeley, February 2013 | We went to Philz and got mint mojito iced coffee and I got a piece of mint on my tongue and I asked you to kiss me to get it off, but you wouldn’t so I kept talking with my tongue hanging out with a piece of mint hanging on it When we stop on University and Shattuck, you always randomly ask me to get out of the car at the red light and get you something from McDonalds... Hahaha Going to Cheeseboard and sitting in the street median to eat-pizza! Being a hipster in Berkeley for the first time.

35: You always ask if we could stop by and check the line at CREAM... You big kid... You told me you always wanted a girl to go and pick up parts with in high school and its so cute that now it was happening when I went with you to get your window. Then I teased you for trying to befriend the guy selling you parts and asked if you were going to invite him to your girlfriend’s BBQ. I walked around East Bay "Bad Bitch Certified." Hehe and you called me ratchet for getting in a fight...

36: Happy | Valentine's Day

37: The Valentines breakfast I made you...! My Valentines present for you, and how many of those things we could check off the list and the scratchers that didn’t work... We had mac n cheese in Oakland, and I got you with the wrong pronunciation of Tapatio. Call me Si Fu! We played tic-tac-toe and drew animals on the lids. Extreme Pizza!!!! The worker at Cream and I punked each other! Hehe Playing Tug of War with the Guinea Pigs... "Getting CREAM for your brother..." Smh... | You gambled the week of Valentines and I kept saying that we were going to have to eat dinner at Applebee’s. Forgetting where you made reservations for Valentines dinner... then calling places to “confirm” your reservation. .Not getting to go on our fancy schmancy Valentines date because we are such an old couple! We fell asleep before 9, even though we planned to nap and wake up around 1 so we could go get burritos and Cream before they closed that night. We obviously failed and ended up sleeping over 12 hours... Oops... You got me a box of chocolates and I showed you the how to eat a box of See’s, by taking a bite of each one. | You showed everyone up at Thanh's birthday party when you karaoke-ed in Viet. No one believed it was you...

38: Birthday Dinner San Jose, February 2013 | You tricked me into telling you my work address for Julie! And we were discussing transportation methods to work besides carpooling, like tandem bike and rickshaw...hehe! I deserve a carriage though... I planned to have girls night with Linh, but you imposed yourself upon us. But it was so sweet because you took her on a date with us. I love how you are so welcoming with my friends. But I told you that Linh and I would look like escorts if you took us out to dinner with you that night

39: You never call me, but on my birthday, you called me and talked to me for 2 hours until midnight so you could wish me a happy birthday Taking me to your “dream” place I just thought it was going to be Olive Garden or Applebee’s because your standards in high school were different Haha! It was better than I thought, but I still think I killed your “dream.” Thanks for taking me there babe! I had one drink at Maggiano’s and died! I wanted to throw up and just go to sleep. I can’t believe we didn’t get to go to the bar. Everything after the first drink that night was struggle city for me... Haha struggle city!!! I diagnosed myself with the stomach flu because I had this condition that I couldn’t say to you and you kept making fun of me... Shhhhh! I'm glad I recovered before my birthday!

40: Sloane Nightclub San Francisco March 2013

41: I kept reminding you not to be late to the club (because you’re always late to everything) and then I ended up being late because the cop stopped the freeway, not because of poor planning.. Hehe You saved me at the club because my card got declined when I tried paying for bottle service Ooops! But you looked like such a gentleman! The bottle service waitresses were probably thinking you're ballin outta control... Or I’m a golddigger! Haha You were supposed to take care of me when we went clubbing for my birthday, but you ended up needing to be taken care of!!! Sooooo embarrassing...! Guys were hitting on me at Sloane and you had to tell them to back off and I was seriously so worried that you were going to fight one of them But that’s not really who you ended up fighting -__- You let me conceal your black eye when we went to go have dim sum with Thanh Hehe you girl That moment on the dance floor...

42: First Warriors game!!! I was drinking hard cider out of my sippy cup and got super-duper buzzed We started running into Oracle Arena and I guess when I ran, blood circulated through my body and I got even more buzzed I also can’t believe you tried to race me! You cheers-ed the random strangers drinking beer in the parking lot that told me we were good when we didn’t have to pay for parking We got matching T-shirts to wear to our first Warriors game You and Mikey tricked me into thinking Curry was part Chinese and I was actually going to shout his “full Chinese name.” You assholes... Waking up on a weekday and getting early morning breakfast before I went to work the day after the Warriors game and realizing that no one actually goes to work

44: Zen Lounge Mountain View March 2013

45: We took shots and danced the night away at Zen Lounge for my friend Nina’s birthday! Chuong couldn’t keep himself off of me and you told him to find his own girlfriend You asked me to stay with you in SJ. I didn’t have anything with me so I wore your clothes. You told me that you always wanted your girlfriend to wear your clothes and kept telling me how cute it was!

46: Someday, someone will walk into your life and make

47: you realize why it never worked out with anyone else...

50: La Fondue, Saratoga March 2013

51: We had our romantic dinner at La Fondue only because you think everything is a contest and tried to beat me for taking you to The Melting Pot My first Instagram post was from our date night! The secret is out! Only on Instagram though, and not Facebook We went to La Fondue and you asked for more garlic cloves to eat with the cheese and the rest of the night and even the day after, your breath had remnants of garlic in it! No vampires for us I was Iron Chef at dinner and chopped up mushrooms to sauté to eat with our filet mignon pieces I’m so domesticated babe! Our server at La Fonde comped us for champagne, which made for perfect pictures, and we told him that we weren’t 21 yet When you planned our romantic dinner weekend, I was so excited, and then I found out it was Easter weekend. Then I accused you of doing that purposely so that you can invite me over and your family could convert me. You asked me when I wanted my baptism... You became an Insta-ho and that weekend we just kept track of our likes and played Clash of the Clans You came with me to get a pedicure and paid for it like a Vietnamese gangster... I still don’t quite understand, but thank you? Hehehe you can be my sugar daddy ;) I had allergies and you told me that you never wanted to mix your genes with someone that had less than perfect genes because you didn’t want to weaken your gene pool, but we mixed like I knew we would... Hehehe I bought the biggest bao ever at dim sum! It was the size of my face

52: “Let someone love you just the way you are – as flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you sometimes feel, and as unaccomplished as you think you are. To believe that you must hide all the parts of you that are broken, out of fear that someone else is incapable of loving what is less than perfect, is to believe that sunlight is incapable of entering a broken window and illuminating a dark room.”

53: Dear Babe, Happy 2nd Anniversary!!! I'm so excited that we made it this far. It’s hard to believe we’ve actually been together this long. When I realized I had feelings for you, I remember thinking this was temporary and there was no way that I would end up with you for a serious relationship, but I was wrong, and I’m so glad I was. Now, I can’t even picture myself without you. I don’t know what took us so long to make things work out in the beginning of this year, but the time apart made me realize how difficult it is to be without you. All the arguments or disagreements we’ve had were so minor that it’s easy for me to let it go, in order to ensure that we focus on the bigger picture and the more important things like simply being together. I hope I never lose sight of that. You always know how to make everything better and make me feel like nothing else matters when I’m with you. I want to feel like that every day. I continue to learn from and grow with you each day. A love like this doesn’t come by very often, and we are so lucky to have found each other. I'm so happy that we always manage to find a way back to each other. Thank you for another amazing year! Hope to celebrate many more to come! I love you!!

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