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Kid Quote book...

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FC: While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about ~Angela Schwindt~ | Life according to Luke and Lauren 2013

1: TABLE OF CONTENTS On Love 2 Sibling love 6 Potty talk 8 The leg 10 a & p 12 Random thoughts 16 that's disgusting 18 yay! 19 bumps in the night 20 here comes trouble 22 ...and more trouble 24 queen of trouble 26 | always thinking 30 honestly? 34 our father who art in heaven 36 the birds and the bees 39 saving lives 40 first words 44 love experts 45 on licking 46 talents etc. 49 word play 50 the stories never end... 53

2: ON LOVE... You knelt down to look at a very small flower, you picked it and held it in your fist, came running over and gave it to me. "Oooooh, flow-fu Mama!" My 1st flower from you. -Luke, 2 1/2 | The diaper swish-run into the bedroom, the sticky slobbery fingers, soft cheeks and the whispered "I SO love you Mama!" makes everything else pale in comparison to how much I love my girl! (Even if she did just drink half the honey bear!) ~Lauren, 2 1/2 | Last night at supper Lauren takes both Cory and my hands and softly says "I just wuv you guys so much". ~Lauren, 2 1/2 Hugging, kissing and squeezing Luke, and after a minute he says to me "Um, Mom, you're invading my personal space." -Luke, 7

3: "Mom, I reawy 'preciate you" ~Lauren, 2 1/2 | "Home with my sick son. He's just the nicest sick kid! Mellow, appreciative. "Mom, thanks for all the nice food. I'm sorry you have to work so hard when I'm sick". Love my best boy! -Luke, 7 | "Mom, I'm just so happy about you cause you love me cause I got you flowers"(a grubby handful of squished dandelions) Yes, I do love you Lauren. "I love you too so much Mom" ~Lauren, 3 | "Mom, I missed you so much I about barfed!" ~Lauren, 3 Lauren's latest song to me to the tune of "Bibbity-Bobbity Booo" "I love Mom's cheeks, and I love to kiss 'em, and I love her very much!" ~Lauren, 3

4: "Snuggling with Lauren, who reaches up and starts caressing my face....she whispers to me "I'll never forget you Mom!"" ~Lauren, 4 1/2 "*sigh* "I wish Grandma Betty was a man so then I could marry her!" ~Lauren, 4 "Lauren looks at me just now and says "I just can't believe what you are!" ~Lauren, 4 "So, I'm sitting on the pot and Lauren runs in. Without a word, she wraps her arms around my neck, and gives me a long, tight hug, complete with sticky hands and face covered with food. Standing back she smiles, sighs and says "That's all I wanted to say Mom" and runs off. Less is more. ~Lauren, 4

5: "Mom, you're my diamond...that just means that I love you more then all the other parents!" ~Lauren, 4 As Lauren tries to explain her love to me she says with wide eyes and sincerity... "Mom, I love you to Uranus and back"! Then a little later..."Mom, I love you way more then Uranus". ~Lauren, 5 I cried when Lauren told me "love you" for the first time today. Wow, she turns two and the next day is so much older and more mature!" ~Lauren, 2 WE LOVE DAD! Morning snuggle with Cory...Lauren, are you going to grow up? "Well, there's a problem Dad, cause you're going to get old and die, so I'll be an orphan, and would still be sucking my fingers (if I don't grow up!)" Lauren, 5 "Overhead while Lauren was snuggling with Cory..."Dad, you're the cutest Dad in the whole wide world! I love you Dad." ~lAUREN, 5 Stroking Cory’s cheek I hear, “Daddy, you’re such a sweet man!” ~LAUREN , | You told Dad you thought the two of you should go outside to help his cabin flu (cabin fever!). -Luke, 6 At supper last night Lauren looks lovingly at Cory as he finishes his food, lays her hand on his arm and says "All done boy?" He replies "Yes girl!" ~Lauren, 2 1/2 Lauren chattering as she heads to bed "Have to tell Dad good-night...(large grin, twinkle in eye) TA-DA!" ~Lauren, 3 You cried and cried when I went to work in Chelan. (Daddy was in Ohio for 2 months). "No, Mama, don't go to work, etc." Then you said "Are you going to 'Hio?'" -Luke, 2 "Overhead while Lauren was having Cory try on some new headbands she got today. "Oh Dad, you are the prettiest boy there is. Lauren, 3 Cory is sick today, Lauren has been his nurse bringing Tylenol, juice, warming the rice bag, etc. She just came out of the bedroom and called "MOM, Dad is requesting the head nurse"!" ~Lauren, 5

