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BC: In January 1933 Hitler became the chancellor of Germany. Latter he made the first concentration camp, Dachau, which the town was held prisoner itself to the Gestapo until 1936. A war had started up and it would not stop till about the day Hitler died. In 1942 about sixty percent of all Jewish people had died. But not only jewish people were targeted, gypsies, homosexuals and people who didn’t agree with hitler were targeted to. Many people had high hopes of killing Hitler and the one day the July plot took action, in July 1944, at a meeting colonel Claus von stauffenburg placed a boom under the desk to exsplode all the people in the building. Two people were to be used to ensure it happen and it would have taken place underground. But plans were changed for it to be in a small house. Only one person showed for the plan to happen. It kill four people injured ten others but Hitler only had some cuts a burns. Many other people attemped to kill hitler but not many worked. It is said he commits suicide on April 30th, 1945. By 1944 plots to kill Hitler were being made by his own military staff. April 30th, 1945, 10 days after his birthday he took his own life as well as his wife’s, as his Nazi regime started to fall apart.

FC: hitler

1: April 20th, 1889 is the day that Adolf Hitler was born, in an Austrian town called Braunau. Hitler had to go through his father being divorced two times only to find true love the third time around . his new moms name was Karin Hitler given the new name at marriage. He grew up with 6 others , from previous marriages , only his sister (Paula) and himself survived out of the other 6 to become an adult. His father had high expectation for him because one of his older sons had been put in jail for theft leaving his father wanting bigger and better things for his son. Hitler's father was a very strict man and if not done the right way the first time around the son would be beaten. His mother was more gentle with her son and rather papered him. In school he did exceptionally well and had a bright future ahead of him. He seemed to get along well with others and played games like liberation. It may seem strange but Hitler liked to pretend he was a liberator from liberation. When in projects including a leader he seemed to rain supreme over all the other children. Hitler was a very religious child and for some time thought of becoming a monk. But the idea was shot down by his father. He told his son that it would get him no where in life. When staring secondary school competition was tough, so he gave up and stopped trying in school. As a result his father became infuriated and applied his son to be sent to Austrian civil service, a military servant that has to serve that job the rest of school and or life. He tried to do better as to convince his father he could do better in the end all attempts failed.

2: In 1903 Hitler's father died, he never had a good relationship with him but as time went on the relationship they did have slowly deteriorated. Hitler was not found of his father. Hitler's mother liked to spoil her son, she tried to persuade him to do better but it did not do any better than her husband's threats. After awhile his grades got so bad that he was told that he may have to take the year all over again. So he persuaded his mother to let him get out of secondary school that he hated so much and to his joy he got out. He celebrated by getting drunk. At the age of 18 he used the money from his fathers will to go to college at Vienna academy of art but was rejected twice. He could not face to tell his mother and tell her the news of his failed attempts. She died latter in 1907 of cancer. The death of his mother was the hardest, worse than his fathers, he held photos of her everywhere he went. It is said that he died holding a photo of her in 1945.

3: The army had told him that he was unable to bare arms in combat and was rejected by the Austria- Hungarian army in 1914. When the First World War started he thought he would join the German army to help the country. He felt that he belonged there but one of the fellow soldiers said that he would be all quiet then all of a sudden jump up and make a big speech mainly attacking Jews and Marxists in the most racist fashion. He was given the job dispatch –runner, a dispatch-runner gives a message in secret form the enemy through enemy lines. It is dangers because the enemy is always waited to kill and found out what the others next move creating mayhem for the Germans. The one day three of eight dispatch-runners were killed, Hitler was given five metals one of which was called the iron cross. Even though he received many metals through out the years in service, he only became a corporal.

4: In May of 1919 he was sent to jail for being a so called socialist. Most people were sentenced to death without trial but he was able to convince the jury that he was innocent. To do this he proposed that he would volunteer to identify those who supported the socialist republic for the next years of his life. He was soon given the job of lecturing soldiers on politics after doing a great job of identifying sosalist. This was no hard job for him because he was able to persuade others easily. And for once in a long time he became the center of attention. Due to the Versailles treaty 38 percent of Germany’s wealth dissipated due to having to fund the other countries so they could rebuild there cities and towns. The soldiers he lectured felt the failure like he did. Hitler told them the battle was not lost on the battlefield but by the Jews and Marxists who preached revolution and undermined the war effort.

5: In 1923 people who worked in Ruhr protested this hurt the government badly due to the soldiers helping to end the protest. So the government rejected them. On august 13th, 1923 Hitler decided it was time for him to become the new ruler of Germany. People in office felt that if they put him in charge it would help the government from its previous troubles. So he took action the one day with 3,000 armed supporters of the Nazi group. At the start of April, 1924 Adolf Hitler was sent to fortress of landsberg am Lech, a prison. He was sent to landsberg am Lech after hiding after the Munich fiasco but was soon found. After long work he would devote himself to writing two volumes, the first book would be named Mein kampf which in German means my struggle. It describes his thoughts and ideas that showed the hardest part of the world, discrimination and racism. He was found walking out about a year later.

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