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History of the World!

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FC: History of the World! | By: Alec & Kei

1: Table of Contents 2-3. Ancient River Valley 4-5. Classical Greece/Rome 6-7. Post-Classical Africa/Asia 8-9. Medieval Europe 10-11. Renaissance 12-13. Enlightenment 14-15. WWI 16-17. WWII 18-19. Cold War

2: Between the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea, there is a big chunk of land that is great for farming called the Fertile Crescent. Since the beginning of time, there as always been laws and rules. Now, when Hammurabi was the leader of this empire, he created rules called Hammurabi's Code. In Egypt, after the leader of the people, Pharaohs, died, they put him or her in a big tomb called a pyramid. The Egyptians created a new writing system made out of symbols and pictures called hieroglyphics. This is one of the oldest writing systems in the world.

3: If people did not learn how to farm, then we would have continued to hunt for our food but hunting for good was a lot harder then farming. We wouldn't have been able to create civilizations because we would always be on the move. | WHAT IF?

4: Rome | Many political systems today copy the forms of government in Greece like democracy and tyrants. Romans were not violent people, but more into art and politics. During the early years, the romans invented a new form of government called a Republic which means that the people vote who runs their country, like President Obama.

5: If Rome didn't fall then they would have continued to grow and become stronger. They might have even been throughout all of Europe and Asia. They would have grown to impossible force to beat. | What If??

6: Mean while in Asia, they are off invited something called moveable type which is blocks with ink on it and you put a piece of paper on it, press down and take it with you. Along with moveable type they invented gunpowder and the magnetic compass When the Mongols adventure began, they moved traveled in groups of people called clans. When at their highest, a man stepped up called Genghis Khan and became leader of the Mongol clans. | Asia/Africa

7: If the Mongols had not opened the Silk Road for safe travel then trading goods from the European colonies to Asian colonies would have never taken place. The European colonies would have grown technologically while the Asian colonies stayed far behind and they would never be as advanced as they are today. | W H A T I F ?

8: The Medieval Era developed feudalism, a political and military system put in place to help the poor and the wealthy. Chivalry, a demanding set of rules to live by as a loyal knight. Chivalry has shaped modern ideas of romantic love. The Holy Roman Empire was the strongest kingdom of this time period. During this empire, armies were becoming very smart like when they invented the Trebuchet, a giant slingshot that shot rocks over castle walls.

9: If the Black Plague didn't attack western Europe, then so many people wouldn't have died and feudalism would have continued and the Renaissance wouldn't have been as dramatic and influential as we think of that era today. We might not have had the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper or Starry Night. | WHAT IF?

10: The Renaissance Era, meaning "rebirth era", was the rebirth of art and learning. Along with the rebirth, there was a major invention that was created by Gutenberg. It was called the Printing Press. It is the same thing as the Asian invention move able type, but it uses a machine to press the paper down instead of human hands. During the renaissance, a major reformation was taking place. Martin Luther was troubled when he found out that Friar Johann Tetzel was selling indulgences to sinners. After becoming a criminal, Martin Luther and his followers decided to become their own religious group called Lutherans. | Renaissance

11: If Gutenberg did not invent the Printing Press, then we wouldn't have textbooks, newspapers and many more. We wouldn't be able to spread ideas and stories as quickly has we do now. Life would just be like a big telephone game where things get changed and become myths and tall tales. Without the printing press, life would become very slow. | What If?...

12: The Scientific Revolution was a new way of seeing the world in the 1500 and 1600s. During the scientific revolution, there was a lot of theories about what the center of the universe. Copernicus, a scientist in the 1500s, was famous for his theory heliocentric. Heliocentric means sun centered. If you are in a science class, you've heard of things called hypothesis or conclusion, all of these words belong to a system called the scientific method. It's just the way scientists do their tests and experiments. In the mid 1700s the scientific revolution carved a way for a new era called the Enlightenment era or age of new reason. During this time, people created new laws, forms of government and how the government should be run. One of these ways was the separation of powers. Means that the president isn't in charge of EVERYTHING that happens in the US.

13: If the industrial revolution started in Germany and/or Russia, then they would have been the strongest countries in the world. Their technology would dominate other countries and they would have ended up winning the future wars because of this huge advantage. | W H A T I F ?

14: In Europe, nationalistic feelings, rival alliances and military buildups, also known as militarism, was starting up a war of the world. The Triple Entente was an agreement between Great Britain, France and Russia not to attack each other if they were to go to war. The bad guy's alliance was called the Central Powers with the countries Germany and Austria-Hungary being apart of it. Usually during war, there is a winning and losing side. In World War 1, there was a tie and the place were this tie was was called the western frontier. This is where a lot of fighting was taking place. | WORLD WAR 1

15: If the Austrian heir of the throne wasn't assassinated, then World War I would have never be started which means Germany wouldn't have become the "evil" country of the world, and that Germany's army and naval forces wouldn't have become small. The world wouldn't be in debt because of this massive out break of war. | WHAT IF?...

16: When Germany invaded Poland this was Germany's military strategy called the blitzkrieg. Using this sudden attack, Germany took control of most Europe. The united states entered because of the Japanese bombing on pearl harbor. During the holocaust, Hitler's nazis killed 6 million jews and 5 million other non-German people which is one of the biggest genocides the world as ever seen.

17: IF the United States did not drop the atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, then Japan would have never surrendered and the war probably would have continued on and maybe gotten worse. More Jews, soldiers, and civilians would have died because of a war with no purpose. | W H A T I F ?

18: There was a lot of competitions between the United States and USSR, or modern day Russia, after WWII. The fighting between this 2 SUPER powers played a big role in helping reshape the world. This countries were willing to do anything to win this "war", this is called brinkmanship. President Eisenhower made a plan called open skies, which meant that the US and USSR could fly FREELY over enemy territories but was denied by the CIA. The CIA took it into their own hands to create a "plan" and the results of this plan was the U-2 incident. The USSR shot down a United States spy plane and captured the pilot. All of these attempts to beat the other country was an attempt to stop the spread of communism, or containment.

19: If the United States had not adopted the theory of containment, then communism could have possibly spread all throughout Europe and Asia like it was in Cambodia and Vietnam and even as far north as Korea. If it wouldn't have been stopped, there might have been a chance for communism to get all the way to the western hemisphere like the US and South America. | What If??

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