6: SIBLING LOVE (MOST OF THE TIME) | "Mom, will Lauren & i live together when we are old? I hope so!" -Luke, 5 | To your teacher at school ... "Lauren is my favorite person in the world!" -Luke, 5 | Loud whisper at dinner tonight..."Mom, I have a secret to tell you." What is it Lauren? "I am NEVER going to fart on Luke again!" ~Lauren, 4 | Grammy told you how much she loved you, & that she loved being a grammy. You say "Oh, and i love being a big brother!" -Luke, 6

7: Circle time today in Kindergarten, and Lauren informs her classmates..."You can't marry your brother, it's illegal". ~LAUREN, 5 | Luke is mad because Lauren ate a mini ball from one of his games and pooped it out in her diaper.... ~Lauren, 2 -Luke, 6 While telling Grandma how she doesn't really like her brother, Lauren says, "Well, my friend Sarah, she has a brother Jack, and I just wish he was my brother cause he has a mo-hawk and can run really fast". ~Lauren, 5 "Oh Luke, I like you because you are unique"! Which is most certainly true, but sounds really funny when said by a lisping 6 year old! -Luke, 11 ~Lauren, 6

8: ~POTTY TALK~ Lauren at Zims..."Look Grandma Cheech, I'm peeing" Sure enough she is. Finishing up, she throws her arms up and exclaims "TA-DA!" ~Lauren, 3 Cory took Lauren to the bathroom today while I was tied up with something else at a restaurant. I guess she went into a stall while he used a urinal. He starts doing his business, and Lauren gasps from the stall "Ewwwwww Dad, on the floor?!"" ~Lauren, 3 3/4 As I'm in the throws of wiping her poopy bottom, Lauren reaches her arms around my neck and says quietly "You're lovely!" ~Lauren, 3 Pooping in the toilet was a highlight, so you would tell Daddy all about it..."Oh, BIG poop, potty. Hard, big, sad!" When you'd go, you'd stick your head WAY in the toilet and yell "BY POOP!" real loud and wave! ~Lauren, 2 Sometimes when you used the bathroom, you tell us to "Go away - Private-see"! ~Lauren, 2 | After you got off the but you had a stomach ache. You told me when I got home from work, "Mom, I was so home sick today on teh bus, I had the worst stomach ache". I felt so bad for you, and asked what you did..."Oh, I pooped, then it was ok!" -Luke, 6 Mom pooped on the potty...Lauren says "Ooooh, Mom, you want some candy?" No thanks Lauren. "I'm just so proud of you"! ~Lauren, 3 Lauren's comment about her morning poop..."Oooooh, Mom, that was a pokey one...it had stems"!" ~Lauren, 3 Lauren trots back from the bathroom...What's on your hand Lauren? "Water" From where? "It's just water" Where did you get the water? "pause....um, from the toiwet" Why did you put it in the toilet? "I had to push the paper down the hole" That's gross Lauren, you're not supposed to do that. "Oh don't worry Mom, it was just a wittle piece of poop". ~Lauren, 3 Lauren's question of the day..."Mom, where is Jesus' toilet?" Cory's answer..."He believes in pan-toiletism ~Lauren, 3 Overheard Lauren as she finished brushing her teeth..."slurp slurp, AHHHH, Well, that went well" as she trots off to go play!" ~Lauren, 3

