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Jordan & Brittany :)

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Jordan & Brittany :) - Page Text Content

S: Mr. & Mrs. William Jordan Foster!

1: William Jordan Foster & Brittany Nicole Shelton | August 27, 2011

3: Brittany Nicole Shelton

4: William Jordan Foster

7: Mr. & Mrs. William Jordan Foster

8: Jordan & Brittany, Congrats to the both of yall. Bet yall both never thought this day would come. But it really came a lot faster than you both expected. But it will be worth it in the future. We both wish you the best of luck With tons of happiness in the years to come. Focus on the important things in life first. There will be good times and bad, but what don't kill you will only make you stronger. And NEVER go to sleep upset or mad with one another. With things get tough look back and remember why you made this decision! Jordan, Pecker, You're like my big brother and You will ALWAYS be Chris's Best Friend/Brother. And we will be here for you no matter what and don't you ever forget that mister. And Britt we think of you the same as Jordan...We will be here for yall! Congrats to the both of you again on your big day! -Your Best Man, Chris -Your Maid of Honor. Alex

10: Congrats Brit. I love you and will be here if you ever need anything! i love you. -Dustin Carter

11: Congrats Britt. I hope this is the right man for you. Luv you! -Seth Schafer

12: Brittany, What can I say, I never thought this day would come. I hope I can still be your home skillet biscuit and I hope we can still hangout like we use to. You have been there for us through everything. If you need something were just a phone call away. Love you. -Justin matthew <3

13: Congratulations to the both of you! I wish and pray for a long and happy marriage. Both of you remember to wake up everyday asking yourselves what can you do to make each others day a better day and show that you love the other.....try never to go to bed angry with each other....always compermise and negotiate your life's plan to be willing to renegotiate....when you argue, don't be a "right fighter".....Love with your whole heart and soul and love is not selfish....ALWAYS remain best friends...and last, but not least: keep god #1 in your marriage and you will live a blessed life! Love and sincerely, Ms. Belinda

14: Brittany & Jordan, I hope that the two of you have talked about all of the important things? How many children? The importance of NOT quitting when the going gets tough...Take my word for it, IT WILL get tough. There will be times you wonder why on God's green earth did i sign up for this...what was I thinking, then you will realize what it was about, your spous that you fell in love with...NEVER ever let that leave your mind...no matter how mad you get, or how hurt you get, always keep in the forfront of your mind why you love your spouse. That is what will get you to the next step, forgivness. Always forgive one another before going to bed... never let the sun go down on your anger. Love is patient, be patient with one another. Love is kind, be as kind to each other. Be slow to anger, fast to forgive. Remember we are all human and all learning at different stages of our lives. Just because you know something about being a good wife, does not mean he understands why you do what you do. Take time to explain it to him, and Jordan you do the same with her. This next VERY important step in your lives. Take the time to teach and learn with your spouse. that makes all the difference in a marriage. I hope your marriage weatheres the stroms that will evidently come your way.

15: There will be good times, but there will be hard times as well. Use all these times to grow closer to one another and to god. Now that you are standing before god and your friends, you are making a covenent with God that you will do all that you can to make this marriage work. All that you can is always way past the breaking point. When you work at it past that breaking point, YOU will be stronger than you ever thought you could be. Remember what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. I always look at it that what doesn't kill my marriage, makes our bond stronger. The enemy cannot touch what God has united. AS LONG AS YOU DON'T ALLOW IT TO. Love, Aunt Penny & Uncle Lonnie Married for 30 years and still plugging along at it.

16: Britt & Jordan, Congratulations to the both of you. So glad you guys have found that lifetime of happiness in each other. We wish you the best of luck. Britt, You are so beautiful, inside and out. We are so proud of you. We love you!!! - Sara, Jesse, John, James, & Bre | Good luck love each other like you are the only two people in the world and never let your love grow old -Huddy

17: Jordan and Brittany, Congratulations! I am wishing you the best of things in your marriage. I am confident that you two will be a blessing to each other and those who you meet along your journey. Love, Sandy

18: Britt, I'm so happy for you and wish yall a lifetime of happiness. -Heather

19: Britt, Congratulations to you and Jordan,wish you many happy years together. May your love for each other grow stronger each day. I love you with all my heart and am very proud of you. Love you! Mawmaw Becky

