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Joy Memory Album

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BC: The End

FC: of making beautiful things happen! | Over 20 years... | Serving Life Choice Ministries of Manhattan, KS

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. CathyAllen | Emma Adele Beagle "The Call" caught up with me at the office around 3:00 pm on December 17, 2001. When told that I was not in the office at the moment, she said, “I don’t care if you have to get him in the bathroom, I need to talk with him.” I’m glad they did because when I got to the phone she calmly said, “Barry, this is Joy, how would you like to have a baby girl for Christmas?”After several seconds and picking the phone up off the floor, I stammered, “What do we have to do?” After scolding me for Karen not being home, she said to get to Manhattan where a college co-ed made one of the bravest decisions of her life to place her precious newborn daughter for adoption. Racing home, I arrived just as my wife was getting home with our son Aaron and her mother from shopping. All I said was that Joy called, and she had a special present waiting for us in Manhattan. We arrived later that afternoon, going directly to the hospital, and there in a special Christmas stocking with her name on it was Emma. How did Joy know the name of our daughter? That was her gift of matching children to adoptive parents. Today, Emma is 9-years old and the Joy of our lives. With Love, Barry, Karen and Aaron Beagle Topeka, Kansas

2: Dear Joy, Thank you for the most two precious gifts...your friendship and our daughter. There are no words that can truly express our feelings for you, your family and our friendship. First, thank you for helping Vince and I become a family; you will forever be in our hearts and prayers. I hope these few words can express our deep gratitude and love for you and your family. "No birth certificate is issued when a friendship is born. There is nothing tangible. There is just a feeling that your life is different and that your capacity to love and care has miraculously been enlarged without any effort on your part. It's like having a tiny apartment and somebody moves in with you, but instead of becoming cramped and crowded, the space expands, and you discover rooms you never knew you had until your friend moved in with you. Thank you for teaching us not confuse excellence with perfection. From you we have learned that excellence we can reach, perfection is God's business." All our love, Vincent, Jerra and Samantha Daughtery May 2011

4: Kyler turned 17 this year, but it seems like yesterday when we received the call and you and Diane dashed off to Las Vegas to be there for the birth of our beautiful boy. You became near and dear to our hearts those 5 days as you wore so many hats and kept us going as we scrambled through our first adoption. Three years later, Madison was born much closer to home, but with her own set of challenges. Once again, you stepped up and pulled us through. How can we ever | express how much you have meant to us? Everyday we are reminded of the impact you have had on our lives and we thank God for you. Twenty plus years ago, you had no idea what God had planned for you as He pulled you toward Life Choice Ministries. We can see now that God has used you in a mighty way and you should be proud of the legacy you leave at Life Choice and with all the lives you have touched. We are excited for you as you step out in obedience once again. We pray that God will bless you and your family in the next chapter of your life. Joy, the Buckmans will continue to think of you often and be forever grateful for the work that God has accomplished through you. Thank you for your part in making our family what it is today. With all the love in our hearts, Jon, Diane, Kyler, and Madison Buckman

5: Joy, Oh, how you"ll be missed!!! You have become a mentor and a trusted friend during my years at Life Choice. I knew this time would come, but certainly not this soon. However, the opportunity you have is to be envied, and you and Bob would be wrong not to take it. The thing I have noticed the most about you in my time there at Life Choice is how perfectly you get along with everyone. As I have learned by observing my husband and you, it is not a skill that can be taught to another. It is truly a gift from our Heavenly Father. You have used His gift to you for a great purpose there, and it has served both you and Life Choice very well. Another thing I have particularly observed about you is how each of us volunteers and clients can share anything at all that is going on in our lives, and we never have it come back around to us. You are a secret keeper----and also and great advice-giver. You have poured your heart and soul into Life Choice and each of us who have had the opportunity to cross your path. We are better in having known and worked with you than before we had that opportunity. You are such a hard worker, and yet you always have a smile and a kind word for everyone no matter how busy you are or how many long, long hours you have put in. Thank you for that, Joy. It warms each of us, and the entire office picks up your positive attitude. I, personally, will miss you each and every time I step foot into that office. We wish you well, and may God bless you and Bob and your family as you set up a new home in Colorado. Love ~ Rhonda