9: ~POTTY TALK #2~ Ate deer poop. ~Lauren, 1 1/2 Ate dog poop. ~Lauren, 2 1/2 Ate cat poop. ~Lauren, 3 This morning Lauren woke up and said "Oh, soggy pants Mama!" As I was changing her diaper she looks at me and very seriously says "Oh, SANKYOU!" ~Lauren, 2 1/2 Lauren was generally ticked off last night when the automatic toilet flushed without taking in to consideration her intense need to "DO IT MYSELF!" Pretty funny watching your daughter get mad at a toilet! ~Lauren, 3 In the outhouse on our camping trip this weekend...Lauren "Oooh, look there are mensquito's and womensquito's in here, they're gonna bite me!" Looks down the outhouse hole with the head lamp "Oooooh, that's scustin', yuck...can we go look at the boys scustin' toiwet too?" We did this about 5 times...at 2 in the morning! ~Lauren, 3 On our bike ride today...Lauren, move over, I hear a car coming. "OK Mom". Few seconds later...never mind, I think they turned off. "Maybe it was a bear farting Mom". I doubt it Lauren. Calls seriously over her shoulder as she rides on down the road "DO bears fart Mom?!" ~Lauren, 6 We walk into an outhouse this weekend on our hike for Lauren to try and go potty. She breathes in a long breath and says "Hummmmmmm, smell good!" Then looks down the hole at the pile, and says "Oh, cute!" ~Lauren, 2 | AND BOOGERS TOO... Luke: "Simon says pick your nose" Lauren: Picks large booger out of her nose. Luke: Simon says eat your booger"! Lauren: "OK" and eats booger. Uproarious laughter ensues! Age 7 and 4 Lauren chewing green gum and Cory says "Lauren, why do you have green boogers in your nose?" "Um, I don't know...they match my gum though!" ~Lauren, 3 I dropped you off at school and you had a booger in your nose. "I'll take care of it" you said. I picked you up after school and the booger was still there. LUKE! You still have that booger in your nose. I thought you said you were going to take care of it! "Moooom, we're not allowed to pick our nose at school"! -Luke, 6

10: Lauren fractured her femur...headed to Spokane for surgery :(. April 10th, 2010

11: No sleep for us last night, and little for Lauren. Still waiting for the pediatric ortho to stop by and tell us when/what kind of surgery we can anticipate. We're not having the time of our lives, but hanging in there. Lauren is on Mophine and Valium, and doesn't want us to close the door in our room "No, I'm waiting for the doctor!" The waiting...that's the worst... April 11th Lauren's in surgery, I feel surprisingly calm really. Our choice...spica cast, (body cast) for 4+ wks, OR plate & hardware & walking tomorrow. Spica cast would mean less invasive surgery, but 4-6 weeks of me carrying her around, as she wouldn't be able to walk. Not sure if I could do that with 50+ lbs that she would be. Plate means hardware removal in the next yr or less, & much quicker recovery." April 11th Hey all, thanks for all the kind words and prayers. We are back in our room, Lauren is sleeping now, but has been awake eating ice. It went great, she has a plate on her femur, & we will be going home tomorrow p.m. or Tuesday a.m. They will fit her for a kids walker, can't you just see her jumping on the trampoline with her walker?! *sigh* No more posts today,we're wiped out! Time to try and nap while she is..." April 11th Had a much better night (we actually slept a bit!), so that is good, as we will need the strength for today. It promises to be a rough one with Lauren needing to be up with physical therapy at least twice. She is still on Morphine PCA, and screams when we change her diaper. Also has two huge blisters on her affected foot...*sigh*guess I'll have a little quiet prayer and meditation time...I am going to need it. April 12th | Phew! The a.m. PT was terrible, screaming & shaking. I would say 94% of it was from fear, not pain! Now that that hurdle is done, she is willing to be carried out of bed with no complaints for wagon rides. Amazing how even a 3 year old can have such incredible apprehension. This afternoon brings nap, PT, & hopefully a shower, working on the three days worth of pillow hair! PCA is off, things are looking up. April 12th I got my shower, and we are in line for her next. She is gross! Sticky, matted hair, bloody leg, been peeing in her pants, etc. Yuck April 12th I went to work today, Cory single-dadded it today with Lauren...when I walked in the door, he audibly sighed and gave me a hug! It's rough right now with Lauren, as she can't get around, and still in a lot of pain. But, I think it's harder on us then her...she is her normal happy self, just not mobile...there may benefits to this! Lauren had her first full nights sleep in a week...that's progress:) April 17th Lauren's at her craft table painting right now. What are you painting Lauren? "A TRAMPOLINE!" She jubilantly replies!" The irony... April 17th Today might have been the worst day yet since Lauren came home from the hospital...boredom, overtired, pain as she comes off her narcotics, itching at the incision...could be some or all of the above. So, I'm just up there trying to help her go to sleep and tell her to close her eyes, a few seconds later her eyes pop open "My eyes are too scary Mom"...*sigh*!" April 20th Lauren on the way to bring Luke to school..."Mom, I wanna go to the store and get a new 'weg'"...pause, "Could we get a pink one?"!" | Lauren started to do toe touch weight bearing all on her own today...this after our car conversation "Mom, I can't walk on my weg" Yes, you can Lauren, you just have to practice, and walk on it a little bit with your walker. "OH, THAT'S A GOODIDEA!" (with great enthusiasm and high pitched little girl talk!)" April 26th Lauren had PT today to help her learn to walk again...one of her assigned exercises...jump on the trampoline to strengthen her hip muscles...the irony! May 12th Lauren's walking now:) May 14th December 2010 Headed so Spokane for Lauren's surgery...ready to get it done and over with. Out of surgery, Lauren's eating green beans and orange popsicles....I'm no longer a wreck...Cory's glad for that! Discharged early from the hospital. Lauren playing in the play room started walking around "OH LOOK! I CAN WALK!" Impressed the RN's. Hoteling it, then home tomorrow. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers....we are exhausted, but thankful. Lauren just had surgery 10 days ago...today she rode her bike two miles with a grin on her face the whole time! That girl just makes me smile!

