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Kerrigan Memorial Book--not finished

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Kerrigan Memorial Book--not finished - Page Text Content

S: Kerrigan Mae Richardson

BC: You are life. And you lived. You gave what you needed to give. Forever ours. Forever His. The greatest gift, was always you.

FC: Memories

1: Kisses and Charisma with Everchanging Expression of Rare Innocence and Real Joy Irresistible Imp with a Gift for Touching Others Always in our Hearts Never to be Forgotten ~CRC Preschool

3: Kerrigan-isms "I use my body to dance, and I make music with my bum!" Primary President: "How old do you think President Monson is?" Kerrigan: "Old like my mommy!" "Mommy, you shouldn't eat puppies. Puppies taste like yucky." "K-e-r-r-i-g-a-n...No, Mommy! Not i-g-a! IGA's yucky!" "You can't eat Kerrigans. They're an endangered species!" "I'm not on the bayou!" "Mommy, I'm going to doctor you now. Hold won't hurt!" "Mommy, Daddy, I love you, but I can't take it anymore!" "What does Daddy eat?" Kerrigan: "Daddy eats steak!" "What does Mommy eat?" Kerrigan: "Mommy eats chocolate!" "What does Opa eat?" Kerrigan: "Opa eats cookies!" "What do bears eat?" Kerrigan: "Bears eat Daddy!" "Mommy, let's go to Wal-Mart and get a new daddy!"

4: Favorite TV shows and Movies

5: Favorite Music and Books

6: My favorite memory of Kerrigan happened on Halloween of 2008. Angela and I had Kerrigan's little pumpkin, and we told her we were going to carve it. She was just fine and was drawing on her pumpkin. Then we started to cut into it and she started to melt down. After we had cut around the stem, I started to open in and she was saying "No, no, no!" So I tried to get her to touch the guts, and she did the "No, no, no!" thing again and threw the guts onto the floor. Once we told her that we had to cut the pumpkin even more, she just broke down, just like Linus from "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" When asked later about her pumpkin she said "It's on the porch, dead!"

7: A u n t K r i s t a

8: There isn't enough space to write the memories I have of Kerrigan. There are too many and they are all very precious. My first memory happened during a family dinner. We were all around the table talking, laughing, and joking. Out of nowhere Kerrigan shouts to out, "Be quiet ,Sha!" Silence followed her outburst and the room was overcome with laughter. She was extremely pleased at herself to have caught her Auntie Sha off guard. Uncle Doo-doo quickly made this phrase his favorite thing to get Kerrigan to say. She had no problem telling Aunt Sha to "Be Quiet!" Another memory was when we went to Utah for Jessi Brinkerhoff (Peterson)'s wedding. Usually, while on long car rides, I like to sleep almost the whole time. I sat behind Kerrigan in the car. I don't know how she did it, but she seemed to know whenever I started to drift off and managed to holler my name, or get my attention one way or another. Needless to say, I didn't sleep a wink the whole trip. My last memory I'd like to share is from when Kerrigan would come visit Grandpa's store. Every time she would come to the store her Aunt Sha would take her to get a treat. We would walk over to the donut case and get an M&M sugar cookie. One time while visiting at the store Kerrigan wandered off a little bit. She managed to find a dark stripe in the floor that goes the entire perimeter of the store. She had noticed every time that Aunt Sha took her to get a treat that they followed the dark line. Well while wandering away, she followed the dark line all the way to the donut case by herself and waited patiently for someone to come and get her a cookie. Once she had her cookie she strategically removed every M&M from the cookie, leaving a soggy sugar cookie to give to Grandpa. Another thing about Kerrigan was that she was very possessive of her family members; everyone was “hers.” “My Sha,” “My DooDoo,” “My Grandma,” “My Grandpa,” “My Tim.” She was always able to put a smile on everyone's face, and bring life to every room. She truly has been an angel in our lives and her memories will definitely live on within all of us. We love you, Kerrigan!

9: A u n t i e S h a

10: At church in Worland, going up to the podium to say the closing prayer, so quiet in the chapel you could hear a pin drop, and having Kerrigan scream at the top of her lungs “Doo Doo!” At Sha's birthday party at our house, when she had her balloon, “Bob,” tied it to the mailbox, and it flew away. She first started screaming because she couldn’t get it. We got her to say "Bye!" and wave bye to “Bob," but as soon as she realized it wasn’t coming back, she went into a meltdown, crying and screaming.

