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In Memory of "Panama Chuck" Wortman

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In Memory of "Panama Chuck" Wortman - Page Text Content


BC: The End

FC: Sitting at his computer late at night ....... | Once there was a Want-To-Be-Writer, | By Panama Chuck!

1: Want-To-Be-Writer | My grammar skills now are rusty, glasses lay on my ears. My skin has started to show some wrinkles, I'm still the same man in the mirror. My knowledge has grown through the years, what I've seen and the places' I've been. Some were good, some were not, but each had a message in the end. I try to put my thoughts and memories, on paper in a unique kind of way. In hopes that everyone one day can read, my memoir's of yesterday. With each story or poem I write, I feel an inner drive, a fire. To touch as many hearts as I can, with words from this Want-To-Be Writer!

2: Someday, my sun will shine, Through those darken clouds. Somewhere, is where I'll be, I'll hold my head up proud. Somehow, the signs will come, To lead me down that path. Someone, has the key, To open up my map. Something, is going to happen, Then I'll be on my way. Someplace, my destiny awaits, I dream of...Someday! | SOMEDAY

3: My Dope Dealing Dog! | I remember we went to supper one night, Came home and to our surprise My puppy had opened my bag again, I could see it in the new puppyÂ’s eyes. She ran under the couch, past the table, Into the kitchen she did fly. Around the corner headed for the door, The new puppy she was high. She tried to stop her fast little feet, Did a head stand on her front paws. She didn't know what she was doing, But she was having a ball. My puppy looked at me with her saddened eyes. For she knew she had done wrong. She had gave our new puppy. My Viviran while we were gone. If a Doggy Cop had of heard Of this mischievous deed Would he have arrested my puppy for dealing? Or would he have arrested.ME?! | I have a puppy just over a year old, She did something I couldn't believe. Who would think this smiling puppy Would push drugs in front of me? It all started one weekend in Atlanta, My Viviran she did find. I guess she liked the smell of it, She ate one, thought it was divine. All night long she paced the front seat Smiling with that look of play. Pawing my arm wide open were her eyes, Saying, "Dad I just can't stay." On she went hour after hour, Fidgeting as I drove. Until the Viviran all wore off, Falling asleep, on my leg was her nose. So I keep my bag all locked up So this wouldn't happen again. Then a new puppy came to our house, A Toy Chihuahua, a new friend.

4: Within . . . . | A woman may look like a beauty queen, When she's young in her life. She'll wear all the right clothes, To fancy a man's delight. | Some take pride to stay this way, A diet and the proper exercise. Others may find it's not important, What matters is on the inside. | Whichever way they may go, Who are we to say? That they have done the proper thing, To keep their mate from astray. | For love is not that tender skin, Or the sexiest body in town. Cause love is only found within, Here is the beauty found. | But I feel I will always, Try to look my best. So my lady will look at me, As better than the rest. | I may not look like Tom Cruise, Or a jock just from the gym. But I feel what I have is special, The me, that is, within!

5: I...... | I have seen the healthy, just waste into time. I have seen the stupid that did just fine. I have seen the rich that would die without clout. I have seen the poor that have to do without. I have heard the stories, like a wise man would tell. I have heard of women that went though hell. I have heard the thunder from a ragging storm. I have heard the silence of the early morn. I have felt the tenderness of a deer's soft neck. I have felt the pain from love that was a wreck. I have felt the happiness that makes us smile. I have felt sorrow from losing a close pal. | I have touched hearts with some words I write. I have touched souls that weren't feeling right. I have touched love as it has touch me. I have touched the Eagle that now flies free. I have tried to be the best person that I could. I have tried to make sure I wasn't misunderstood. I have tried to show I'm a person who is meek. I have tried to write in a way that's unique.

