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I AM ME!!!!!

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I AM ME!!!!! - Page Text Content

S: Who Am I By: Amanda Gaston

FC: Who Am I. By: Amanda Gaston

1: Intro My name is Amanda and I am 14 years old. I completed this Who Am I Portfolio as a freshman at Caldwell Early College High School in 2011-2012. I learned a lot about myself from this portfolio,including I'm unique. My favorite page is favorite pictures. because I really like the pictures. This year flew by for me with some memories of all the fun I had with my new friends. I hope that I became a teacher for special needs kids and I hope I help them.

2: Life Timeline Birth Oct. 5th 1997 Parents Divorce 2000 Started School my step mom and dad meet and started dating 2003 Got on the clogging team 2006 (4th grade) Got in chime choir 2007 (5th grade) Moved in with my step mom and moved to happy valley 2008 (6th grade)

3: %5 Relics | My 5 relics are.... One of my baby dresses. The reason this is one of my relics is because it is the only piece of clothing that I have from my childhood. A wand thing that my grandma made while she recovered from her stroke.The reason why this is one of my relics is because, my grandma had a stoke and heart attack in 2008 and she went to a nursing home and she made me to while she was recovering.

4: % Relics cont. My porcelain dolls . The reason why this is one of my relics is because my dolls are thing I would like my little girl to have (if I have one). My remade baby book.The reason why this is one of my relics is my remade baby book is the best thing I ever gotten my mom lost my real one so my step mom and grandma made me another one.

5: % 5 Relics cont. cont. \ My fairy playhouse. This is one of relics because, my fairy house book thing is a toy and I would like my little girl to have it (if i have one and its the only one we have see.

6: Greatest Accomplishment Starting early college

7: Thank You letter Dear Brenda, Thank you for everything you do for me. I’ve told you this before, but I believe you are my guardian angel sent from God to help me on my way through life. You have helped me so much and I appreciate you for doing that for me and I’m glad you did. You are a wonderful person, and I hope you know that. You have helped others not just me and one day I hope I can be a good person like you. You are my role model and you are so smart, nice caring and beautiful and I hope you know that too and again I thank you and I love you. Love Banana <3

8: Amanda Gaston - Living Links For my living links paper I have selected to interview my grandmother Carolyn Winemiller Gaston about her life. I chose to interview my grandma because I thought she would like to tell her story. I decided to interview Mrs. Gaston about moving to North Carolina because I thought it would be an interesting story to listen to. | Amanda Gaston - Living Links For my living links paper I have selected to interview my grandmother Carolyn Winemiller Gaston about her life. I chose to interview my grandma because I thought she would like to tell her story. I decided to interview Mrs. Gaston about moving to North Carolina because I thought it would be an interesting story to listen to. My grandma had a simple childhood on a little farm. Her parents name was Mrya and Archie Winemiller. She was an only child but she had three close cousins that she considered like siblings. There were daily duties for the upkeep of the farm and household. When she was growing up she had many pets. Once she had a lamb, its mother died so she took care of it till it grew old enough to take care itself. Another pet she had was a collie and one night they went to bed and they woke up to the smell of smoke. Grandma's dad got her mom and her and another family member that was living with them at the time and got them out of the house but the dog did not know that the house was on fire. The dog kept trying to go back in the house to find her so his fur caught on fire, so they had to put it out with snow.

9: When she was a little girl her dad built a playhouse for her. She had many adventures. She would play with her dolls and she would be mommy for the dolls. One of her best friends was Ada Poling. She waited on the school bus with her and then after school they would go to each other's house and play with their dolls. Ms. Poling’s house was a mile away from her house. When she was twelve years old she tried to learn to ride a bike but the first time she got on she fell and that was the last time she rode a bike. Mrs. Gaston met her husband and my grandfather Gilbert Gaston when she was twenty-seven. She was working at Gaston's Drug store in Belington, West Virginia . They met by a friend of Mrs. Gaston who worked at the A and P across the street. His name was Allen Abel and Mr. Abel brought Mr. Gaston to the store one day when she was working and introduced him to her. She said it was love at first sight. My grandfather and my grandmother dated from his birthday May thirteenth to her birthday the ninth of February.

10: They were married on the May 12, 1968 at two o’clock in the afternoon at Evenbureth Acres Church in Buckhonnon,West Virginia. Her wedding dress was made by my grandfather’s mother. She sewed for people in the town for years. They really did not have a honeymoon all they did was went for a drive to Roanoke, West Virginia. Then they went back to their trailer they bought for their new home for their new life in Tennerton near Buckhonnon. They were living there when my aunt Jennifer Lynn Gaston March 10, 1969 was born. When she was two my father John Francis Gaston was born on August 9,1971. The trailer was getting too small for their new family four and so they bought two lots on Lick Run and they put a double-wide trailer there and they lived there for sixteen years. In later years my grandfather had a job at Moore Printing but it shut down and he could not find a job because he was at the age when most people retired. My dad, my real mom and myself moved to North Carolina when I was one year old. Daddy said he could find a job for my grandad and so they packed what they could in the back of the pick up and moved.