6: Jeff, Maygan, and Teresa Bartels - April 2011

7: We would like to express our deepest appreciation for your obedience in following God's call. We know how challenging, encouraging, and rewarding that can be all too well! With Jeff serving as a Chaplain in the Army, we seem to have experienced much of the same. I know how much your family must have sacrificed for you to follow God's call. We thank them as well for allowing you to do all you have done for so many lives have been touched and only God knows what impact you had on them! You will always be close to our hearts. We will be praying for you and our family as you transition into a new season of life. Love and Prayers, Jeff, Teresa, & Maygan Bartels

8: To my Joy, I get teary just thinking about what to say. I have so many memories of time I have spent with you. You have taught me so much. I admire you for so many reasons...your faith, your compassion, your boldness, your ability to speak the truth in love, your patience, your loyalty, your wisdom, your humor, and your resilience are just a few of the characteristics that make you exceptional! If I had to pick just one memory it would be Quincy's birth. I watched you minister with love and gentleness to his precious birth momma. You sacrificed to meet her needs and to ensure Quincy's safe arrival in our arms. You did not leave her side. I cannot tell you what that meant to me. You also helped keep us calm through the whole process. You reminded us that God has it all under control and we just needed to walk it out. You were right! You have given of yourself to make a difference in countless lives and I am blessed to be one of them! Love you, Jessi, Joel, Brodrek, Wyatt & Quincy Yourdon

10: "Joy has the ability to re-create an event with her story and make you understand every detail and emotion that occurred. She can even tell about her trip to the post office and have everyone hanging on every word! But what makes her storytelling ability so special, is that she pays such attention to detail – the expression on a person’s face, their tone of voice, the choice of words they used. As a result, she can communicate special insight and emotions that give you a crystal-clear picture. I’ve always loved to visit with Joy and hear whatever story is on her lips. – even if it is indeed about her trip to the post office." ~ Barb Sanderson

12: Joy Bullock is one of the most amazing persons I've ever know and a dear friend as well, starting when she became my son's youth leader 27 years ago. She was the one he called in the middle of the night to tell her he'd crashed his car. She is the one I turned to for advice on parenting and turn to now for advice on adult parenting and being a mother-in-law. She is the one who is at the top of our emergency list to call David if anything should ever happen to both Paul and me. Coming to work weekly at LCM is the highlight of my week as we get to share each other's lives and I can also watch Joy's amazing ability to interact with people—birth moms and dads, adoptive parents, attorneys, staff, volunteers, etc. There seems to be no situation that she can't handle with her God given ability to listen, get right to the heart of the matter, and give godly wisdom. I marvel at it. Thank you dear Joy for all the years I've leaned on you for support in loving my son and now daughter-in-law, for all the mentoring on how to love women in crisis, for the godly example you've always been, for always being there for me (and for having to explain to me a million times the menstrual cycle and when is the right time to come in for a test!). Next year on your deck in Colorado! - Sheila

13: My story is not a story about Joy's interaction with me personally, although I have loved being around Joy and getting to know about her and her family. My story is an observation that has led to a lengthy volunteer stay with Life Choice and a love for Joy that is immeasurable. On my volunteer day, an adoptive family was coming through Manhattan with their baby, and the birth family was meeting them at Life Choice for a visit with the baby. No big deal. These get-togethers happen often enough. What I wasn't prepared for that day was the young man who walked through the door in his dress pants, dress shirt and tie with a great big present tied with a bow. What a sweet, sweet picture I will always have of this young man in his nice clothes and gift for this child. Tears come to my eyes when I remember seeing him standing in Life Choice that morning. Joy greeted him and brought him back to wait for everyone talking and laughing with him the whole time. Funny how I don't remember who else came that day. I remember how Joy responded to this young man in the same way she has responded to the many young women who have walked through the door of Life Choice. Joy, without realizing, created a love in my heart for her and Life Choice Ministries. Thank you Joy because I have sons; thank you Joy for your example of love to all; thank you Joy for being you. Amy Beyer

