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I Am Me.

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I Am Me. - Page Text Content

FC: By: Callen McCauley | I Am Me.

1: but those who hope in the LORD Will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31 | I Am Me. | Callen McCauley 8th Hour May 14, 2010

2: Table of Contents | Prologue................................................... page 4 1. Letter of Introduction.............................. page 5 3. Personal Alphabet................................. page 6 - 7 4. Likes / Dislikes List................................. page 8 - 9 6. Room Sweet Room................................ page 10 - 11 9. Symbolic Recipe..................................... page 12 - 13 10. The Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse......... page 14 - 15 14. Flashback............................................. page 16 - 17 17. Cheer Yourself Up!............................... page 18 - 19 25. How to... ............................................... page 20 - 21

3: 27. Extraordinary Pet..................................... page 22 - 23 28. Are You Hungry?..................................... page 24 - 25

4: Prologue | I am Me. I am my own unique person. There is no one else in the world like me because God creates us all to be different. Inside this book you will find what makes me a unique person. You will find what makes me, me.

5: Letter of Introduction | My name is Callen McCauley. I was born on November 20, 1994, in San Antonio, Texas. I live in a family of five, and I am the middle child. I have two brothers and a cousin who is like a sister to me. I go to Lutheran High School, and I am a freshman. I am a Lutheran and I love Jesus. I love to be with my family and friends, and I enjoy playing sports.

6: Personal Alphabet | A - Athletic B - Brave C - Calm D - Daring E - Elephantine | F - Forgiving G - Gullible H - Helpful I - Imaginative J - Jolly

7: K - Kind L - Loving M - Merry N - Nice O - Optimistic P - Procrastinator Q - Quiet R - Responsible | S - Smart T - Trustworthy U - Uncertain V - Vivid W - Watchful X - Xenophobic Y - Yielding Z - Zealous

8: likes | Likes

9: Dislikes

10: Room Sweet Room | My room is my room It belongs to no one else It belongs to me It is my haven The safe place where I can live It is my shelter

11: My room is light blue and lime green. It is filled with many things. I have a book shelf that is filled with all of my favorite books. I have a shelf that holds all of my sports trophies, medals, and pictures. I have a bed that is filled with old stuffed animals. I have a desk that I never use because it is cluttered with papers. And I have an old rocking chair that sits in the corner of my room. I am a pack rat so I have a lot of junk in my room that most people wouldn't normally keep in their rooms. My room is filled things that I like and things that I hold dear to my heart. Everything in my room has a reason for being there. Every little thing in my room has a special meaning to me. I love my room and everything in it because its mine.

12: Symbolic Recipe | Instructions | First you must get a medium sized bowl to mix the ingredients in. Then you must mix the following ingredients together: patience, kindness, love, braveness, courage, care, laughter, indecisiveness, strength, and friendliness. Stir these ingredients together for about ten minutes. This will make the bater for the cake.

13: Ingredients | Patience -1/4 cup Kindness - 1/2 cup Love - 1/2 cup Braveness - 3 tbs Courage - 2 tbs Care - 1/2 cup Awkwardness - 3/4 cup laughter - 1 cup Indecisiveness - 1/2 cup Strength - 1/2 cup Friendliness - 1 cup Shyness - 1/2 cup Fear - 1/4 cup | First you must get a medium sized bowl to mix the ingredients in. Then you must mix the following ingredients together: patience, kindness, love, braveness, courage, care, laughter, indecisiveness, strength, and friendliness. Stir these ingredients together for about ten minutes. This will make the bater for the cake. Then you need to preheat the oven to 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Pour the bater into a pan and bake it for four to six minutes. While that is baking, take the awkwardness and the shyness and pour it into a bowl. Stir these ingredients together until the mixture is a fluffy frosting. Then set that aside. Once the bater is down baking, take it out of the oven and put it into the freezer for eight minutes so it can cool off. After its done cooling, put it back into the oven for nine minutes. When it is finished, take the cake out and let it cool. Then take the frosting and spread it over the cake. Be sure to evenly spread the frosting over the surface of the cake or else it won't taste right. Then, take the fear and sprinkle it on top of the cake.

14: The Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse | It was a normal school day for Callen. She went about her day as she normally did. She sat through all of her classes, waiting for the day to be over. After her old testament class, Callen started to make her way to English class like she normally did. Then she remembered that she had forgotten her Literature book, so she rushed towards her locker. She got to her locker only to find that some one had closed it. She stood there trying to remember her combination. After a minute or so she remembered it. Then the bell rang. Callen sighed, opened her locker, pulled her Literature book out, and closed her locker door carefully to make sure that it didn't lock. Then she walked out the back door of the freshman portable. As she was walking down the back deck, she heard foot steps behind her. She turned around to see who the other tardy person was, but when she turned, there was no one there. Callen thought that this was strange, she could have sworn that she had heard someone behind her. She ignored it and kept walking. When she was about halfway down the deck, she heard footsteps again. She turned around, but there was no one there.

