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Horizon - Page Text Content

BC: Total Time Volunteering: 1,995 Minutes (33.25 hours)

FC: Youth Services 2012 Horizon Elementary School

1: Horizon Elementary School 411 South Highland Avenue Plymouth WI, 53073 920-892-2275 Shiela Brzeski, 1st grade

2: Week One Time Sheet | ,n,n | Wednesday 9/12/12(2:01-2:31)-Today I introduced myself to the class and read off my poster. I helped the students understand a game they were playing for math class. I helped the students write in their journals. I also went outside with them for recess. Thursday 9/13/12(2:02-2:30)-Today I helped the students play another game in math. We also played a card game. I also learned how to make copies. Friday 9/14/12(2:01-2:31)-Today I went to the students art class and helped them trace faces on paper. We then painted the pictures.

3: Reflection #1 | 1.) How did you interact with your supervisor? I introduced myself and talked to her about what I'd be doing while volunteering. 2.) What is your supervisor's contact information? (on first page)

4: Week 2 Time sheet | Monday 9-17-12-1:52/2:32-On Monday I helped a student with her show and tell. We passed around pictures and other items and set them up on a table for the students to view. Tuesday 9-18-12-1:55/2:35-On Tuesday I helped Ms. Brzeski put together games for the children to play and sat with them during their guidance class. Thursday 9-20-12-1:54/2:31-I helped the students understand how to play the games in math class. Friday 9-21-12-1:53/2:30-I went to the students art class and helped them paint an underwater scene for the parents.

5: Week 2 Reflection How do you feel you showed responsibility at your site this week? This week I showed responsibility by getting to my site every day on time. I always came ready to help with anything the teacher or the students needed. If a student didn't understand something I made sure to help them until they understood. I was sure to be respectful the whole time I was at Horizon.

6: Week 3 | Monday Sept. 24(2:00-2:32)-Today I helped the students come up with ideas to write in their journals. Tuesday Sept. 25(1:58-2:30)-I went home early so I wasn't able to go to my cite. Wednesday Sept. 26(1:56-2:31)-Today I made copies for Mrs. Brzeski. Thursday Sept. 27(1:59-2:31)-Today I worked with the students in math class on an activity.

7: HE MOUNTAIN TEMPLE, WAT ARAT | November 8 | Reflection Question #3 Explain 3 ways you displayed a positive attitude this week. This week I displayed a positive attitude the whole time i was present at Horizon. Even if I was having a bad day, I entered Mrs.Brzeski's room with a smile on my face. I was always happy around the students. If I saw a student who was sad, I would approach them and say something to make them smile.

8: Week 4 Time Sheet | Monday October 1-I wasn't able to go to my cite because I was at home sick. Tuesday October 2-I wasn't able to go to my cite because I was at home sick. Wednesday October 3(1:55-2:32)-I helped Mrs. Brzeski make copies and also helped the students stay on task while writing in their journals. Thursday October 4(1:56-2:32)-I helped the students understand how to play games in math class and helped them come up with ideas for their journals.

9: Reflection #4 In what ways have you worked to reach your full potential at your site? How can you do more in the future? I have tried to reach my potential within the last few weeks in many ways. At first, the children were alway coming up to me and giving me hugs which led them to stay off task. I've learned to help them pay attention more in classes. The students ask a lot of questions, and I've been trying my best to put the answers into words that they can understand. I can do more in the future by finding more things to help Mrs. Brzeski out.

10: Week 5 Time Sheet | Monday Oct. 8 (1:58-2:32)-Today I made sure the students stayed on task during their math assignment and writing journals. Tuesday Oct. 9 (1:56-2:31)-Today I sat with the students during their guidance class. Wednesday Oct. 10 (1:54-2:33)-Today I helped a group of students for a math assignment. Then I went outside with Mrs. Brzeski to collect leaves. Thursday Oct. 11 (1:57-2:31)-Today I helped Mrs. Klecka with a rainbow word assignment for the students while Mrs. Brzeski was busy with another student.

11: Reflection #5 If you were put in your Supervisor's shoes and evaluate your current performance, what would you say and why? | I would say that I'm a pretty responsible student. I've made it there every day on time and made sure I got at least 35 minutes in each day. I called as soon as I could the couple times I couldn't make it to my site. Whenever my supervisor asks for help I always do it with a smile on my face. My main goal is to put a smile on the student's faces. If I ever see any of them being sad, I make sure to do all I can to help their mood. I know there is some things that I could work on, but I'm learning as the time goes on.

12: Week 6 | Monday Oct. 15(2:00-2:31)-Today I helped the students work on a writing activity. Tuesday Oct 16(1:59-2:30)-Today I helped the students work in their writing journals. Thursday Oct. 17(1:56-2:30)-Today I helped the substitute hand out papers and work on worksheets. Friday Oct. 18(1:59-2:32)-Today I went to the students art class and helped them draw fish.