15: It was just after 2:00 on Saturday August 21, 2010 when Joy called us, out of the blue, about the imminent birth of our son Mason. I missed the call. In the next ten minutes Allyn Weddle flew half way across town to find us, I had given 75 guys the impression my wife was in labor and Amy and I completely freaked out about going from no prospect of children to parents in a matter of hours. That was the most exciting ten minutes we have ever had. When we finally did get a conference call between Joy, Amy and myself set up Joy simply said, “It's a great day to have a baby" and it was a very good day indeed. We are so grateful for the role you have played in our lives. You walked us through the difficult process of preparing for adoption and stuck with us until the birth certificate with our name on it arrived in the mail. If not for you we might not of had the courage to start the process when we did. We can’t begin to imagine life without Mason and we know he wouldn’t be in our arms if it weren’t for your work on our behalf. Regardless of where you go we will always tell Mason about “Grandma” Joy. Thank you for everything. Love, Chris, Amy and Mason Barker

16: Joy, What a blessing. To get to know you these last two years as a volunteer at Life Choice has been a “joy”. What an incredible legacy you are leaving the community of Manhattan. What with all you have done at Life Choice the last twenty years. All the people you have touched. All the people you have changed. All the lives you have forever made better, because of a word, a look or a touch from Joy Bullock. As a pastor’s wife for now almost 35 years, I have learned a lot as I watched you minister to all that you come in contact with. I remember when you loved me with a hug one day when I came in to volunteer after recently finding out that a new grandchild had a special handicap. As a Christian I knew with my head what a special gift from God that granddaughter was, but even so, you knew my heart needed a hug. On a lighter note. I have chuckled at a couple of different fund raising events, “Walk for Life” and the August banquet, when you have stood up to speak. I noticed you always seem to find a young baby to hold as a prop. God bless you, friend. And your family in your new adventures. Love, Neva Whitney

18: When my homework assignment was to say “Gonorrhea” 10 times to your face...I knew it was safe to start calling you Mama Joy. When “Molly” appeared...I knew you were a woman of prayer. When I told you I was dyslexic and you said “so am I” ...I liked you even more. When I started answering my phone “haalllooow"... I knew I’d spent too much time in the office. I like you. I'll miss you. I'll miss having lots of reasons to chat with you. To a woman I adore and respect... Thanks Mama Joy! ~ Em

19: We are such a small piece of your life's work, and yet because of Life Choice, our family has been enhanced forever. Enjoy Colorado! God’s Blessings - Joyce and Dick Blaske

20: Ben, Jill and Cade Grogg Easter 2011 | Our new addition! Ellie Grogg! May 26, 2011

21: Dear Joy, As we sit to write this it seems almost impossible to truly express how you've blessed our lives. We were so naive and scared about what the adoption process would be. You eased our fears and answered our questions over and over again. We desperately wanted a family and you helped make that a reality. Cade has changed our lives forever and we are eternally grateful for the role you played in him becoming a Grogg! Ben, Jill and Cade Grogg Well...I thought our letter was complete! Little did we know! You called me on Friday the 13th and 13 days later we held our sweet baby girl. What a whirlwind...what an amazing blessing. Ben, Jill, Cade and ELLIE Grogg!!!

22: Dear Joy, Our story goes back nearly 16 years now. Megan came to you, not much more than a child herself, pregnant with a child that was certain to have severe birth defect but determined to give him life. She wanted him, but knew she could not be the parent(s) at the time in her life she knew he needed. I know you also rebember the pain, hers and ours as she struggled mightily over letting him go. You were an angel on both sides (hers and ours), comforting guiding with patience, love and wisdom. I will never forget the first note I received in the mail about a week after Austin's birht. She shared a copy of her daily calendar which the Lord had. used to let her know He saw her and was guilding her, it read: "Proverbs 4:11, 12 Lord, you know this new step I'm about to take isn't something I want to do, but rather something I have to do... | ...Help me to remember your past faithfulness ~ the countless times you've led me through the shadows or carried me above a storm to set me in a safe place. Help me walk in faith. depending on you. October 5, 1995 Although Austin's birth, adoption, and infant days were wrought with peril and struggle he has outgrown ever gloomy prediction the doctors ever made and is now a big, bright, handsome and winsome teenage boy. Austin has a warm and satisfying relationship with Megan and her family, they chat and text regularly. You taught us the truth, Joy, of the saying that "love does not divide, it multiplies." Thank you for being there for all of us over the years. Because He is Love, Scott and Lana Braddock

