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It's Your Birthday

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S: Happy 80th Birthday Gaga

FC: Happy Birthday Gaga

1: We asked some family and friends the following questions: 1. I've known Bernice for...we met when... 2. My favorite thing about Bernice is.. 3. The funniest thing I ever saw Bernice do was... 4. The happiest I ever saw Bernice was... 5. Bernice drives me crazy when she... 6. My most memorable moment with Bernice was... List 5 words to describe her... This book is a culmination of our memories and pictures of our life with you....

2: Today Bernice you are 80 What more can I say, You're becoming more special Each and every day, So blow out your candles One by one Enjoy your birthday Have lots of fun. | I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true!

3: Make a Wish! | It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

4: It happened in 1930,,, Hostess Twinkies, analog computers & Betty Boop debuts. NYC installs traffic signals. Astronomers discover Pluto, the 9th planet... And Bernice Christenson is born.

5: Age is a matter of feeling, not of years. | Beautiful | Strong | Caring | Giving | Loving | Selfless | Special | Generous | Independent | Feisty | Amazing

6: S i b l i n g s

9: A Mother holds her children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.

10: Ronnie

11: Little did we know that day that God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly. In death it is still the same. It broke our hearts to lose you, You did not go alone, For part of us went with you, the day God called you home. You left us beautiful memories, Your love is still our guide. And though we cannot see you, You are always by our side. Our family chain is broken, And nothing seems the same, But as God calls us one by one,, the chain will link again.

12: "My Mother is my bridge. When I need to get across, she steadies herself long enough so I can run across safely" | "Who ran to help me when I fell, And would some pretty story tell Or kiss the place to make it well? My Mother." | "A man works from sun to sun. But a Mother's work is never done." | "Mothers are the only workers that don't get any time off." | "A Mother is the one that can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take."

13: I have know Bernice, My Mother for 52 years. I met her on October 25, 1952, when I was born. My favorite thing about her is her smile. The funniest memory I have of her is when she had to 'get a rope'. The happiest I've ever seen her is when Spring comes. every year.....and when she wins on the lottery. She drives me crazy when she doesn't smile. My most memorable moments I have with my Mother is...all of them. My 5 words to describe her are, cheerful,sad, loving, caring and heartwarming. I Love You Mom Gerald | I met my mother 60 3/4 years ago when she had me. My favorite thing about my Mother is her generosity. The funniest thing that I ever saw my Mother do was get pulled over for a speeding ticket & I argued with the cop. The happiest I ever saw my Mother was on the birth of her grandchildren or great grandchildren My Mother drives me crazy when she answers my question with 'I have no idea'. My most memorable moment with my Mother is when we all went to Michigan in the summer of 2006. My 5 words to describe my Mother are, compassionate, thoughtful,giving,enduring, and strong. Sharon

14: Everything that I am and ever hope to be, I owe to my grandma.

15: "Just about the time a woman thinks her work is done, she becomes a Grandmother" | "When I'd do something bad,my conscience would say 'what would grandma think'?" | "If God had intended us to follow recipes, he wouldn't have given us Grandmothers." | "A Grandma is someone you never outgrow your need for." | "A Grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend."

18: To say goodbye to a pet is to lose a little piece of your heart.

19: Animals are such agreeable friends- they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.

23: Trick or Treat


27: I have known Bernice for 40 years. My favorite thing about Bernice is that she was a good friend and neighbor. The funniest thing about Bernice is how she never wanted her picture taken. Bernice drove me crazy how she knew the dates for everything. My most memorable moment with Bernice was going over every morning for coffee. She's a good Grandmother and friend. Shirley Shoop | I have known Bernice for 37 years. She was my grandma's landlord and became a staple in all our lives. My favorite thing about Bernice is how selfless she is. She has always had her home open to her children and grandchildren when they needed her. (and all the animals she had over the years.) Bernice drives me crazy because she NEVER wanted her picture taken. Every time that camera came out she b-lined out of that room, or covered her face with her hand. My 5 words to describe her are, compassionate, giving, loyal, selfless, and loving. Heather Sutton

28: My favorite things to do with B are puzzles, lay with her and play with her. I love when my B makes me noodles. I think that grandma is pretty! | I think Grandma is sweet. My favorite memory is when I went out to the cabin, and to garage sales. Cheyenne | I Love grandma. My favorite time with her was when we all went to Kahunaville at the Kalahari. Kaitlynn

29: Sugar & Spice And everything nice, That's what little girls are made of.

