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karen morales 5th hour

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FC: The FRENCH Revolution By:karen morales

1: It all started one day in 1770's the social & political system of France called the Old Regime remained in place. We were then divided into three classes or Estates. They were Clergy, Nobility and the rest of the population. | N.p., n.d. web.

2: We formed the the second and poorest, group within the third estate.Some of us were tradespeople,apprentices,laborers, and domestic servants.We got paid low wages, and we often went hungry. | http/

3: Our government sank deeply into debt in the 1770's when louis xvi borrowed from kings in order to help the american revolutionaries in their war against britain, france's chief rival. |

4: Louis solution to the debt economic problems was to impose taxes on the nobility.Louis called a meeting of the Estates General which was an assembly of representatives from all three estates because the second estate forced him to so they could approve the new tax. This meeting was on May 5, 1789.


6: Emanuel Joseph Sieyes suggested that the Third Estate delegates name themselves The National Assembly and pass laws and reforms in the name of the French people.The delegates of the Third Estate agreed to sieyes idea by an overwhelming majority.On June 17, 1789 they voted to establish the national assembly.

7: Three days later the Third Estate delegates broke down a door to an indoor tennis court,pledging to stay until they had drawn up a new constitution.This pledge became known as the Tennis Court Oath. |

8: On July 14, a mob searching for gunpowder and arms stormed the Bastile, a paris prison.The mob overwhelmed the guard and seized control of the building.Some people suggested that louis was intent on using millitary force to dismiss the national assembly.Others said the troops were coming to paris to massacre french citizens. Before this attack people started gathering weapons in order to defend the city.

9: Rumors were circulating that the nobles were hiring outlaws to terrorize us the peasants. A wave of senseless panic called the Great Fear rolled through france. Then we soon outlawed ourselves.Armed with pitchforks and other farm tools, we broke into nobles' manor houses and destroyed the old legal papers that bound us to pay feudal dues. |

10: On October 1789 Parisian women rioted over the rising price of bread.With weapons women marched on Versailles. They demanded that the national assembly take action to provide bread. |

11: Three weeks later after the nobleman made grand speeches declaring their love,liberty and equality the national assembly adopted a statement of revolutionary ideals,the declaration of the rights of Man and the citizen.This document stated that "men are born and remain free and equal in rights."The document also guaranteed citizens equel justice,freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

12: In september 1791, the national assembly completed the new constitution,which louis approved.The constitution created a limited constitutional monarchy.It stripped the king of much of his authority. It also created a new legislative body called the Legislative Assembly. |

13: Even though there was a new government, old problems such as food shortages and government debt remained. The legislative Assembly split into three groups because they didn't know how to handle these problems.The groups were radicals,moderates and conservatives.

14: Austria and Prussia urged the French to restore Louis to his position as an absolute monarch.The legislative assembly responded by declaring war in April 1792. The Prussian commander threatened to destroy Paris if the revolutionaries harmed any member of the royal family. |

15: Most of the people involved in the governmental changes in September 1792 were members of a radical political organization,the Jacobin club.One of the most prominent Jacobins, as club members were called, was Jean-Paul Marat.

16: The national convention had reduced Louis XVI's role from that of a king to that a common citizen and prisoner.On January 21,1793 the former king walked with calm dignity up the steps of the scaffold to be beheaded by a machine called the Guillotine. |

17: In the early months of 1793 one Jacobin leader, Maximilien Robespierre,slowly gained power.Robespierre became leader of the committee of public safety.In the next year he governed france as a dictator and the period of his rule became known as the Reign of Terror.

18: On October 1769 Napoleon Bonaparte became the hero of the hour and was held throughout Paris as the savior of the French republic.In 1796 The directory appointed napoleon to lead a French army against the forces of Austria and the kingdom of Sardinia. |

19: A sudden seizure of power like napoleon's is known as a coup- from the French phrase Coup d' etat. Napoleon pretended to be the constitutionally chosen leader of a free republic.In 1800,a plebiscite,or vote of the people, was held to approve a new constitution.

20: Napoleon took steps to end corruption and inefficiency in government. He dismissed officials and, in order to provide the government with trained officials, he set up lycees, or government-run public schools.Napoleon thought that his greatest work was his comprehensive system of laws, known as the Napoleon Code. |

21: In 1804,Napoleon decided to make himself emperor,and we supported him.In 1789 when the ideas of the revolution reached the planters in saint Domingue, they demanded that the national assembly give them the same privileges as the people of France.

22: Napoleon only lost one major battle,the Battle of Trafalgar.The battle took place in 1805 off the southwest coast of Spain.This defeat was more important than all his victories on land. | http//

23: In November 1806 napoleon set up a blockade- a closing of all ports to prevent all trade and communication between great Britain and other European nation.Napoleon called this system the Continental System because it was supposed to make continental Europe more self-sufficient.

24: For six years,bands of Spanish peasant fighters,known as guerillas, struck at French armies in Spain. The British added to the french troubles by sending troops to aid spanish. Napoleon lost 300,00 men during the peninsular war. |

25: In june 1812,napoleon and his army of more than 420,000 soldiers marched into russia.As napoelon advanced,alexander pulled back his troops,refusing to be lured into an equel battle.On his retreat, the russians practiced a scorched-earth policy.

26: In response, the European allies marshaled their armies. The British army, led by the Duke of wellington,prepared for the battle near the village of Waterloo in Belgium.This defeat ended napoleons last bid for power, called the Hundred Days.

27: Napoleon died in 1821 of a stomach ailment, perhaps cancer. |

28: Late in 1815,czar Alexander I, Emperor Francis I of Austria and king Frederick William III of Prussia signed an agreement called the Holy Alliance.In it they pledged to base their relations with other nations on Christian principles in order to combat the forces of revolution. Finally, a series of alliances devised by Metternich called the Concert of Europe,ensured that nations would help one another if any revolutions broke out.

29: The French revolution then changed the social attitudes and assumptions that had dominated Europe for centuries........ And this was the story of how the french revolution had begun! |

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