23: I met Joy for the first time when I came to work as a new nurse to Dr. Mowry's office. I was not a Christian at that time. But I remember he would have his staff sit in a circle at the beginning of the day and pray. I thought it was strange, but nice. I didn't realize how much of an impact Joy (as well as working there) had impacted me until years later after I came to know Christ. I kept in touch with Joy, mainly because I am adopted and we shared a connection regarding that subject. When I was 21, I wrote a letter to my birthmother, whom I had found after a several year search. I shared my letter with Joy who immediately asked me if she could have a copy to keep on file at LCM in order to share with women who were considering placing their child for adoption; but might have the question "what will my child think of me?" Since that time, Joy has been an encouragement to me to follow whatever God is pulling (or at times pushing) me to do. Her quiet affirmation, and at times that mysterious twinkle in her eye are enough to encourage me to pursue whatever God seems to be leading me into. She also is not afraid to say "are you really sure?" when something in her spirit checks. The only way I can describe it, is as one who shepherds others to discernment. So, I guess, if I haven't already gone over my 250 words...I would describe Joy as resourceful and never letting an opportunity slip by, living in the Spirit. The best any of us can do is to continue her example. - Christine W

24: Almost 20 years ago, Joy Bullock called my husband Paul and I, to ask if we would allow her to share our daughter's adoption story on Sanctity of Life Sunday at Westiview Community Church. Joy was to give one of her "famous" presentations at Westview Community Church. I say "famous" because she has a way of marketing Life Choice like no one else! She asked if we would be willing for her to give the details of our adoption story without mentioning our names at first, and then bring 2 1/2 year old Juliana up to the podium to reveal who the story was about. Joy has a knack for giving God the Glory, touching people's hearts, and revealing the necessity of financial support all in one talented, Spirit-filled speech that had people tearing up and reaching into their pockets for their checkbooks and cash. Well, of course she had a specific plan too. She interviewed our daughter by asking her "What does it mean when we say you are adopted?" Juliana answered into the microphone, "It means that Jesus had a new home for me and two big brother's." An audible sigh came from the congregation as they wiped tears from their cheeks. Joy proceeded to do what Joy does best. She mentioned that Juliana, - and her parents (we were totally inconsequential)- - would be out in the vestibule of the church to answer any questions they might have about the Ministry. Oh and did I mention, Juliana had a little basket on her arm for people to place their "offerings to The Lord and Life Choice Ministry" as they filed past? Joy's idea, of course. Need I say that I believe that was probably one of the largest free will offerings given to Life Choice in the history of the Ministry?? Joy, you will be sorely missed! I've avoided having to write this memory because I'm in denial that it is really happening. What a gift you are and we pray blessings on the community you and your family are moving to. Get ready Colorado!! Paul, Diana, Jason, Brian, and Juliana Nickel

26: All things grow better with love. | Emaelia's 1st Birthday | Anya in the NICU

27: Jay, RobinAnn, Emaelia and Anya - April 2011

30: Words can't express how special you are to our family. We love you dearly and are so thankful for not only the blessing you've been to our lives but for all the many other lives you've touched as well. We were sad to hear of your leaving and know you will be greatly missed at LCM, but we are so happy for you for this next chapter in your life. You will always be dear to us and we are so thankful for all you've done for us through the years and with the adoption of our precious little girl. We love you and wish we could be there for your celebration! Love, Kris, Rebecca, and Abigail Clifft

