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Heather Tribute

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1: My Love, From the moment I saw you I was charmed. An awkward teenage boy, a frog seeking a kiss from a princess, and the story is true. I have been transformed by your kisses, and by your grace, by your unfailing devotion, and by your wit and virtue. I have you to thank for so much of my confidence, for my love of reading, for two beautiful boys and for a blessed home. I have you to thank for much. I remain charmed and blessed to have been able to share these adventures with you and eagerly await what next adventures we explore together.

2: About my Daughter Heather, Heather you were a delight to watch growing up. You are the older sister in a loving and nurturing way. You taught Christy and Michelle how to play with their dolls, even making a Barbie movie in the process. Heather, you fussed over your brother Patrick, protecting him always. Heather, I worried about you as you went through the grunge stage, knowing full well that you would do | the positive thing while struggling through the 13-17 teen years. There were a few interesting boyfriends and spiked hair styles, all very minor things. You grew out of those years into a most poised and beautiful person. Once you conquered an early reading setback, you attacked higher education with vigor. You picked journalism for a career and I just knew I would see you on CNN one day. However, you chose your own destiny driving forward with your passion for art and the written word. You worked hard, earning a Master's Degree in Library Science. I am so proud of you for seeing that through. You moved on to become an archivist, surely assisting three organizations improve their operations. You fell in love with your prince and married him. Yours and Darryl's lives became rich with family and much traveling around the world. I'm so happy you get to do that. Pretty soon Dylan and Mason came along, and what a caring and nurturing mother you are to your boys. Heather, I'm so glad I got to know you and be around as life progressed for you. You are an inspiration to your family who loves you and all the friends you have that also love you. Dad

3: honor by asking me to care for Dylan while you took on a work project. We became really close as we worked together to make sure Dylan was happy and loved!! I've have never had a friend who cared for me and showed me in a tangible way as much as you have. I thank God for you everyday and I love you so much!! This picture makes me so happy. Anyone wanna play the P**** game? HaHa. I love how close we are and holding hands, this is hopefully how we will always stay. Little did we know that you were pregnant on this trip to Disneyland, which started our next adventure in the life of our friendship. Your pregnancy was rough emotionally, but we survived! I was so blessed, excited, and honored to play a part in welcoming Mason into this world. It was the most bonding experienced I had with a friend and I will always treasure it. Heather you are beautiful, strong, smart, loving, kind and my best friend!! I couldn't have asked Jesus for more in a friend, I love you!! Your Best Friend, Jenny Kingston | To my Best Friend, You are such a wonderful woman and friend. I think back to the day we met for coffee at Peet's Coffee in La Jolla, you were a brand new mom looking to start a mommies group. I was so excited to get to know you and had no idea what God had in store for us as friends.You then gave me the greatest

4: For there is no friend like a sister, in calm or stormy weather, to cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands." -Christina G. Rossetti. All My Love, Michelle | Heather, you are the most amazing woman. Art, love, integrity, adventure, loyalty, hilariousness, and simply wonderful....you embody all of these and more. I admire everything about you! Love, Rachel

5: Heather, What a whirlwind! Seems like only yesterday when you arrived at our home group...three kiddos later!! (your 2 plus my 1:)). It's been such a JOY knowing you over the past few years. I always | Sixth grade graduation: Just the beginning of many more accomplishments to come! -Danae Howell | treasured our times together, meeting at my house, watching you grow so much in your confidence as a friend of God. I'll never forget the day at home group when your skepticism about your ability to hear from God changed when you got the word "Anthony" for the picture of Jesse's sister...um yeah...just so happened to be her fiancé at the time! Not prophetic at all (haha). I've always loved the way your mind works, how you process things so delicately and intricately with the Lord. You're such a deep soul. And now, even though we're on opposite ends of the state, I love seeing you as a mother. The joy you find in your sons is intoxicating. There is no calling higher than to have stewardship over the life of another human being, and you do it beautifully! I'm so blessed to have a friend like you and I'm excited to see where the Lord takes our friendship in the years to come! Happy Birthday, Heather! You're a treasure, a bringer of life, and a pillar of strength and stability to so many around you. Be filled with His Great Love for you today! Love always, Jessica

6: Heather, When I came into this world I was blessed to have you as my big sister. Through the years you have become my best friend. You have always been there when I needed you the most, to give your advice or just listen. When I think back to my childhood and all the wonderful memories we share as a family it wouldn't be the same without you. You have taught me to persevere through life's tough times, to love without receiving it in return, how important relationships are, working your hardest towards achieving a goal, to enjoy life through adventures and people, and so much more. Thank you for teaching me so many important things that only a big sister can teach.You have had such a large impact in helping make me the woman I am today. Thank you for being the best big sister and friend a girl could ask for! I love you so much and wish you a very happy birthday! -Christy

