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Jem's Book Of Memories

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Jem's Book Of Memories - Page Text Content

FC: Christopher Habba To Kill A Mockingbird 5th Hour 06/10/11

1: This is Scout my little sister She does not like to ware dresses and acts as if she is one of the guys. | Scout found this pack of gum in the Radly tree when coming home one day from school.

2: This is Dill a boy that comes from From Mississippi to live with his aunt for the summer. | This is the tire swing that we put Scout in, that hit Boo's front porch.

3: This is Atticus my father. He is a lawyer. He was picked to take on Tom Robinson case against the Ewells.

4: This is my Aunt Alexandra she is kind when she wants to be but gets on Scout's nerves all the time. | This is a Spelling Bee Medal that Scout and I found in the Radley tree one day.

5: This is Ca. she is our helper and our Mother figure. She has been there for every thing and loves us with all her heart. | In the summer she makes the best Lemonade ever.

6: Our Collection

7: Me and Scout found all of these in the Radley tree. Boo's brother closed the hole in the tree because he thought the tree was "dying"

8: Dear Jem, I just wanted to say that I really miss you and Scout. I cant wait for this school year to end so I can come over again. How are you? So far things here in Mississippi things haven't changed much. School is getting harder for me, plus it just keeps getting boring each year. I know that you love school but how do you do it. I just can't stop thinking about that Radley house. How can a man stay in a house for so long and never come out? I would go insane. When I get back for the summer we are going to come up with a plan to get him out of that house. How is Scout? Is she still fighting at school? Tell her when ever she is ready, I'm ready. She will know what I am talking about. So write me back. Till the Summer!!!! Your Best Friend, Dill

9: This is the court my dad works in to protect people. He is working on a case about Tom Robinson | This is Tom Robinson the man accused of rape by Mayella Ewell He dies because he tried to escape from prison and the guards shot him.

10: Miss Maudie Atkinson's House

11: Last night, an early morning fire burned down a local downtown Maycomb resident home. It was a cold night; the townspeople were putting more coal into their fires for warmth. By one in the morning, the neighbors were alerted by fire sirens and see that it was their neighbor Miss Maudie Atkinson’s house burning. The firefighters were on their way, but it wasn't easy. They had to push the firetruck because it could not start with the cold weather conditions. Also, when they attached the hose to a hydrant, water shot down to the pavement from the bursting of the hose. Unfortunately for Miss Maudie, her house collapsed and everything inside of it was gone. When asked for a reaction, Miss Maudie responded,”Always wanted a smaller house.Gives me more yard. Just think, I’ll have more room for my azaleas now!” The neighbors thoughts about Miss Maudie’s attitude were,”She never lets any bad thing get her down; she is always thinking on the bright side,” which is always a great characteristic to be classified by.

12: This is Scout's Ham Costume that she has to wear for the pageant. Some kids ruined Halloween for us so we (all the kids) had a Halloween party in the high school gym. There was a Pageant and Scout was a ham. She missed her turn and almost ruined the whole thing for every body.

13: Bob Ewell | Mayella Ewell | Bob Ewell tried to kill me and Scout on Halloween when we were walking to our house after the pageant.

14: The Moment I heard about the Tom Robinson Trial I was interstate. I wanted to know exactly who, what, and how this all started and or involved in it. Even though my father told Scout and I not to go near the courtroom we still did any way. I had to know what was going on even though I did not completely under stand each and every word that was coming out of the people’s mouths, I acted liked I did. This was one of the first trials that I have ever been to that the jury took about 2 full hours to reach a verdict. It usually took them about 5-10 min. to reach a verdict. When the jury declared Tom Robinson guilty, I did know what or how to think. The case was in the favor of Atticus and Tom. I was upset and angry at what happened. Tom should have been free. I wanted the change the law so that Tom would be free. I then learned that every one has a place in society. I learned where we stand and where the Ewell’s stand and even where the Cunningham’s stand. I learned the Differences between people and how they are treated unfairly because of there differences and race and color. This all just seams unfair to me. Tom Robinson would of won the trial if it were not for his place in society. This is what gets me all worked up and one day I will do something about this, I will take a stand to help people like Tom Robinson get the Justus they deserve. | Journal Entry #1

15: This is Tim Johnson the mad dog that Atticus shot

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