11: U n c l e D o o D o o

12: Her Grandma's favorite memories are lots of small very entertaining ones, but a couple that make me the smile the most are first. Kerrigan loves a macaroni dish that we call "sticky macaroni." Since her daddy doesn't really like it, it has become a dish that she like Grandma to make for lunch. One afternoon after having some, Angela and I went into the kitchen to start cleaning up. Kerrigan started making her yummy noises, so we went to check on her. I guess she wasn't finished yet, somehow she had climbed back up on a chair and up onto the table. There she was sitting in the middle of the dining room table with the big black serving spoon full of macaroni eating it right out of the pan. I've always liked the entertainer in her also. She loved to play her piano and make up songs and dance. But the real entertainer in her showed up when she would announce herself and then do a count off before starting to sing. She loved the microphone and had great star capability. We recently got the Glee game for Wii and she has learned several songs off the show. When she had her turn with the song and the microphone, she ended up with an amazing 39% - awesome for a 4 year-old. My other memory is how she liked 1 on 1 time and rotated it around. Her bedroom at our house seemed to be especially her territory. She would buddy up to one person, her Grandpa, or her Grandma, or her Aunts, whomever. Nobody else could step into the room. If they did the would yell at them to get out, promptly push them out into the hallways and slam the door. We enjoyed our 1 on 1 time with her and will miss that. One last memory happened last summer on our way to Jessie Brinkerhoff's wedding. Grandpa got stuck in the elevator during a power outage, and Kerrigan became so worried that he would never get out. She kept checking on him and crying for Grandpa to be ok. When the power finally came on and Grandpa was rescued from the elevator, he became her pocket-pal for the rest of the day. Kerrigan was terrified to let him out of her sight! There was so much personality in that tiny petite body, that her 4 short years were very full and entertaining and loving ones. We will miss her tremendously. Luvs You! Grandma

13: G r a n d m a

14: From the moment Kerrigan was born she had me wrapped around her little finger. She was my little girl. Some of my best memories of Kerrigan when she was spending time at our home. Kerrigan would come to the house and know that Grandpa wanted to take a nap during lunch. I would lie down and she would put her a blanket on me and tell me to go to sleep. A few seconds later it was, "Grandpa, wake up!" Then, "Grandpa, go to sleep! Grandpa, wake up!" We would do this for the whole time I was home with me never getting a nap. Kerrigan always liked cooking in her play kitchen. The last meal she made for me in her new kitchen was watermelon. I think we had watermelon hot, cold, cooked, and raw. But boy, was it good. My fondest memory of Kerrigan will be that of being her prince. This past summer (2010) Kerrigan had come to spend a few days with us. We went to the ward fifties party and sock hop. We had told Kerrigan that we were going to a dance. From that time on Kerrigan was a princess and I was to be her prince. Once we got to the dance Kerrigan wanted to dance the night away. I was her prince and she the princess. Lori was bannished to the table in the gym and told that she could not dance with me, I was her prince. This went on all weekend and she never let me forget about our ball. Kerrigan loved Christmas. The last few years I have put up on the yard some white Christmas trees and play music and change colors. Kerrigan loved these trees. She would come to the house and ask me if the trees were up. I put them up just before Halloween when the weather was nice so she would see them for a long time. When Kerrigan came to the house for Thanksgiving I would turn them on for her. "Grandpa, the trees are singing," she would say. We would have to go outside and listen to the trees and dance to the music. The last time Kerrigan was at our home the trees were out. She came into the house and the first thing she wanted to do was turn on Grandpa's trees. We waited till it got a little dark and turned on the trees, danced to the music and watched them turn colors. Kerrigan was always sad when the trees came down. She would ask about them in the summer and I would have to tell here that when the snow came we would put them back up. She loved those trees and the music and the lights. They are now Kerrigan's trees.

15: J | Grandpa

16: I got to know Kerrigan when she was 6 months old. I took a trip to Hawaii with her, her mom and dad, grandma and grandpa and Aunt Sha. I got to watch her put her little bare feet in the Pacific Ocean on the beach at Maui. She loved it as the water washed between her toes. How she loved the croissants at breakfast every morning and the stuffed green jelly fish at one of the gift shops along the beach. I thought she was such a little trooper, being so good most of the time, that wasn’t part of her schedule. I also remember the little action antic she would do with her dad. The “happy—sad” looks she could put on her face. Her love of music. Singing, dancing, or playing her grand piano. She was a true entertainer. She could make people happy. I will never forget her happy and sad looks. I will always have a place in my heart for her. I loved her very very much. I will truly, truly miss you.