30: I met my Gama on September 2nd, 1997, the day I was born. My favorite things about my Gama are how she makes me breakfast everyday, how she drives me to practice & comes to my games, & how she takes care of me. The funniest thing I ever saw my Gama do was put on a goalie helmet & play hockey with me from her rocking chair. The happiest I ever saw my Gama is when I'm being good. My Gama drives me crazy when she tells me it's bedtime or yells at me in the morning to hurry up. My most memorable moment with my Gama is every New Years eve that we spend together. My words to describe my Gama are: kind, generous, peaceful & unselfish. | My favorite thing about Grandma Bernie is that she loves me and sits in the chair with me and reads to me. The funniest thing that I ever saw happen was when Aunt Kim's cat Skittles stole Grandma's underwear and carried them in the kitchen. Grandma B thought this was really funny. It drives me crazy when Grandma B yells at me. My most memorable moments were spending time with her at the Great Wolf Lodge and the Kalihari. My words to describe B are: nice,awesome,cool,good & happy.

31: I met Grams 15 years ago when I started dating her granddaughter. My favorite thing about her is when she makes Thanksgiving dinner. (I love when she makes my turkey) My most memorable moment with her is when I gave her a lap dance at a family picnic... I think that was one of the happiest times I've ever seen her too. | I have known Bernice for over 15 years. I met her when Ben began to date Lanaya. My favorite thing about Bernice is her dedication to her family. One of the funniest memories I have with Bernice is when we were riding together and I went around a turn a little to fast and she grabbed the seatbelt for dear life to hold on. The happiest I ever saw Bernice was at the hospital following the birth of Kyle and Kayla. The most memorable moments I have with Bernice would be the rides to and from Bingo together. We would talk about a wide variety of topics. I think this gave us a chance to know one another better. I also liked spending time playing Bingo with her. Rene | I Love Bernice... I'll never forget the shower Jimmy Camp | I like going to grandma's house... she always gives me pop tarts. Gabe

33: It was the thirteenth of May, the year 1981. That was the first time that I saw my grandmother's beautiful face. I don't remember that moment, but her face is one that I have loved for 28 years, and will continue to love always. See, not only is she beautiful, but she is also the strongest woman I know. She has been through so much in her life. Any average person would have had a hard time with this kind of life. Not her. She has used every situation she has been in and used it as a life lesson that she could pass down to her children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren. I have many memories of so many good times and funny things that we have been through.... although one thing does stand out above the rest. We had been going through some old stuff, throwing away things we didn't need when we saw 'it'.. The Slingshot.Now, I had never seen a slingshot, let alone use one.Grandma grew a bit excited to show us how to use it. She picked up a stone. Just one a little bigger than a pebble. Who would've thought that little stone would make such a loud noise as it hit the side of a house! I laugh still when I think about it. I've never seen grandma haul ass like she did that day. As perfect as she is, Grandma still has her moments when she might 'annoy' you a bit. My favorite thing that I love to hate is being on the phone with her and if there is any background noise, she says"What's all that noise?!" It's something I have no problem putting up with. It may be a little annoying, but it always makes me smile. Now that I'm older I can look back and fully appreciate everything she has done for me. I may not have seem very appreciative when I was younger, but i was. I just didn't realize how much she really sacrificed for us until now that I'm a mother and I have to sacrifice things for my children. What meant a lot to me is after her long,, hard day she still always made time for me. She would rock me, holding my blanket and my lil black stuffed cat on that creaky rocking chair that I loved so much. My grandmother has taught me so much, how to be a good mother, how to always be there for your family, no matter what arguments you may have. How to make some really good food, to like Patsy Cline's music,and most importantly, never give up on something you want.- Without her in my life it wouldn't be so full of all the things that mean so much to me. Had it not been for her being such a strong, caring, hardworking woman us kids would not have learned all the important things we know now. Thank-You Grandma for everything you have done for me. I Love You Love, Amanda