12: ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY Before your bath you reached back and grabbed your bum. "Mama, where's my butt crack?!" It's behind you, so you can't see it. "Oh, I'm sad, it's broken!" -Luke, 3 "Look Mom, my tooth is really loose!" Yeah Lauren, pretty soon you're going to have a hole in your head when it falls out. Worried look..."Oh no, will my brain be able to think as well?" ~Lauren, 5 At the Living Museum in Virginia they had a cave exhibit with stalactites and stalagmites. "Oh, LOOK Mama, look at that...Yipples"! Guess you thought the stalagmite's looked like nipples!! -Luke, 2 1/2 Luke, do you want your shoes one? "No, I just have my toes!" -Luke, 3 Lauren, what are you doing? "I'm getting a pillow to sit on cause my butt hurts from my hard wooden chair". Well, I don't want you to do that because if you spill cereal and milk on it pillows are hard to clean. "But Mom, my butt is so sore when I'm sitting on such a hard chair". Lauren, that's your butt's job, to give you padding when you sit. "Well, Mom, it's not doing a very good job"!" ~Lauren, 5

13: Lauren's drinking water in the van and says, "Awwwwwwwww my kidneys are just so 'cited' about all that water! They're sayin 'yeah, thanks for the water it's so wonderful, awwww, it's raining, thank you'"! ~Lauren, 4 Lauren informed me that she drinks water, and then it comes out her belly from a drain (pronounced 'drean') ~Lauren, 3

