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James and the Carnivorous Chicken

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BC: Thanks for Reading James and the Carnivorous Chicken

FC: James and the Carnivorous Chicken

1: James was a small farm boy. One day he was working in the fields and he saw something rustling through the bushes. So he grabbed his pistol and went into the bushes. He could not believe his eyes. There was a chicken in the bushes with blood shot eyes, sharp teeth in a giant beak, and sharp talons eating a rabbit. James shot his pistol at the chicken but it ate the bullet, so James ran away into his house.

2: James came running to his parents and told them the whole thing. After he told the story they locked him in the hen house. Eventually his parents let him out and let him go back in the house. James was not allowed out of the house until he admitted there was no carnivorous chicken in the field. For a couple days James didn’t know what to do, so he started brainstorming with his friend Mike. James came up with a plan, but didn’t tell Mike because it involved him.

3: James attacked Mike, tied him to a stick, rubbed barbeque sauce all over Mike and hung him outside the window. James was going to lure the chicken in and trap the chicken when it gets close to Mike. By the time the carnivorous chicken had got to the house James had fallen asleep and Mike was eaten. James woke up the next morning and Mike was laying on the ground, without arms and legs. James rushed down to see Mike and Mike said, “Goodbye James.” Then James yelled, “I will get my revenge!” Mike then said, “Revenge is…” Then he was gone.

4: James was emotionally torn because his best friend was gone forever and would never come back. First James was sad, then he was in denial, then he became angry and knew what he had to do. First James had to figure out where the chicken lived. James hiked through the forest for a day, after he snuck out of the house. As he was looking around the forest he saw a house, and inside the stone house was the carnivorous chicken. James ran home, and made a map to know where the house was.

5: James came up with a plan to implant dynamite around the chicken’s house. Getting the dynamite would be hard, but he knows a guy. The guy and James met behind the ally. The guy wanted a lot of money for the dynamite, but James stole his Dad’s check book so he had the money to pay. James ran home to get the map that would lead him to get to the carnivorous chicken’s house.

6: As James approached the house, he stopped and checked if the chicken was inside the house with is binoculars. It appeared that the chicken was in there. James blew up the dynamite and the house blew to pieces. The problem was that the chicken was not dead. James only saw a portrait of the chicken in the house, not the real chicken. James heard the chicken approaching, so he ran away back to his home, but now the chicken swore to himself that he would find the person that did this.

7: James was sitting in his home reading, but he didn’t know that the chicken had his scent. James looked out his window and saw the chicken coming toward his house and knew he had to do something. James ran upstairs, took his mom’s car keys, drove away. James knew he could never go home so he wrote a letter and sent it to his house. Then James drove away with the hidden identity as James Bond.

8: The chicken jumped on the car and hid in the trunk. James headed toward his uncle’s house to ask if he could borrow some of his rockets. When James pulled up to the house, the evil chicken jumped out of the trunk and attacked James. Just as the chicken jumped for James, his uncle came out and shot a tranquilizer dart at the chicken. It went down in 5 seconds. James went into his uncle’s house to talk.

9: James’s uncle asked him what happened and James told him everything. His uncle gave him a potion to put in the chicken’s mouth while it was asleep. So James went up to the chicken with the potion and put it in its mouth, but it was the wrong potion. The chicken suddenly became humongous with big muscles.

10: James told his uncle and his uncle gave James the potion that will kill the chicken, but the chicken had already woken up and was coming after James. James ran away, jumped in the car and drove down the road, but the chicken was still after him. The chicken caught him and ate James. When James went into heaven he met Mike. Mike finished his sentence to James and said, “Revenge is not the way.” The end.

11: The End

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