11: They stayed with us until they got on their feet. Then they rented a house from the same landlord as us and that is were they live currently with my cousin they took care of since she was eleven and she is now twenty two. In 2008 my grandmother had a stroke and heart attack and she had to have a triple bypass. Then she was put into the Share Center to recover. She was there for a while until they overdosed her on potassium and then she was moved to the rest home Gateway . She is now fully recovered other than a pain in her arm now and then but that is not the only medical problem she has. She also has diabetes, heart troubles, and arthritis in many places. That is my grandmother's story and I have learned that she is a wonderful person and she should be remembered. She has set a great example and I should try to be more like her. I am glad I had the chance to tell her story and it has be an honor.

12: John F. Gaston Aug. 29th 1972 | Amanda Shenandoah Gaston Oct. 5th 1997 | Carylon W. Gaston 1940 | Gilbert M. Gaston May 13 1943 | Chasity M. Carpenter 1977 | Genogram ( My family tree)

13: Family History I made German chocolate cake,bratwurst,funni gufkni (which is like a pancake with jelly),and shnizchal for my Family History project in world history. I made this because I have German background and all this food is German.

14: What does my name mean? My First Name: Amanda is a name of Latin origin meaning worthy of love, enjoys making others happy,she is truly exceptional.the heart of one how feels the pain of others. she is a person of great. is master of her own destiny. she lives each day in happiness, believes she has the best in everything.

15: Photo Collage

16: Dream Speech I have a dream that one day everyone will be treated equal. I have a dream that one day there will be no poverty. I have a dream that one day there will be no without food. I have a dream that one day there will be no war or fighting. I have a dream that one day every one will live the life they want.

17: Family Tradition Almost every holiday like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving we eat at our house with my grandparents and my cousin.

18: 3 Technology Favorites | T.V. alarm clock kindle

19: T.V. I like to watch t.v. because I can see what the weather is going to be an I see whats going on in the world! | Alarm Clock Without my alarm clock I would not be able to get up in the morning by myself. | Kindle My kindle is my baby. I love it! I use it as a calendar/planner/ library!

20: 50 I can... 1.ride a bike 2.chew gum and walk at the same time 4.write 5.blow a bubble 6.tell a joke 7.ride a horse 8.count to very high number 9.make an cake 10.walk 11.sing (not very well) 12.wash dishes 13.type on a computer 14.make a mix book 15.chug 10 oz of water 16. type spam really fast 17.go fishing 18. eat 3 pieces of pizza 19.hit a ball with a bat 20.think of 20 things I can do 21.swim

21: random 23.act like a squirrel 24.type math 26. i.m. many people at once 27.make a big chess board chess 29.climb a tree 30.bait a hook really fast 32.clog(as in the dance) 33.cook some a recorder cards 36.Beat mine sweeper at tic tac toe a videogame for 3 hours 39.paint a pic. 40.get dressed 41.brush my teeth 42.brush my hair 43.skate 44.draw

22: 50 I can...cont. 46.see 48.hear 49. plant a plant 50. trip on a flat surface

23: 50 favorite things... 1.apples pie fritters 4.fried apple pies 5.bananas 6.banana pudding 7.BBQ 8.Butterflies 9.brownies 10.brownies with caramel 11.browines with caramel and ice 12.cream cream 14.chocolate 15.chocolate ice cream 16.caramel and chocolate

24: 17.mozzarella cheese 18.pepperoni pizza 19pepperoni rolls 20.blueberries 21.cranberries 22.strawberries pizza bars 25.Bible 26.books 27.color blue mom's dog Bleu 29.My dog Bullet 30.Baby Jaguar our cat horses 32.horses 33.squirrels 34.cats 35.babies bunnys

25: deers 38.Taylor Launter 39. God 40.Jesus 41.Music hoodie snuggie 44.Jessie j brother cream sundae 47.cheese 48.grilled cheese 50.cheese pizza

26: Personal Metaphor When I'm at my best as a student I'm a butterfly in a dying field.

27: I am Poem I am... I am smart and outgoing I wonder about the future I hear a dragon's roar I see anger I want a better world I am smart and outgoing I pretend I am rich I feel a unicorn's fur I touch moon light I worry about life I am smart and outgoing I understand nothing I say life is a big bowl of drama I dream of life I try to matter I hope to be great I am smart and outgoing

28: Favorite Place My favorite place is my room . I have a full sized bed, Blue walls, stuffed horses and other animals, a few knick knacks and green carpet.