20: Britt, I have watched you go from a little tot with pony tails to a beautiful young lady. Now youre getting married and going to start a family of your own. Cherish each moment as they will seem to FLY by. Talk to each other about the good and the bad...Never leave anything out. Hold hands and treat each other with respect. Like the saying goes; live, laugh, love! Love you always, Aunt Steffani

21: Brittany, Uncle Bobby and I woudl like to say how happy we are for you! We have some great memories with you as a child at maw and paws house. You have become a very beautiful young lady and we wish the best. Love Always, Uncle Bobby, Aunt Cindy and kids

22: Brittany, Even Though our High School life is over, i still love you like my sister and im so happy your new life is starting so well for you. Im Only a phone call away. -Robert Triana

23: Brittany, first of all, congrats on your big day. I see that you and jordan are quite the pair. Determined to do what it takes to be happy together! That's the way to go. Ive known you since you were 2, and have watched you grow and change into a beautiful young woman about to go off on a journey of a lifetime. Make it a good one for both of you! Congrats and i love you, Mar-Mar

24: Congratulations! I wish you both a happy and healthy marriage! Remember to never go to bed mad and never take each other for granted. Always remind and show each other how much you love and appreciate them! Love always, Heidi Wolfe

25: Jordan take care of my sister & keep her safe and happy, even if means getting hot pickles in the middle of the night. Congrats on marrying my sister. Brittany Congrats on borrowing my fishing partner. Love Chad

26: Brittany Nicole Foster , iLoveYou With All My Heart! Your My Cousin , But Your Like My Older Sister , We Have Gotten So Close In The Past Three Years Since Moms Passed , &nd Im Truly Happy.. Your Very Sweet , Pretty , &nd Dont Hold Nothing Back... We're So Much Alike Its Juss So Unreal... You Have Been There For Me Through Thick &nd Thin , &nd Has Been My Bestfriend , &nd Hopefully Will Always Be My BestFriend. I Can Come To You For Anything &nd Everything , &nd You Know Ill Always Be Here For You , Know Matter What! We Have Had Some Crazy , Off The Wall Memories Together , &nd One Of Them Is Everytime We Drink Together , Know Matter Where We Are , We ALWAYS End Up On The Bathroom Floor , Everytime! We Are Truly Strong On The Inside &nd Out , &nd We Both Have Each Others Backs No Matter What! Britt , I Never Knew This Day Would Come Soo Fastly , But Girl As You Know , We Are True Dancing Partners At Heart! :) Im So Very Proud Of You , Your Marrying A Guy You Really Actually Like , &nd Not One You Juss With. Everyone Is Proud Of The Beautiful Young Woman You Have Become , &nd Ill Be The First To Say It... I Cant Wait Till August 27,2010 , Because I Can Bet You , Where Ever The Reception Is , Its Gone Be Rocking :) &nd There Will Most Definitely Be A After Party Following behind it! I Cant Tell You Enough Of How Proud I Am Of You , I Love You Beautiful , &nd I Hope You Have An Happy Ever After ! I Love You Muches , &nd I Hope Once You Get Married , You Dont Forget Me ! Have Fun Beautiful , Live Life , &nd I Cant Wait Till You Have Me A Lil One :) Ima Be The Proudest Cousin Alive :) Haha , Okay Ima go Now , I Love You! Love Always , LaurenBrooke!:)

28: Britt, Mom & dad has talked about the day you would marry for years. And now that day has come. It seems like just yesterday we where bouncing you night night, arguing with you to clean your room and taking away your cell phone when you had bad grades or didn't do your chores. It's time for us to give you to Jordan to let yall start and create and home and family of yalls own. We our very proud of the young lady you have became. You are everything we dreamed of and much more. You picked a very good man, and we know he will take care of you and treat you the way you should be treated. We our not losing a daughter but gaining a son. Jordan, we our very proud to call you one if our sons. And we know you will take very good care of our little girl. Always remember to kiss each other every morning and night. Let each other know how loved and special yall our to each each and every day. Remember know matter how bad things get yall have each other to hold on to. We love both of yall and we will always be here for both of yall. P.S. Daddy said even when you are 40 years old with 6 kids you will always be his little girl. Congratulations & lots of love. Mom & Dad

