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Iroquois Confederacy

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S: Iroquois

FC: Iroquois By Ka Wing

1: Introduction In this book you will learn about: -What is consensus and what are advantages and disadvantages compared to Majority Rules in decision making. - The status and roles of women of Iroquois. -The importance of the images of the Two Row Wampum belt that represent the Iroquois and the Europeans. - How the Two Row Belt address collective identities. -The difference and similar culture of Athenian and Iroquois. And much more!

2: What is Consensus and what are advantages and disadvantages compared to Majority Rules in decision making Consensus is a type of decision making in which all people who are affected by a decision must all agree or the decision must be changed into something agreeable by all. For example if a class had a vote if you want hot dog or hamburger for lunch, everyone wanted hot dog except for one person, they must change into pizza or a food everyone wants. The good part is that everyone has a voice, and its fair and equal. In Iroquois culture, even children have a voice. The bad part is that it takes too long because countries have thousands of people. Majority rules is where a decision is made or not by voting. If there is more people agreeing to the decision, then the decision will be made.

3: How the Iroquois Grand Council make decision The 5 nations of the Iroquois Confederacy are the Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga. Mohawk and Seneca are the elder brothers since they are the first to join the confederacy, they make a decision and discuss it. While Cayuga and Oneida are sooner to join, are called the younger brother, after the Mohawk and Seneca discuss and then they discuss and make a decision. The Onondaga are the fire keepers because they started the confederacy. Fire is there to represent that the chiefs swore to say the truth and not be corrupted. If both Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, and Oneida come to the same decision, Onondaga agrees, Mohawk announces the decision and the decision will take action. If they come to different decision the problem will be set aside for now or the cycle starts over.

4: Women of Iroquois Women of Iroquois are highly valued and respected. They can be clan mothers, they choose the chiefs of the clan. However to become a clan mother, the woman must have traits like : honest and kindhearted, withstand criticism, ability to think clearly, knowledge of traditional ceremonies, loyal to her family, ability to uphold the great law, and able to represent her family. Clan mothers hold high respect but with the respect came great responsibilities. When a woman and a man get married the man joins his wife's family and clan.

6: Two Row Wampum Belt and Its Importance The Two Row Wampum Belt was made to prove the treaty the Iroquois Confederacy and the Europeans made. The treaty was made so that both Iroquois and Europeans will not force their cultures against each other, but co-exist peacefully. The image on the right hand side shows two rows which each represent a "boat" which one holds the Iroquois cultures and traditions, while the other holds the Europeans' cultures and traditions. The white beads acts like the river, as you can see the boats aren't interfering with each other, representing that they co-exist peacefully.

8: How did the Two Row Wampum Belt address collective identities Collective identities means a shared belief system that often includes the same language, traditions, culture, values, and attitudes. The Two Row Wampum Belt shows (like said on pg 6) that one boat holds the Iroquois collective identity, while the other holds the Europeans'. After all they have different culture, therefor different collective identity.

9: The comparison between Ancient Athens and the Iroquois The similar details of the Iroquois and Athens is that women can plant gardens and raise children. Men are in positions of respect, they have positions of politics. They both have political systems that relates to democracy. The difference however is that Athens is the first democracy, while Iroquois uses consensus in decision making. Also in Athens, women have little rights and there was a class structure. The Iroquois is quite different, women are in positions of respect and so are men.

10: Fun Facts -The Iroquois eats corns,beans,squashes, deer, wild turkey, musk rat, beaver, some migratory birds, and also salmon, bass, perch, trout. -Each nations spoke a different language. - The Great Law Peace was written on a wampum belt.

11: Conclusion I learned many new things about the Iroquois from answering the questions and linking the answers to one single word, "fairness". I hope you learned new things from reading this digital book and thank you for reading. By Ka Wing

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