31: Blessed

32: About 8 years ago we got a phone call from "Dr. Joy" After saying hello she said to me (Shirley) "You're pregnant! " How could any woman forget those words-- especially since we had wanted to have a baby for years. That was the beginning of a beautiful experience with Joy, Life Choice and our 2 wonderful birth parents. Thanks for all your work to make beautiful things happen. Tim and Shirley and Hannah | Dearest Joy, Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to parent our precious children. To be entrusted with such a gift is only ordained by God, but you my dear one is one of his instruments. It has been my joy in life to be a servant for Him and to have a mission to educate as well as train up my children. It has been the highest of callings. I know when we were called to adopt Bryton I truly thought God must have made a mistake. I remember waking up in the night in one of your bedrooms looking at this small child thinking what was God thinking? Only time would reveal that His plan was perfect and that I truly was the one chosen to be his mother. Sixteen years later I look at this wonderful child who has so much to give and has touched so many lives. Thank you Joy , thank you for your service and your ministry, I was a life that was truly changed. Loire Aubrey

33: Joy, I thought I would share some of the goofball memories with you: I think of the radio auction where you kept giving me a really hard time about my mud covered car live on the air. Meanwhile I was genuinely confused and totally denied that my car was covered in mud because I had driven to the studio in the dark. Of course when the auction was over and I left I was stunned to discover huge clods of dried mud all over my car. Remember running in to Dr. Dobson in the hallway? Two words: Kreem Kup. Remember laughing ‘til we cried as we listened to the comedian at Focus on the Family? I remember how we often joked that maybe this month would be the month that the thank you letter would just read: “THANK YOU” in all caps and a huge font. Oh, the temptation was great at times. I will never forget listening to Diana Nickel’s description of Paul Nickel driving down the interstate with a pheasant stuck to the grill of his car with its feet waving in the wind—cue Diana’s manicured nails gesturing for the pheasants pitiful little legs. Wakeeney, KS—Chinese food anyone? Remember the stares from all the other patrons as our table of “too old to be giggling out of control” women sat there giggling out of control thanks again to Diana Nickel and fortune cookies? Remember the trucker? We used to always say that we shared a brain. Please don’t take the whole thing with you when you go—leave half for me! I love you, my precious friend! - Amy

35: Our story about Joy We first met Joy when she agreed to fly to Mississippi to meet us instead of both of us having to fly to Kansas. We had a wonderful time having her at our house and hearing all her adoption stories. I still love to hear those! She was so gracious to take her time to fly to see us – so we didn’t have to pay for 2 plane tickets and Darrell didn’t have to take time off work. When we came to Kansas to meet our birth mom for the first time (I think it was about 9 months later) – when Lexi still had about a month before she was born – Joy helped ease our anxieties and make things comfortable between us all. Then the time came to come to Kansas for Lexi’s birth. Joy was constantly keeping us informed about what would need to happen next – what our part was – and how things were progressing as far as our birth mom’s feelings about the adoption. I came to appreciate all that she did even more when we adopted our son 5 years later and didn’t have her as our liaison. It was more difficult to navigate – but I learned so much from her with Lexi’s adoption that I didn’t feel so lost when I had to do more myself. She taught me about respecting and honoring our birth mom – and walking in integrity to keep our word. Through the years, even though we have not adopted using Life Choice Ministries again, we have stayed in touch. I always end up laughing when I get to talk to Joy – and feel lifted up after I hang up the phone. When we see our birth mom about every other year, we love it when Joy is able to join us also! We wish you the very best, Joy, as you embark on this new adventure! We will miss you. All our love, Sheila, Darrell, Lexi, and Nicholas Zehr

36: You, Joy, are our angel. You came into our lives and brought us peace, love, happiness, lots of smiles, giggles and poop. We Love you, we thank you, we will always be grateful. God Bless You. David, Tonya, Katie and Johnny (little brother) Wallach

37: We were "Surprised by Joy". The phone call about our precious Sara, though long hoped for, was nonetheless a big surprise. The baby was 1 day old, a preemie, good birth weight, sex yet unknown, were we interested? We said "yes!" and we've been surprised by another kind of joy ever since. Torben, Joyce and Sara | This picture was taken on the day we met Sara. My husband is holding her, while Joy and Kent our lawyer look on. I (Joyce) was the photographer.