13: Reflection #6 Tell me about one problem/challenge that you had on your site during the past week and how you solved it. This week two students were fighting about whether a word was a swear word or not, and I explained to them to not say any words that they wouldn't want someone saying to them. I told the student that used the word to not use it again, and to apologize to the person he said it too.

14: Week 7 Time sheet Monday Oct 22 (1:56-2:30)-Today I worked with the students on some writing activities. Tuesday Oct 23 (1:59-2:32)-Today I went to the students art class and helped them paint. (Wednesday-Friday)-Not at school

15: Reflection #7 What do you like/dislike about your volunteer site? | I love my site because the children are always happy to see me. I can tell I make a huge impact on their day. I dislike my site because there aren't always things for me to do when I visit. I wish there was a way I could help out more.

16: Week 8 Time Sheet | Monday Oct. 29(1:55-2:34)-Today I helped the students with a math assignment. Tuesday Oct. 30(1:56-2:31)-Today there was a practice fire drill and I helped keep the students calm outside and on the way inside. Wednesday Oct. 31(1:59-2:30)-Today I helped the students work on their haunted house picture. Thursday Nov. (1:58-2:32)-Today I took two students to the office to wait for their parents and sat with the class during their guidance class.

17: Week 8 Reflection | What was your goal for the Youth Services Class? How do you think you're doing on reaching that goal? My goal for Youth Services was to become more engaged in the community. By working with the 1st graders, I believe I'm taking a step in the right direction. I love volunteering, and after this experience I'd love to go volunteer at a nursing home again as soon as possible. I definitely think my goal is being reached.

18: Week 9 Time Sheet | Monday November 5th (1:55-2:30)-Today I helped the students remember their punctuation in their journals. Tuesday November 6th (1:57-2:34)-Today I sat with the class during their guidance class. Wednesday November 7th (2:00-2:31)-Today I helped the students write in their journals and finish a math assignment. Thursday November 8th (2:00-2:31)-Today I got introduced to a new student in the class and helped the students stay on task while writing in their journals.

19: Week 9 Reflection Question | What have you done to reach your full potential? | I've made sure that I make it on time to my site every day. I also make sure I can help out the class in any way I can. Working with first graders, I mainly try to keep the children on task.

20: Week 10 Time Sheet | Monday (Nov. 12) (1:59-2:30)-Today I helped the students on their math packets and read with a student. Tuesday (Nov. 13) (1:58-2:32)-Today I helped the students write in their journals. Wednesday(Nov. 14) (1:59-2:30)-Today I helped go over students math packets. Thursday(Nov. 15) (2:00-2:31)-Today I took down posters in the hall.

21: Week 10 Reflection Question | T | I have helped people outside of my cite in many ways this week. One of my friends was going through a hard time with their family, so I let them stay at my house as long as they needed until they felt comfortable going back.

22: Week 11 Time Sheet | Monday Nov 19 (1:52-2:31)-Today I helped the students put away games and work on their writings about deer. Tuesday Nov. 20 (1:52-2:34)-Today I took a notepad and wrote down all the parts I didn't understand on the students' papers so that Mrs. Brzeski could go back and correct them.

23: Reflection Question 11 | Sum up your experience so far in 10 words: You learn something about yourself when you help out others.

24: Week 12 Time Sheet Monday Nov. 27(1:55-2:31)-I helped correct math papers. Tuesday Nov. 28(2:01-2:31)-I helped Mrs. Brzeski do some corrections on the students writing assignments. Wednesday Nov. 28 (1:55-2:32)-I sharpened a lot of pencils and sat with the class during their guidance class. Thursday Nov. 29 (1:59-2:31)-I helped read over what the students were writing in their journals.

25: Week 12 Reflection Tell me some ways in which you can take a great activity, or an activity that you have been doing often at your site, and make it even better for yourself or for the people you are working with. | One thing I've taken from an activity at my site was in the students guidance class. They were doing an activity on how to not judge people or treat them poorly. It made me realize that I see that happen around me and I need to speak up when I'm hearing someone put another person down.

26: Week 13 Time Sheet | Tuesday Dec. 4 (2:02-2:31)-I sat with the students during their guidance class. Wednesday Dec. 5 (1:59-2:31)-I helped the students with their journals and corrected the parts that didn't make sense. Thursday Dec. 6 (1:56-2:31)-I played a game with the students where they had to stamp pictures on paper.

27: Week 13 Reflection If I had the chance to help out someone who was in a situation like in the game, I would help them pay their bills. If they had children, I'd help them out in any way possible because going through that is a lot of stress for a young person to go through.