6: The traffic rushes by this road known as The Strip. Here life is a survival, there's no Wall Street tips. A couple walks by with a child on his back. They can't afford a car, just a child carrying pack. Have they given up hope of getting ahead in life? Or are they trying to survive, on the strip day and night? Will their baby girl, live her life on the strip? These things I wonder, as I watch from where I sit. The baby is now grown, a young lady just twenty-two. Hair of gold down her back, eyes like the sky, bright blue. Back when she was in her teens, she dropped out of school. She only knows how to use her body, it's her only tool. She walks across the road, her steps are big and quick. She stops to pose her body, hoping to find a trick. Her head jerks to the right, her hand brushes her hair from her eyes. It's plain to see she's on crack, she's up in the clouds so high. A young man stops, she climbs in, down the road they go. Nervously she begins to talk, where they're going she doesn't know. He first turns left, then right, she wonders why no cars pass by. For this is her reality stop, the place that she will die. | On a busy street down on the strip, A couple slowly walks by. Their hearts are heavy from a loss of a child, Inside they will always cry. In the paper not a word was said About this young girl's demise. They say it isn't front page news, To this couple it is, in their eyes.

7: SNOWFLAKES AND PEOPLE | Have you ever caught a snow flake, in the palm of your hand? Each one is differently shaped, as they float down to the land Yet when they come together, on the ground they are one. Here they will unite so there's, peace, and silence for fun. When you look upon a meadow, one color is all you see. But they are all so different, as they lay in harmony. They come from miles above, each born at different times. They all have the same mission, make the land divine. Never do they squabble, never do they fight. They are on a mission, bringing peace upon the night. Look at them on the ground, for miles, and miles they lay. The little flakes are laid together, and here is where they stay. Think how us humans, could learn from these little flakes. Come together as just one, no difference in color or race. For we were born like they, at different places and times. But we never come together, we never make the world divine. When you see these snow flakes fall, turning the land so white. Remember how these snow flakes, brought peace upon the night. Look upon your fellow man, and see the flake in them. Welcome them with a smile, and mean it, from within.

8: When I was a boy I remember being eight years old Mr. Frosty ice cream truck Each night came down our road My favorite toy was bright red Slick and shinny was my yo-yo In my pocket is where it stayed I took it where ever I'd go | I was just eighteen, When I first held you in my hand. You are my ray of sunshine, You are my little man. I held you closely where ever I went, To the store, or a picnic by the lake. You reflected from my eyes, The pride no one could mistake. You learned to say your first word, You discovered you had two hands. I was there to share it with you, Just me and my little man. Now you're grown and started life, I dreaded the day it would come. When my little man would leave, This home of love and fun. But always remember this my dear, No matter where life makes you land, And regardless of how old you get, You're always my little man. | MY LITTLE MAN | But recess at school was the main event In the dirt a circle we'd draw Each boy dropped in his five marbles The challenge was to win them all Simple games we would play Made us laugh as we had fun Money wasn't the reason for life Life wasn't on the run I cherish those precious days of life I enjoyed all my simple toys I grew up in a special era of time When I was a boy

9: FAMILY TREE | A family is like a tree, It grows and branches out. From each branch comes a twig A husband or a spouse They produce small leaves, That grow through the years. Soon it's time for them to fall, And the branch sheds it's tears. As each leaf falls to the ground, Their colors blanket the earth. For soon they will become a tree, And start their branches by birth. Look at all the branches, And leaves that started with you. This Mother's Day stand proud, Cause we all LOVE you too!

10: I was given two legs and two feet, So I may walk or run on this earth. They support my body as I stand, To hold a baby at birth. I was given a memory in my head. To cherish what has come, and what has gone. Each person whom has touched my heart, Here their memories will always live on. All of this was a gift to me, You can't buy it, it can't be sold. All he asked in return, Is to love him from my soul. | I WAS GIVEN | I was given two eyes, So I may see the beauty of life. Never missing a thing, Like an Eagle flying at night. I was given two ears, To hear the variations of sound. From the music on the radio, To a small squirrel on the ground. I was given a brain, So I could grow with it's thoughts. Learning right from wrong, Deciding what's cool and what's not. I was given a heart, So I may feel the bliss of love. I've felt the pain from losing it, To a higher place above. From my body I lost a rib, But I gained a woman, a wife. A person who will be there beside me, Through good and bad in life.

11: THE GATES OF HELL | I have seen a land where war has killed, Women, children and old men. Where little boys were forced to fight, Against the people who helped their kin. I have felt the rains that pour from the sky, Like the ocean was caving in. While walking through marshes of rice, They look at me and grin. I have bought candy from a small village boy, Then he turned and threw a grenade. Watched my friend die by my side, One night in a midnight raid. I have sat and wondered why I'm here, In this land that does not care. I have dreamed the fear of ragging combat, To find that's there's no one there. My time was up in VietNam, Homeward is where I was bound. But when I arrived at home that day, No banners were to be found. I have tried to put it all in the past, Those nightmares flash like a beam It's hard to forget this place when I've been, The Gates of Hell I have seen.

