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FC: INSPECT Westward Expansion

1: "I" Ideas

2: The census is very important to our country. A country should have an idea of how many people live in their boundaries. It also helps the government determine the number of representatives needed per state.

3: Indian Removal Act | The Indian Removal Act was the act that forced Indians off their land. During the movement, approximately 4,000 Cherokee died on the trail. They were not prepared for the weather and did not have the proper clothing for what they experienced.

4: Manifest Destiny | People wanted to expand America into the west from the east side of the country.

5: Missouri Compromise | This compromise allowed Missouri to be a slave state. Maine remained a free state to keep everything balanced.

6: "N" National/Geographic

7: Western Settlement | Americans moved westward to settle the land. As they moved westward, the Native Americans lived in the eastern part of the country. The west was too dry for the farmers to farm and keep their crops healthy

8: Canals | They built canals to use for transportation. They also used them to transport items to different regions.

9: Oregon Country | Oregon Country was occupied by the British.

10: "S" Social

11: Era of good feelings | This was the time period of good times. The war had ended and President Monroe was doing his job well. Most people had found jobs, therefore, everyone had good feelings toward this time era.

12: Battle of the Alamo | The battle of the Alamo was fought to gain its independence from the Mexicans. The majority of the Texans were killed in battle.

13: Mudslinging | Mudslinging was used to throw an attack on the other candidate during a political campaign. The same goes on now, we call them political cartoons instead.

14: "P" Political

15: Sectionalism | Americans focused more attention on their living area, rather then the nation as a whole.

16: Andrew Jackson | During Jackson"s presidency, he helped many people. He lowered the national debt to approximately 33 million dollars. That was the lowest it had ever been in years. He got rid of the First Central Bank also. He did this because he saw that the rich were just getting richer. He wanted to support the commonwealth people as well. This is one of Jackson's famous quotes: "Every good citizen makes his country's honor his own, and cherishes it not only as precious but as sacred. He is willing to risk his life in its defense and is conscious that he gains protection while he gives it."

17: James Monroe | President Monroe was the 5th president of the United States, and served two terms. He was also president during the Era of Good Feelings. So most people had good feelings toward him.

18: "E" Economic

19: Industrial Revolution | During the Industrial Revolution, people transferred from working on farms to working in factories and mills. There were negative affects and positive affects. A Negative affect is that these factories people were working in, created pollution in the cities. A positive effect on the people was that goods were new and improved and they could market the items at a higher price.

20: A tariff is taxing that is put on goods that are imported. President Jackson faced a tariff crisis in 1828. Congress passed a tariff that was very high on manufactured goods that came from Europe. People from the Northeast wanted the tariff because the tariffs made goods from Europe expensive. Many people from the South were against this new tariff because this meant that they would all have to pay higher prices on manufactured goods from Europe | Tariff

21: Capitalism | People put their money in a business and they hope to make a profit.

22: "C" Cultural

23: Farming | Even though people had jobs at mills and factories, they still had their home jobs as farmers. That way they could grow their own crops rather than buying their food.

24: Hunting | On their own time, people liked to hunt. They hunted for their food.

25: Sewing | Women liked to sew. Usually the women would take this job and the men would do the hunting.

26: "T" Technological/Scientific

27: The cotton Gin | The cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney. The cotton Gin separates cotton from its seeds very quickly.

28: Patent | A patent is a law that protects the rights of those who created a product. It gives inventors the right to make profits for a certain amount of time without others claiming your invention and selling it.

29: .

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32: Q: How did events affect people's lives, community, and the world? A: the trail of tears affected many Americans. The government forced the Cherokee off their land. The journey resulted in 4,000 deaths. They were not prepared for the weather that they received, they did not have proper clothing or proper survival necessities. Q: What has changed? A: During this time period, the industries changed a lot. Most people worked on farms, now during the present day, most people work in industries. Q: How did decisions or actions significantly transform people's lives? A: The decisions that the presidents made have significantly changed our lives. Some of these choices weren't always the best ideas for the people living in America, but the choices always affected us, good way or bad. Q: How did past decisions or actions affect future choices? A: The past decisions, such as the Trail of Tears, led our nation explore the west of the Mississippi. Q: How did the people in the past view their world? A: The natives back then thought that the Trail of Tears was harsh, although they went through with it. They didn't want to get kicked out of their land, but they accepted it.

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