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Kari's Childhood Book 2

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Kari's Childhood Book 2 - Page Text Content

S: Kari's Memories 1983-1993

FC: Kari's Memories 1983-1993

1: Kari's 6th grade picture 11 1/2 years old

2: Kari's 11th Birthday

3: Brenda Huizinga, Holly Ondersma and Kari | Sara and Kari by Grandpa Maat's new house | Cheri Vanderlip and Sara | Kari and Tammy Bouma on wearing their "Kittens" uniform | Kari, Mandy Bruinsma and Sara

4: Grandma Velthouse married Joe Oomkes. May 18, 1985 Top right picture shows the Velthouse family: Irv & Barb with Dawn, Amy, Kari & Sara on the left side, Uncle Bob & Aunt Sharon (backrow) with Rob, Emily & Craig in the front, "Old" Grandpa Velthouse, Uncle John, Aunt Jerri, Debbie and Jodi on the right.

5: Uncle Gary and Nancy's wedding. Sept. 21, 1985. Picture on left is the Maat family: Irv, Barb, Dawn, Amy, Kari & Sara on the left side of the picture. Uncle Mike, Sylvia, Bruce, Brian, Janice & Vicki on the right. Grandpa Maat & Uncle Gary in the center. | The family at Dawn's graduation

6: Top left picture is Emily, Kari, Sara, Bob (Debbie's 1st husband). Middle left picture is Kari, Sara, Amy and Mark Oomkes. Pictures on right are Kari's 12th birthday.

7: Dan & Dawn's Wedding August 15, 1986 | Kari and Many Bruinsma | Picture at left is: Kari, Betty Zandstra, Sara, Heather Bruinsma, Jan Dykstra & Amy.

8: Kari's 13th Birthday | Kari and Sara | Michelle, Kari and Great-Grandpa Velthouse

9: To left is Kari & Sara looking at Dan & Dawn's wedding picture. To the right is Kari & Mandy Bruinsma. Middle picture is Brad Bruinsma, Kari & Sara | To the left is Kari and Michelle Zandstra.

10: (top) Holly Ondersma. (middle row l to r): Carla Slopsema, Kari (bottom row l to r): Brenda Huizinga, Becky Lotterman and Miriam Kamps | Kari and Becky Lotterman trying on wedding dresses | Kari's 8th grade class picture 13 1/2 years old

11: Sara in the trailer that we grew up using--an Empire

12: Kari's 9th grade class picture 14 1/2 years old

13: Kari's graduation from 9th grade

14: Left to right. Back row: Mr. Koning, David King, Mark Ondersma, Tom Mastbergan, Peter Reitsma, Jeff VanBaren, Chris Rutgers. Front row: Carla Slopsema, Holly Ondersma, Miriam Kamps, Jeremy Huizinga, Mike Holstege, Brenda Huizinga, Kari and Becky Lotterman.

15: Aug. 8-26, 1987 we took our last trip out west with Ondersma's. We went to Zion, Bryce & Salt Lake City in Utah, Cody, Yellowstone, Tetons & Jackson in Wyoming,, and Estes Park and Rocky Mountain park in Colorado. | Holly Ondersma, Kari, Sally Ondersma and Sara | Sara and Kari | Kari

16: Kari's 10th grade class picture 15 1/2 years old | The top left 2 pictures are Kari, Michelle, Sara, Dawn and Mom. Lower, left picture, we are celebrating Great-Grandpa Velthouse's 97th birthday. Irv, Barb, Amy, Kari & Sara are on the left side, Uncle John, Jodi & Aunt Jerri are in the back row. Uncle Bob, Aunt Sharon, Rob, Emily & Craig are on the right.

17: Christmas | Kari with Michelle on her lap. Mark Zandstra is sitting behind Kari.

18: Kari's 16th Birthday | On my birthday my mom took me to the Secretary of State and we got my license. That night I picked up Kim Berans and we were heading to Covenant's basketball game. I was rear-ended driving down Baldwin. The car was totalled.

19: Kari's 11th grade class picture 16 1/2 years old

20: As kids we spent a lot of time riding down the steps on a steelcase mat. | I loved writing and typing, so I was so happy to get this word processor!

21: Amy was able to use the condo of some one she worked with, so my parents let each of us take a friend with us. Amy took Brenda Holstege. I took Kim Berans and Sara took Deb Brauckbrauer. In the picutre at left in the back row is: Kari, Kim, Amy and Brenda. Sara and Deb are in the front row..

