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Joey and the lucky shoes

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S: Joey and the lucky shoes

FC: Joey and the lucky shoes

1: I have a dream and that dream is to be an NBA star just like Steve nash and here is the story how i got there

2: Beep,beep,beep, BEEP rang the alarm clock "OK time to get up and get ready." Joey muttered sleepily, he fumbled around for his lucky shoes."You guys better help me out there." Joey ordered with a pointed finger."Now lets go get mom."

4: "Mom get up i need a dive to basketball HELLO can you hear me." shouted Joey "i' m coming,eat something first." shouted his mom as she fell out of bed "OK i will just hurry down."

6: HONK,HONK "Mom we don't have time to stop and get coffee i don't want to be late and besides it's bad for you." joey asked worriedly "well i tell you not to eat candy and junk food because it's bad for you and you still do it." Joey's mom replied in a matter of fact tone. "but i am a kid that's my job it's my nature, you on the other hand are a mother so lets just go please get coffee on the way back OKay." Joey asked in a sweet and soft tone of voice. "OKay" she agreed. Mom usually gave up whenever i used that voice.

8: "Hurry hurry." Joey whispered to him self as he rushed into the gym. "just in time Joey is it" said the coach. coach Riley was a great coach and a good man he helped me with a lot of skills after i got rid of my shoes opps went too far ahead. "i' m about to take attendance,Joey,Jack,James,Josh, Hank,Rich,Kallen,Connor,Tyler,Doug, Charlie,Ben,Rob,and Andrew." he called out.

10: "Good morning boys i' m Mr.Riley for some of you who don't know me i see lots of new faces. you can call me coach,coach Riley or even Mr.Riley if you really want to." the coach talked on in a boring tone of voice.

12: "OKay grab a ball and take shots" called out the coach, man did he ever like to call things out a lot kinda like shouting his nickname was Boomer anyway lets get back to the story. Rich muttered to himself "focus concentrate relax i can do this and..." "what are you doing Rich"Joey interrupted Kallen burst into laughter "you know you can say that in your head right" "yeah i know but when i say it out loud i know i will score watch" Rich explained and SWOOSH!! went the ball. "wow i gotta try that." Kallen muttered.

14: "Oh yeah you call that a shot watch this granny shot from the foul line" Joey declared "ummm OK then." Rich said "that right " SWOOSH!!!! "now that is how it's done."Joey cheered on. "you want more OK watch this three point granny shot" SWOOSH!!!! the whole gym awwed in amazement."OK last one half court,eyes closed,one hand ready lets go!!!!!!" SWOOSH!!!!!!!! "OHHHH MYYY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!" everyone roared. "that did not just happen." Kallen shouted "OKay boys that is enough" ordered coach.

15: OKay so i might have been showing off but i was just showing my skill or using all the luck in my shoes.

16: so tryouts just ended and i was living large back then i didn't care if i was showing off so what. "Joey wait here i need to talk to you" coach called as joey left the gym. "did i do something wrong coach?"Joey wondered in concern. "no i just need to show you something how do you feel about number14 with the shorts to match." asked coach. "i would be honored to but you haven't even made the list of first cuts i don't.." coach cut joey off "don't worry you don't have to come tomorrow it's OK" coach encouraged

17: "OKay then when is first practice?" Joey asked "next week after school don't be late" ordered coach "you got it" said Joey.

18: "so what is this again" Joey asked trying to hide his fear of the strange dish. "would you just eat already" Joey"s mom said now upset that Joey is questioning her cooking. "well anyways i got good and bad news which would you like to hear" Joey tried to say cheerfully "well the bad news so then you can cheer me up with good news" she replied. "OKay so the guys hate me because i was "showing off " at the tryouts and i just thought i was being a good player but they didn't think so and to top it off, the good news is i made the team

19: and the coach didn't even make first cuts yet and he said i don't need to show up at tryouts tomorrow and now i just wanna sleep good night." he said.

20: i was trying to get off the bus as fast as i could but the kid in front of me was so slow and then they caught me. "So why were you not a tryouts this morning" Rich demanded. "and why were you a voiding us is there a problem." Kallen wondered. "uhhh no there is not a problem i just.." "just what" Kallen said. "thought you could avoid us and try to hide the fact that you made the team already, but you didn't want to tell us because we would get mad well guess what we are mad so your plan didn't work" Rich said in a mouthful. "how do you guys know about that. " Joey asked

21: "like you don't know about the rumor you spread "joey's so good that there are putting him on a high school team." Kallen mocked the girls.

22: "OK so what if i did who cares you guys will make it too and i never spread that rumor. "Joey said "don't try that with us we are no longer friends and when we make the team don't talk to us got it great bye." ........................................ "Mom can you hold off on the weird food for one night please, you know what i just gonna skip again." Joey said with a very upset voice. "Joey whats wrong i never seen you like this,whats wrong with you talk to me." His mom asked in concern. "the guys hate me and they don't want to talk to me anymore mom i don' know what to do mom." Joey said.

23: just calm down they will come around in due time so don't worry yourself OKay promise me that?"she asked "fine i promise now goodnight."

24: so the guys made the team and they didn't talk to me, and game after game that we won they still never came around and we were going to the big championship game, and everyone started to treat me different because i was the star player of the basketball team, and i realized that maybe these shoes are not so good after all, sure they gave me mad skill but i rather be a no skilled kid with friends, than a skilled kid without friends so i did what i had to do i through the shoes in a lake by my house and went to the championship game. "Well good bye it as a fun time while it lasted." Joey said

26: The game wasn't going well we were down 1 baskets and the clock was ticking and i was passing the ball like crazy everyone was amazed coach called a time out. "OKay boys we have one more basket to score but we need to get 2 so here is the plan"coach was going on. "coach i have something to say is that OK." Joey asked. "sure"he said. "OK i know you don't wanna talk to me but listen OK,you guys this is the deal everyone knows that i will get the ball so at the top of the key when i call break Rich make a pick on Kallen's guy and Kallen follow me and when we get

27: ,to the net i fake a layup and give the ball to you then you put in the shot, and for the next play i want anyone near the ball to steal it and break for a layup everybody got it." Joey ordered the team roared "1,2,3 GO COMETS" i got the ball at the top of the key "break" joey yelled and the play was in motion it was executed perfectly and the basket was scored and the crowd went wild, now it was time for part two,i flew down the court with rich behind me and he broke loose and got the ball made his way down and got fowled he had two shots the first was in and the second was a miss but that was fine we still won.

29: after we won i left the gym i didn't want to get in the way of their partying. "Hey Joey wait up you gotta come to the party" Rich yelled after him "i thought you weren't talking to me anymore"Joey asked "well after calling a play like that we should be honored to talk to you, listen sorry for getting mad that you made the team first"Kallen said "yeah me to"agreed Rich "so are we cool" Joey asked "completely" they agreed. so everything was good i got my friends back we won the game i could not be more happy THE END.

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  • Title: Joey and the lucky shoes
  • Joey is inlove with basketball and when he finds that his old lucky shoes are magic he milks all the glory he can get but his friends dont like it one bit and on the night of the big game his shoes go missing.
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