35: 1.I have known the Grams all my life. 2. My favorite thing about Grams...huh, we, there's not just one thing. I guess it's a bunch of little things all put together. I can't pick just one. I love how she can be so tough when the situation calls for it, yet so sweet and caring all at the same time. She's always there for me when I need something, no matter what it is. Chatting on the phone, asking a question about cooking, or one of the kids injuries, Grama always knows how to make things better. 3. The funniest thing I ever saw Grama do. Well, it wasn't really what she did, but what had happened. Lanaya and I were watching Saturday Night Live in the living room when all of a sudden we heard this loud crash and Grama yelling! We got up and ran n the kitchen and discovered that the drop ceiling had decided that it was time to retire. It had fallen on Grama! Ok, so it wasn't something that Grama had done, but she was ok and we ended up laughing about it. 4. The happiest I ever saw Grama wasn't at any one given point in time, but just a series of those little moments that stick in your mind and your heart forever. For example, when Anthony was born, every time she would hold him she just looked so happy. Or, when we'd be sitting outside under the prune trees and just talking and laughing. Or when we'd be in her room, listening to Miss Patsy Cline, or Grams man, Doug Stone. It's all those times that didn't seem like much at the time, that mean the most now. 5. Grams really doesn't drive me crazy, I guess it's just some of the things that she does... such as, when we're talking on the phone, she doesn't like any background noises that the kids or me doing dishes adds into the conversation! I've never gotten to experience the pleasure of having her as a passenger though I have heard stories! Watch out for the manholes Nay! Haha! 6. My most memorable moments are once again, the ones that I, at the time, took for granted. For instance, sitting on Grama's lap in the rocking chair, or when she braided my hair. Just watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy with her. List 5 words to describe Grams. Well, I think I'm going to use a lot more than 5 words. Ever since I can remember Grama has always been there, for me, and all of us kids and now even my kids. She does whatever she can to help everyone. She might not always agree with what paths we choose to take in life, but whenever we turn around she is there, right behind us, ready to catch us if we fall, all the while hoping that we don't. I remember around this time last year when I was out of work, I was literally down to nothing. I was broke, depressed and felt like I was about to have a breakdown. Grama and Kim helped me out with food and gifts for the kids. It touched me in a way that changed my life forever. There are times when I feel alone and I'm depressed, but I know I'm not alone. Even though sometimes I take my family for granted they're always there for me. I feel as though Grama is the glue that holds our family together. I can never imagine what my life would be like without her in it.

36: I met Bernice (my gaga) on September 23rd, more years ago than I care to admit. We met when I was born. She was there, and was the one who named me. My favorite thing about her is how I can talk to her about anything. (even about things I'm sure she doesn't want to know!) I've seen her do quite a few funny things, but the most recent was when she bought Ben a Sears gift card for his birthday. The only problem was it was a JCPenney gift card! The happiest I've ever seen her... It's hard to narrow that down. When I graduated. When Lanaya graduated. Lanaya's wedding. Every time a baby is born in our family. When she's going to bingo! My Gaga drives me crazy how the list of pizza places we can order from gets shorter and shorter. Not only does she have to like the pizza, she has to like the look of the people working in the pizza shop! I can't pick just one memorable moment. There are just too many... How she got up with me every day for school & made me breakfast. When I went to elementary school she had a hot lunch waiting for me. The many, many nights she got up with me when I was sick. She held my hair back as I threw up. She put sweet oil in my ear when I'd wake up crying with an earache When I turned 16 and she hand pink carnations sent to me at school. At my high school graduation when she handed me a rose and gave me a hug. All the times we went out to breakfast together at Elby's. Before there was Tomtom and we drove to Michigan together. I was in charge of watching for signs and got us lost. Watching American Idol together, Our first morning out at the cabin when we watched the sunrise. Her making apple pie the night before every Thanksgiving. Going to The Festival of Trees. The hot tea with lemon and honey she made me when I had that never ending cough. When she comforted and consoled me when I had to say goodbye to my pets over the years. Just the everyday talks and random moments.

37: My 5 words to describe her are- Strong. She's been through so many things in her life. She's dealt with so many hardships, yet she keeps going. Nurturing. She's taken care of so many people in her life. She raised her children, grandchildren, helped raise her nieces, and is now helping raise her great grandchildren. Caring. I've lost count on how many times I've cried as she's hugged me and told me everything would be okay. Most recently when we lost our longtime pet, Tiger. She was right there when he passed away as i held him. She was crying too, yet still trying to comfort me. Giving. She's one of the most unselfish people i know. When she came into some money last year, she bought things for evreyone else before she bought anything for herself. Anytime anyone need anything, she's there to help. Amazing. I have learned so many things from my Gaga. She's spoiled us all in one way or another. I Love her so much, my life would be empty without her. I'm so thankful and grateful for all she's ever done (and still does ) for me. I Love You.