38: Joy, I really don't think you are able to comprehend the amount of joy you have brought into peoples lives by your service. Ours world and life would not be complete without David. We wish you the best! The Tillema Family

39: I suppose this is one of those bittersweet moments in one's life. I am sure you have felt a sadness to thin of closing this chapter of your life. I know we felt it, because of a deep and abiding impact your ministry had, had, and will go on having in your life and Natasha's life. You've done well, by a great number of people. Next time we are in Manhattan, we need to catch you and talk about our girl Natasha. We can elabrate in person, let's just say God is plowing up our field and reseeding it. In His Love, Kim

40: Dearest Joy, So excited for your next step and to see what new adventures this leads you on. As you prepare to leave Manhattan we rejoice in the legacy you are have within and beyond. The year 2004 was my first professional introduction to you and to Life Choice Ministries. A starry eyed young lady with high hopes of loving on women. Little did I know that introduction would eventually lead to our darling daughter, Jaylee Ann Paige Graves. Over my years there I walked alongside many pregnant women who were also in relationship with you. I watched and listened and learned. It was through those interactions that Jason and I's heart to adoption children into our family began to take a specific route. After birthing our handsome brave-hearted son, Benson, in 2007 we knew loving and raising children was a calling of ours - even beyond my womb. All the while there were interactions and conversations with you to continue the soul searching and question asking, pondering what God was up to. In the beginning of 2008 we lost a baby due to a tubal pregnancy. The loss was heartbreaking. The pain lead us to heed to the Spirits prompting we began talking specifically with you about adopting. Filled out the paper work and began on the home study. A couple months later we lost another baby from a tubal pregnancy that resulted in permanent infertility. Soon after that our home study was finalized and our paperwork turned in. We were prepared to wait however long the Lord required.

41: Ten days. Ten days later we received a call from you and a young girl we have come to know and love, our beloved "Paigie". We remember fondly when we met with you, Paige and Mason. There was a common denominator in the room ... the Holy Spirit. I don't know that Paige and Mason know the Lord, but the relationships that began that day can only be contributed to the Spirit's work inside everyone involved. Jaylee Ann's addition into our family has been an absolute joy. The ongoing relationship with Paige and Mason is an honor. Oh the numerous times I have called you requesting help seeing the bigger picture. You've helped us open our hearts to a wonderful story that didn't end with the finalization of Jaylee's adoption. There is a bigger story at work within us - one that is still being written. You continue to play a role in that shaping. Thank you for sharing your time, love, encouragement, ideas and most of all The Big Picture of adoption. The Graves family loves you and is so excited for your families next adventure! Love, Jason, Leah, Benson and Jaylee Ann Paige

42: Dear Joy, What an incredible twenty years we have had together! You have become a dear friend, a mentor, an advisor, a handy-dandy fix-it person, and so much more in these twenty years. We have been through all the stages of computerizing the ministry records, from not having one to now keeping most of the records online. We had pretty close quarters most of those years. That little office went from one desk to four desks and three filing cabinets. There almost wasn't any room for people, certainly not all four of us at the same time. The close quarters were a testimony to your sweet spirit and the grace from God that pours out of you to the people whose lives you touch. I have learned so much from you. You have given medical wisdom, spiritual wisdom, relationship wisdom, and parenting wisdom, all in a gracious and humble way. I will miss you terribly, but I know you are only a phone call away. Thank you for the investment you have made in my life, and for your friendship. I love you, Sandie

