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BC: Duke of Wellington, prepared for the battle near the village of Waterloo in Belgium.On June 18,1815, Napoleon attacked. The British army defend it's ground all day. This defeat ended Napoleon's last bid for power, called the Hundred Days. After all the wars happened now, it's all over. | The End.

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1: Long ago , between 1792-1815 there was a series of war that range France against shifting of alliances of other Europeans power and that produced a brief French hegemony over most of Europe. And theres a man named Napoleon who rise absolute power for France. | "I. Interpreting the French Revolution." The French Revolution. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Nov. 2012. .

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3: Napoleon Bonaparte, was born in 1796 on the Mediterranean island of Corsica.When the revolution broke out, Napoleon joined the army of the new government. In October 1795, When Napoleon Bonaparte became a hero of the hour and was hailed throughout Paris as the savior of the French republic. in 1796 Napoleon appointed to lead a French army against the forces of Austria and The Kingdom of Sardia. Coup d'Etat by 1799, the Directory had lost of the political situation and the confidence of the French people. at the time of coup, France was still at war. Napoleon drive from power, at 1799 Britain, Austria, and Russia joined forces with one goal in mind . By 1802 Europe was at peace for the first time in ten years .Napoleon was free to focus his energies on restoring order in France. When the time was pass go on, Napoleon made a rules in France.

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5: In 1800, a plebiscite or vote of the people, was held to approve a new constitution. The people voted overwhelmingly in favor of constitution. They gave to Napoleon all of the real power as first consul. Napoleon did not try to return the nation to the days of Louis XVI. Napoleon's first task is to get the economy on asolid footing. So Napoleon also took steps to end corruption and inefficiency in government. He dismissed corrupt officials and, in order to provide the government with trained officials, set up lycees, or government-run public schools. One area where Napoleon disregarded changes introduced by the Revolution was religion.Napoleon signed a concordat or agreement, with Pope Pius VII. This established a new relationship between church and state. Napoleon thought that his greatest work was his comprehensive system of laws, known as the Napoleonic Code.This, gave the country a uniform set of laws and injustices.

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7: Napoleon Crowned as Emperor, In 1789 Napoleon decided to make himself emperor, and the french voters supported him. On December 2, 1804, dressed in a splendid robe of purple velvet, Napoleon walked down the long aisle of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. But, Napoleon was not contented to be a master of France. Instead, he also wanted to conrol the rest of Europe and to reassert French power in the Americas. Loss of American Territories In 1789, when the idea of revolution reached the planeters in saint Domingue, they demanded the National assembly give them the same privileges as the people of France. Napoleon decided to take back the colony and restore it's producyive industry. However, theFrench forces were devastated by disease. And the rebels proved to be fierce power. after the failure of the expedition to Saint Domingue, they decided to cut his losses in the Americas. Napoleon met this challenge with his usual boldless.

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9: Napoleon lost only one major battle, the Battle of Trafalgar. This naval defeat, however, was more important than all of his victories on land. The British Commander, Horatio Nelson was a brilliant in warfare. at sea as Napoleon was in warfare on land. During the First decade of the 1800's, Napoleon's victories had given him mastery over most of Europe. By 1812 Britain, Portugal, Sweden, and th Ottoman Empire the only areas of Europe was free from Napoleon's control. The rulers of these countries were Napoleon's puppets;some in fact, were members of his family. The French Empire was huge but unstable. Napoleon was able to maintain it at its greatest extent for only five years from 1807-1812.Then it quickly fell into pieces.

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11: Napoleon married with Josephine but she had failed to bear him a child. Therefore, Napoleon divorced with Josephine and form an alliance with the Austrian royal family by marrying Marie Louise. In 1811, Marie Louise gave birth to a son, Napoleon II, whom Napoleon named king of Rome. Napoleon's own personality proved to be the greatest danger to the future of his empire. The same love of power led him to his doom. But Napoleon made three disastrous mistakes. The first mistake of Napoleon was The Continental System in November 1806, Napoleon set up a blockade a forcible closing of ports to prevent all trade communication between Great Britain and other European nations. Napoleon called this policy the Continental System because it was supposed to make continental Europe more self-sufficient. Congress declared war on Britain in 1812.

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13: The second of the disastrous mistake is The Peninsular War. In 1808, Napoleon made a second costly mistake. The Spanish who were devoutly Catholic, also worried that Napoleon would attack the the Church. For six years, bands of Spanish peasant fighters, known as guerillas, struck at French armies in Spain. Spain lies on the on the Iberian Peninsula that's why they called this Peninsular war. These losses weakened the French Empire. In Spain and elsewhere, nationalism, or loyalty to one's own country was becoming a powerful weapon against Napoleon.Like Spanish guerillas, Germans and Italians and other conquered peoples turned against the the French.

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15: And last but not least the third disastrous mistake in all of came in 1812 is The Invasion of Russia. In addition, the French and Russian rulers suspected each other of having competing design designs on Poland. Napoleon decided to invade Russia because of his break down in their alliances. Scorched-earth policy, On this retreat, the Russians practiced it. Napoleon and his Grand Army of more than 420,000 soldiers marched into Russia in June 1812. As Napoleon advanced, Alexander pulled back his troops, refusing to be lured into an unequal battle. One day , On September 7 1812, the two armies finally clashed in the Battle of Borodino. The Russians fell back and allowing Napoleon to move on Moscow, after the several hours of indecisive fighting. The city was in Flames, seven days later, after Napoleon entered the Moscow.

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17: The Russian's surrender the "holy city" to the French, and destroyed by Alexander. As the snows and the temperature began fall in early November, Russians attacked Napoleon's ragged, retreating army. Because of that clashed many soldiers were killed or died of their wounds. Still more dropped in their tracks from exhaustion, hunger, and cold. Then, finally in the middle of December, the last survivors straggled out of Russia. Only 10,000 soldiers were left to fight, because the retreated from Moscow had devastated the Grand Army. | Napoleon's enemies were quick to take advantage of his weakness.Britain, Russia, Prussia, and Sweden joined forces against him. Austria also declared war on Napoleon, despite his marriage to Marie Louise. All of the main of Europe were now at war with France. In a few months Napoleon Suffers Defeat.

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19: In October 1813, he faced all allied armies of European powers outside the German city of Leipzig. The allied forces easily defeated his inexperienced army and French resistance crumbled quickly. By January 1814, the allied armies were pushing steadily in Paris. After two months later, King Frederick William III of Prussia and Czar Alexander I of Russia led their troops in triumphant parade through the French Capital. Napoleon accepted the terms the terms of surrender and gave up his throne, by April 1814. The victors gave napoleon a small pension and exiled or banished him to Elba, a tiny italian coast.The allies expected no further trouble from Napoleon, but they were wrong. The Hundred Days Louis XVI's brother assumed the throne as Louis XVIII. Louis XVII, had died in prison in 1795. However, the new king quickly became unpopular among his subject, especially in peasants.

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21: FLASHBACK .. | By 1791, the delegates had made significant changes in France's government an society. A Limited Monarchy In September 1791, the National Assembly completed a new constitution. It also created a new legislative body the Legislative Assembly. Emigres, Nobles and others who had fled France, hope to undo the revoluton and restore the Old Regime. Some Parisian workers and small shopkeepers wanted the revolution to bring even greater to France. They were called sans-culottes. Jacobins, as club members were called, was Jean-Paul Marat. Prior to the Guillitine's introduction in 1792, many French criminals had suffred through horrible punishments in public places. Maximilien Robispierre, slowly gained power. Robisperre governed France virtually as a dictator, and the period of his rule bcame known as the Reign of Terror.

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