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Kelly's Mixbook

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FC: Kelly's Mixbook

1: She is talking about that any woman can be phenomenal if she just holds herself the right way. - Phenomenal Woman

2: No matter what people say about me, I will rise again. Nothing people say or do to me will bring me down. So stare or say hateful things all you want. It won't bring me down. - Still I Rise

3: The Lady of Shalott, was cursed to stay in the lake near Camelot. No one ever seen her wave her hand. - Lady of Shalott

4: To save this dear woman from having her life ending all because she took her employer's wife's clothes she's getting hung. She's found a hungman to save her from being hung. - Marring the hangman

5: To love thee so much, and to fall in love with them every day. To spend the rest of her life with the man she's in love with. The love she has for him is so strong. - How do I love thee

6: George Gordan was in love wit a girl. He was desribing to us everything he loved about her. The way she walked he thought had so much beauty in it. - She walks with beauty

7: He fell asleep on a cold hill, while he slept he had a dream about the perfect girl that would fall in love with him, and say i love thee. but only to wake up to no one being there by his side. - La Belle Dane sans Merci

8: Having the fear of falling in love. - When i have Fears That I May Cease to Be

9: A dark poem that shows how when you fixate on the dead you forget about the living. - The Raven

10: How an ancient mariner found a good luck charm and than he killed it, and in result his entire crew was killed and he was punished with eternal life. | a curse. - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

11: Her relationship with her husband was perfect. No one else has a relationship better than her and her husband. - To my Dear & Loving Husband |

12: Belinda always goes to a place where all the wealthy people get together. She was warned that something bad was going to ... - The rape of the lock | happen, but still went. Baron wanted to cut a piece of Belinda's hair. While she was sitting around playing cards, Baron on the 3rd tired cut a lock of her hair. It was suggested that it has been taken up into the heavens and immortalized as a constellation.

13: In the poem he is talking about a rose. The speaker tells a rose that it is dieing because of a worm has gotten into it. And the worm is slowly destroying it. - Songs of innocence and experience. - The sick rose

14: If you keep on loving the person the love will grow but if you were to stop than the love between the two will stop. - If You Forget Me

15: This poem talks about what love is.. -Sonnet 116

16: She lives in Bath, England, she is a mother/seeamstress. She has been married several times, and has been known to be involved in | affairs. She is considered beautiful in teh time the story was written, probably not today. She loves the finer things in life and often travels. | - The Cantery Tale

17: Dante is a poet who is married to Gemma, he had an affrair with a woman named Beatrice who died during child birth. After that Dante wanted to kill himself, so he was sent to hell on the Friday before Easter. And came out Easter day. - Dante's Inferno |

18: In Dream Deferred they are asking what happens to a dream, do you forget it or does it die? |

19: Most of the stories were about death, and about what the people did. - Spoon River Anthology |

20: Song to myself

21: The one story talks about falling in love with a black women. Xavier has the choice of loving her and selling his silver mirror | for his love for Roxanne. Or he can not sell his silver mirror and move up on the social ladder like he wnants to.

22: David is in love with a man named _____. To hide his love for him, David goes and marries a girl by the name of _____. - Linden hills.


24: In 2081, Kurt believes that the world is going to be equal. In the future everyone is going to hate to be different. They all are the same, But Harrison Burgeron, who doesnt like to be the same as the others. And gets sent to jail, and breaks out.

25: A child was locked in a room where they child had festered sores, and sits in its own excrement all the time. -The one who talks away from Omelas

26: In this story they are talking about the early 2081, where everyone is equal. But Harrison Bergeron doesn't want to be equal with everyone, so he does what he wants, which gets him put in jail. - Harrsion Bergeron

27: The women weren't allowed to go up to get their annual lottery ticket from the town. At the end a women was stoned to death. - The lottery

28: In Young Goodman Brown it talks about how he had to leave his wife Faith to go to a meeting. He had to go to a meeting at night. During the adventure to the meeting he found out that people really aren't like he thought they were.

29: The narrator is taken care of a elderly guy, and he can't stand his vulture like eye, so he kills him. He hears the elderly mans heart beating when the cops come, and he finally gives up he killed the elderly guy. - The Tell-Tale heart |

30: The Minster's black Veil

31: Misfit was a criminal that escaped jail, and was heading towards Florida. Florida is where Bailey, June Star, John Wesley, the mother, and baby and grandmother were | Misfit was a criminal that escaped jail, and was heading towards Florida. Florida is where Bailey, June Star, John Wesley, the mother, and baby and grandmother were heading. On their way there, they got into an accident and ran into Misfit. Misfit's men killed everyone in the family but the grandmother. The grandmother recognized Misfit as her baby. After that she was shot by him.