17: Great-Grandma "GG"

22: When Kerrigan was about two years old, I picked her up to dance with her. I walked over to the CooCoo clock and made the clock chime. As it finished, she immediately turned to me and said, "Unlce CooCoo--let's do it again!" From that moment on I became Uncle CooCoo. At first I felt kind of bad--who wants to be Uncle CooCoo? But then I found out there was an Uncle DooDoo, and I felt much better about being Uncle CooCoo.

23: Uncle CooCoo

24: Kerrigan had the personality of 10 kids put together into one. There are so many things I loved about her; there's no way to transform all of my wonderful memories into script. She loved music. For a grandmother who has no rhythm, tune, or musical ability, she always appreciated my invented lyrics to "Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee," especially the part about "squishing up the baby bumblebee." At home one of her favorite things to do was get into the cabinets, get all of the pots and pans out, arrange them into a drum set, and then beat on them with wooden spoons. I'll always remember the times she planned an "Oma and granddaughter date." She called me on the phone to tell me her plan, which consisted of coming to Oma's house, taking a bubble bath in my new bathtub, watching "Dora the Explorer" and "Go, Diego, Go" and eating goodies without Opa. We proceeded with the date as planned but just as we were sitting down to watch TV, Opa interrupted our date. Kerrigan informed Opa without any prompting to "Get out Opa! This is an Oma-Granddaughter date!" Kerrigan loved water. She loved to take a bath, she loved to play in the lake, she even loved to help with the dishes just so she could get her hands wet. This last summer while I was looking for interesting rocks on a camping trip, Kerrigan found a puddle of water. At first she just had waded up to her shoes. Consequently her wet shoes came off. Then she had waded up to her pants. Then the pants came off. I turned my back for what must have only been a couple of seconds and when I looked back she was completely naked and soaked, playing in the puddle of water. Most of all, I will remember her sweet creative spirit that brought so much joy to my life. No one remembers that Kerrigan battled asthma and was sick on a frequent basis because her energetic and sweet spirit overwrote it all and endeared her permanently in my heart and in the heart of everyone with whom she came into contact. I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have had the opportunity to share so many moments and memories with our dear sweet Kerrigan. She will always have a place in my heart while I'm here, and I hope and pray that we all may live worthily to live with her and our Heavenly Father again.

25: Oma

26: We have many fond memories of Kerrigan--I cherish them all! Brandon and Angela knew how much we enjoyed Kerrigan and made extra efforts to share Kerrigan with us. Angela would occasionally bring her over during my lunch hour so that we could have lunch and take her to the park. I'm going to tell you some of my cherished memories of Kerrigan. Kerrigan loved animals. When she was old enough to start to learn to crawl she was greeted by our dog, Heidi. she loved Heidi, and Heidi loved her, and when Grandma Foulger gave her own stuffed toy dog, Kerrigan named is Heidi, and carried it with her everywhere she went--even to bed! Kerrigan loved going with me to feed the chickens, pigeons, horses, dogs, and cat. It was special time for us. She would watch while I gathered the eggs and was thrilled to take the eggs into her Oma. She liked to watch me feed the horses and then we would go pet the cat and feed the dogs. It was a routing that brought both of us much joy. Kerrigan loved good things. She also like role-playing, and after hearing the story of "The Big Bad Wolf" she started calling me "Big Wolf." I said, "Do you mean Big BAD Wolf?" Kerrigan said, "No. You're the Big Wolf and I'm Little Wolf!" (She didn't want the "bad" in there). And from the on she'd occasionally say, "Come on, Big Wolf. Let's go do [this or that]." Once , we were outside and saw the full moon, and she said, "Look! The moon! OWOOOOO!" And then I had to give a Big Wold howl, which was deeper and longer than her howl. OWOOOOOOOOO! Occasionally, when she wanted me to ride stick horses with her (her horse was named "Wildfire,: most of the time, and my horse was named "Speedbump"), she'd call me "Cowboy." One night, she went and got her dark glasses and put them on upside down and got her pink-handled gun an

27: Opa

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