15: Callen kept walking. Just then she heard a giant thud. She turned around to find nothing but a black shoe. Callen walked over the shoe and picked it up to examine it. She thought to herself, "Where in the world did this shoe come from?" When she turned around, she found her answer. It was a ninja. The ninja swiped his shoe from Callen's hand and struck a fighting pose. Callen turned and ran back toward the freshman portable. She was almost to door when the ninja tripped her. She caught herself and turned to fight the ninja. The ninja threw a punch at her face, but Callen dodged it. She then kicked the ninja in the stomach and ran towards the other portable. The ninja ran after her. When she got to the door she turned and saw that the ninja was running towards her so she grabbed the garbage can and hurled it at the ninja. The ninja dodged it and continued to run towards Callen. Then the ninja slipped on a banana peel that had fallen out of the garbage can. He fell to the floor and Callen laughed. Then she opened the portable door and made her way to the English classroom. When she walked in the door Mr. Eickstead said, "Your late." Callen said, "I know, but I have a good excuse."

16: Flash Back | Eighth Grade Trip to Washington D.C. | If I could relieve one experience, I would relive my eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. I would love to relieve this experience because it was a lot of fun. I would love to see all of the sights and memorials again and meet all of the amazing people that we met again. Reliving this experience would also give me the chance to be with all of my old friends. I miss them all and it would be awesome to be with all of the again. We had so much fun on this trip and I would love to relive it all. There is one thing that I would change if I were able to relive my eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. I would make sure to charge my camera and take more pictures because I didn't take enough pictures the first time I went.

18: Cheer Yourself Up! | To cheer myself up I... | laugh even though there is nothing funny happening. | go into my pantry, find some food, spread it out over the counter, and pretend that i am a mad scientist and make a strange food concoction. | shout out random complements to people . | talk to people in a funny accent.

19: It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away. | get some friends and go to Walmart and have a jousting tournament with their carts in the parking lot. | grab a piece of paper, draw a target on it, and shoot my hair bands at it. | build a giant fort with all the couch cushions in my house. | take a bunch of soda cans, shake them all up, line them up in a row, and then shoot them with my brother's airsoft gun. | pretend that I am a ninja, make funny ninja noises, and kick open doors.

20: How to Get Rid of Hiccups.

21: 1. Plug your nose and your ears and swallow twenty times as fast as you can. 2. Get a spoon full of brown sugar, put it in your mouth, and let the sugar dissolve on your tongue. 3. Sit upside down in a chair and take small gulps of water. 4. Eat a tablespoon of peanut butter. 5. Hold your breathe as long as you can. 6. Think of something else like purple elephants to distract you from your hiccups. 7. Do something funny, think of something funny, or laugh. 8. Inhale right before you hiccup. After doing this about five times your hiccups should be gone. 9. Relax and take deep breathes. 10. Take a shot of lemon juice. 11. Stick your tongue out as far as you can and hold for ten seconds. 12. Have a friend scare you. 13. Massage the back part of the roof of your mouth with a Q-tip. 14. Drink a large glass of water as fast as you can.

22: Extraordinary Pet | Murphy My dog Murphy Is as happy as can be. He is loving and loyal and as black as oil. He is filled with joy and glee. When we come home from school, He will sit and drool, Until we give him a treat.

23: My dog Murphy is a giant, lovable, five year old, black lab. He is very friendly, and he loves people. He is super smart, sensitive, and playful. He loves attention. He likes to be pet, and when you don't pet him he will rub against the furniture. Murphy also knows several tricks such as, sit, shake, lie down, stay, and he can open doors. A few unusual things about Murphy is that he likes to go inbetween peoples legs, he often runs and snores in his sleep, he occasionally licks the walls, and he likes it when you pet his bottom. Murphy is a very unique and extraordinary pet.

24: Are You Hungry? | My favorite meal is home made pizza. Every other month or so, our family has a home made pizza night. My mom goes out and buys all of the ingredients that we need. Then we all gather around in the kitchen and make our own individual miny pizza's. We start with making the dough. My mom actually makes the dough, but she lets us flatten it out and make it into the shape we want it. This is my favorite part because its really fun to play with the dough. My little brother and I try to

25: toss our dough in the air and catch like they do in some of those fancy pizza commercials. We always end up with holes in it though. After we are done with the dough, we spread the sauce on our pizzas. Then we add the cheese and the toppings. After that, my mom puts the pizzas in the oven. Once, they are done we all sit to enjoy our delicious home made pizzas.

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