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Keiron and Kylie

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1: cutie PIES | Keiron James Gooden & Kylie Joy Salyards

2: Day 1: Thursday, March, 20 Keiron and Kylie were born today at about 1:00 p.m. They spent the rest of the day with Daddy. They went with him to a small-group Bible study where they smiled for the first time. I hope they are having a good time with him. I’m really tired today so I’m happy that Daddy is stepping up to take care of them for the night.

3: The first day Keiron and Kylie came home with me it was great. I was able to help Aubree this first day and take them. I had so much fun bringing them home for the first time and letting them have completely new experiences. I can already tell that it will be a hassle to have them, but a joy adventure as well. I found out trying to deal with twins on your own is very challenging as just one you get one to behave and play the other one starts to run off, actually crawl. However with the crying I was prepared for the worst but to my surprise they both were wonderful and barely cried. When they did it didn't take long for them to stop. This night I took them to Bible Study with me so I could spend as time with them as possible. They loved it, they were good during the whole thing and during times that we were just talking they both got so much attention from everyone else. By the end of it they were tired but still loved being around people. When it was finally time to leave they were sad to go. With all the personal attention they were getting it was hard for them to leave. I was also hoping that they now wouldn't expect that much attention all the time. When we got home they were both still tired but still wanting to play some. I am pretty sure they were missing their mom without realizing it. At points one or the other of them would look around like something was wrong or missing. They then continued to play but I could tell they wanted someone else to be there as well. Finally at 8:30 they were tired enough I put them to bed and they both fell asleep. This allowed me a chance to get some homework done for tomorrow.

4: Day 2: Friday, March, 21 Daddy brought the babies to school this morning and I took care of them for the rest of the school day. A couple of different students throughout the day asked me about my babies. They asked what their names were and commented on how cute they were. Many asked where I got their clothes. Grandma Gooden brought us lunch and ate with us. They were very well-behaved all day. However, I was very tired and didn’t study for my Economics Learning Target. Grandma and Grandpa are watching the babies for the evening because I have an NJROTC awards dinner. I cannot wait to come home to them and have some play time. | little ONES

5: This day had a short early start having to answer to keiron’s call at 2:30 a.m. for a little bit before he went back to sleep. I was finally then able to go back to sleep and get some more rest before having to get up in a few hours for school. When I did get up later and had to get ready for school it then took longer having to also prep both of the twins. Getting to school I passed them off to Aubree who was very happy to see them and extremely excited to have them with her. It was different not having them during the day or at night as Aubree was taking them for the weekend. At night it was nice not having them to take up my constant attention but I did miss them some. Although it did then allow me to attend a birthday party for a friend that would have been harder to do otherwise. I hope Aubree is having a fun time with them.

6: Day 3: Saturday, March 22 This morning Keiron and Kylie woke up at 2:30 and being a loving parent, I sat up with them until they went back to sleep. We had a relaxing day just hanging out at home. That night my family went out to dinner at Macaroni Grill. My dad put our name in for a party of 4 plus a high chair. The hostess asked if we needed a kid’s menu and we said no. It was really funny when we were being seated because she forgot about the high chair but the hostess said, “Well it isn’t a human so it’s alright.” We eventually got the high chair and sat with the kids for dinner.

7: Today I didn’t have the twins at all. Aubree had them for the whole day. This day was nicer that she could take them and care for them as I had two meetings I had to attend and both would be long and boring for babies making it hard for them to sit still. First I had a planning meeting for my mission’s trip this summer. Then later in the day I had a college question and answer time in Los Angeles for Willamette. Not only was this a lot of talking but it was also far away making it a hard car ride to take youngsters on. However I did think about them during the day and miss them. It will be nice on Monday to see them again and have them back.

8: Day 4: Sunday, March 23 This morning Keiron and Kylie woke up at 2:30 and being a loving parent, I sat up with them until they went back to sleep. Later that morning I had some breakfast with the kids. I read a children’s story to them. We watched TV most of the day. Later in the evening Jace and I took the kids out to Bass Pro Shops at Victoria Gardens. We went on the boats and ATVs. I had a great day at the mall and cannot wait to get some rest.

9: Today again because it is Sunday Aubree still has the kids. Today I did normal activities of going to church in the morning and playing in the band. Probably at some point I will teach Keiron and Kylie how to play musical instruments. It would have to be when they are older but I will definitely at least try to teach them at some point one of the instruments I play if not multiple. Anyway back to the day so I worked on homework in the afternoon and continued to look at college stuff. At night I had youth group and then homework which was nicer to work on without having to also focus on two kids. Yet once again I missed them throughout the day and can’t wait till Monday to see them again. It will make going to school not as bad.

10: Day 5: Monday, March 24 I drove Keiron and Kylie to school today and gave them to Tim to watch throughout the day. I saw them periodically during the day. I hope they had a fun time with their dad. I know I missed them a lot and cannot wait to see them and spend more time with them.

