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HON - for keeps

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HON - for keeps - Page Text Content

S: Sweet Thoughts

FC: sweet thoughts

1: "hahaha. tiny parang pringles lang pagbubukas ng topic.. once u pop u cant stop" | I HAVE A GUY..... who always makes me feel i am special. he buzzes me up on wee hours just to say hi. he has a strong voice that turns my knees into jell-o. his messages greet me every morning. he sings to me over the phone. he never fails to let me feel i am loved and i am missed. he puts this contagious smile on my lips. i have a guy.... and he cares for me so much...

2: "don't let your heart fall" | "i just want you to be hppy and get what you deserve hon" | "i'd respect ur decision but wil feel bad for u abt what u're abt to miss..."

3: "it's ok to be silent once in a while hon. sometimes it's better not to say anything than say something foolish or stupid." | "maybe what's in me is everything else you don't see in any other man..." | " a guy in green polo shirt has been smiling to me all day long, he's a cutie"

4: it doesn't matter to me. i will help in every way i can. help me understand, i'm here. i'm all ears baby, ready to hear you.

5: I will always love you | "for what? hehehe. don't mention it. we still have a long wait ahead, the least i could do is make you feel close and make distance, obsolete...."

6: "i like u, i always hav and we'r nt kids anymre. wen dat awkward thing hapend to us i told myself i wil hav u one day soon and dat wont hapen if i'm a slow poke. i need to make a move. it's now or never"

8: "i'll try to wait patiently instead na piliting hatakin ang araw til andito kana. i'll standby coz u'r worth the wait...."

9: no way ur goin to meet anyone else like me. notice this, the first thing i gave u is a li'l spice in ur day. u wake up each day excited abt life and what's in-store in d near future. that's something money can't buy.

10: "i live up to all of my promises hon. this is me, with the whole package. u won't regret ever accepting me.. | "it'll be hard for people not to notice the difference in your aura today so my advise: flaunt it hon." | "cute mo talaga hon. u dont hold back when u want to express ur feelins" | "my mind is stayin busy thinkin of u ... "

11: "hmn.... is my honey in-love?" | "love ur post hon! u made my heart blush...." | "consider me as ur center of gravity, ur compass when u're lost.."

12: "no one could say that you deserve better because the best thing you deserve will always be YOUR CHOICE. i just hope that whoever HE is, he'd appreciate you the way i would... like a priceless gem." happy hearts day hon.. | February 14, 2011

13: Sweet Nothings | "ME: "hon, pede ba akong sumama sa office mo" HIM: "kasama ka naman lagi ah" ME: "iniiwan mo ko minsan eh" HIM: "kala mo lang yun. you may not always hear from me, but it doesn't mean i'm not there" ME: "but hindi ako sanay. sasama ako sa office pwomit behave lang ako" HIM: "no need to ask, ur always with me"

14: "let's make this work hon, we have a long way to go" | ME: "am i being selfish" HIM: "jealous not selfish" | ME: "how's the weather down there"? HIM: "pabago bago, parang ikaw hehehe"

15: "I'll be right where u found me.." | "It's the YOU i've wanted all along." | As much as i hate to, i am giving u space for watever purpose it may serve.. | "U may nt always hear frm me bt doesnt mean i left u" | "I dont want to but it hurts me seeing u like this"

16: AM I IN-LOVE? | ME: "I told u I'm not sure if this is love. I'm happy that's it. I think about u before I sleep, I think about u when I wake up. U keep me goin' everyday. I always want to chat with you. I think of things we might do together. you make my heart beat so fast with those caring words. Tell me hon, am I in-love with you?" HIM: "who am i to put words in ur mouth my hon?.... i am happy too... not a day has passd that i don't think of u..."

17: "it's just tip of the iceberg hon" | "My big smile is plastered on my face and I have to always stick my fone close to my ears and let people around me think that I have somebody with me on the other line.. otherwise they will think that this cutie is getting crazy " | "It’s so contagious that people in dafza smiled when they saw me smiling. They even broke into laughter when they asked me why I am so happy and I just smiled even more."

