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Ireland in Trouble

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BC: heepow!

FC: Ireland: | in trouble | Christina Cole

1: Ireland: A brief History | The island of Ireland, about 32,000 sq. mi. is comprised of the Republic of Ireland (Eire) which occupies almost 85% of the total land area, and Northern Ireland which is essentially part of the United Kingdom. Within the traditional four "ecclesiastical provinces" of Ulster (north-east), Leinster (south-eastern Ireland including the ancient kingdom of Meath), Munster (south-west), and Connaught (or Connacht, north-west) there are 32 counties, 26 of which are within the Republic. The partition of the island dates from 1920-22, back in the day when the whole island was under British rule. The first settlement of Ireland took place sometime around 6000 BC by hunters and fishers along the island's eastern coast. Presently, both the Republic and Northern Ireland have rural and urban areas, but it is not as moderized as some parts of the US and Asia. It is known primarily for it's beautiful cliffsides and beach scenery and classic stone archetechure in the more rural areas. On the surface it sounds like a beautiful place to live, to raise a family and to grow old, but like all places in the world, it isn't perfect...

2: Dear Reader, This is my first log here in the Republic of Ireland. We have been sent here to help these people in need. Please understand that these are only a few of the problems we have encountered here, all while knowing we cannot eradicate these problems entirely. --Christina (2-1-2011)

3: Welcome to Ireland! | The land of soggy socks, and four leaf clovers!

5: Ireland, an island. So how in the world could they have problems with their water? It is known for its never ending rain, its moist fertile land...so still! How could they possibly have problems with their water? When your main fresh water supply simply shuts down? Yep, thats a problem.

7: Mom, It’s funny, I never noticed how much our family has taken such a simple thing like water for granted. I can’t even begin to tell you, mom, how messed up the water situation here is. Northern Ireland has basically one main supplier of water and it has broken down! How can that happen? The CEO split and refuses to help with the distribution of the bottled water. Families are given like a pack of 24 liter bottles to survive on for a couple of days, it sounds like a lot but it really isn’t. When the average American uses 70 gallons a day, I don’t mean to sound snotty, but it just isn’t enough. My 45 minute showers certainly don’t fly here. The residents don’t even seem to mind, they are accepting the situation and making the best of it, I know I may be acting like the typical privileged American here but it is certainly different. The new water filtration systems are helpful but take too long. More than 300,000 homes don’t have any water and have to depend on their neighbor’s hospitality. I sit here listening to all of the horror stories of Bloody Sunday and the IRA but these families set aside their differences and help each other out in times of struggle. I don’t understand it. -Christina (3-1-2011)

8: How it happened... | The lack of water was caused by a sudden thaw after arctic conditions burst thousands of pipes and allowed reservoirs to run dry. | Thats means no water. At all. | Doctors have expressed concern about public health. "This is becoming a really serious emergency," said Dr John McMahon, a GP who had been without water in his home in Rostrevor for seven days. | Thousands still do not have access to ANY type of clean, fresh water.

9: MacKenzie said in a statement: "I readily accept and recognise that there were aspects of the way in which we handled the situation that could have been better". | I QUIT. | So what does the CEO of the only fresh water supply say in response to the cries for help? | That's an understatement. | Northern Ireland Water chief executive Laurence MacKenzie

10: About 40,000 people across Northern Ireland are struggling to cope without water supplies. One family picks up about a week’s worth of water from one of the few water supply areas in Northern Ireland.

11: To see Laurence MacKenzie's full resignation log onto: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-12125113 | Another one of the new water filtration devices in Limerick.

12: One of the many water purifying tanks we have installed in major cities to help purify the unclean well water some locals have been trying to use. | The well water is simply not clean enough for human consumption, it is impossible to use without boiling beforehand.

13: Can't we all just get along? | Catholic or Protestant. | Sure as long as your not...

14: Why the Tension? | Hostility arouse between Catholics and Protestants in this way not because the religions themselves bore marked differences, but because these denominations were attached to two very different classes. Intermarriages were frowned upon, not for spiritual reasons, but because the Protestant was marrying below their class. | This hostility between the denominations continued into the present for many of the same reasons. Protestantism represents the continued presence of England in Northern Irish affairs, while Catholicism bears the stigma of being the religion of the poor, the rebels, and the socialists intent on a free Ireland.

