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History Project- Reconstruction

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History Project- Reconstruction - Page Text Content

S: Reconstruction Project

FC: By Khylil Robinson, Dwayne Willams And Anthony Cascardo

1: Dear President Terpak, We have a proposal for reconstruction to ensure that our country unites and prospers. We can learn from America's mistakes and successes.

2: Black Codes- were codes that limited the freedom of freedman by limiting their rights and this is absurd. why should we free them only to constrain them again. We think that these codes and any other future codes should be abolished .

3: Civil Rights are required for your people live their lives. To reinforce this we must come up with some type of amendments or acts such as the Civil Rights Act of 1866 which granted anyone born in the U.S Citizenship. | If they are truly freed, they can become successful like Hiran rebels, the first black senate member in America.

4: Lincoln proposed the 10% plan which stated that 10% of each former confederate state had to pledge to abide by emancipation. We believe that our percent plan should be 50% instead of 10% to ensure cooperation from the states.

5: If people do not comply with this you should act as Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th president of America. He tried to protect Black Americas by attempting to overturn the Black Codes

6: Sharecropping should not be used by the freed people because tenant farming is much better for them. With share cropping, they would have to give the owner of the land some of their crops and if their crops did not grow they would become in debt, but with tenant farming they can rent the land and do as they see fit with their crops.

7: In order to continue success , You should impeach anyone who is against reconstruction such as America tried to do with Andrew Jackson. He was trailed for high crimes, misdemeanors, and removing the secretary of war Edward Stanten and replacing him with John Schofield.

8: You need to be sure to prevent acts of terrorism against the citizens of your country. You should pursue Organizations suck as the K.K.K (Klu Klux Klan) who were a group that terrorized blacks, Catholics , and foreigners,

9: Doing so will prevent diasters from happening such as the Colfax Massacre which was when white militia attacked nd killed freedmen , and The Slaughter House cases which were terrorist-like assaults on blacks such as burning down schools, using hateful words and killing blacks. You cannot unify the country with such hate going on.

10: Try not to classify people with certain words such as Scalawags who are Southerners who support reconstruction and carpetbaggers who are Northerners that moved to the south.

11: The Military needs to be changed with something similar to the military reconstruction act in America which would divide the area into districts and have a general assigned to each which would keep things in order.

12: There should be a field order Like General Sherman's field order that gave blacks the right to find their families and 40 acres of land and a mule. With the Military established we can prevent rebiellions and panics such as the Panic of 1873 when there was great economic depression

13: Our Amendments should be similar to Americas. The 13th should abolish slavery, the 14th should give blacks citizenship and the 15th should give them the right to vote. Since many are getting educations thanks to the Freedmans Bureau which helps free blacks, they are intelligent and should have an impact on politics.

14: The Amendments should be like Americas. The 13th should abolish slavery, the 14 should give them citizenship and the 15th should let them vote. You should also create a Freedmen Bureau which helps free blacks become estabalised and become educated.

15: You should put better leaders in power. Charles Sumner the leader of the Radical Republicans is a good example. he did not want the south to get off easy. They do not deserve it.

16: Do not give in easily to compromises. One example of this is the American Compromise of 1877 where troops were taken out of the south. You should not do this because the troops keep them in line and our citizens protected.

17: Mr. President if you follow our advice you will be successfull in Presidential Reconstruction and reconstructing the country you know and love. If you do not then terrorism and destruction will ensue. you must not let evil prevail.

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