43: Dear Joy, On this occasion of your retirement, I have chosen to share a profound general impression, rather than a profound single event that rises to the surface of my memory. That impression takes root in the fact that I can’t remember a time when Life Choice Ministries was associated with any other name than “Joy Bullock.” So melded are the two in my mind, they have become synonymous terms over the past 20 years. “Joy.” It’s what you brought to the office every day; it’s what clients felt in your company; and it’s what adoptive parents found in the eyes of their newborns. You never wore your feelings on your sleeve; you always cheerfully made time for those who “just stopped by”; and you always made the “just stopped byers” feel they were the best thing that happened to your day! Such grace! As you begin this new chapter of your life, I am reminded of the story of Elijah and Elisha. Elisha, upon realizing that his mentor and guide (Elijah) was about to leave him, pleaded with Elijah to share a “double portion of his spirit” before departing. With similar fervor, I pray that God will bless this ministry with a double portion of “Joy.” You taught us, by your grace and example; now, may we continue – with joy – in the plans He has for this ministry ... Just quoting someone I admire ... “Love ‘Ya!” Karen Sheffield :)

44: "Joy, You took us on the adventure of our lives! We got word from her that our baby boy was arriving seven weeks early. This sent us into a tailspin....

45: .......First we had to get Walter home from a business trip in Colorado. Then pack and load ourselves and our 3 year old daughter into our van and set out from south east Kansas to meet Joy in Topeka. We met with our lawyer then got on the road to Kansas City to catch a flight to Chicago. Once in Chicago, we rented a car to drive about 3 hours to South Bend, Indiana. There our family, with Joy by our side, met our new son for the first time! This was an adoption where Joy and her brother, Dale, worked as a dynamic duo to minister to a young woman and place a baby into welcoming arms. It was awesome! We could not have survived the ordeal without Joy’s calm, professional and funny demeanor! In the 12 years since, we have not stopped thanking God for the precious boy he gave us and for Joy and Life Choice Ministry. May God Bless you, Joy, and honor your faithful service!" Love, Walter, Lynne, Lauren and Joey Cowart Knoxville, Tennessee

46: :: Frankie Force :: a 2009 miracle baby

47: Eddie Matthew Force - Our baby boy: Eddie Matthew Force. We went through Joy at Life Choice Ministries and on July 10th, 2008, our little angel was born in Onaga, Kan. Eddie was with us one month and two days before the Lord took him home back to heaven. Eddie was the healthiest looking boy we’d ever seen, so the morning he quit breathing we didn’t understand what happened. This was the hardest thing we ever had to face and then calling the birthmother, then planning a funeral for a newborn. Through Eddie’s autopsy report, we found that Eddie passed from Acinetobacter Baumannil, which is a very aggressive deadly organism. It is linked to injured soldiers returning from Iraq. How Eddie contracted this is still and never will be determined. The doctors told us that he was a truly strong baby because he shouldn’t have made it through the first night and then to live one month and two days still has us all baffled. We wonder everyday what if...but the Lord has a plan for everyone and we have decided Eddie was brought to us for many unknown reasons besides being our angel.

48: We are forever grateful to you for helping put our family together. Thank you for so many years, weeks, days, hours, minutes...of endless, selfless giving to this ministry and countless people in the community over the years. Thank you for the solid ground you have given LCM and PTC so that we can continue the work gracefully. Much Love and appreciation, Sterling, Pat, Sharnee, Chris, & Trevor Hudgins

49: Since the start of LCM the good Lord has led the the board to the right directors. Initially Karen Wyatt worked so hard and long bringing the ministry to the attention of the Christian community of Manhattan. Once it was well launched she and family returned to their roots in TN. And by the grace of GOD Joy Bullock came forward to accept the directors position for the next twenty years. We think of and will always remember her faithfulness and total devotion to the Lord and this ministry. She has filled her hours managing LCM with her very heavy work, never complaining. In spite of her own problems she has traveled miles, worked long overtime hours, and many nights managing personnel taking care of those in need. Those people were served superbly, but always as Jesus would have it done. Joy is much loved by all. The Mowrys send our undying thanks to Joy ! We can never thank you enough. Dr. & Mrs. GL Mowry

