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Jose and the Magical Kumquat

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FC: Jose and the Magical Kumquat

1: One day, many moons ago, lived a young tribal boy named Jose Wakajaweema. Jose was born to the most beautiful woman and the most handsome man in the Wakajaweema tribe. Because Jose's father was head of the Wakajaweema tribe, he was highly regarded. There was only one problem though. Although Jose was born from the two best looking tribe members, he was ugly. No one dared tell him this; for all were scared of Jose's father. Poor Jose knew this though. He longed for the beauty of his parents, yet he knew this would be utterly impossible.

2: He became very insecure of himself. At the age of nine, he virtually became a recluse. He locked himself in his room, away from all who meant somthing to him. Even his parents were unable to connect with poor Jose. He began to starve himself, and he only became more wretched of a being. A mirror that lay at his bedside was always pestering the poor child. One day, he decided to run away because people had began to pester him about his ugliness. On his third day away from his home, his parents became worried. They sent a search party out to look for him. He was so ugly that every animal in the forest that looked at him turned ugly. Even a poor little dog couldn't escape the wrath of Jose.

3: Every animal became aware of this threat to them. Even the plants began to wither as if a blight had overcome them in the dead of summer. | The animals started to attack the poor little boy. This kept on for days and days on end until on the ninth day, a bear came and knocked him out. There he lay, unconscious. He was there for years. Animals fed of the grease from his body. His face became less and less greasy.

4: As the years progressed, Jose became more and more beautiful. On the tenth year, he came to. All this time, the search party had died, and his mother had fell ill and died to. This allowed him to suck up the beauty of all the other people. He saw that he was now handsome. He returned to his tribe to find that his father had become depressed at the leaving of his son and the death of his wife.

5: Remorseful to his dad's depression, the boy ran away once more. He thought about this and realized that what he | had done was wrong. he thought about it and then decided that he should go back to his poor father. When his | father laid his eyes upon him, he was befuddled. Who was this young man who who his eyes saw?

6: Jose answered with a smile. He told him it was Jose. The father cried out in amzement. But how could this be his son. he had ran away and been gone for ten | years. He must be dead. Or at least still horridly ugly! This was utterly impossible. He decided he would need proof. The father examined every aspect of Jose. His looks were fisrt. Jose could not convince his father it was him by his looks because he finnally looked amazing and his father didn't know how this could be possible. Their was no way jose could convince his father, he thought!

7: His father then proceeded to examine his ability to play the tribe's sports. He knew that his son was unable to any of them. To his father's amazement, Jose surpassed all of his expectations. At this time, his father knew, deep down in his heart, | that there was no way that this could be his son. He treatened to kill the impostor that dare mess with his feelings. Jose's father then proceeded to pull out his ancient bow and arrow and aim it at Jose. Jose ran away into the woods.

8: On the third day he was out in the woods, an ostrich by the name of Godfrey G. Willikers came up to him and told him that in order to be accepted by his | father, he must find the most random fruit in all of existence and eat four of them. Jose searched for many days. He ate pears, peaches, apples, and grapefruit. None of these fruits worked. He knew he would know when he would be excepted. He finally found a kumquat. This fruit shurely would be the answer. He then ate four of them. Suddenly the whole world exploded.

9: Everything went flying. Nothing was left to spare. Jose and his father (who now only has one leg because of the explosion) were thrown onto a | mystical planet by the name of Kumquatia (pronounced Kumquasha). It was full of Kumquats and Kumquat Juice. This was all the food they had. There were little animals made out of kumquats. They were called Kumquatalarouses. They spoke English. This amazed Jose and his father. Even through all of this, Jose's father still thought he was and imostor.

10: He then pulled out his bow and arrow and shot Jose through the heart. Kumquatalarouses from all over came to feast on Jose's corpse. | Jose's father felt extreme remorse and killed himself too. Then Kumquatia blew up and nothing was in existence ever again. This is how the Universe was created according to the imaginary Indian people inside my head. They obviously need serious mental help, which would then imply that so do I. That last line kind of ryhmed. In order for this story to make sense, or any sense at all, one would have

11: a derranged mind, or just be me. Now, you may think that this is the end of our poor friend, Jose, but it isn't. Jose woke thousands of years later. When he woke | up from being "dead", he was in the year 8873. Now, in this time, things were far different from when he was born, they had teleportation devices, and everything was done on the computer. He was very confused. He tried to to everything he could to adapt to the computer based world, but his atempts were futile. He was an outcast once again. He cried and he cried until one day

12: he found his mom. she offered him a kumquat. He cried out and said, "I will never eat another kumquat again. No wretched being can inhibit me from my | quest to KILL ALL KUMQUATS!" He destroyed the one his mother offered her and then did away with her too. he killed everybody and everything in sight. Kumquats or not, everything would be destroyed. The computers caught on to this. They had been proggrammed to protect the human race from all who challenge it. They started to shoot lasers from their monitors

13: and through there USB units. Jack White from The White Stripes felt a disturbance. See, Jose and Jack White had been friends before this all | happened. Jack shouted "I am the Yeti" and zoomed himself to 8873 to help Jose. him and Jose teamed up and created Jacse, the mythical creature of Nerewinderland. They destroyed the computers and then Jack White yelled "I am not the Yeti", and poofed back to his time. In the end, this is why people fear computers.

14: Myth This story is a myth. It helps explain why something occured and has imaginary occurences in it. Without this being a myth, their would be virtually no point to this random sory that I though of in my head.

15: Third-Person POV This story is in 3rd person omniscient. It helps the reader to understandwhat the character is thinking. This story needs this because it is very hard to understand at times. If this story was in First Person POV, then it would be hard to follow.

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  • Title: Jose and the Magical Kumquat
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