22: Kari's Jr./Sr. Banquet 1990 | Brenda Huizinga, Marcy Holstege, Kari and Sue Overway | Sue Overway, Marcy Holstege, Brenda Huizinga, Kari, Holly Ondersma, Janna Haveman | Marcy Holstege, Kari and Emily Eldersveld | Left to right. Back row: Janna Haveman, Holly Ondersma, Brenda Huizinga, Brenda Yonker. Front row: Betsy Newhoff, Sue Overway, Marcy Holstege, Kari, Emily Eldersveld | Kari's ready for "Clash Day" for Spirit Week

23: Velthouse family Christmas. Debbie is on far left, then Grandma Oomkes, Uncle Bob, Mark Oomkes, Amy, Kari | Mark Oomkes, Amy & Kari | Kari's 17 th birthday

24: Amy & Kari | Mark & Amy's Wedding March 22, 1991 | Amy & Kari | Kari & Michelle | Sara & Kari | Ryan Brunsting & Kari | Mom, Sara, Grandpa Maat, Dawn & Kari

25: Top, left picture is Brenda Holstege, Kari, Amy, Sara & Dawn. Top right picture is Dawn, Sara, Michelle & Kari at rehersal. Middle, left picture is Kari, Sara, Grandma Oomkes & Dawn. Kari & Sara are in the lower, left picture. | Kari & Sara

26: Kari's trying on Amy's wedding dress | Grandma Oomkes and Kari while she tries on the dress Grandma wore for her wedding

27: Kari's 18th birthday. Rog Scheur, a coffee drinker at Mike's brought the cake in for Kari.

28: Kari's Senior Pictures

30: Some of my closest friends from school. From top to bottom: Kim Berens, Brenda Huizinga, Nicole Pipe, (me), Kim and I, Marcy Holstege and Sue Overway.

31: Kari's Jr/Sr Banquet Senior Year 1991 | Brenda Huizinga, Janna Haveman, Kari, Nicole Pipe, Emily Eldersveld and Sue Overway. | Kari & Kim | Brenda, Kari, Kim, Sue, Marcy and Cindy Kaptein | Sue, Kari and Brenda | Brenda and Kari

32: Tim Pipe and Kari

33: Above: Kari at the all-nighter after the banquet. The top 3 pictures were taken on the class trip to Cedar Point. The top picture is Kari, Marcy Holstege, Janna Haveman, Sue Overway, Brenda Huizinga. Next picture is Brenda, Kari and Sue. The third picture is Sue, Kari and Nicole. The next 3 pictures were taken on a choir trip. The 4th picture down is Emily Eldersveld and Kari. The next picture down is: Kim Berans in the pink shirt. Going around the circle to the left from her is: Kari, Janna, Marcy, Emily | Eldersveld, Sara Schimmel, and Cindy Kaptein. Lower left picture is Marcy and Kari. Lower right picture is Kim, Janna, Sue, Cindy, Kari Sarah, Chad Huber (sunglasses), Stephan Haney and Marcy on the bus ride.

34: Kari's Graduation from Covenant Christian High School | Todd, Kari & Michelle | Lynn Brummel to the left. Brenda, Marcy, Kari & Sue

36: To the left is Sue, Marcy and Kari while camping at Holland State Park after graduation. To the right is Kari, Nicole and Sue waiting for a train to pass during the night. | Kari & Sue Overway | Dad seeing me off at the airport | Sue, Kari & Erika Kalsbeek heading out to the California convention

37: Protestant Reformed Convention in California Back row: Rhonda VanOverloop, Debbie Lenting, Erika Kalsbeek, Kari. Front row: Sue Overway and Melonie VanderNoord | Top right picture: Kari and Sue Overway are ready for the banquet. The bottom right picture show Sue and I as "roomies" having a late night chat!

38: Celebrating Mom and Dad's 25th Anniversary | Kari's pulling Todd and Michelle

39: Kari, Michelle and Todd having fun with a kitten!

40: Brenda Huizinga, Mark Lenting, Nicole Pipe, Kari, Gary Eenigenberg, Mike Velthouse and Dave Latenback (laying in the front) in the girl's hotel room in Chicago. | Brenda, Janna, Kari & Nicole in the hobby of their hotel in Ill. | Eriak Kalsbeek, Kari, Brenda Huizinga and Nicole Pipe on their way to church stop for a picture. | L to R. (back row): Janna Haveman, Emily Eldersveld, Kari, Erika Kalsbeek, Sue Overway, (front row): Dan Hubka, Nicole, Brenda, Marcy and Tim Pipe head to Ill. for spring break. | Kari and Brenda pointing out their "Illinois" shirts!

