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If you can get free...Stay free

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FC: If You Can Get Free.. Stay Free | By Nicole Grimes | First Name: Vladimir Last name: Unknown Date of Birth: Unknown Date of Death: 2-16-2015

1: Waking up. | It's a dark, warm summer night. A boy lifts his head and can't seem to remember anything. He struggles to stand for he has many cuts and gashes on his body and is loosing blood fast. He hears voices and limps closer to them in hope of finding help. He comes up to a clearing but stays behind the bushes. He can see that there are many men in suits with flash lights and weapons. As he steps back, a twig snaps, one of the men hear it and points his flash light to the bushes revealing his hiding spot to the other men. a helicopter comes up and puts him in the spot light. The men start to slowly walk to him and make promises of safety and help. He doesn't like the way it sounds and starts to run. The helicopter stays with him and the men start to follow him. His view becomes blurred and the boy falls to the ground. Hearing the men around him he tries to get up but falls back down. He hears one of the men say " We have Vladimir, we're bringing him in." He can hear his heart beat drumming in his ears and it goes dark.

2: Helicopter? | He opens his eyes and can tell by the loud sounds that he must be in the helicopter with the men by his side. He wants to get up but is held down by the men, it takes little work for the men to keep him down. He feels a sharp pain in his neck and feels himself falling back into deep sleep, " he's stable, he won't be a problem for a wile." Then he falls into the darkness once more.

3: ...He'll Make It | The boy it groggy, but is awake. He feels no pain but sees that he's in a dark room but there is light, light that was pushing the dark just out of the reach of him and a few other people dressed in a green cloth with long gloves up to their elbows with matching cloth covering their mouths, noses, and the top of their heads. The men don't notice that he's awake, he moves his eyes to see what the men are doing and sees them sewing his cuts closed. At the sight of his blood he lifts his head witch draws the attention of the green suited men. One of the men start to talk to the boy when the door opens letting in a blinding light that not only make his eyes water from pain but also scars the darkness with white slashes. As the boy tries to understand everything he sees though the light, a man holding the doors open. The light man lets go of the doors and starts to walk to the boy and the green suited men and the light slowly starts to move back out of the room, almost as if it where fallowing the doors.

4: The light man looks down to the boy, and the boy sets his head back down and looks at him back with a scared but blank look. Then the light man looks to the green suited men with a smile and asks," how is he doing?" One of the Green suited men answer," He's going to be fine, we've stopped most of the bleeding and none of the wounds where really deep, but the one on his head worried us a bit..." He looks into the mint green eyes of the boy, " but after everything that he's been through, he'll make it." The light man looks down to the boy and tells him," do you hear that Vladimir? You're going to be just fine." Wile the man was talking to him, the boy didn't relies that the green suited man was injecting a liquid in the thin, clear tube on the boy's arm, and before he knew it, he was once more falling into a deep sleep but this time he was more relaxed knowing that he was safe, For now.

5: "...Who Am I?" | The boy wakes up in a room with nothing but white. He looks around for any signs of men of any kind, and sees none. He wants to get up but as he goes to do so his body is attacked by sharp pains and returns to the spot where he woke up. Before long he hears a click at the door and sees the light man step in and walk to him. " Hello Vladimir, how are you feeling?" The boy takes a long silent look at the mans face. Trying to find some hint as to who the man was. Finally he asks," Who am I..?" " You're name is Vladimir, you are about 17 years old, have no parents, family members, a birth date or even a last name." We couldn't find any of the information." Vladimir didn't move, not because this shocked him but because he wanted to learn more about this light man rather than himself. " Who are you?" The light man looked strait into Vladimir's mint green eyes as if he where also looking for something, and answered, " I am Silas

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  • Title: If you can get free...Stay free
  • this is just a little scrap book of one of the movies i wanted to make but i cant find any one who is interested in any of my movie ideas. this is just like a little sample of the story if you like it or if there is something you find that i can fix to make it better just leave me a note:)
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