32: Mrs. Mallard's husband was thought to be dead, and Josephine told her sister whom is Mrs. Mallard. Mrs. Mallard dies of a broken heart. - The Story of an Hour

33: In Nobody's story it talks about "he" who wants the Bigwig family to take care of him when he can't do it himself. They also mention how the Bigwig family are neighbors to him, and how they always fight.

34: In the necklace it's about a poor couple who get invited to a rich peron's special occasion. Madame Loisel doesn't have a dress or jewlery to go to it. So she gets upset. So her husband gets her a dress, but than she borrows a necklace | from her friend. She than loses the necklace. Her and her husband pay for a brand new one. - The Necklace

35: Mr. Wright was some how hung in the middle of the night, without his wife knowing someone did it. She claims she was a sound sleeper, but the Sheriff put her in jail for the murder of her husband. Later the Sheriff's wife and Mrs. Hale found a dead bird in Mrs. Wright's stuff for quilting. They hide the bird from their husbands.

36: In to Build a Fire, the man adventures to another part of the area he lives at to go to a camp with the boys. Along the way the weather took a | turn for the worse. The man whines breaking the ice to a pond and falling through. He starts losing feeling in his feet and hands.

37: In the Birthmark,

39: In Marrying well Fanny's aunt really doesn't like Edward. The man Fanny is planning on | marrying. Her aunt finds things about about him, and Fanny doesn't marry him. Instead she finds another man to marry.

40: The first block in the Quilter is about the Rocky Road to Kansas. They moved in large groups to Kansas, they took a wagon along with their scraps for their quilts. - Block one to The Quilters

41: The Second block to the Quilters talks is the "Dugout." The play talks about how Sarah was happy to finally make it to the dugout. She made a statement along the lines of how she didn't feel like Mama said, which was how she felt being closed in down there. - the second block for The Quilters.

42: In the third block from the Quilters, it talks about babies. Sally mentions how when they were babies they wore wool trousers. They also mentioned how the neighbors would come over and quilt with Mama. | -Third block from the Quilters

43: The fourth block of the Quilters talks about the Rebel patch. How the Midwife never quilted when she was younger. She never wanted to either. She always wanted to be outside playing instead of inside making quilts like her sister. | - The Fourth Block to The Quilters

44: Block five is the windmill of the Quilters. In this block it talks about how a boy named Frankie always goes to his father's windmill to make water to put in his bucket for his family. He goes everyday for his family. He explained how he had to climb up and hang on the windmill for it to go.

45: Block six in the Quilters talks about Joy maken her first quilt. There wasn't a lot of scraps for them to make her first quilt. So Joy and her Mama both went into town with her Papa. They went to the dry goods in town, and were looking at clothes. They were looking at a red cloth when her Papa came in so he bought it for them. Than it goes into detail how when Joy was baptized she was dropped into the water. - Block Six of the Quilters

46: Block seven talks about how Lizzie finds out from her adopted mother that she was adopted. The only reason why she found out was because she found a quilt in the shed that was made by her natural mother, who didn't get to finish the quilt before she died. - Seventh Block, the Quilter

47: In Block eight of the Quilters they talk about how Miss Jessie has recently got the okay to start teaching the children Geography.

49: In Block Ten of the Quilters they patch is "lonestar." As the play went on Sarah and Lou Ann talked about how Sarah started making her quilts when she was eleven years old.

50: In block eleven in the Quilters is the double wedding bands. And they girls all talk about their marriage in this part of the play. And one story tells how she met her husband.

51: In block Twelve, this is the shadow block. In this area of the Quilters the women are talking about all the kids they had. They list the oldest to the youngest, and describe their births for each. Some of them even said they were scared to have their 13th child.

52: In block Thirteen it's about log cabins. In this part of the quilters they talk about how the women helped their husbands build their log cabins. The women were proud of themselves for helping.

53: In block fourteen of the Quilters is the country crossarods. In this part of the quilters they have a mother alone at night with her children in their new log cabin but the children are scared of the noises they hear so they sleep wit their mother. In her bedroom.

54: In Block fifteen in the Quilters is Crosses and Losses. In this part of the Quilters it talks about the fire that started and the women some how escaped from it with all the children. But lost the quilts they have made.

55: In block sixteen of the Quilters is the Tree of LIfe. In this part of the Quilters they talk about finishing the house that was burned down by the fire. They one women was going to do it no matter if her husband was around or not. After his funeral she went to it and finish the log cabin.

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