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History Mixbook Project

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FC: Proposal for the Reconstruction of Terpakistan | By: Anthony Guardiani & Frances Distefano

1: Our country has split into two because of this great war. It is time to develop a plan for reconstruction. We have learned from the mistakes and triumphs of the American Civil War here is our plan... | FD

2: During the American Civil War Lincoln created the ten-percent plan as part of his plan for reconstruction. This was the plan which specified that a Southern state could be readmitted into the Union if 10 percent of its voters swore an oath of allegiance to the Union. Voters can then elect delegates to draft revised state constitution s and establish new state governments. Lincoln guaranteed southerners that he would protect their private property, though not their slaves. The Radical Reconstruction was developed in the 1860's and was the idea of Radical Republicans who believed that African-Americans should have the same exact rights as whites and that Confederate leaders should be punished for their role played in the war. The last form of reconstruction during the Civil War was The Military Reconstruction Act. This Act divided the former confederacy into 5 military districts. | FD

3: I highly suggest that we consider using similar plans. The 10-percent plan can end our war quickly. The sooner the war is over the sooner we can restore our country of Terpakistan. Although the ten-percent plan was never really put into effect most republicans in Congress supported it. I think it could work for our country. Terpakistan needs unification and this plan may be able to achieve that. TThe Radical Reconstruction Plan restored the Union and the Southern States adopted the Constitution with the newly adopted Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments. If this plan was successful for America it can work for us. It is imperative that our county's rejoin just as their states did. It would also be wise to adopt the Military Reconstruction Act so that the power would be divided into 5 military districts. This way one area would'nt have power over the rest. | FD

4: During the American Civil War they made a list of codes for African-Americans to abide by. Some of these codes include... -Race was defined by blood; the presence of any amount of black blood made one black -Employment was required of all freedmen; violators faced vagrancy charges -Freedmen could not assemble without the presence of a white person etc... | I suggest we stay away from this type of enforcement because it raises rebellion. Restricting the rights of free men will only separate our country more. Our reconstruction plan should include ways to bring people together. Equal rights is our goal. We need our people to be able to work together and that cannot happen when they are separated by law. It is unfair to apply laws to certain people and not others. | BLACK CODES | FD

5: The thirteenth amendment Formally abolished slavery in the United States,while the 14th amendment granted citizenship to all people who were born in the United States and it gave every citizen the right of life,liberty, and property. And the 15th Amendment gave African Americans the right to vote. | These amendments made the U.S constitution much more fair. We can no longer have indentured servitude in Terpakistan. And our citizens need freedom. Freedom is what the American Founding Fathers based their ideas off of. We need to make "freedom" the main idea of our Country as well. It is also very important to have equal rights no matter what the race. | FD | The Thirteenth, Fourteenth & Fifteenth Amendments

6: The Freedmen's Bureau and the Port Royal Experiment were relief efforts during and after the Civil War. Freedmen's Bureau issued food and clothing, operated hospitals and temporary camps, helped locate family members, promoted education, helped freedmen legalize marriages, provided employment, supervised labor contracts etc. While the Port Royal experiment was a program during the Civil War in which slaves successfully worked on land abandoned by plantation owners. This gave them the chance to demonstrate they could work the land and be independent. | I think Terpakistan could benefit from things like these. This war has torn family's apart and ruined lives. It is our job to restore that to our people. Social reconstruction is crucial after a war. Free slaves must have the chance to show us they can work without white control. We have to give back to our people somehow and this seemed to help Americans suffering from the war. It can help Terpakistanians as well. | Freedmen's Bureau & Port Royal Experiment | FD

7: The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson After the assassination of Lincoln Andrew Johnson took office. It was his job to develop a Reconstruction Plan for the United States after the war. He had a very strict interpretation of the Constitution and his plan allowed the Confederate states to return quickly to the Union. This meant that the Civil rights of former-slaves would be in the hands of former-slave owners. Because of this, Radical Republicans in Congress wrestled control of Reconstruction from the president and began passing their own program over Johnson’s vetoes. | I believe the impeachment of Andrew Johnson was a success for the United States. It shows that the president can be overruled if he is making rational decisions. We must take into consideration the choices our president is making and make sure that he is doing the right thing. We cannot allow the rights of slaves to be in the hands of their owners. In that case they would never be free. It is our choice not theirs. We must never leave these types of decisions in the hands of slave/plantation owners. | FD