30: So much to say--so many memories-- How can grandparents put into writing 21 years of love and joy? There are no words that can even come close to expressing how watching you grow into a young man has touched our hearts. We remember the day you were born into our lives, it was an election day, but that election was far overshadowed by the sheer excitement of waiting for you, and suddenly, there you were, a beautiful baby boy with lots of hair and pudgy cheeks. When we first saw you in your crib, eyes open and looking around the nursery as if to say, "Okay world, here i am," through the tears we thanked God for blessing us with a beautiful, healthy baby. We also prayed that you would live in a peaceful, joyful world and that your future would be one filled with love, happiness and health; that you would dream big and that those dreams would all come true; that you would find friendship and love; that when choosing a path, you would pick the right one; and that family would always be an important part of your life and held in your heart. There are so many adventures and memories (from eating with the whales in san antonio, to bringing down that 13 point buck) that we could mention, but ii think the best times were when we were just hanging out as a family and watching you and your cousins play basketball on the carport. We shared so many laughs! Now you are soon to be married and i know that you are a grown man, but in our eyes, you are still that little boy who pulled up the plants in the garden, jumped your bicycle over the improvised ramps, and held our hands as we walked in the woods.

31: We wish for your future the same things we prayed for when you were born--love, happiness, and health. We pray that you and Brittany will have a thousand years of love and devotion, that each of you give 100% to the marriage, and that any problems that come your way will be few and small. We will not offer advice for a happy marriage, you and Brittany will figure that out yourselves, just remember that you two will need to weave your lives together to become ONE. We love you with all our hearts! Maw Maw paulette and Paw Paw Kearney

32: Congrats! Hope everything works out for yall. Love yall - Marlon | Congratulations, Get a Job!! With much love, Hunter | Jordan, I just want to wish you the best of luck in your marriage and everything that you do. I pray that God gives you peace, love, and harmoney throughout your life. Love you bunches, Aunt Nett

34: Jordan, Time has come for you to chose another path to follow. Where did the years go. I remember the exact moment you came into the world. To me you were the most beautiful think I had ever seen. I know your mom told you I had wanted a girl but I could not have loved you more. I have so many memories of you growing up, first word, first step, first hair cut. I remember them all. Paw-Paw Ronald and I talk all the time about the things Bo and you would do at the lake and how that old dog loved you. Jordan as you go on this long journey with Brittany remember I will love you yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever and always. Love Maw-Maw Sherry Jordan, As you take this big step remember that I am always here to talk to and support you. I May be the grumpy grandpaw, but I love you. Love, Paw-Paw Ronald

36: Jordan and Brittany, Let me start by saying I love you both. Jordan I have loved you since the day they placed you in my arms. i wish at times you and I could go back to our moments alone when we use to talk about everything. I want you to know that I will always be there for you if you need to talk. A new chapter is starting in your life and I am so happy im here to share it with you. I know in my heart that you will make an awesome husband and a great father when the time is right. I love you man. Brittany I laugh about the way we met, that was strange. Since that day i have come to know you and love you. I think you are going to make an awesome wife, and mom one day. I wish you and Jordan the best and just know that I am here for you if Ya'll every need anything. Love Always, Mom & Mr. Marty

38: Jordan Ann, Where do I begin? On November 6th 1990 I was the happiest person in the world. You were so adorable. I didnt think that I could love someone so much. :) You have grown into a great man and I wish you and Brittany all the best. We have been through so much through the years, all the baseball games and your short football and basketball careers. I also remember all of our trips to Paw-Paw ronalds camp. I miss those days so much. P.S. For my first born great niece I would like her to be named Jordanna. Love you Bunches :) Aunt Dawn Fontenot | Jordan and Brittany, Congrats. I wish yall the best of luck. I love yall both and we be here for yall if yall need me. Love, Michael

40: Jordan and Brittany, Like a lot of things I do in my life, I tend to procrastinate! With this being said, I have procrastinated to get your letter to Alex. So here is your letter! I wish you both all the luck, love and happiness in the world! Jordan, be sure not to let Brittany find any dirty panties in y'alls room and try to keep the bottle away from her! Brittany, try to keep your hands to yourself and just love your husband! I love both of you guys and wish you the best! Love, Kerra & Jayleigh

42: Though we're apart...there is something you should always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think...but the most important thing to remember is that even though we're apart, I'll always be with you.

43: My Blue Berry knot head :) PawPaw Loves you | MawMaw Loves you Jordy Man

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