11: Today was the first full school day that I had with the kids and having to take care of them. Over the weekend Aubree had them the whole time so I was finally able to see them again today. As I went throughout my day it was great having them there with me. After being without them for a whole weekend I was happy to see them again. Although I will say it was tough having to carry them around in addition to my school backpack. It took some getting used to as to how to do different functions normally. However soon it became more habit than troublesome. I am still amazed at how good they were the whole day. So much of the day they napped during my classes. The times when they didn’t nap it looked like they were paying attention during class and understanding what the teacher was talking about. In fact at points they seemed to be the only ones paying attention during a class. After school I went on an outing with Elaine and her baby and Matthew and his baby. We went down to target and had fun with our babies looking at different things. I took a picture with them and a soccer ball because I plan on teaching them soccer when they are older. Also I read them the book Red Fish, Blue Fish, One Fish, Two Fish by Dr. Seuss. It was one that I have fond memories of so I thought I could hopefully give them similar memories. Finally I also looked at bikes with them and put them on one. After that we finally went home for dinner and more play time. Grandma also played with them some but then they went to bed. Giving me a chance to do homework.

12: Day 6: Tuesday, March 25 I was supposed to watch the kids today but since I was in uniform, Tim volunteered to take them for the day. I really appreciate him helping out and taking them for me. I miss them but I’m glad I didn’t have to carry them all day in uniform.

13: Once again I had to get up early this morning for the babies but this time is was Kylie that was crying instead of Keiron. It seems like clockwork that right at 2:30 in the morning one of them will wake up and start crying to force me to get up with them. Yet like before Kylie went back to sleep quickly just wanted a little attention at that time of night. I was then able to get some sleep before school and having to get the babies ready. Once I got to school it was suppose to be another day that Aubree would have them but as she had an ROTC event I took them because she was in uniform. When they are in uniform it is hard to carry a backpack much less two babies. So I took them around with me another day of classes, however this time they were not quite as good and were a little more rambunctious. Lucky they would normally calm down some when I needed them to and the teachers gave them some grace. After school I tutored Josh in math and took the babies with me. Being active all day in classes must have tired them out some because for this hour they slept for most of the time. However at the very end they woke up so I was also able to start trying to teach them basic math like shapes. Maybe if I work hard enough I can get them to Calculus at the beginning of high school. At home we had dinner and I had to feed them like the other nights. This night my mom was nice to me and watched them some for me because I had a large amount of homework to do. Although I still took time to tuck them in bed and read them a story. The story I read them was Good Night Moon.

14: Day 7: Wednesday, March 26 Today was a short day and I had the kids for the day. After school Tim ad I went to Panera to have an outing together with the kids. It was really fun seeing how Tim interacts with the kids. Once I got home from school, I asked my mom if she could babysit for me while I went to the gym. She agreed as long as I picked up milk on the way home. Thanks Mom!

15: Today the babies woke up later than usual. It was right around 4 instead of the normal 2:30 in the morning. Although both were up so I don’t know if one was up for a little longer and woke up the other one because I didn’t wake up right away. At 4 in the morning it is challenging to have to deal with two babies at once. I finally got both of them to fall back asleep but it didn’t leave me much time before school. I still go another hour and a half about but not as much as the 2:30 time leaves and not quite as restful. When I actually got up for school the kids weren’t awake yet so I got them ready the best I could without waking them but part way through they did wake up. At school I then passed them off to Aubree for her to have them again. I started to miss them again but it was nice I saw them some during school. Also after school Aubree, Lia, and I went down to Panera Bread with all our babies. After that Aubree took them for the night and I went home for some peace and quiet yet also a feeling of loneliness. Luckily tomorrow I will get them back.

16: Day 8: Thursday, March 27 Today was the last day of the project. It was honestly really hard to turn in the kids to Mr. Ferguson. I had no idea that I could build a connection with a bag of rice but I did. I enjoyed this project more than I thought I would. Kids are a lot of work but are truly a blessing.

17: Today was the last day we had the kids. As Aubree was really attached to them she took them for part of the school day and lunch. I had them for the second half of the day. It will be strange not having them with me tomorrow as I have grown accustom to them. They were good today during the classes I had them for. Also Aubree was kind and watched them and the other kids of people in ASB during dodge ball as we were referees and we didn’t want the kids to get hit by a ball. After school I did tutoring again and this time they slept the whole time. It was wonderful not only did they nap then but all up until dinner. After dinner I then took them to small group once again. Tonight was a night that was more fun for them as it was just a game night we hung out during. I was able to play cards with the kids and they tried to help. We made significant development in their strategy for go fish. They also enjoyed watching up play just dance. During it they looked very amused with what we were doing. Finally I went home and tucked them in bed as I got home past their bed time. It is sad to think tomorrow we are going to turn them in and that will be the last of it. Hopefully they just sleep through this one last night.

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