7: Dearest Heather, When I think back to the beginning of our friendship, it is so clear to me that it was a divine appointment! Had it not been for Danielle encouraging you to start a discipleship group with me in it, I’m not sure we would be the friends we are today. Can you believe that was about 9 years ago?! Thank you, Heather, for such a cherished friendship. | I’ve realized lately that the thing I love most about you is that you are an encourager. When we talk, your words are always uplifting. I feel appreciated, listened to, and loved despite my faults and silly woes. Your notes are the same... sincerely loving in the most eloquent way. The verse that comes to mind when I think of your friendship is Hebrews 10:24, “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds”. Whether you intend it to be or not, I feel this is the heart of your purpose as a friend. There are many other wonderful qualities I could list, but this is the one I appreciate the most. Thanks again, Heather, for being such a loyal friend! I love you, and hope you had a wonderful birthday Amy

8: Dear Heather, Happy Birthday! I'm not a very good writer but I want you to know how much your friendship means to me. I'm so blessed to have a good friend like you who accepts me as I am in the good times and the bad times. I love how you are so open and honest, and you're someone I can really look up to. Your strength is something I greatly admire. It's been wonderful getting to know you so much better over the last couple of years, and I look forward to all the years to come! Please know that you have a special place in my hear and I'm always here for you if you need me. Lots of Love, Tikva

9: Happy Birthday! Heather, I have been so blessed to know you and to have you as a friend. Thank you for all your wonderful counsel, and for praying with me and over me. I miss our prayer dates (and our long conversations over coffee), and I miss your company; I wish I could celebrate with you in person. But you always have my love and my prayers, so have an extra glass of champagne for me on your special day! -Isabeau

10: Happy birthday to my best, oldest, youngest and only daughter in law (as baby Mason’s namesake might have put it) How can I fit your endearing traits into a few paragraphs? I’ll try. Isn’t it true we never know how closely others watch us or what insights they gain in doing so? Early on I thought of you as a “good sport”. But closer observation revealed something deeper: among many other fine qualities I really admire in you are your courage, strength and tenacity. Long before you proved the point to all of us with the arrival of your firstborn, you went way out of your comfort zone (physically and emotionally) to try to learn snowboarding. It certainly couldn't have boosted your morale to be half frozen and towed a country mile across flat ground by Susan after spending more of your first day on your bottom than on your feet. But undaunted you just switched to skis, carried on and actually became pretty good! Equally impressive to me was your willingness to venture into an alien world and learn to dive in a few days on vacation rather than over (the customary) “weeks” most people require. My son has married a woman he can count on in facing challenges. Such risk taking along with perseverance expressed in daily living is a key ingredient for a lasting marriage.

11: Ten years ago I wondered if either you or Darryl had any idea what you were getting into. But as I’ve watched and shared in the journey you are taking I am glad for this chance to tell you how marvelous you are and how thrilled I am that Darryl chose you for his “best buddy”. As other pages in this book will attest, you have grown into a kind, thoughtful and gracious woman with a nurturing heart, in whose presence others feel welcome and appreciated. The atmosphere of your home speaks volumes about how much of yourself you invest in our son and the boys. My mother always made a big point of how blessed she was to see the way we raised our children and I already feel the same warm satisfaction every time we get together -“time outs” and all! I know in the years ahead your shared passion for literature, the arts, education, and above all, the Lord, will inspire my grandchildren to enjoy fulfilled lives as well. What more could a grandparent ask? The Bible says “An excellent wife is the crown of her husband. (Proverbs 4:12) I’d say you sparkle like the jewels in that crown! Love, Dave

12: Hi Heather, Looking at this picture reminds me of one of the best weekends of my life and you were such a cool part of it. Without you I would have been the odd man out for looking at art, poking around shops and "stopping to smell the roses". Your friendship (and Darryl's of course) has meant so much to me and I am so blessed to know you and your family! Thanks You! Your Friend, Bryan | Oh Heather, Heather, Heather..... Where to begin? For the last 30 years, you have been my closest family and one of my closest friends. I am so proud of you for the cousin, friend, wife, and mother you have proven to be. We've had so many adventures, may they never end. The best life is a life full of love.....here's to a long life :) Love ya cuz.....you da bomb diggity!!! Rach

13: What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. ~ Albert Pine

15: My dearest daughter Heather, ~ I think of how thrilled I was to discover that I was pregnant with you & loved every minute of it. ~ I think of how I gave you to God during my pregnancy & relinquished your fate to Him completely when I thought I would lose you during childbirth. ~ I think of how small you were as a toddler so that everyone referred to you as a little peanut. ~ I think of your "hold you me" in your little, high-pitched voice. ~ I think of how sweet but strong- tempered & strong-willed you could be. ~ I think of how much you loved & always tried to "mother" your siblings. ~ I think of how creative you were & are and how much you loved books as you do now. ~ I think of your huge eyeglasses which made you happy (but weren't the most attractive!) & gave you the right to choose for yourself. I was proud of you that you picked what you wanted & didn't give in to the desires of others- even mine! It has been one of the greatest gifts & privileges of my life that God chose me to be your mother, parent, protector, teacher; to nurture you & teach you about Him & about becoming the best you can be. I have loved watching you grow to be your own person: an amazing woman who exudes the love of God to all around you. You are beautiful- inside & out! I am so proud of your educational & career accomplishments which were earned through hard work & perseverance, but of more lasting importance, I am totally thrilled that you, along with Darryl, chose to accept God's gift of children. You & Darryl are doing an awesome job of parenting! There isn't anything more fulfilling & rewarding than investing oneself fully in a precious child, teaching & training & ultimately introducing him or her to the God of the Universe. I believe in you & I love you my precious child, & I will forever. Mom