29: I have very high energy, I am spontaneous. But I'm also a little bit of a circle because I like being comfortable and social. | I'am a squiggle!!!

30: Squiggle Michael Jackson Cory Hays | Triangle Kori Mr.Miller(2) Tyler Nikol | Personality Shapes

31: Square Jessica Jennifer Mrs. Chavers Preston | Circle Christina Joe Noah Clude | I want to be more of a square because I want to be more organized.

32: Circle Traits talkative likes being comfortable | Square Traits hard worker organized don't like change | Triangle Traits leader enjoys power wants to lead | Squiggle Traits high energy enjoys being unique creative

33: My Strengths I'm a strong leader. I'm smart. I read fast and I understand it. I'm creative.

34: Le

35: What I think of myself. Unique,Smart,Hard headed. | What others think nice, random,strange, funny. | Self Image

36: I like to.... read. listen to music. eat. draw. i like to go to... the movies. bed. I feel... hungry. sleepy. | Self Portrait

37: How I see my self now !!! | I see my self as a hyper, sleepy, unique person. | Self Portrait

38: This picture describes me because I have the attention span of a squirrel, and I'm evil. | Self Portrait

39: These pictures are funny | Self Portrait

40: Goals Short term -I want to up my grades this year. Long term- I want to major in therapeutic horsemanship.

41: Some Character traits that define me... I am defined by my shape. I am a squiggle. I'm fun, disorganized, and creative. | Self Portrait

42: Resume Amanda Gaston Charlie Tripplet Rd. Lenoir NC 28645 Objective:I aspire to find a job where I will be able to work as a Special Educational teacher so i will be able to help others that need it. Skills and Qualifications: Excellent in math Patience Education and Training:August 2002 - presentCaldwell Early College High School Accotates Lenior, NC Accomplishments and Activities: Created a major project and presented it to a group of 3rd. Researched a topic and wrote a paper and made a presentation on power point. Helped a special needs boy to remember a Bible verse.

43: Resume cont. Interests: Drawing Dance Painting Music Equestrian Sports Cooking Animal Care: Farm/Ranch Fishing/Hunting Reading Vacation/Travel Computers: Internet

44: Multiple Intelligences Test Linguistic 58% Logical-Mathematical31% Visual-Spatial 33% Intrapersonal38% Interpersonal 50% Musical 69% Bodily-Kinesthetic 42% Naturalistic 50%

45: Why I think these results fit me. I like being outside a lot. If I'm board I go outside. If I'm up set I go outside. If I have lots of homework and its someone is home I go outside, I just feel at home outside.

46: Wildest Dream... My Wildest dream is to go to Europe and Japan. This is my dream because I want to go to Europe and Japan and I like to travel. I want to achieve this dream before I die. My obstacles are money To overcome these obstacles,I need to get a good job and save up money.

47: Ready For College, Career and Life...

48: Reading Interests I enjoy reading Adventure, Fantasy, and fiction. I like fiction over nonfiction I also like novels better. I prefer book not magazines I don't have a favorite book cause I like most books I read. My favorite series is Percy Jackson. I have many books and I have a kindle. I don't know how many books I have. I like reading a book before I see the movie.My Favorite movie is Old Yeller. My Favorite movie star is Taylor Lautner.

49: Hobbies Interests collections My Hobbies are reading and drawing. I'm interested in fishing and computers

50: First Video Game Tennis for Two | Pong :) | First Mario Bros | First Sonic | Old video Games | Technology Time line

51: Recent Video Games | xbox call of duty modern warfare 3 | Wii Sports

52: Letter to Myself Now Dear Amanda, You are a good person and you are smart. Use it and you will go far. Go for you dream Amanda you will be a great teacher. I hope you go to Appalachian and pass all of you classes. Also next year when your a sophomore work hard of you won't be a Junior here and you will have to start over. Love Amanda

53: Letter to Myself when I'm 50 Dear Amanda, I hope you were successful in your life and became a special needs teacher and I hope you got married and had children and they have children and your a grandma. I hope you help a lot of people and you are having a good life. Love 14 year old Amanda p.s Don't forget to eat your prunes. :)

54: Family Recipe: Dirt Cake 1 20 oz Oreo Mix: 2 16oz cool whip 18 oz cream cheese 1 cup powered sugar Crush Oreos into fine powder layer Oreo powder and mix in a flower pot add gummy worms if desired

55: Self Reflection I enjoy Who Am I all together it was fun.My favorite pages were the ones pictures because i just like picking out pictures. But one thing would do different would be the time frame to get pages done for some people it harder to get access to a computer than others. If there was a piece that I would take out it would be 50 favorite and 50 I can.

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