41: Above picture is Greg Lenting and Mark Lenting. Picture on top right is Dale Lenting, Gary Eenigenberg and Janna Haveman. Middle picture is Sue, Brenda and Kari. Bottom right picture is Sue Overway, Brenda Huizinga, Kari and Nicole Pipe hanging out at Brad Schwartz and Gary Brummel's apartment.

42: Back row: Greg Lenting, Ryan Zandstra, Steve Zandstra, Russ Potjer. Front row: Brenda, Kari and Emily Eldersveld. | Gary Eenigenberg is in the back row, black shirt. Left to right: Marcy, Dan Hubka, Ryan Zandstra, Kari, ? Brenda Griess, Greg Lenting | On a Sunday night, I had a big group of kids from Illinois and Michigan over

43: There was a group of friends Kari had in Ill. When they came to visit, they would usually stay at our house. Sometimes we'd get a big group together just to hang out. | Mark Lenting | Mark Lenting on Gary Eenigenberg's shoulder's in Kari's backyard. | Greg Lenting, Mark Lenting, Brenda Huizinga and Steve Zandstra

44: Dan & Kari | Christmas of 1991

45: Kari's 19th Birthday

46: Various pictures of Kari and Sara, including Sara's graduation (picture on left)

47: Top left picture is Michelle, Kari and Todd. Top right picture is Kari, Dan, Amy and Mark. Christmas 1992 Middle left picture is Dan and Michelle. Middle right picture is Dan with his new overalls. Bottom left picture is Mom, Grandpa Maat and Kari. Bottom right picture is Grandpa Maat, Kari and Dan.

48: Pictures of Mom, Dad, Kari and Sara

49: More flowers that Kari got from Dan! | Kari's 20th Birthday

50: Sue Overway, Nicole Pipe and Kari took a trip to Florida and a cruise over to the Bahama's in March, 1993

52: Pictures of Kari on vacation

53: Random Memories of My Childhood: -My grandparents names are Ed & Renzena Maat and Henry (Hank) & Henrietta Velthouse. -My parents are Irv & Barb Velthouse and my sisters are: Dawn, Amy & Sara -After Grandpa Velthouse died, Grandma remarried Joe Oomkes. Later my sister,Amy, married Joe's grandson, Mark Oomkes. -I grew up in Faith Protestant Reformed Church.I went to Hope P.R. School and Covenant Christian High School. I went to Wee Wisdom Preschool at Chapel Point Church. -I remember listening to my mom's radio in the kitchen on snowy mornings, hoping for a school closing. -My mom would jog with our neighbor, Mrs. Jecman most mornings, then come in and wake us up by saying "time to rise and shine!" -Several summers we went on 3 week camping trips with Ondersma's and traveled all over the U.S. Holly Ondersma was my age and my friend. -It was so fun to have friends come over on Sunday afternoons between church services. -A group from our church would go camping in Ludington each year. -Many times I'd come home from school to find my mom's quilting scatterred around the family room. -Mondays were always wash days. We'd come home to find clean laundry stacked on the kitchen table. -My mom would do a lot of canning in the summer. -My sisters and I would be so thrilled to go up to Fremont to Grandpa & Grandma's farm. We could rarely go in the barns, but we loved sitting on his rider lawn tractor. -My dad did upholstery for a while for a second job. Then he owned a peat bog. -My dad, Grandpa Velthouse, Uncle John and Uncle Bob all worked at Steelcase. -We called Great-Grandpa Velthouse "Old Grandpa" -My parents bought the little green car in the picture below. Dawn, Amy & Kari drove it for 2 years each. We had to maintain it. -I got my license on my 16th birthday. That night I picked up Kim Berens and as we headed to a basketball game, I got rear-ended. It was hard enough to total my parents car. Then, in the beginning of | March I was driving my parents mini van on a snowy night when a truck pulled out in front of me and started fishtailing on the ice. I slammed on my brakes to avoid hitting him and ended up rolling my van into a culvert, landing on the roof. I was not injured, but the kept me in the hospital for observation. The only other accident I was in, I rear ended a car in front of me. There was no damage, but I got a ticket. -My best friends in elementary were: my neighbor, Cheri VanderLip, Holly Ondersma, Brenda Huizinga. & Becky Lotterman. In high school, my best friends were: Kim Berens, Brenda Huizinga, Nicole Pipe, Sue Overway & Marcy Holstege.

