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Hayley L.

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1: Why?....why? why? why?... "Why do I even bother?" "Why did I even try?" "I wonder why me of all people would pick to do this!" I mean I stink at it! You know when you really want to do something but you have to do something first to do the thing you really want to do? Well I, 12 year old, Samantha know how it feels.

2: I demand to learn how to sing chorus. But first I have to learn how to play the flute! I have seriously no experience with a flute whatsoever! Plus playing a flute is way different than singing chorus! When I arrived at flute practice I was looking at my flute

3: like what the heck am I supposed to do with this thing? I tried to copy off of what everyone else was doing but it looked like they had no clue how to use it either! Oh-no I saw the music teacher Ms.Singer begin to jog up to me.

4: I'll be honest Ms.Singer kind of creeps me out. Anyway, I don't know she ended up with that last name I mean it's like she's destined to be a music teacher. She was about a foot away from me when a teacher called out "Mrs.Singer, may I talk to

5: you for a second?" Called the teacher. "Sure" said Mrs.Singer, turning in the teacher's direction. Wow that was close I thought. But right at that moment I saw the teacher that was speaking to Ms. Singer begin to leave the auditorium. Nooo! I began to shout. But right at the

6: same time something caught my eye. The teacher that had left momentarily had dropped something. The music teacher was still walking up to me when again she got interrupted. Excuse me Mrs. singer,called Becca. Becca is a really

7: good friend of mine. I'm coming,called Mrs. singer. She trotted up to Becca. This was my chance. I could go over near the door and see what the teacher that was speaking to Mrs. singer, had dropped. It was also a good chance to leave and go home. I ran over to the other side of the

8: auditorium making sure that the music teacher didn't see me. When the items came into sight I saw there was a metal badge,like the kind that cops have and a little black book. I picked up the items off of the ground. The badge said

9: F.B.I officer Steve. I didn't know he was part of the F.B.I. I thought. Then I opened the book to it's first page. It said: now I'm on task 20. I have to find the burglar that is hiding in lake View middle school. Oh-no! I thought there's a burglar around this place?

10: "I-I have to go home and tell my mom," I stammered. I sneaked out of flute class and ran home. My sneakers were pounding hard against the concrete. Finally I stepped into my drive way and walked into my house. When I got to the

11: living room I was panting hard. "M-mom," I called. "Yeah sweetie?" She called back. I need to talk to you. "About what sweetheart?" "It's about school," I answered. "I'm coming," said mom. She ran over with my little brother, James.

12: "What happened in school?" She asked. "I-I found out there's a criminal in middle school and there's a cop trying to find the criminal". She almost dropped James but I caught him. "A-are you sure".She stammered. I nodded slowly. "Yes mom

13: I'm sure". I held out the items. She looked at the badge and then opened the book. She read the same note I did. "Oh-no". "What will I do". She said quietly. "Sam I think you have to stay home for a while". She whispered it in such a low voice I could barely hear her. "YES!"

14: I shouted. Then mom put a serious look on her face. "I mean yes mom". I murmured. "Huhhh"...... mom sighed. "Don't worry mom". I told her. "Everything will be o.k".. I tried to convince her to not worry about it. I could tell she was upset. "Mom".

15: I said in a low voice. "Yes sweetheart". She replied. "How about we do something fun to take our minds off of it?" I suggested. "Oh I know", "how about we go to that peach fair we used to go to every year?" "Mom remember that one year we went and I

16: accidently spilled a big basket of peaches and a lot of people were tripping?" "I think I was five". I said. Mom was giggling. "When is the peach fair?" She asked. "It's tomorrow". I answered. "Oh well", "I guess we could go". Said mom. "It sounds pretty fun. Yay! I said. Yay! said James.

17: "Oh my god".Said mom as we both stared in shock. "That was his first word". I exclaimed. "Yay!" "yay!" "yay!" Said James with a joyful tone. "I have to tell your father". Mom said. I can't belive it. I thought. I took James on the floor so we could play with his toys. A few seconds later

18: mom was rushing over to me and James with my dad. "He said his first word?" Dad asked with excitment. "Yeah!" Shouted James. "Awww", We cried. We thought it was the cutest thing we've ever seen in our lives! James was laughing and babbling

19: with excitment. We stayed up for a long time, until mom said it was time for me to put James to sleep. After I put James to sleep, I ran into my room and got into my pajamas. I fell asleep fast so I could wake up early. In the morning I jumped out of bed and ran

20: into my parents room. "Wake up!" Wake up! I shouted while I shook my parents. Their eyes slowly opened. "What?" They asked cluelessly. "Did you forget?" I asked. "Today were going to the peach fair!" "Woo-hoo!" I jumped on the floor and skipped to my brothers room. I was so

21: happy! We hadn't gone to the peach fair in years. I got James dressed nicely for the peach fair. Then I raced downstairs for breakfast dressed in a special outfit for the peach fair. I saw my parents were dressed nicely too. Mom made

22: pancakes for breakfast, along with a peach. We all ate quickly because we didn't want to miss 1 second of the peach fair. Finally, we got into the car. Me and James were singing to every song we heard. We finally arrived at the fair and James kept

23: tugging away from mom's hand so he would be the first one to get in. We entered the fair. And the first step I took, something caught my eye.

24: The F.B.I. person who was talking to Ms.singer, was chasing someone. The criminal looked so familiar. So I ran toward the F.B.I. person. "Sam!" "Sam!"

25: My family called to me but I ignored them, then something grabbed me. My uncle? Yes! He said that the F.B.I. was chasing him! The F.B.I. ran over to us. Let her go! Said the F.B.I. He's

26: my uncle! I shouted. You know him? The F.B.I. Asked. Yes! I exclaimed. Oh well thank you. He said. Now I can leave. After the F.B.I. left my uncle told me that the F.B.I. was chasing him Just because one day after school he was there looking in every classroom

27: until he found mine. Well I have a trick to use You know,

28: the one I used when I was 5? Yup, that was NOT by accident. I guess we all live a happily ever after, except for the people who are about to trip in 3,2,1.

29: About the author. Hayley luongo lives in Blue bell PA with her sister,Sophie, her dad, Micheal and her step mom, Vicki.

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