18: "LOVE is my constant failure and loving guys like you is my favorite MISTAKE" | "im afraid that by going on it'll only remind me of what i am supposed to do and if the end result is me giving u up i'd rather stay as far away as i can from being "holy" the more i get reminded about this, the more we are facing the danger of loosing everything."

19: "we look at others faults and shortcomings when in fact we know that we are all but sinners one time or another we've made some or have done something that it against the holy scriptures" | "but remember there is a fine line between love and hate. and sometimes the only defining factor is MISUNDERSTANDING"

20: best birthday gift ever | 1- now and forever - richard marxx | birthday serenade, 23 Feb 11 | 2- here i am - air supply | 3- lost in love - air supply | 4- all out of love - air supply | 5- now and forever - air supply | 6- every woman in the world - air supply | 7 - makin love out of nothing at all - air supply | 8- endless love - (sapilitang DUET) | 9- through the years - kenny rogers | 10 - don't fall in love with a dreamer - kenny rogers | 11- you decorated my life - kenny rogers | 12- desperado | 13- closed to heaven - color me badd | FINALE - happy birthday Sweet 16 - (and i was 31 then :)) | [5:23:05 AM] *** Call ended, duration 1:43:57 ***

21: ME: "i'm thinkin kse ng gift for you" HIM: " i already got 1..... u.." | "for the last time, i'm not him" | 15Apr11 - "wag ka nang malungkot hon, isang tulog na lang june 1 na. matulog ka ngayon, bukas June 1 na." | " we shld keep reminding ourselves of d consequences but instead of taking it as somethng bad or hurtful let's think of it as d thing that spices life..." | "enjoy your day hon ha. try not to stress out yourself too much"

22: "matulog ka na wag matigas ang ulo, mapapalo kita.... it's not goodbye, it's just goodnight. we will chat tomorrow" | ME: "I really appreciate that you always find time to chat with me, thank you hon". HIM: "it's bcoz, i don't want to miss you". | "see, distance only makes us closer" | "kahit hindi kita masundo i want u to keep me informd so i knw u made it home safe ha" | ME: "late na nmn ang honey ko nho". HIM: "sakto po, belat". ME: "belat ka rin, tse"! | "not that i don't like having ur focus on me but if it's hurtin u in d process i don't want d attention"

23: "i've been wanting you since that day" | ME: "please don't drift away from me just because i said i love you" HIM:"nothing to worry about hon, i'm flattered, that's sweet of you" | "and always remember that all I want is to be the source of your happiness. If I'm causing you more pain than joy, then there's no need for me anymore." | HIM: "ingat po pag-uwi" ME: "opo, i will. no worries the guy in green poloshirt will take care of me, won't he"? HIM: "always" ME: "then i'm safe....... always" | "i knw r situation is difficult but entertaining negative thoughts isn't goin to help at all. no relationshp is perfect but d least we cud do is keep it simple".

24: "but you can't let loneliness break you, ok" | morning conversation: ME: " morning hon, asan ka"? HIM: "nasa Meralco" ME: "no ginagawa mo jan" HIM: "bumibili ng tubig" ME: "aba malay ko ba kung gamot ang binibili mo" (tapos later on nalaman ko nag apply pala ng internet line sa Meralco.. LIAR ka hon, i hate you) | "though i'm flattered to see how much u luv me hon, i don't like seein u like that. breaks my heart too. this is just one of the challenges having a long distance relationship. i need you to be stronger for this to work." | This morning I met my honey who mimics voices, who makes faces, who changes accents, and who farts in different shapes & colors.. today, I met my crazy honey.

25: Once upon a time... | "a li'l space won't hurt us hon. just keep sending messages, so I'll know you are there. I will check them on my lunchbreak. don't frown". | "with you being so nice and all out, it's really easy for guys to abuse you" | "happy thoughts hon... think abt dat cute guy in green polo hehehe!" | " wakey wakey na hon, kanina pa ako tumatawag" | "yes kiddo" ...the sweetest message ever... :)) | "to have someone love u unconditionally, it's every man's dream" | "di naman nila ako kilala i don't care what they'd think, besides honey ko kausap ko so, hell with 'em"

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