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Judy's Birthday Album

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S: ~ Judy's 70th Birthday ~

FC: For a Remarkable Woman On Her Birthday | A Collection of Memories and Sentiments

1: From all of us with love...

3: Happy 70th Birthday I am so fortunate to have you in my life. You are the most caring, loving wife, mother and grandmother anyone could ever ask for. Enjoy your special day. Love Always. Bob

4: Dear Mombo, I could not ask for a more amazing, loving mother. You have always been there for me 24/7, any time of day or night. You are my inspiration, guide, foundation and anchor. You have taught me empathy, generosity, and kindness of spirit. | Thank you for all you have given to me. I am forever grateful for your patience and love, but most of all for believing in me. I too am here for you always and forever. And I believe in you.

5: Happy 70th birthday. Love sharing the journey and the ride. Love you so much, xxoodd

6: Judy Brown Eyes Bliss, I would be remiss not to mention a few of my favorite things about this kind spirited women. I was blessed to come into your life some 23 years ago. | You have always made me feel warm, welcome and blessed to be in your presence, you have a way of making one relax and feel free to be themselves. It has been an inspiration to watch the way you handle yourself in times of pain as well as times of pleasure.

7: You always show composure, confidence and grace under any circumstance and situation. Judy you love and are loved by all who have had the pleasure to share in your life's journey. | Tons of love, Alan

8: Mommsie, As we commemorate your 70th birthday, I reflect on the 50 years that I have been blessed to have you in my life. Your immense heart has been wide open to me always. You have bestowed upon me many gifts. You have taught me the meaning of kindness, compassion, and respect for others. You have provided me with unending guidance throughout my development as a human being. Your incredible empathy, tenderness, and affection are unparalleled. You are one of the most caring people ‘ on the planet, as Dad would say.

9: Your warm ways are not confined to those in your inner circle, but to all family and friends that encompass your outer circles as well. In other words, anybody who is lucky enough to be acquainted with you is touched by your grace and elegance. The fact that so many have come together to honor you at this time is a testament to the influence you've had on all of our lives. I am grateful to have you as my Mom, and extremely proud to be your Son. Wherever I go in life, I bring part of you with me. As your child, I am a reflection of the beautiful person that you are. With all my love, Happy Birthday - Donny

10: Jesse | Grammy, The love you share with our family is a comforting reminder of what a supportive and caring person you are. All your dedication to being there for me has meant so much and I am so lucky to have you as my grandmother. Happy Birthday Love, Jesse

11: Such a blessing it is to have the most loving grandmother on planet earth. A grandmother that takes care of me when my wisdom teeth come out, when I have a weird hip virus that no one has ever heard of before, or when I am simply tired after a long day at the beach. Nonnie, you truly are my favorite grandmother, you're hip, with-it, and loving, while usually all that people ask for in a grandmother is the third; I'm lucky enough to have the coolest grandma to walk the globe. | You and pop-pop have always gone out of your way to bring me things or to make sure I'm okay. Everyday I strive to be as generous as Papa and you are. You have given me the greatest gift in my life (besides your good looks): a big enough heart to shell out generosity wherever I see it needed. I love you so much Nonnie. Happy 70th. Forever proud to be your Grandson. Love, Dylan

12: Grammy, Though you may not stand as tall or reach as far as some, when it comes to your love, the sky truly is the limit. We celebrate your 70th birthday in honor of all the love and support you have shown us, so take this day and enjoy some time with a forever grateful family. Happy birthday to the best Grandma ever, Love Always, Kyley

13: You are such a warm, loving and compassionate woman, always looking out for others and making our lives a little better each day. Once, when I complemented you on a sweater you were wearing, you took it off and gave it to me. Thank goodness it wasn't your pants I loved! I appreciate you so very much. You are always available for a chat, a visit, or simply ‘being there.’ Much love and happiness to you always, xoxo, Michelle | Happy Birthday Judy!

14: Dearest Judy/Grandma Judy,, We all thank you for your patience, support and above all, your love. Happy 70th! We Love You! Steven, Michelle, Jordan and Jack

15: Thanks Jude for being a wonderful mother and friend! You have always been there for me, through of all the ups and downs, a loving mom and a confidant. | You will always have a special place in my heart. My kids are lucky to have such a terrific grandmother. | Happy 70th Birthday!!! Love you, Ran

16: Judy, Judy, Judy... Hmmmm, where do I begin??? Let's start out with how you have always been a place for me to find safety. You have always provided a consistent and loyal support system that I have been able to count on for as long as I can remember. Your ride through life has certainly had its share of bumps in the road but even during those times, you were always emotionally available to guide me through my own episodes of confusion. In times when my life had been in chaos, your caring and guidance gave me calm and direction. Then when the good times arrived, they were always made better when shared with you.

