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Kathryn M.

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S: The3Spy

FC: The3Spy By: Kathryn Mokrynski

1: The3Spy By: Kathryn Rose Mokrynski

2: The3Spy

3: This book is dedicated to my friend Noah, who helped me with me the idea for this book. I hope he likes his own character, Noah the Golden Retriever.

4: Introduction Hello, Agent of Spies. My name is Klaus, and I am the leader of The3Spy Inc. The headquarters are in the mountain, Mt.Everest. We have 3 spies that are kids. Their names are Brandon, Kathryn, and Tommy. The boys have only just found out who they are. You see, I choose the spies. Since you know the code to open this book, then you know the code to join. If you continue on, you will figure out the meaning of the secret code. Good luck, Agent of Spies! From, Klaus a.k.a The3Spy Inc. Leader

5: The3Spy Brandon, Kathryn, and Tommy were heading back to their house, overloaded with books and homework. As they walked into the house, there was a rumble, then a whoosh of air. Kathryn cried, "Oh no! There are big robotic cranes under my house!" But then she whispered softly so only Brandon overheard her. "I wonder how it happened." Brandon knew Kathryn had a big secret that she wouldn't let them know. Then Kathryn shouted over the crane's noises, " And that is why you always bring backpacks!" Then she reached into her gigantic backpack and pulled out 3 tiny backpacks, for Tommy, Brandon, and herself. They opened them up and saw a watch, a lunch box, a parachute, and a rope.

6: Then, pressing a button on their watches, they were flying, floating through the air with black parachutes. Their clothes had become spy clothes, and they were wearing all kinds of spy gear. As if they had been doing this for years, they flew through the sky, heading for a big, black, building. "There they are!" shouted Tommy as they lowered themselves right behind a bush. Using a laser pen she had, Kathryn cut a hole big enough for them to see the building without being spotted by the guards in the bush. They watched as the guards marched around the building. Aiming his watch at the guards, Brandon slammed a button just as Tommy leaped skyward and soared with his jet pack toward the building. CRASH!!! went the building wall as a piece of it gave way. Slipping into her Chameleon Suit, Kathryn blended in perfectly with the building.

7: While Tommy captured the guards, Brandon glanced at all the doors inside, looking for a shade of shimmer on any of them. While he was doing that, Kathryn zoomed to the biggest door of all, and activating it with her key, jumped inside. She hurried through one of the many sparkling mirrors inside. She was in a humongous room. Suddenly, a huge crane swooped down and captured her. It wrapped her in chains. A man jumped from behind a pillar. He snickered as the crane swooped Kathryn down. "Hello Agent, long time no see."He directed the crane to drop her in a glowing tube. As soon as that happened, Brandon and Tommy zoomed into the room. Tommy leaped on the man, while Brandon tried to rescue Kathryn. But the glass tube was impossible to break. "She will stay here and die unless you surrender and go away." The man cried.

8: Tommy was just about to surrender when he spotted a computer behind the man. He kicked the man in the shins and grabbed the keypad. He typed in, "LET THE GIRL GO RIGHT NOW." There was a whirring noise, and Kathryn fell out onto the floor, knocked out. Brandon grabbed her and flew her to the outside of the building with Tommy right behind. When they got outside, they used their jet packs to get to the floating house. Then they poured water over Kathryn's face until she woke up. Weakly, Kathryn got up and walked to the bedroom, Tommy and Brandon following right behind her. All three of them collapsed on the bed and began to fall asleep, dreaming of what their next adventures would be, and who would win the spy war, The3Spy, or the Dark Side

9: The next morning when they woke up, Kathryn was feeling much better then she had the day before. When Brandon and Tommy jumped down, Kathryn had already made breakfast. As soon as they finished, they flew over to the headquarters in the mountains. When they got there, a man was waiting for them. It was their boss, Klaus. He showed them to a room with mirrors, like Kathryn had been in. He escorted them to a mirror, which showed a dark castle with a purple flag with a face on it. They waved good-bye to Klaus as they leaped through the mirror. They arrived at the dark castle, which they realized had everything they had saw, but also huge griffins swooping around it. Brandon knew they had to act swiftly and carefully. So they silently flew through the forest to get closer. Then Tommy yelled so the griffins came zooming down. When that happened, they all used their jet packs and flew through the walls and soared toward the jails.

10: Then Tommy zoomed upward to try and find the evil man. Kathryn and Brandon flew until they saw scared faces in the jail cells below them. They broke the cells and flew the people out of the castle and through the mirror, soared back to headquarters, dropped them off and zoomed back to the castle. Brandon and Kathryn stared down and saw this adorable little puppy staring up at them with sad, hopeful, eyes. Kathryn swooped down and carried it until they reached the evil man's lair. When they got into the lair, they saw Tommy fighting with the evil man, who had a pin on his shirt that said, "Matt". He laughed as Brandon, Kathryn, and the little dog Kathryn had named Noah entered the room. As soon as Noah saw Matt, he growled. "Get him boy!" Kathryn cried as Noah charged with an angry look in his eyes, and began ripping off parts of Matt's clothes. While Noah was chewing, Kathryn, Brandon, and Tommy grabbed all the evil spy gear, and, using their rope, slid down.

11: Soon, Noah was at the window, so Brandon flew up to him and soared him back down into Kathryn's arms, where Noah curled up and fell asleep on the way back. When they got back to headquarters, the guards took away all of the evil spy gear. Then Klaus took the boys aside and told them the truth. "Kathryn is actually my daughter. Please take care of her and her dog." As soon as he spoke that, Kathryn zoomed over and cried, tears pouring down her face, where they fell on Noah. "I am sorry for not telling you earlier, but it was not safe enough." "So that is how you got the backpacks!" Tommy shouted. But they forgave her and then dressed into their regular clothes and put away all their stuff in their backpacks. Then Klaus waved good-bye as they went back to their house to celebrate their victory over the evil spy team because of them, The3Spy.

12: Thank you for reading The3Spy. Now that you know the reason of the code, you must never tell ANYONE the meaning of the secret word, but you may tell them the word. Klaus

14: Pictures from "Behind The Scenes"

15: The picture on the first left corner is when Kathryn fell out of the tube. The bottom left is when Kathryn is captured. The top right is when Matt is being chewed. The bottom right picture is when everyone is celebrating. The top right corner on this page shows Matt in pain. The top left corner shows everyone sleeping. The last picture is when Kathryn is apologizing.

16: Bloopers! | By accident, Noah chews Matt's nose! | Two problems: Got the wrong person, and got punched in the nose. | It seems this person likes my book!

17: I was trying to get my cover picture, but then these two girls attacked me! | Sometimes celebrating gets a little crazy!

18: The Cast Of The3Spy!

19: The Photographer!

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