14: My poor Lukester got poked in the eye with a stick today and has a corneal abrasion. After tears and antibiotic ointment to eye he says "Thanks Mom, you are very comforting." I reply, I'm a nurse Luke, that's what I do! "Oh, so you encourage people to accept the pain?..." Guess he has it figured out! -Luke, 7 Lauren to Cory after bath time..."Dad, my "nepples" bounce...my "nepples" bounce all day Dad!" ~Lauren, 3 Running down a trail, and you twisted your ankle..."Oh, I thought my body broke off!" -Luke, 3 1/2 ""Oooooh Mom, look the nipple on my arm is getting bigger!" Um, Lauren do you mean freckle? "Oh yeah, you're right Mom, the freckle" Cue the four year old giggling! ~Lauren, 4 ""Mom, do you know where my heart is?" Where? "In my head" No, it's in your chest. "Not mine, it went for a walk"!" ~Lauren, 4 "What's this Mama?" pointing to a mole on his bum. It's a mole..."No, it's not" giggles, "Moles dig holes!" -Luke, 3 Looking at Mom's knuckles - "Oh look! A cute little elbow!" ~Lauren, 3 Monster nordic crash and seven staples to the head later, our Lukester is put back together...phew, glad it wasn't worse! McCall Nordic Mitey Mites isn't for whimps! -Luke, 9 | Lauren really hurt herself today, and took maybe 30 or more minutes to recover - highly unusual. Anyway, she's on the bed resting, with big wide eyes, and tears rolling down her cheeks as she sobs "I thought today was going to be the best day of my life Mom, and now it's not!" ~Lauren, 5 Well, we aren't city people, but you wouldn't know it by the fair conversation. Checking out the milking goats, and there's one with a very large udder. Lauren gasps..."OH MY GOODNESS! Look at that goat Mom, it has a huge milking trough!" ~Lauren, 6 Making an ice pack for a camper last night, and Lauren pipes up "Mom, can I have an ice pube?" ~Lauren, 3 Lauren sneezes and loudly proclaims "GO OUT germs, go out!" ~Lauren, 3 School report from Lauren on the way home today..."Mom, I didn't get in trouble at all today, well, ah, I did get in a little trouble for not listening. My listeners WERE on, they just fell asleep..." ~Lauren, 5 Armpits = underarms Kneepits = behind knees ~Lauren, 4

15: Grammy was wiping your bum and you say..."I have blood because my butt is cracked". Actually, you had a small scrape on your knee! ~Lauren, 3 1/2 Cory went in to get you after your nap, and says Luke, can I hold you? "Ummm, no, I am a big boy now. I'm too fragile!" -Luke, 3 "Mom, it's so hard to get my body up in the morning...the bones are just so hard to get up and out of bed, they are all wobbling and dizzy, and it's just so hard. You know what I mean?!" ~Lauren, 6 | "OH LOOK!! I have new skin!" The morning after getting a scrape on your knee. -Luke,3 Question of the day..."Mom, why are you dry on the outside and wet on the inside?" ~Lauren, 6 Drinking lemon tea on the way to school..."It's a little hot in my mouth, but I like the way it warms my esophagus!" ~Lauren, 6 | "I love it when the blood jiggles around in my legs!" ~Lauren, 6 Luke's description of his bicep after doing some pull-ups..."Mom, I feel this little marble sized thing on my arm...what's that?!" -Luke, 7

16: After several deep breaths on my head Lauren muses "Hmmmmmm You hair smells like mints. Like strawberries with mints in the middle." Another deep sniff ~Lauren, 5 Luke: "Hey Lauren, I was thinking about going to a really cool awesome place, where do you think it is?" Lauren: "Lauren Land?" Luke: "NO"!" -Luke, 10 ~Lauren, 5 | RANDOM THOUGHTS You brought a worm to me while I was taking a nap..."Oh the worm is tired, here worm I'll tuck you in" Makes a bed for the worm under my blankets. "Isn't he cute Mom?" Plays with worm, he dries out and gets torn in half..."Oh look Mom - TWO worms!" -Luke, 2 1/2 | On a walk to look at Christmas lights..."Oooooh Mom, look at the lights on that house, it's a genius!" -Luke, 5 1/2 Lauren is brushing her hair last night in the bathroom, and I hear "Great Siberian Husky this hurts!" ~Lauren, 5