54: -We became really good friends with a group of guys from Illinois: Mark & Greg Lenting, Ryan & Steve Zandstra, and Gary Eenigenberg. Mark was like a brother to me. -We also were good friends wtih Brad Shwartz and Gary Brummel. Brad was also like a brother to me. -I LOVED the social part of school, but I hated school work. -I babysat for several neighbors: Dryers, McDonalds, Kampers, and Koetje's. I also babysat for our pastor, Rev. Bruinsma as well as Normans, Kooienga's, and Heyboer's. -I picked blueberries for a summer or two. -I got a job as a Salad girl at Mike's Restaurant in Hudsonville. I began March 18, 1988. On April 22 I began waitressing. My first night I waitressed, I worked 4- 9:45 and made $16 in tips. $2.52 was my base pay. I worked there all through high school. -Some time in 1992 I began working at Dykstra Glass in Burnips. I worked here almost 2 years before I got a job at Teledial America in customer service. -I got glasses in 6th grade. -I played the flute in band. -After a few jobs on Sat. mornings, I would get paid 30 cents. 10 cents went to church, 10 cents went to my bank account, and 10 cents was for spending. This didn't last very long. -I had catechism on Sat. mornings when I was younger, then on Mon. evenings when I was older. -Some of my favorite T.V. shows were Little House on the Prairie, CHIPS, Fall Guy, TJ Hooker, Dukes of Hazard, Cosby Show and Full House -My parents usually had coffee on Sunday nights with friends. I spent a lot of Sun. nights babysitting. -When we were sick, we were given Ginger Ale and Jell-O water -The first thing I bought with my first paycheck was a camera. -The first car I bought was a white, 4 door Escort. -Church picnics were held every year at Hager Park -I was the first baby baptized at Faith PRC. -Peppermints were our church candy. We could have 3. -Before our big family vacations, my parents would give us their piggy bank (shaped like a barrel). We could count & roll the change and that would be our spending money on vacation. -Eating potato chips on newspapers in front of the fire and T.V. on Sat. nights after showers. -Sneaking out of bed after Mom went to bed. Dad would be watching TV, eating chips and drinking pop out of a glass bottle. We'd get to sit on his lap and he'd share his snack with us. -Mom had a decent sized garden in the corner of our backyard. -Sara and my friends would play tennis against the garage and roller skate on the driveway playing classical music from a radio. -Walking to the bus stop at the end of our road. -I played with dolls CONSTANTLY. Everything I did involved a doll.

55: -Building 2 story forts in the basement. We'd use 2 Steelcase heavy-duty table, leave a little walking space between them and hang sheets from the tiled ceiling. -Spring cleaning every year. -getting our ATARI -Mom would take a Tupperware container of Brach's candy on our vacations. Every couple of hours, she'd pull it out and we'd have a piece. We hated it when Dad at black licorice while we traveled. -Sara getting car sick on our vacations -Most of our vacations we'd get up in the middle of the night, carry our pillows to the van which was hooked up to the trailer and head out. Ondersma's would be on the road waiting for us, or we'd swing past their house and wait for them. -Getting our lawn mower out of the shed. -Going through the big black Steelcase drawers in the basement looking to see what hand-me-downs we'd get. (Yes, this was an exciting thing!) -Mom sewing a lot of our clothes. -Gunne Sax dresses -I rigged up a phone line through our clothes shoot (at the end of the hallway) so I could have a phone in my bedroom. -Playing games like "Kick the Can" and "Ghost in the Graveyard" -Oct. 2,1991 Dan Timmerman walked into Mike's. Normally I was a waitress, but this day I was hostessing. Dan's brother, Curt, came into Mike's quite often and had been trying to set Dan & I up. Finally, on Oct. 2, Dan walked in, leans on the hostess counter and says "Hi, my name is Dan and I was told I had to come and meet you." After we talked for a while, I gave him my phone number. We talked on the phone several times and went for coffee at Rainbow Grill. A couple of weeks later we went on our first date. Dan & I got married two years from the day we met, Oct. 2, 1993.

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