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BC: Works Cited | "Andrew Jackson." White House,2010.web.apr.2010.www.whitehouse.gov/about/presidents.com | Appleby, Joyce.American Republic.New York:Glencoe,2005.670. | "1790 Overview." US census bureau,2010.web.apr.2010.www.census.gov/history.com

FC: I N S P E C T | ideas | natural/geographic | social | political | economic | cultural | technological/scientific

1: I dedicate this mix book to my best friends mom/pretty much my second mom who was recently told she has lung cancer. I am praying for her everyday.

2: Ideas | The first census took place on August 2, 1790. There were around 4 million people. A lot of them were slaves. They had another census thirty years later and the population doubled to around ten million.

3: Westward movement expanded our country. Andrew Jackson was a huge part of this movement. He created the Indian Removal Act of 1830. The act made every American Indian to move west of the Mississippi River.

4: The Factory System | It was created in 1814. It helped increase the manufacturing efficiency. This helped the Industrial Revolution later on.

5: Interchangeable parts helped quicken the factory system process and made goods easier to make.

6: Natural/Geographic | There are many rivers in the United States. Most of them travel north to south, so it made traveling to the west more difficult. Rivers were mostly used for transporting goods to the oceans to where they could be shipped out across the country.

7: The Rocky and Appalachian mountains were a huge obstacle in traveling. To get to the west coast you need to travel over both mountain ranges. Which later in our history, immigrants made tunnels through the mountains, so you could travel through them easier.

8: The Great Plains | The Great Plains were a pretty much dead place. There is nothing there. Moving west they had to travel on them. Buffalo were a huge food source. Many families built homesteads and farmed in the plains.

9: There were just some places you couldn't farm. Like in the mountains and the New England colonies. You couldn't farm in the mountains because of the landscape, and the New England colonies had bad soil that did not produce agriculture well.

10: Social | The relations between whites and American Indians isn't very good. We forced them out of their land with the Removal Act. We moved them west of the Mississippi because we thought that land was worthless. The Indians farther west in Oregon had good relations with us . They traded with them and treated them equally.

11: The Trail of Tears was caused because of our relationship with the Indians. It happened in 1835. The Indians had two years to get out of the land, and the ones who didn't leave were put in stockades and sent on the Trail of Tears. | The Indians were walking from about Ohio to Oklahoma. The tribe that was sent on this trail were the Cherokees. Many of them died on this tragic event.

12: America had good relations with a lot of other countries. We shared goods and recent inventions with each other.

13: The conflict between the United States and Mexico were over the states of Texas and New Mexico. Mexico wanted the Nueces River to be the border. We wanted the Rio Grande to be the border and we won the war with Mexico. | We won 10 out of the 11 battles. We signed the Peace treaty which made the Rio Grande the US-Mexico border.

14: Political | Andrew Jackson was a huge political figure. He was a president. People wanted to split the US into the North and South, but Jackson fixed that by saying. "Our Federal Union must be preserved.

15: Andrew Jackson created the Spoils System. He employed and promoted civil servants who were close friends to him, and supporters of his group power.

16: John Quincy Adams | He was the sixth president. He shaped the foreign policy. He lost his second term of presidency to Jackson.

17: Henry Clay | He was a senate and in the house of representatives. He created the American System. It helped our country, America, grow in many different ways.

18: New Inventions | New inventions like the cotton gin or the textile mill boomed our country. The inventions made it so our country could grow faster.

19: Cotton Gin | This machine was used to get the cotton out of the seed. This used to be done by hand. It created cotton faster and you could use the seed again to produce more cotton.

20: Textile Mill | This was invented to make textile fabrics. It started with fibre then yarn then fabric to textiles. This used to be done by hand also. It was an important machine back then.

21: The economy back then was a lot different then today. The taxes were low. There were few government regulations. And the population was sky rocketing. It went from 5.3 million to 17.1 million in 40 years.

22: Cultural | Slavery was a big issue back then. A lot of people died because of it. The KKK killed many people. Today the KKK still exists, but they aren't as severe as they used to be The civil was was started because of slavery.

23: Small towns back then used to get together and have social events. The women sewed and wore dresses. The men wrestled while they wore their working suits most of the time.

24: Most people lived in the big cities. Most of them lived in apartments. Kind of like how it is today. In the country families lived in log cabins, and most of them farmed.

25: Technological/Scientific | A big thing back then were factories powered by rivers and streams. Many factories then were powered by water unlike today.

26: Roads, turnpikes, tolls, and canals were new inventions then to help make traveling quicker and easier. They took a lot of time to make though. Steamboats were huge for traveling on the rivers because it was easier to travel up and down the river.

27: Conclusion | These events of moving westward increased the population of America by a ton. I learned how we got to the West coast. That was by the new ways of transportation. For example the steamboats.

28: People back then were excited to travel West because they didn't know what was out there, but now we do. A lot has changed since then. We have much faster ways of travel, and we have explored pretty much every where in America.

29: These actions affected our lives. We can now live in many different places, and get to places we need to go quicker.

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