16: Heather, Happy Birthday to my longest lasting, most dear friend. Who would have thought that two awkward pre-teens who became friends in the 4th grade would develop such an enduring friendship. We have experienced so many mile stones together such as our graduations, our marriages, and the birth of our beautiful sons. I am so proud of all of your accomplishments and value our lifelong friendship so much. I love you! Love, Shelley | Heather, We have been friends our whole lives! Can you believe that!?! I'm so happy that we have continued to stay friends through all these years and are now into our 30's with husbands and kids! You are such a sweet and fun person and a dear friend and I look forward to a lifetime friendship with you. Love you Heather! Love always, Courtney

17: Dearest Heather, You are such a precious friend to me. I cannot believe our friendship is going on eight years since college! I am forever grateful to Amy for introducing us so many years ago. We really had a chance to endear ourselves to one another when I lived in San Diego and we had our weekly exercise meetings in the gym. I just love the depth of your friendship and how you are so intentional about caring for your | friends. I always feel refreshed after talking to you because we discuss things that really matter. I can count on you focusing on the core of who I am and vice versa, which has made our friendship so rich! We have also shared in some major milestones in each other lives, which I cherish. You were the first I shared with about dating Austin... well, the rest is history =) I really enjoyed sharing in our first pregnancies and both having a boy. By the way, you make very handsome babies. Who can forget the awesome memories made in Lake Arrowhead with our families and the Hayes family? I look forward to many more of those to come! You are an incredible woman who I am so blessed to have in my life. I love you tons and hope you feel all the love and joy of those who are blessed by your birth day!! Love always, Annette Miller

18: Dear Heather, Where has all the time gone? I have so many memories and humorous reminders of you from the time you began to date Darryl and over the years as we grew into a family. It’s really delightful to see who God has is mind as your son’s soul mate and best friend. I remember so many of our family trips - the first one being to Mammoth. I remember Dave picking up an over the counter medicine on our drive to the mountain, your taking it... and then being informed you were allergic to it. | Here we are in the middle of nowhere - we’ve been trusted with you and “Oh no!” What would happen? Well hallelujah! You lived to ski another day. I remember those wonderful trips to Idaho and sharing the beautiful sunsets with you, or skiing in Jackson Hole where the frost in the air created rainbows in the sky for us to share in the vastness of God’s beauty. There have been so many treasured moments for me as I watched you grow into such a wonderful woman, mother, and friend. I know one really can’t comprehend being a mother until she shares that joy. | Likewise you will never know how special you are until you, like me, begin to tell your daughter-in-laws just how precious they are to you. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to see your lovely family develop and thrive, and at the center of it all is a woman who has been forged by the Lord’s own hands. I pray God watch over and keep you in his Grace. You are an amazing woman. Love, Susan

19: Whether we're side by side or miles apart, here's to the wonderful memories of dear friends at heart. Happy Birthday Heather! XOXOX -Tiara | Your friendship has been so dear to me, and you will always be in my heart near or far. Love, Marijo Decker The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense. Proverbs 27:9

20: It takes a long time to grow old friends. I cherish our old memories our constant honesty and our undying faith. Happy birthday my dear friend. Love, Jenn | Dear Heather, Happy birthday! Thank you for a great babysitting job! I appreciate all your love and support, and I hope I can return it to you! You are a great "boss"! Xoxo, Mira

21: Heather, It's crazy to me to think back to when we became friends all those years ago. We have been through so much in life together. I can remember back to high school when we were crazy about boys, the beach and shopping. Then through college, finding jobs and you figuring out that you really were in love with Darryl and wanted to marry him! Now we are becoming mom's together and I am excited to get to share the next chapter in life with you as well. It's been a joy to be your friend, to see you grow and to be a part of your life these past 17 years!!! I am looking forward to many more years of friendship to come. Happy Birthday! Love, Kristin

22: Heather, you are such a dear and cherished friend and I am so grateful that you are in my life. May the desires of your heart be pleasing to God and bring joy into your life! Love you, Heather! ~Ellie

23: Heather, Happy Happy Birthday my beautiful friend. I am so thankful that our relationship began many years ago. I am thankful that not only are you one of my dearest friends, but also an amazing sister who I get to share life with and an auntie to my babies. One of the things that I love most about you is your venerability with me and those around you. You open your heart in a way that makes you so real and transparent, it's a rare quality these days and one I so admire. You are truly beautiful inside and out and I am excited to watch God stretch you and grow you this year into something even more beautiful. Love you, Jenni

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