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Henry's Adventure (English Story)

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FC: Henry's Adventure By Anna Lykkeberg

1: I dedicate this to my loving mother.

2: Balancing on the sea anemone was the teenage clownfish, Henry, who to his friends' amusement was known as 'Hen' by his mother.

3: He was the oldest child, and seemed to have the endowment of getting on peoples' nerves. | "Get down from there now!" yelled Mrs. Roda; her motherly instinct flaring up at this mischievous behaviour. "How many times have I told you? Do not put yourself at such risk! You do remember the story of Uncle Sid, do you not?" said Mrs Roda exasperatedly.

4: "Well why should I listen to you? I am old enough to take care of myself now!" said Henry, teetering on the edge of the sea anemone that had kept him safe for fourteen years. "You are not. Now get down from there Henry Sebastian Daniel Roda! Or you will not be receiving your allowance for two months!" yelled Mrs Roda, successfully managing to hide her fear of Henry falling off.

5: "I will not! You cannot restrain me, I will do what I please, and now I am venturing out," said Henry, who then failed at his attempt of sliding smoothly off the anemone. A few minutes later, Henry was still swimming down, into the foreboding abyss below his home. | Faintly glowing lights seemed to brighten as he swam deeper. Reefan City then materialised below him. There was a small nagging voice in Henry's head, reminding him of the misdemeanour he was committing, but he decided to push that aside and keep going.

6: The hustle and bustle of the city overwhelmed Henry, who did not try to prevent his curiousness taking charge. He felt empowered, his sense of cautiousness thrown out the window; no nagging mother to hinder his actions.

7: “Excuse me, are you all right? Are you with your parents? You shouldn't be alone out here,” said a passing by angelfish, who had half a dozen smaller versions of herself stuck as if permanently by her side. | “Of course, my mother should be momentarily here, she is just purchasing a few groceries,” replied Henry, attempting to show that visiting the city was an often occurrence.

8: Pulling off his falsity very convincingly, he was quite encouraged by this early positive attainment, as his mother was not arriving soon, but rather, worrying about Henry's welfare, but not daring to leave her anemone. Henry soon felt the urge to venture out beyond the enclosed space of the city, he figured he might as well be adventurous now, nothing much could happen to him, he thought to himself.

9: As he swam out the gates of Reefan City he decided follow the signs that directed towards Suntel Terrace, it sounded the most appealing out of all.

10: Then arriving at Suntel Terrace Henry was reminded of his bitter argument with his mother, after overhearing a heated discussion between two seahorses. Although he rapidly overcame and pushed aside this temporary feeling of guilt and remorse, after all he believed he should be in charge of his own life.

11: The view from Suntel Terrace was impressive, the sudden drop into seeming nothingness, provoked feelings of fear and amazement. Henry felt excitement rising up inside him, this seemed to cause Henry to want to rise to the challenge of swimming beyond the cliff, over the endless drop.

12: Now was the time, just one more gentle swim and he would be over the rugged edge! A sudden force propelled Henry over the edge, he didn't seem able to stop, his mind seemed to continually move him further and further away from the safety of solid ground.

13: unworldly prospect of being removed from what he had known as home, his world. | A dark shadow slowly moved above Henry, it stopped whilst Henry was just past the foreboding shadow, a large moving object reached down through the water, and before Henry had time to react he was trapped, in a net. “Help! Help!” yelled Henry, panicking at this

14: Gasping for air, Henry examined his surroundings, noticing weird instruments being held up against him by humans, they seemed to call this floating object he was now on a 'boat', this seemed to bewilder Henry. He hoped that this would not be the last thing he saw. | An eerie calmness washed over Henry, he had given up struggling. “Here you go my little friend,” said the brightly dressed human, letting Henry go back into the sea.

15: Henry took a few gulps, before hurriedly swimming back to the safety of Suntel Terrace. The journey back to his anemone seemed a blur to Henry. | “Henry! Oh my word, I have been extremely worried about you! Where have you been?” exclaimed Mrs Roda, grabbing her son, not willing to let go.

16: “I am so sorry mum, I got caught by humans, I thought I wasn't going to make it!” said Henry, “I promise I'll never do it again! It was unwise of me to balance on the top of our sea anemone, and also to be so stubborn and blow our argument out of proportion,” finished Henry.

17: Henry was hugged by his ecstatic mother yet again, so life was not all bad for Henry, he certainly set his siblings a better example, although at the beginning they were rather shocked to see Henry so well behaved. | although at the beginning they were rather shocked to see Henry so well behaved.

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