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Hitler's Youth

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S: Hitler's Youth By: Anthony Duke

FC: Hitler's Youth 1939-1941

1: Sept 1st, 1939: Hitler's army invaded Poland. Started preparing Hitler's Youth down to the youngest child. 1939: Nearly 8 million people were in Hitler's Youth. March 25, 1939: Warning sent to parents that their Children would be taken from them and placed in orphanages unless they enrolled in Hitler's Youth. October 7, 1939: Nazi's began forcing Polish farmers off the land, the youth helped. | April 9, 1940: The Youth helps Germany invade Denmark and Norway. August 9, 1940: Artur Axmann succeeds Schirach as Hitler Youth leader. Fall 1940: The Youth Directorate requires target practice and terrain maneuvers for boys aged 10 and older. September 23, 1941: The youth was differentiating from the Americans by having a sense of subordination of the individual to the group as a whole.

2: December 1941: The Hitler Youth were mobilized for the was effort, especially after Germany began suffering reverses in the Soviet Union | 1941: There were many reports of instructors at the camp having "homosexual" relationships with the youth.

3: The boys in the center wear the Hitler Youth winter uniform. They are being presented Iron Crosses for bravery in 1943. They are being congratulated by youth leader Arthur Axmann who lost his right arm during fighting on the Eastern Front.

4: Nationalist youth groups stressed military drill and as they got older more and more military training was added to the programs, including handling fire arms.

5: "Every girl belongs to us" This political cartoon shows how the Hitler Youth organization thought all the children belonged to them, even the women.

6: Dear diary, Today is Match 25, 1939 and Hitler sent out his warning to all the parents that their children would be taken away from them and placed in an orphanage if they didn’t enroll in Hitler’s Youth. I was forced to enroll so I wasn’t taken away from my family but it still feels like I’m gone from them. The Youth seems to just keep growing and growing without giving people much of a choice. I guess this is goodbye for now.

7: Dear diary, Today women were added to the Youth under the quote of “Children, Church, Kitchen.” The primary role of the females in Nazi Germany was to give birth to healthy, racially pure up to the Nazi standards boys. I guess this is just another effort for Hitler trying to make his youth grow even larger. They have the women providing for our needs and taking care of us but things are still rough.

8: Dear diary, Sometimes I forget why we’re here. The Youth’s original intention was to bring Hitler to power and now he is but we are still here. It’s 1936 and the Youth seems to be slumping somewhat because it is now mandatory to be in it. For many young Germans, weekly Youth meetings and required activities had simply become a dreary routine. Now, my goal to look forward to is to hopefully have help the Germans win the war.

9: Former German SS Generals Paul Hausser, and Kurt Meyer (commanding general of the Hitler Youth Division) are at a Hitler Youth Veterans Comission Meeting. | Rows of Hitler Youth are drawn up in rows to listen to a speech at the special Hitler Youth Camp, in Berlin, Germany. | A group of Hitler Youth boys refresh themselves at the old well in the castle at Marienburg, Germany.

10: The trooping of the colours of the Hitler Youth in the Palace at Quedlinburg, Germany on July 2, 1936 is guarded by armed soldiers of the Nazi SS troops. A meeting at the ceremonies of all the Youth lined around with the Flags. | Picture of a Youth member in his uniform.

11: This picture shows really how young the kids were when they were being taught by Hitler. | All the kids had the same uniforms and the numbers of them kept increasing.

12: This newspaper heading is how 1,000,000 people are standing up and supporting Hitler as he uses the youth. | This heading is about how the Germans took the final step of drafting the youth to be in the army.

13: This heading is from when the youth took over a bankers home and used it as a place to train. | This article is about the leaders of the youth trying to set a good example for the kids by barring drinking and smoking.

14: The youth camps were being viewed as a good thing to many people as they were being seen to get boys ready to be men through work and education.

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