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Harris Class Poetry Book

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S: Harris's 5th Grade Class Poetry 2010-2011

BC: These are original poems penned by the 5th grade students in Mrs. Harris's class. 2010-2011 School Year

FC: Take Time to Rhyme

1: In honor of Mrs. Harris, the best teacher EVER!

2: The Sky The night sky the beautiful sky blue and white sky doesn't it make you cry the nice birds in the sky the stars shine in the sky sky,sky,sky how sweet and sour what awesome power my oh my the rain is dripping from the sky you shift like the moon in the sky when we see the sun we will know its the sky good bye sky Deaundrey Johnson

3: Clocks Staring at the clocks that are bendy Staring at the clocks laying there like they're hot. String at the clocks that lay everywhere. Staring at the clocks to see if the big hand moves. Staring at the ticker going tick tok. Staring at the molds seeing if they'll slide down. Staring at the clock as it strikes 5:59. Finally staring at the clock on the tree on the desk with the fine finish. Xavier Adonte Jones | Salvador Dali

4: Reach The Stars By: Justin Kwesch Have you ever wanted to reach the stars But you could only reach it with an orange rocket. The only way you could stick to it is with a pink spike. The only way you could be as hot as it is red burst. The only way to go as fast as its flames fly is with cyan laser. The only way you can go through it is with yellow drill. The only way to float around it is with green hover. The only way to smash it is with blue cube. The only way you can suck it up is with violet void . The only way to destroy it is with purple frenzy. But haven't you noticed that sonic and his friends have been With the stars the whole time.

5: take time to add... | Similes | Metaphors | Making comparisons using "like" or "as" | She was as happy as an ant in a sugar bowl when she saw her report card! | Making a direct comparison of 2 things WITHOUT using "like" or "as" | The streets were a furnace, the sun an executioner.

6: Camp Half Blood by Michael Montalvo There is a camp you call camp half blood It's for the kids Half blood, half mortal, half god. One can control the sea, One can control death, But few control electricity. Their powers come from their godly kin Whether sea, death, or storm They have servants of feather, bone, or fin. Their powers come from their godly kin Whether love, sun, or prophesies They have servants of angels, light, and thieves Camp is a wonderful place With sword, shield, and mace I hope I soon see your face here.

7: MY Desk My desk lives at my school. Desks are made of wood and have four feet to dance or stand still. The coffee brown pieces of wood hold all of our stuff. It even knows how to tap dance ,when it gets full. The chocolate brown desk helps you write, or else you would have a hole in your paper. When the day is over it spends the night sleeping until the next morning. Sarhai Ramon

8: My New Puppy My new puppy is a lot of work. Her teeth and paws tend to hurt. My new puppy is part Rottweiler, but I don't think she could get much wilder. My new puppy jumps and bites. At least she doesn't keep me up at night. My new puppy is sometimes sweet, with the occasional bark when I give her meat. My new puppy's name is Ellie. She sure does have a big belly. My new puppy is twenty pounds. Sometimes she makes some weird sounds. My new puppy chews up paper towels. Much like the people who were chewed up by Simon Cowell. My new puppy has the perfect sneer. It makes us all cower in fear. My new puppy is as cute as can be. My new puppy absolutely loves me! By Tessa Lewis

9: take time to add... | Personification | Giving an inanimate object human characteristics | Fear was knocking at the door. | I could hear the beach calling my name! | The SmartBoard hates me! | The picture in that magazine shouted for attention!

10: Dragonology Sleeping in their fiery nest They think of you as a grubby pest. Dragons come, and dragons go They will make a lava flow. Dragons soar above the clouds their mothers must be so proud. I ride upon there scaly backs In fear I might be it's snack. They have at least 1,000 scales. Then I notice it's bright green nails. Their face is long and very pale I think, this might be the end of my tale. Joshua McIlrath

11: Butterflies By:Lesley Ortega Butterflies are lovely, Butterflies are colorful, They come out day and night, They go all around the world, They come every spring. When I see a red one It makes me vexed, When I see a pink one It makes me thrilled Butterflies are butterflies.

12: Ghost Town By jessie Stevenson The citizens in Ghost Town Are people you can't see. Unlike the tumbleweed and the saloon But like the sand spinning around me. The homes in Ghost Town Are sad, bland, and quiet. If there was a way to bring back laughter Nothing would have enough worth to buy it. Living here is a dread. You never are truly dead. I wish I didn't tread my gown In Ghost Town.

13: Take time to add... | hyperbole | Expressing ideas using exaggeration. | My backpack weighs a ton! | I'm so tired I could sleep for a year! | How could you forget? I've told you a million times!

14: Tobby By Susana Zamora I had a puppy named Tobby, I loved him a lot. He made me smile every day, and he loved to play. But one day he got ran over and that made me cry. I will always love Tobby and I will never forget, when my Tobby that day had gone away.

15: Nature We've angered the world with cars and trains Man kind carries such strains. Mother Earth will come back full force with sun, storms, and winds of course. Animals die as buildings rise some are even extinct. We must save our world not destroy the ocean breeze and the jungle cry they must be embrarresed. As man kind grows nature slowly deceased. we must remember were animals too, don't destroy our brother's lakes. Nature must rise preserves must be made, as the forces of man melt away some day by Joshua Scott McIlrath

16: take time to add... | alliteration | Repetition of beginning consonant sounds | Chris's cat clawed my couch creating chaos! | Careless cars cutting corners create confusion. | You'll never put a better bit of butter on your knife!

17: Diana and Apollo by Jessie Stevenson The sun is warm,kind,and playful Energetic and temperamental at times, But always generous To the Earth By giving heat And light, Both our planet And the moon. The moon is cool,humble, and graceful. Even though she doesn't have much to offer Artemis radiates light and beauty For the world to see. She is the mother of wolves And when she's shy she disappears casting her shadow in the night. These two love to dance together In the creamy,ocean blue sky On the Milky Way dance floor When they gently kiss A dark yet amazing thing comes out of it; An eclipse.

18: Gods While Greece and Rome were wonderful homes the U.S. has never failed. When we fought against the Confederacy we were the ones who prevailed. Zeus, Poseidon, Hades: The amazing "Big Three" Are the only things that could possibly beat thee. Athena has her wits, Ares makes his war. If they work together they could make even more. Back on the Empire State Building they don't have to pay, For their home is on top and there the gods will stay. By: Tessa Lewis

19: This Year's Class by: Mrs. Harris To every teacher, their class is a gift, A challenge, a heartache, and reward. This year my class has broken the mold. They're unlike any before. At the beginning they were quiet and shy Boy, that didn't last long I've loved getting to know them Their hobbies, goals, talents, and sometimes flaws. As I think on this school year What l I recall are faces, moments, and laughs They come back to me, snapshots of memories One teacher and her priceless riff raff. So as you leave dear Mableton I hope you won't soon forget The friends you've made and the memories saved And the teacher most proud of you yet! | Sneak-a-Peek Morning Meeting Volcanoes Data Goals Civil War Graveyard Dime Fundraiser SO MANY STORIES! Starbase Math Bee Love That Dog | Assemblies Poetry Science Projects Week Long Breaks Writing Test 5th Grade Trip Talent Show Taking the CRCT Chicken Biscuits Locomotion | Planet Earth Old Cartoons Circuit Kits The Dark Sea of Darkness Twosies The Snowman Borax Snowflakes Silver Spoon Awards

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