8: Hiram Revels was the first African American to serve in the United States Senate. Because he preceded any African American in the House, he was the first African American in the U.S Congress as well. He represented Mississippi in 1870 and 1871 during Reconstruction. As of 2011, Revels is one of only six African Americans ever to have served in the United States Senate. | This is a perfect example of the benefits of reconstruction. Many things had to happen for a black man to be in U.S Congress. It shows that the Constitution amendments, plans and laws created during reconstruction were successful. | FD

9: Carpetbaggers The demeaning term that Southerners gave to the Northerners who moved to the South during the Reconstruction Era. | The political cartoon above shows what carpetbaggers had to do. They had to carry everything they needed on their backs. Terpakistanians wouldn't benefit from carpetbagging, we want our people to stay together. And we will accomplish this by never giving people a reason to flee. That is not a solution to a problem. | FD

10: Sherman's General Field Order 15 This was an order given by General William Tecumseh Sherman which stated that that 400,000 acres of land in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida were to be settled by 18,000 freed slaves and other African Americans who were already living there. This order was barely successful however because it was overturned as soon as President Andrew Jackson came into office. | I think that Terpakistan would not benefit from an order such as this. If we conduct our reconstruction right all of our citizens will have equal rights. Besides, if this order was vetoed and was unsuccessful it seems to me we should stay clear of it. | AG

11: Military Reconstruction Plan The Military Reconstruction plan was when the South was placed into 5 different districts which were held under military control to enforce the laws made by Congress when the Confederacy first came back into the Union. | I would strongly consider an act or plan like this. Once our country gets back together, we have to enforce the ones who rebelled. If that means using military force, then that's exactly what we are going to do. | AG

12: Ulysses S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant was a general of the Union Army. He helped disable the Ku Klux Clan. He also passed bills through Congress that supports the idea of business as natural interest. This led the way to corruption. He also won the presidential election unanimously in 1872. | Terpakistan could use a guy like Ulysses S Grant and what he stands for. We should promote business to get a stable economy after our civil war is over. | AG

13: Civil Rights Act of 1688 The Civil Rights Act of 1688 was a set of rules that the Confederacy had to abide by upon reentering the Union. They would also have to adopt the newly added 13-15 amendments to the Constitution. | This could very well be one of the most important single example of what we should do with our situation in Terpakistan. We should and will make a layout for the rejoining side that they would have to follow, We should also use military force in order to enforce these laws if completely necessary. | AG

14: Redemption Redemption was the period of time that Democrats could win back farmers by supporting racism. They made the elections seem as if the whole picture was a black vs white affair. | AG

15: Scalawags "Scalawag", was a demeaning name given to Southerners who believed in Radical Reconstruction. | AG

16: Klu Klux Klan Men wearing masks, white cardboard hats and draped in white sheets, tortured and killed black Americans and sympathetic whites. Immigrants, who they blamed for the election of Radical Republicans, were also targets of their hatred. Between 1868 and 1870 the Ku Klux Klan played an important role in restoring white rule in North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. | This was one of the worst happenings during reconstruction. Men angered from the destruction of white power banned together to do horrible things to gain their power. We must never let something like this happen. The horrors that were caused by these people must never be experienced by Terpakistanians. If there is any sign of this starting it must be squashed immediately by military control. | FD

17: Sharecropping v Tenant Farming Sharecropping is a system of living in which a tenant is allowed to live and farm on the land. As long as the owner has a share or profit from the crop. Tenant farming is when someone farms on land owned by a landlord . When growing cotton, Sharecropping is more successful and resented the gang labor systems that slavery had. | Sharecropping could definitely be a substitute for slavery and would be a good idea for poor farmers. | AG

18: The Caning of Charles Sumner | This was an event that took place on the Senate floor. Preston S. Brooks repeatedly struck Charles Sumner on the head with a cane for talking badly about his cousin Andrew P. Butler and demeaning his family honor. | This event shows how different government officials acted back then. It also shows how much people valued their family and carrying out legacy. This type of event should never happen in Terpakistan because we are better, moral people. | FD

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