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Juliette~ - Page Text Content

S: Life Style Of Stars ~ By Juliette

BC: Thank you for reading . Here are some of the websites I got my pictures from~ | http://lithops.as.arizona.edu/~jill/EPO/stars.jpg http://quest.nasa.gov/hst/events/stars.gif http://www.eurekalert.org/multimedia/pub/web/4166_web.jpg http://www.tqnyc.org/2006/NYC063368/redgiant.jpg http://science.nationalgeographic.com/science/space/universe/white-dwarfs-article.html

FC: Baby star Diary~

1: I dedicate this book to my aunt Chrissy (Christine). I dedicate this book to her because of her love of stars; also how eager she is to learn more about them. This book also goes to my mom because of her love of stars like said. | Thank you~

2: Today I start my adventure as a new baby star! I’m just a small ball of gas and dust right now. I was pulled together by gravity; I’m pretty shocked! As I get denser I start to get hotter and my hydrogen becomes helium and it's called a nuclear fusion! As I get older I lose some of my material. I usually lose it slowly, but sometimes I hear other stars say that they can lose it in an explosion! Sadly either way I die, and most of my material goes off around space. Sometimes, my material can combine with gas and dust and create a new star! I hope that happens then ill have a little bit of me in other stars! I hope they have my personality! (haha) ~Baby Star | .

4: Yippee! I’m going into my second stage of life today! I’m in my Main Sequence stage now! It kind of stinks because all of my all of my energy is being generated into my core. My hydrogen atoms are fusing into helium atoms! This releases tons of my energy right now. I’m going to get really big its just going to take a while; and as long as I have continuous supply of my hydrogen atoms so it can fuse into helium atoms! Well I’m getting tiered of writing I’m going to try to see if people can see me! Nighty night diary! ~Not so much babyish star

6: can’t believe it!!! Now I can enter my Red Giant stage! RED GIANT! Yippee! Technically right now I am a star that that expands cools once I use all my hydrogen. Sooner or later as I lose all my hydrogen, it’s going to cause my center to shrink! As my center is shrinking my atmosphere is growing larger and cooler; to form me into a red giant, or a supergiant! I can be up to either 10 times larger or a 100 times larger then the sun! I’m no longer a baby star now! ~No longer baby star!

8: Turns out I have the same mass of a star now that I’m in my last and final stage as a White Dwarf! I’m now the leftover center of an old star. I have no energy left and now I cant even generate energy by fusing hydrogen atoms into helium atoms! I feel like such an old person. But on the BRIGHT side I can shine for billions of years! haha I thought I might as well have a fun cheesy joke in this book. Well I’m about done writing now. Goodbye diary! ill be sure to write! haha bye! ~star!!!!

10: Facts about the white dwarf star ~ | The white dwarf is incredibly dense. As much as a teaspoonful of them would weigh up to 5.5 tons. White dwarfs typically have a radius just .01 times that of our own sun, but their mass is about the same. White dwarfs typically burn up all of the hydrogen they once used as nuclear fuel. All of the fusion in the white dwarfs core produces heat then outward pressure; this pressure is kept in balance by the inward push of gravity generated by its mass. The white dwarfs fusion slows; gravity causes the star to collapse in on itself.

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