17: Your unwavering kindness to all of us, plus the special closeness that you created with Jennifer, Jeremy, and Michael have truly been some of the greatest gifts that my kids and I have ever received. | So my dearest sister, you have made Reggie's and my life, and my children's lives more complete. Saying “thank you” is an understatement. | Your TLC with them has helped to mold them into the loving people that they are. We are all sooooooo blessed to have you in our lives. | I love you more than you know, Trickie

18: Dear Judy, I truly believe that everything in life has a purpose. Some w cherish, some are filled with lessons of life, and some we’d prefer never happened. With this being said, I wanted to share something that occurred over the last few weeks. In anticipation of finding photos for your albums, Rich went into our garage and removed a mountain of cardboard boxes filled with family photos. Then stacked them side by side and on top of each other throughout our dining room. We both soon realized this was no “short-term” project. There were thousands of pictures, spanning decades of time that covered a sea of people. But as we both know, when your brother puts his mind to it.anything is possible. Thus, the hunt began for every picture taken of his dear, loving, beautiful sister Judy (aka: Schmoozelle). The “Judy Project” had begun. As Rich moved through each photo (and I mean EACH photo) there was a little laugh, a sigh and best of all an occasional anecdotal story. We moved through truly gorgeous pictures of your childhood, teen years, becoming a mommy, and building a family. From time to time, Rich would stop and tell me a story about your childhood, Dee and Donny growing up, and your adventures building a life with Bob. Stacks of pictures over the years with Jen, Michael and Jeremy showed a bond and love

19: that had no boundaries. You were an Aunt Extraordinaire. Pictures with Kyle, Jesse and Dylan showed a grandma that cherished every moment . Your sheer joy of family and zest for life that I saw in those photos gave me a wonderful insight into what an extraordinary woman you are. As I mentioned above “life has a purpose”. Although I was initially annoyed that we would be living with a wall of cardboard boxes for many was my lesson and “you | my beautiful, loving sister-in law” taught it to me. I got to know you through those old dusty boxes and faded photos. I got to learn a lifetime of Judy through those boxes. I got to see and hear about the love you have for all around you through those boxes. The lesson I learned was what an extraordinary life you have lived, nurtured and in many times survived. You're an inspiration to me and I cherish the fact that along with falling in love with your brother (Trickie) I’ve gotten a role model in life in you. Love Always, Reggie

20: Dear Judy, I am so lucky to have such a sweet and loving aunt who was able to be so involved in my life growing up. I have so many wonderful memories of our time together at family events, little league games, and of course sleeping over and being treated like a king. Thank you for always making me feel so special and loved. I am deeply grateful for our close relationship and I love you very much. | Warmest wishes for a very happy birthday. Love, Michael

21: Dear Judy, Thank you for being the most loving aunt to Michael. He still remembers you and Bob letting him eat candy in bed and making him "feel like a king" when he was a toddler. I can only hope I'll be able to give my nephew such wonderful memories. You've also been the sweetest auntie-in-law imaginable to me. Thank you for sharing | your fascinating family stories, witty sense of humor, and overflowing love with us all. We love you very, very much and are so happy to celebrate your 70th with you. Happy Birthday! Your beauty and kindness continue to inspire. Love, Anna

22: It was so great to have the chance to build on that foundation now that I'm an "adult", especially when I was living in Monterey and was able to get you and Bob all to myself. When I was going through my trying times in the hospital and recovering you were there for me and provided me with support and empathy (since you've been through all types of medical crisis) and I cant overstate how important that was to me. | Judy, You've always been such an important presence in my life-- I'm so lucky to have you as an aunt and friend. Your endless kindness, love, and generosity to me growing up I know is the reason why no matter where I'm living or how long it is in between we see each other, I still feel so close and connected to you. I warmly look back on all the "family time" spent at your (various) houses, holidays we celebrated together, and appreciate all the baseball games you came to watch me play in.

23: I wish you an amazing 70th birthday and though I could not be there in person I'm certainly there in spirit! Love, Jeremy

24: Judy I can't imagine being blessed with a more loving, thoughtful, wonderful aunt. I am so grateful that you lived close by while we were growing up and able to be such an integral part of our childhood. You two were there for recitals, plays, softball games, and graduations. As a little girl, I remember how exciting it was to have a sleepover at Aunt Judy and Uncle Bobby's house. To a six year old, spending time together eating cookies and watching TV in bed was the best thing on earth.

25: For as long as I can remember, you have felt like a second mother to me. With your endless compassion, support and honesty, I always know I have trusted companion in you. We are all so lucky to have you in our lives. Have a wonderful 70th Birthday. Love You Tons, Jen

26: Dear Judy, What comes to mind when I think of you is "selfless". You are the most giving person I know in your love and support, and have always been there for me in good times and bad. Over the past 40 years that we have known each other, we have formed a special bond that gets stronger through the years. I feel fortunate to have you in my life and think of you not as a sister-in-law, but as a sister. Even though we live far apart, I still hold you close to my heart. HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY I love you, Marsha

27: Dear Judy, I always enjoy our visits together with you and Bob, especially reminiscing about our high school days. I hope in the future we can see more of each other. Enjoy your 70th birthday. With Love, Marty

