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Hava_Rose #2013

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S: Hava_Rose #2013

FC: Hava_Rose Guess who I love!? My grandparents! Thank you for always cuddling me, playing with me, and loving me. #yoursweetheart #thankyou #merrychristmas #2013

1: March 22, March 21, March 21, March 21

3: lauravogtphoto What a moment from our lives; full of joy, exhilaration, pride. #deliveryroom #latergram #bradleymethod {march 21, 2013 7:30 am}

4: March 23, March 21, March 23, March 24

6: lauravogtphoto loving time with daddy {day 5}

7: hava_rose Snuggling with dad when I was two weeks old. #latergram

10: April 14, April 23, March 31, April 24, April 30

12: hava_rose Yeah, I created my own Instagram. Snapshots of me here. | hava_rose I mean, it was really clever of me. | hava_rose You don't think so!? | hava_rose Whatever, I'm gorgeous.

13: hava_rose Like really good looking. | hava_rose Well, we're cute. So we have our own Instagram now for snapshots. {april 30}

16: hava_rose I love dancing with daddy. {may 1} next page : may 16, may 19

18: hava_rose I did it! I moved my head from one side to the other! #rockstar {may 2} | hava_rose I'm just so excited about enjoying this Oklahoman spring day! {may 2} | @hava_rose Watching Bachelorette with Mom. So juvenile, I had to cover my eyes. #BachelorNation {may 27} | hava_rose Look what I learned to do! {may 17}

19: hava_rose I even look good in lime green. {may 8} | hava_rose Ain't loosing this sucker. {may 10} | hava_rose It's so embarrassing when she sings & dances with me. {may 20} | hava_rose Mom says I sleep like Daddy. dustimv Look, just because I sleep in an adult swaddle... {may 9}

20: hava_rose Having fun in my crib! jgvogt It looks like a carousel! What fun! dustimv Though she did not have fun when I spun it around and moved it up and down like a carousel. #newdad hava_rose I have the funniest daddy. #sohappy {may 6, 2013} hava_rose I feel better today! (I had shots at my two month checkup yesterday.) They said I'm going to be tall like mommy; my length is off the charts (25.5 inches). My weight was 80% (12 pounds) & my head was 67%. {may 22, 2013} next page : may 23, may 16, may 6, may 26

22: may 26, may 6, may 13, may 3

23: may 13, may 28, may 28, may 13

24: may 20, may 26

25: may 26, may 8

28: june 7, june 3, june 12, june 14, june 22

32: june 4, june 30, june 2, june 2

33: june 5, june 15, june 6, june 6

34: hava_rose I had a great day watching my fingers & toes. {june 3} | hava_rose Mom: "What do you want Hava to wear today?" Dad: "Eskimo suit." And this is what happened. {june 23} | hava_rose Adventures with Wubanub. {june 25} | hava_rose I'm so excited about Father's Day! He has no idea what I have planned... {june 16}

40: hava_rose I like Boberries just like my mommy! #nomnomnom {july 2} | hava_rose Peasants, entertain me! Bring me a head of a boar. {july 5} | hava_rose Quit kissing me! Take off this silly hat! And no more swimming! That means you too, @dustimv. {july } | hava_rose I got them feet! Aaaaaaoooo! {july 22}

41: hava_rose Yeah, I'm excited for my first girl's road trip. Mountains, get ready for Hava Rose! {june 1}

42: hava_rose My chariot is yummy! {july 7} | hava_rose Look what Wubanub & I found! {july 5} | hava_rose I love adventure like daddy! My Osprey backpack is so much fun! I like being up high. {july 1} | hava_rose Enjoying the hike! {july 7}

43: Hava_Rose Dad & I adventuring! {july 7}

45: hava_rose Bearsuit! Bearsuit! Bearsuit! Bearsuit! {july 7}

46: hava_rose Braving my first river crossing with mom. {july 5} | hava_rose I conquered it. {july 12} | hava_rose I'm happy at the hula hoop party. {july 9} | hava_rose This is living. {july 9}

49: hava_rose I was adorable during my 4-month shoot today. {july 22} previous page : july 21, july 20, july 16, july 5

50: hava_rose bath time with daddy... {july 25} | hava_rose I like when they pull me, Princess Hava, in my chariot. #biking #mush {july 27} | hava_rose I loved my first library storytime! {july 19} | hava_rose Playa don't hate the Hava-moves. #superfly {july 22}

51: hava_rose I had a good checkup. My weight was 15.7 pounds (83%), my height was 26 inches (95%), & my head was 16.75 inches (85%). Everything else looked good too! Except for those stinky shots... {july 26}