38: I have known my Grandma since January 1, 1979, which was the second I was born seeing as she was at the hospital when I arrived. She has always been a very big influence in my life. There isn't a time that I can remember when she wasn't there for me. I know I wouldn't be where I am today without her. My favorite thing about my Grandma is her strength and independence. Growing up I did not have a realistic understanding of how tough it was to raise a family and keep a household running, she made it all look so easy! She got up with me every morning, made breakfast, packed my lunch, made sure I always had clean clothes and got me off to school. She also made sure that I did what I needed to do and that I didn't get into any trouble. This all seemed so trivial when I was small and I know that I Probably never thanked her enough and I took a great deal of granted. Now that I have two children of my own I realize how tough it is to complete some of the above mentioned things when you are on a time schedule, and also how much of yourself you have to give when you have a family. My grandmas not only had to raise her children but she also raised her grandchildren. She did the majority of all this child rearing by herself with never really complaining. My Grandma did not come from the easiest of situations, but she never used that as an excuse to abandon her responsibilities, in fact, throughout her life she took on more then at times she could probably bear. This is why I marvel at the strength and endurance of my Grandma and why I thank her for my ability to "put my helmet on" and deal with whatever comes my way. Grams is usually pretty serious, but she does have her moments when she will do something that will crack me up. I have a lot of funny memories of her, but one of the funniest things I ever saw her do involved Arby's. Looking back now I think this is hilarious but at the time it was very embarrassing. I was in grade school at the time and we went through the drive-thru at the Arby's on 12th street. I was in the back of the car, Kim was up front and Grams was driving. We ordered our food, no problem, then preceded to the window to pick up our order. The worker took the money and gave us our change and then went and started touching the food without putting on gloves. That is all Grams needed to see and it was all over for that poor worker. She started going off about how dirty and disgusting that was and how the health department should be called, etc... Then she began to knock on the drive-thru window and tell this to the worker. Kim and I were so embarrassed. I don't even remember if we got our food. I think we just wanted out of there. The happiest I ever saw my Grandma is a tough question to answer. I have seen her happy a lot of times about a lot of different things. Just considering interactions between her and myself he happiest would have to be when I told her I was pregnant with Kyle and Kayla. I remember she was so happy, which made me feel great because I was really nervous to tell her. She was so excited and supportive of me. She also is so knowledgeable about babies and home remedies that it was extremely helpful during my pregnancies and still today. it is wonderful!!

39: Even though Grammy is so wonderful she has her moments too. One of the things that absolutely used to drive me crazy when I lived at home was the way she used the vacuum cleaner. When she was mad and would vacuum she would leave it sit on the floor upright, just running while we were watching TV. If she was not in the room sometimes she would leave it in between rooms and just let it run. I think this could be why I despise the vacuum so much today!@ (Just kidding!!!) I don't think that I could pinpoint the most memorable moment that I have with my Grandma. She has been there so much for me all through my life in all aspects that I can't pick a defining moment, because she really has defined who I am. The thing that I can say that I have enjoyed thoroughly with my Grandma is the time that we have spent going to Bingo together. This gives me time to just spend with her. There are no distractions of kids, cooking meals, telephones or anything. I get to just be with her and I really like that. If I had to list five words to describe my Grandma they would be: Strong: She has faced so many hurdles,obstacles and tragedies in her life but still keeps going and is tougher than before. Caring: She has always been there for me when I'm sick or down. She is always willing to help if she can. Unselfish: She has always been willing to give me her time. Whether it was when I was little or now by watching my kids to help me out when I work. Independent: She has always done everything for herself. Amazing: I use this last description to sum up what I think about my Grandma. I think that she is the most amazing woman and I am truly in awe of her and all she has done. I love her with all of my heart and am thankful each and every day that she is a part of my life.

40: Family is like fudge... mostly sweet with a few nuts.

42: Don't cry because it's over...

43: Smile because it happened

45: Other things may change, but we start and end with family. | Enjoy the little things in life... For when you look back you'll realize they were the big things.

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