12: We send our children to school each day, Hoping they will return unharmed. I remember when I was a child in school, There was no reason for alarm. But now they say the times have changed, Children carry guns and knifes. It seems children can't control their tempers, They don't care about a person's life. I sit and wonder, as does all the world, Why is this a problem today? Sure I would get mad as a kid, But I never blew anyone away. I look back at my home life, I always had the same Mom and Dad. Together with seven brothers and sisters, This is the family I had. | WHO'S AT FAULT? | It always reverts back to their home, They had problems or were abused. Now look at the kind of parent you are, Does your child have a short fuse? Do you know what they are doing, Do you know where they are? Do you care enough to find out, Before they go to far? | We were taught at home and church, Respect of our fellow being. Through this respect came patience, Something today's children aren't seeing. But every time I hear of a school, Where violence has taken place. Another child has showed their anger, A gun has been misplaced.

13: CRYSTAL LOVE | There is no finer glass than crystal, And crystal represents my soul. For it is fragile and so pure, I give it to you to hold. Its gentle touch is like an Angel, It's kisses are only for you. Do not ever forsake or hurt me, For my love for you is so true. It will always shine its colors, Like a full moon in the dark night. Deep down inside my soul, You make me feel so right. So take care of this priceless piece, For my love can't be bought with gold. Enjoy the love I give to you, It comes from within my soul. | I THANK HIM | I kneel down and say my prayers, For all the good in my life. I thank Him for my Mom and Dad, And the soft bed I sleep in each night. I thank Him for the brother and sisters, That I've grown to love so much. I thank Him for all the animals, I see and I'm able to touch. I thank Him for the food I eat, Each day that's on my plate. Especially for the peanut butter crackers, Which I love, and I, just ate.

14: It's late at night the lights are on, Her cat is sitting on her lap. Her eyes are glued to the screen ahead, She leaves only to take a nap. Punching these keys has become her fate, She bounces around the web. She knows that she should be in bed, But she's on her computer instead. Day after day, night after night, She rattles that little mouse, Writing letters to all she knows, Her e-mails travel to our house. She smiles at the crazy things she sees, She laughs sometimes out loud. She's hooked on this cyber world, Gramma has found a new crowd. We lost our Gramma to the cyber world, You can see her online late at night. Her coffee cup's beside her keys, Her munches are just to her right. So now we find she's got a new name, It's changed for when she started. She's now the Cyber Gramma online, A name that she is part of. | CYBER GRAMMA

15: MY LOVE (For Jennifer) | What can I do, when I'm so young in love, My life is all wrapped up in you. I can't go a second without you on my mind, You should know my feeling are true. When I see you my heart just melts, My body trembles when you are near. But when your away my mind does stray, Losing you to another love I fear. We laugh and play in our own kind of way, Smiles of joy are on our face. I can feel your heart beating it's pulse, When you hold me my fears all erase. So feel my love and understand, Inside your heart I belong. Follow your heart when you are away, For it won't lead you wrong. Always come back to the one you love, The one who's love is true. Never will you find a love so pure, Because.... I really love you

16: I'm writing this letter to Santa this year, In hopes that he'll leave me someone who's dear. Underneath my Christmas tree All wrapped with a bow, I promise if you leave her I'll never let her go. Just someone who'll need me, A lady I can trust. One who loves from the heart, And not out of lust. So Santa read my letter, Please fill my request. Help me make this Christmas, The best ever yet. | A LETTER TO SANTA

17: I once asked Santa for a lady with a bow, Just for me left under my tree. When I awoke the next morning, No lady was there for me. But Santa left me a letter that year, It was sticking out of my stocking so tall. With a tear in my eye I went to read it, In the letter these words I recall. "I'm sorry Chuck I couldn't fill your wish, Somethings I cannot do." "But you will find your lady this year, It will happen when you least expect it to." "Trust in your heart and you will find, She’s waiting for you to come." "When you find her your life will change, Again your life will be fun." "She too wonders if her man exists, But her spirits are always high." "You will know the moment you kiss, Your heart will flutter inside." "So I give this gift of rays of hope, For the day will soon arrive." "When you have your special lady, Each Christmas by your side. | SANTA'S LETTER