50: Joy-- I'm sure most families who have adopted through Life Choice can remember the exact moment they received an amazing phone call from you, telling them they have been chosen to be the adoptive parents of their future child. We are no different. The moment you told us about Jonathan's birthparents is etched in our minds forever. We are so thankful for Life Choice and the role you had in our adoption from start to finish. You helped us every step of the way and your vast experience was reassuring in the midst of all the uncertainties that come with even the simplest of adoptions. (105) Although you were unable to be there for Jonathan's birth, we appreciated the way you had already prepared Jeannie to be there on that wonderful day in May of 2008. And since then, you have still been there to help us with the unexpected bumps in the road. We both recall a letter that was part of the (ridiculously huge) adoption paperwork packet. It said, "We do not see ourselves as placing children in adoptive families, but believe that God Himself puts families together...." Thank you for your leadership in Life Choice and for humbly allowing yourself to be part of His plan for putting families together. We are forever grateful to Him and you for helping bring Jonathan into our family. We can't imagine life without him. May God bless you in the next steps you take for His glory. In Christ, Josh, Amy, Micah, Jonathan & Liam Nelson

51: "Joy, Cannot believe you are retiring but there is no way i can describe you in one sentence or even a paragraph. You are an amazing women and cannot believe you are leaving the place I met you in. Good luck in your next adventure!!" ---- Paige | I’m appreciative of a lot of things about Joy. She is a very powerful, influential woman who sacrifices a lot for others.” -Sarah | Joy, Thank you for inviting us to be a part of the lives of these girls. We are also thankful for your wisdom and counsel as we lived life alongside these woman. We have learned so much. It has been a blessing to reflect with you on your past 20 years with LCM. You have lead the ministry with distinction through growth and change. You have blessed hundreds of women and dozens of families. We are inspired by your work. Love, The Mathews

52: My Tribute to Joy Joy has been the most significant influence on my adult life. Without her, I would not have worked with Life Choice and Miriam Ministries. I would have missed the blessing of helping birth mothers, children and adoptive families experience the miracle of adoption. Without Joy, my husband and I would have never been brave enough to adopt our daughter. My life has completely changed because Joy took the time to train me in ministry, adoption and in life. Since I left Kansas, I have completed my degree and I am now an Adoption Specialist with the State of Texas. My job is to find forever families for our children who are waiting in Foster Care and have suffered greatly from abuse and neglect. I would not be who I am to today, nor would I have a job that I love deeply if Joy had not been a part of my life. Tiffany Clark | Joy- I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for taking the time to invest in me. Your faith, encouragement and training gave me the following gifts: A healthy family and marriage (18 years now). A love for God and for people that has charged me to serve with total abandonment. A career in adoption that I will cherish for another 20 years. A precious daughter. A strength that never gives up. A determination that with God, all things really are possible. A mentor that no one could ever top! A friendship that I continue to cherish, I love you my friend! Thank you for everything you have given me and the many hundreds of people you have blessed through life choice ministries. You are God's beloved and I am honored to know you and love you. Tiffany Clark

53: Love, the Nelson Family

54: Jarrett, Katy and children Kelsey (16), Sarah (14), Laura (12), Rachel (8, adopted from Kansas with cleft lip and palate), Jamie (7, adopted from China with cleft lip and palate), Nathan (3, adopted from Louisiana), Josiah (10 months, adopted from Louisiana) | Nothing Less than a Miracle ...

55: Your involvement in our life story – HIS story of how He moved in our lives, is nothing less to us than a miracle. We had lost 6 babies in the 2nd trimester and thought all hope of having more children was gone. And yet He had a plan to use YOU to bring another precious life into our family. Rachel Anne was born unexpectedly with a cleft lip and palate and yet you knew the incredible value she had in His eyes! We got the call just hours after her birth. We were asked if we would be willing to adopt this baby. We said yes right away! I’ll never forget meeting you at the airport. Thank you, thank you for your many years of serving Him in this way! Our family was eternally blessed! Katy, for the WHOLE McCleskey Family!

58: Joy's Guest Book

59: Farewell Party June 12, 2011

60: Joy's Guest Book

61: Farewell Party June 12, 2011

62: Joy's Guest Book

63: Farewell Party June 12, 2011

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