15: Dad, You know how you were telling me about the centuries old conflict between the Catholics and Protestants before I came over here to help? I really didn't think that in this day and age those things could still be happening? Well low and behold, they still are. It is not as open as it used to be in the late 60's and 70's but you can still feel the animosity in the air sometimes between the two. When I am helping out at the water decontamination station I hear it in the buzz of the lines, the under the breath slurs and remarks. But one thing I learned about this whole "fued" between the two is that the original conflict between the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland was not truly a matter of religion, it was a matter of social class. Put quite briefly, the majority of the population in Ireland, post 1000 A. D., was Catholic. They never underwent the church reform that England did in the 1500s. Meaning, by the 1600s, England = Anglican or Protestant (haha as in the King who was known for chopping his wives heads off), and Ireland = Catholic. Even intermarriages were frowned upon, not for spiritual reasons, but because the Protestant was "marrying below their class". Isn't that wild? Just when you think something has died out an entire country could be thriving on it. --Christina (4-1-2011)

16: One of the many "tagged" (spray-painted) murals of the IRA. Some say they do this to remind people of their presence.

17: Formed in 1969, the IRA is devoted both to removing British forces from Northern Ireland and to unifying Ireland. The IRA conducted attacks until its cease-fire in 1997 and agreed to disarm as a part of the 1998 Belfast Agreement, which established the basis for peace in Northern Ireland. Dissension within the IRA over support for the Northern Ireland peace process resulted in the formation of two more radical splinter groups: Continuity IRA (CIRA), and the Real IRA (RIRA) in mid to late 1990s. The IRA, sometimes referred to as the PIRA to distinguish it from RIRA and CIRA, is organized into small, tightly-knit cells under the leadership of the Army Council. both sects have been known to act violently towards those who practice religious injustice. In a simpler description, they are not known for their friendliness.

19: This tension between the two religious beliefs is certainly not new , this article dated in 1974 is explaining a plan of action to "win Catholic and Protestant hearts and minds". They want to "see peace at hand", unfortunately not much progress has been made since.

20: gender roles? more like expectations. | A woman makes clones knots between the main motifs in a piece of hand-crochet. | A popular pattern in Ireland.

21: What these Irish women want to be doing: -Working -Getting paid as well as male counterparts -basic equalities -the same expectations as men have - raise their families AND making a living outside the home | What they are EXPECTED to want to do: -Raise a family -Homemaker - Support husband's carear -bear more children

22: (2002)

23: http://www.niassembly.gov.uk/io/research/2802.pdf | The unfair gender role situation in Northern Ireland has been so influential towards daily life it sparked governmental action. The government could no longer pretend to turn a blind eye on how bad the sexism had become. This document/essay is only one of many proposals at the attempt to have women be seen as equals to men.

25: To, Whoever reads this first It's my last day here, a sad but exciting day. I am shocked at how much progress we have made here. It's amazing how much you can get done when the people are so willing to participate and learn new things. of course we cannot say we have wiped out all of Ireland's problems in one visit, it is simply impossible. But what we have done could be just as influential and amazing, when you give a country some help it gives them hope, hope that they can live long enough to see their home be what they have always wished for. Leaving tomorrow, packing my bag tonight, see you soon. -- Christina (6-1-2011)

26: Works Cited http://worldhistory.abc-clio.com/assets/mediaserver/WorldHistoryModern/1526%5C1526628w.jpg Women and children stand near an armed British military soldier who patrols a street in Belfast, Northern Ireland, February. On January 30, British paratroopers shot 13 demonstrators during a civil rights march in an incident later known as Bloody Sunday. Tensions still seeded in older communities regarding Bloody Sunday. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-12088075 About 40,000 people across Northern Ireland are struggling to cope without water supplies. One family picks up about a week’s worth of water from one of the few water supply areas in Northern Ireland. http://apimages.ap.org/secured_user/Download.aspx?st=dl&id=550b1ff04ce1da11af9f0014c2589dfb&isgb=false One of the many remaining IRA “tags” in northern Ireland. Many of the young residents (15-25), still believe and practice what the IRA fought for in the late 70’s, often violent and ill-informed actions.

27: http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/50603000/jpg/_50603956_jex_912021_de27-1.jpg The first installed “clean water” filter set up in highly populated areas in order to encourage residents to bring their unclean water and filter it. "Ireland." World History: The Modern Era. ABC-CLIO, 2011. Web. 8 Apr. 2011. "Northern Ireland troubles." World History: The Modern Era. ABC-CLIO, 2011. Web. 8 Apr. 2011. Coffey, Justin P. "Northern Ireland Troubles: Need To Know." World History: The Modern Era. ABC-CLIO, 2011. Web. 8 Apr. 2011. "Northern Ireland Troubles: Dilemma: Closing." World History: The Modern Era. ABC-CLIO, 2011. Web. 8 Apr. 2011. Sculpting Heroic Histories: Celebrating the Centenary of the 1798 Rebellion in Ireland Nuala C. JohnsonTransactions of the Institute of British Geographers New Series, Vol. 19, No. 1 (1994), pp. 78-93

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