18: A CHRISTMAS WITHOUT SNOW | Vickie is busy making cookies and treats, While our kids lay quietly asleep. The stockings are hung on the fire place as well, What's inside I will never tell. Then late at night Vickie and Chuck are found, Wrapping presents without making a sound. A cup of eggnog and soft music plays, Soon it will be Christmas Day. | To us Christmas doesn't seem the same, No shoveling of snow or ice remains. Here in Florida the sun always shines, But we still miss those snow covered pines. The trees are all green throughout the year, But Santa still rides his sled and reindeer's. Our tree still sparkles with colored lights, Outside the decorations glow at night.

19: Some leaves had fallen into the stream, They floated so carelessly by. I heard the crackling from an animal, So near I could hear it's stride. Low and behold it was a dear, It came to get a drink. It stopped and looked straight at me, I froze, I didn't even blink. After it's thrust has been subdued, Again it stared at me. As if it was to say these words, "Our streams a secret, Please?" So if your walking in the Forest, On a sunny autumn day. You might find this Little Stream, Where life just goes on it's way. Sit here and listen to Nature, And you will surely find. The peace and tranquility of life, That will calm, the troubled mind. | When I came along this Little Stream, Her banks were like a beach. So I walked through the Forest one sunny day, The leaves all crackled under my feet. The sky had small white clouds floating by, The air how it smelled so, Sweetly did her water flow, The far side I could not reach. So I sat here for I was amazed, At the silence I had found. As I turn from side to side, There was no one around. The birds were singing in harmony, As if they were to say. "This is our happy home," "This is where we play." The clouds reflected on the clear water, As they hid the sun so bright. I closed my eyes and felt the breeze, As it softly blew to my right. | THIS LITTLE STREAM

20: When I thought my life was over, Laying wounded in a bed. They say my coma was for days, My friends thought I was dead. When I awakened you were there, Your eyes they glittered so bright. Your smile put warmth into my heart, You stayed by me day, and night. Your tender voice and gentle touch, Soothed my frightened mind. This is when I knew I'd found, My lady, my Sunshine. Then our time came to leave, We knew it would come around. To our surprise on the plane, We were from the same town. Day after day, week after week, Then it was year after year. Our friendship had grown to lasting love, You brought me Sunshine not tears. Now to you I bequeath my love, Forever shall it be. Today we shall be wed, My Sunshine, and Me! Proud I was on that day, When you became my wife. did I know that soon, Someone would take your life. Now I only have your memories, And smiles of yesterday. For you are with God above, My Sunshine, was taken away! | SUNSHINE | Have you ever sat and dreamed about life? Where you are and where you've been? The paths we had to choose from, The one path we'll travel in the end. Still we wonder what if we'd taken, A different path than we did. But this is only in our dreams, Reality keeps it hid. Where would we be if we couldn't dream? These dreams are private, so defined. Sometimes it's all we have to hold, An escape from a world of vines. Dreams can form at any time, I can see who I want to see. Even if they appear in my head, A total stranger to me. I thank God for this precious gift, A video that plays in my head. Never shall someone stop my dreams, Until, the day, I'm dead. | Dreams

21: Our love life is a puzzle, Sometimes the pieces are gone. Our friendship is one to cherish, On that goes on and on. We never make snap discussions, We weigh each side if we can. Knowing what we finally think, is the best in the end. Our hearts are very frisky, Always ready to play. But many times their broken, With pain is how we pay. So if you meet a Libra, Take care of their kind soul. For there is no one like them, No matter where you go. | Pennies From Heaven Pennies from Heaven What does that really mean? Will pennies just fall from the sky, And land on top of me? Will my worries of money, No longer exist? Or is this just a saying, Another one of those midst's? Or does it mean much, much more, A meaning of inner peace? When you know your worries are gone, Your sins are all released? This is when you are rich in you soul, The kind you just can't buy. The reward is given to each one of us, The day that we die. So when you look into the sky, Look farther up than the clouds. Say a prayer while you feel the sun, Enjoy the pennies, and be proud.

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