28: Judy's 70th Birthday Wife, Mother, Grandmother She knows that its love that matters | Sweet and considerate The best sister I can have Loving and funny. ~ Camille | She gives her whole heart Loving and Loyal She handles life as it comes Pretty and stylish

29: Only An Aunt... Can give hugs like a mother... Can keep secrets like a sister... And share love like a friend... | To OUR INCREDIBLE AUNT JUDY.. An aunt is a gift whose worth cannot be measured except by the heart! People who are nice as you are great to be related to. Aunts like you are precious and few! | Thank you for always being there for ALL OF US and everyone! Love always, Lara, Brad, Doug, Colleen, and Chet

31: Judy When I was a young girl, I wanted nothing more than a sister. As I got older, I realized that I had sister in you, and our relationship became one of the most important in my life. I loved spending time with you, just talking, either in person or on the phone. You became more than the sister that I always wanted, You became my friend as well. | And generous...I'll never forget the time I visited you and Bob in Baltimore and I discovered that Janis Joplin was playing nearby, I couldn't believe you got great tickets and took me! I wish you the happiest birthday ever, and many, many more. Thanks for always being there and helping me with all those moments in my life that needed a sister, you did great kiddo! Love Always ~ September

32: Judy To my wonderful cousin whom I adore. May you have a very nice 70th Birthday. Time just goes by so quickly these days, even in my retirement. We so enjoyed seeing you and Bob recently with Carolynn and Matt in Palo Alto. We have so many wonderful memories of being all together at special family occasions and enjoying our time just together. I know we don't get together as often now as we would like, but when we do, it is such a pleasure to be with you and catch up. Thank goodness we have e-mail and the telephone. Our wish for you is to be healthier in your seventies and beyond. Ruth says hi and wishes you a wonderful HEALTHY and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We all hope to see you and Bob at Carolynn and Matt's open house here in December to celebrate their marriage. All Our Love, Sharon and Ed | Whenever I think of Judy, I think of someone who is warm and loving and supportive, and someone who always has something so positive to say. I always feel very loved with Judy and very accepted. Our last visit (just a couple of weeks ago) was no different. Happy Happy birthday to a wonderful, warm, and caring cousin! love always ~ Carolynn

33: Judy Looking at these photos is a great reminder of how important you are to us. We wish you all the best on your birthday and every day thereafter. The only negative thing about you is we don't get to see you enough! Please know that every accolade others are writing about you are felt by us. We love you.!!! Cheryl, Mark, and Jason Mallin

34: Dearest Judy, There is really no place to begin. You have always been a part of my life. Since our very young years, throughout our first marriages and children, through each and every decade, through ups and downs, sickness and more sickness, and some good health too, through moves across the country, out of state, and even out of the country, one thing has always been a constant: Judy and Harriett. I am not sure how many friends speak everyday, or several times a day, to one another, and we are talking about a lifetime of phone calls.. Yes, even before there were cell phones and wireless phones. You have always been there for me with unconditional love, support, concern and wisdom. You are a most giving and unselfish person, you are truly a fabulous listener who remembers things in great detail years after the fact! Okay, so both of our memories are getting a tad fuzzy of late, but I'm still good with that! I would venture to say that you are more my sister than the one I have by birth, and think we can both agree on that. I can tell you anything (and I do) and am never made to feel foolish. You always have just the right way to phrase, explain or deliver what you want to say and in

35: such a caring and loving way, never demeaning, never hurtful and pretty much always wise. I am sitting here with so many shared memories., every day, week, month and year that leads me to sit here and write this obviously cannot be put down on is our lifetimes! On the dawn of this new chapter in your (our) life, I am wishing you better and better and the best of have for so long suffered so much...I wish I could bring the magic fairy and sprinkle her magical, mystical dust upon you! Then I would like for you to have some good fun times, lots of smiles and laughter, inner peace and the realization of just how much you are valued and loved...not just by me, but by a huge world of people out there that love you. Happy 70th Birthday Judy. I consider myself truly blessed to have you in my life...Oh, so lucky me... With All My Love, Harriett, Howard, Michael & Laura Beth

36: Life is made up of moments and memories | Judy Our moments and memories will always remain with me whether we're near or far from each other. We've laughed together, cried together and been crazy together. All those memories will stay with me forever and I will always cherish them. Your love, devotion, caring and kindness to those close to you make you one in a million and I feel so lucky to have you in my life. Your unique sense of humor always makes me laugh and comes through in every conversation. Judy, you've made a indelible mark of love in my life and in my heart. Today we all celebrate you with love on your 70th birthday! I love you "little-bird" Jackie Lacher

37: When I sit down and reminisce about our friendship, it's funny the things that come to mind; intimately living our lives together for all these years; knowing everything about each other, and completely supporting each other, no matter what. I love you in a way that I love no one else. Thank you for being there for me, my best friend. I miss you and think about you all the time.--P.S. wonder if Obama is going to win? Love, Mare | To My Beautiful Best Friend Of 53 Years On Your 70th Birthday

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