56: hava_rose I don't want to go hiking. {august 4}

57: hava_rose Just kidding, I had fun. {august 4}

58: hava_rose Mom got me a new pet. {august 5} | hava_rose You've got nothing on my hiding skills, Peekaboo. {august 13} | hava_rose It's a fight to the death! Don't worry Mom, I'm gunna get 'em! {august 12} | hava_rose Hi fishies. {august 5}

59: hava_rose loved playing with my cousin Ava today! She really enjoyed learning from me; I am two whole weeks older. | hava_rose Wow, I'm kind of a big deal. #FirstTimeHighChair This is how I do it, right? #roadtrip {aug 18} | lauravogtphoto I love this kid. She is such a joy & a blessing. She's so much fun. She just loves to laugh & make others laugh. {aug 18} | hava_rose I love Ikea & Dinosaur! {august 18}

62: hava_rose Swinging at dusk. #summernights {august 20}

63: lauravogtphoto I just wish I had a happy baby. #ShesSoMuchFun {august 7} | hava_rose Tummy Time = Party Time when you're with me. :D {august 28} | hava_rose Learning to scoot. #goingplaces #latergram {aug 28} | lauravogtphoto My loves. So precious. {august 4}

70: lauravogtphoto Growing up. #thenandnow {three days old & today, sept 5}

71: hava_rose Please be my friend. #cousins #gopokes @hava_rose I wants it! I want that other baby! {sept 15} | hava_rose Daddy and I made art together. #fingerpaint {sept 15}

72: hava_rose I'm just going to snuggle right here for a moment. {sept 12} | hava_rose Loved my first OSU game!! {sept 15} | hava_rose I love my sister! #bookday {sept 3} | hava_rose Where's that silly Wubanub? #teething {sept 19}

73: hava_rose Guess who's learning to upgrade from tripoding to sitting? I had to be cool as mom brought me to my play date in pajamas. {sept 18} | hava_rose Today my parents and Grandpa will have fun with me. But they don't know that I'm planning the epic poopscapade of Los Cabos 2013. {sept 15}

74: hava_rose Mom said something called "fall" is coming. She took me Utica Square and put me in this pink chair to celebrate. {sept 20, next page sept 5} | hava_rose When I grow up I'm going to ride Princess every day and be a horse master. {sept 11}

78: hava_rose Mom and Dad showed me where they fell in love. A bit sappy, but I loved campus. #funday #sooc {oct 6} | hava_rose Mom and dad kept putting this green goop in my mouth & spilling it all over me! It was terrifying. #firstfood {oct 4} | hava_rose Vrooooomy! Can I haves, Daddy? {oct 23} | ...and you will not believe what happened next. That silly Wubanub went, "Pawooo." I laughed & laughed. {oct 13}

81: hava_rose Hello Smokies. #naptime #vaycay {oct 8} hava_rose On the acorns. #roadtrip {previous page, oct 7} | hava_rose Mom thinks she found a North American Pink Bear, but it's actually just me. #sillymom #latergram {oct 18}

90: hava_rose I love sit on long winding roads and think about the meaning of my life. Where am I going? Is it the road less traveled? Am I proud of the direction of my life? Just kidding, I want to eat rocks. {nov 19}

91: hava_rose Bedtime, smedtime. {nov 7} | hava_rose Bear and I watching the sunset. {nov 19} | hava_rose Mom wants me to pick a best friend. Silly mom, I want them all to be my best friends. #lovie {nov 1} | hava_rose My daddy is the coolest. {nov 30}

92: hava_rose Here I go. #zipzoom #withdaddy {nov 9} | hava_rose P. S. I'm crawling now. And I have a cute cheerleader outfit on. {nov 9} | hava_rose Sure, Mom, your old college building is cool and all, but I just want to watch the parade. #morillhall {nov 9} | Not sure what to read next: Neruda's Poems or Importance of Being Earnest. I threw Baron in the Trees under the table.

93: hava_rose I'm just going to cuddle right here for a moment. #lovedaddy #gopokes {nov 9}

98: hava_rose What the? Huh. #fallingsnow {dec 5} | hava_rose Not impressed, old man. #snowbear {dec 5} | hava_rose We found my Christmas dress! Of course it's sparkly! {dec 4} | hava_rose Mom wouldn't let me go to Bedlam. They can take me... here, to make up for it. #switzerland {dec 7}

99: hava_rose What? No. Puree it for me, mom. {dec 3} | hava_rose I just realized I hadn't posted anything in awhile and know my fans are probably really sad. I've been busy with, you know... life. So here's a picture of me helping mom bake cookies. #imawesome {dec 3}

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