28: Time sheet Week 14 | Monday December 10 (1:59-2:30)-Today I helped correct journals. Tuesday December 11 (2:01-2:31)-Today I helped Ms. Hughs with guidance class. The class was playing a game all together. Wednesday December 12 (2:01-2:31)-Today I helped the students make Santa jars. Thursday December 13 (2:01-2:32)-Today I helped make copies and worked on the Santa jars.

29: Reflection 14 What impact do you think you have had at your site? There is a student in the class who is handicapped, and every day I come to class he always puts a big smile on his face. It makes my day when ever I make his day just by being there to help him and his other classmates out.

30: Time Sheet Week 15 | Monday December 17(2:00-2:32)-I helped the kids fix their sentence structure. Tuesday December 18(1:58-2:30)-I sat with the class during their guidance class. Wednesday December 19(1:59-2:32)-I helped the students tie ribbons on their jars. Thursday December 20(2:01-2:32)-I helped the students wrap up their jars.

31: Week 15 Reflection Question | What is the one thing that stands out in your mind as the most beneficial thing you learned from your site supervisor? I learned to be patient with younger children. Their behavior may be hard to handle sometimes, but at their age they have a very interesting and wild imagination and it's fun to help them put their mind to good use.

32: Week 16 Time Sheet | Wednesday January 2-I was at home sick. Thursday January 3-I was at home sick.

33: Week 16 Reflection Question | Identify three ways a site supervisor would observe that a volunteer was performing below expectations. A supervisor would hear the volunteer saying inappropriate things, not showing up on time for their shift, and not wearing appropriate dress.

34: Week 17 Time Sheet | Monday Jan. 7 (2:01-2:31)-I made copies and cut construction paper for a project the students will be doing. Tuesday Jan. 8 (2:01-2:31)-I sat with the class during their guidance class. Wednesday Jan. 9 (2:01-2:31)-I helped get the students pictures ready to be hung in the hall. Thursday Jan. 10 (2:00-2:31)-I helped the students write in their journals.

35: Week 17 Reflection Question | What is the one thing at your placement that you enjoyed the most this week? What is the one volunteer activity that you are looking forward to participating in after this class is over? I enjoyed realizing that I've watched the children grow in knowledge the past 17 weeks. They have really showed signs of improvement. It's exciting watching them all grow up. After this class is over, I plan on either volunteering at a nursing home or volunteering at a grade school.

36: Week 18 Time Sheet | Monday Jan. 14 (1:55-2:33)-I helped the students write in their journals and made some copies for Mrs. Brzeski. Tuesday Jan 15(2:00-2:31)-I sat with the students during their guidance class. Thursday Jan 17(2:00-2:30)-I helped the students draw their arctic pictures for class. Friday Jan 18(2:01-2:31)-I went to the students art class and helped them paint their monster pictures.

37: Week 18 Reflection | If a student was asking you what all do you do in Youth Service Class, what would be your response to their question? What 3 things would you tell them about the class? I would tell them that Youth Services is a class where you volunteer at a chosen site for 30 minutes each day, and also take part in charities and organizations around the community. We get the chance to take advantage of some of the organizations available here. I would tell them that the class is a good experience, and well worth your time. By the end of this class, I feel proud that I've done my part to help the community, and I can't wait to volunteer more.

38: Thank you note Mrs Brzeski, Thank you for allowing me to be in your classroom the past few months. It was a great experience for me. You have a great bunch of kids and I really enjoyed working with them. I'll have to visit you and the class in the future because I'd really love to keep in touch. Once again, thank you for the experience. Sincerely, Haley Henning

39: Summary My work experience at Horizon consisted of working with the first graders, answering questions they had on their work, making copies and working on projects the students would complete in the future. I learned a lot from this experience. I learned to be a lot more patient, because everyone learns at their own pace. I also learned that a simple "hello, how are you doing today?" can really make a persons day. Each of the students I worked with impacted my life in a different way. My favorite student was Nolan. He has some learning disabilities, but in my time at Horizon I learned that he is truly a unique and smart young boy. Some skills I have inquired are patience, tolerance and manners. The first graders surprisingly were completely well behaved. I formed new relationships with my supervisor. I have a lot of respect for her dealing with the children every day, because that many 6-7]= year olds can be a hassle. After spending time with her class I actually have spiked an interest in becoming a teacher. I learned a lot in my experience, and I will use what I learned in my every day life. I learned that I really like working with people, and I'd like to continue my volunteer work at the school and/or a nursing home.

40: Pictures | My supervisor, Mrs. Brzeski | Sawyer dancing away his jitters. | I spent a lot of time at the copy machine.

41: Caption: The first graders working on their "monster" pictures in art class.

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