17: It's good to have a Dad...Conversation overhead while Cory is teaching Luke to make egg salad... "OK, see Luke, you just start cutting and mashing the eggs like this - show 'em who's boss." Luke watches intently holding his chin in his hands resting elbows on counter. -Luke, 11 "Mom, I am never going to be 20...I'll just stay 19 so I can keep being a kid!" -Luke, 5 3/4 Lauren's catching flies for pets today and putting them in a little tupperware bowl...so far she has Cinderella, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty and Sparkle. ~Lauren, 5 After being sick with vomiting and diarrhea, I made you a poached egg. You starting eating and then said happily "Ooooh, Mom, this is the best poached egg I've ever had...I just feel all comforted!" -Luke, 7 1/2 | Some of our non-stop conversation from a couple bike rides..."Oh, it's just so nice - beautiful view, mountains and fields, a nice straight road, a great day - it's just such a great day to ride a bike!"..."Oh Mom, I just love feeling the cold air blowing through my helmet, it feels so good!" -Luke, 7 Looking at yourself in the mirror..."Stop copying me right now!" -Luke, 5 "Mom, onions in cooked food are like silent 'E's', in words - they're there, but you don't really notice!" -Luke, 6

18: THAT's Disgusting! Lauren please don't wipe your nose with your pancake. "How come?" she says. ~lauren, 3 Lauren, why is it we have had conversations today about why not to put chap stick in your nose, or why I don't want you peeing in the tub when we're in it together? "-Uhhhh, I dunno?!" ~Lauren, 3 Lauren did a great job of keeping all her food in her mouth during her sneeze...the large bug that came flying out of her nose, however, almost made me lose my breakfast...How could such a pretty and sweet girl be so capable of grossing me out on a regular basis?! ~Lauren, 3 1/2 Status report from the babysitter (in between snorting belly laughs!). Lauren had a large booger, which I went to get a tissue for. When I got back, it was gone. I asked her where it was and she replied "I wiped it off on my tongue...don't worry though, I didn't eat it". ~Lauren, 3 1/2 Lauren looked/acted so beautiful and grown up today...was quickly brought back to reality however when she decided to lean over and wipe her messy mouth on my arm at the dinner table. ~lAUREN, 5

19: YAY! Sent Luke off on his class trip this a.m. at 0630...excitement was high, or as Luke said as he was jumping around the kitchen "This must be as exciting as the hour before your own college graduation!" -Luke, 10 "COOOL! It's like a we're in a rain cloud...oh look, it looks like green vomit on the windshield. Awesome...oh, it smells like watermelon, NO, it smells like those pink circle things in urinals, I love that smell. WOW, I can't even see out the window..."Now THAT was worth the money! The joys of taking a 6 and 10 year old in the car wash! -Luke, 10 ~Lauren, 6 | So, Lauren how are you feeling today? "Oooooh, I feel just great. I feel like a superstar who's having a wonderful day!" ~Lauren, 5 "Hey Sadie, I have a great idea...let's play WINTER!" ~Lauren, 5 Just caught Lauren standing up in the office chair spinning around with a big grin on her face. Whatcha doing Lauren? "BEING AWESOME!" ~Lauren, 5

20: BUMPS IN THE NIGHT! Our goodnight chat...Lauren, do you want to wear this sparkly gray shirt to school tomorrow? "Oh, yes, it will make me happy if I get to wear that shirt Mom." After many conversations today about how you choose your attitude, it's not where you are or what you get that makes you happy, I respond....No, Lauren, a pretty shirt doesn't make you happy, it's your heart that makes you happy. "Oh but Mom, my heart is pretty...it has rainbows on it, is very sparkly and has diamonds. It's very happy". Wonder if my life lesson sunk in? ~lAUREN, 5 You woke up in the night crying so I went to see what was the matter. After you calmed down, you told me "I had a night mere about a red droop." What's a red droop? "it's a red monster that chases Dewalt and tries to seat him!" -Luke, 4 "Mom, I'm just so so tired. I've had a stroke." ~Lauren, 6 | To Cory: "Night night little fella!" ~Lauren, 3 One night while getting ready for bed, you looked out the window and said "Say night night dark". OK, I said. Looking out the window "Oooooh, scary dark, sure enough!" Opened door and holler..."NIGHT NIGHT DARK!" Woke up in the morning and, looked up "Where's the dark? ~Lauren, 2 1/2 Latest bedtime stalling technique called up from the basement..."Mooooom, my wart just said 'Laaaauureennn' and now I'm scared"! ~Lauren, 6 The sweetest thing is snuggling your 5 year old at 4 a.m. after a nightmare. God, thank you for the gift of being a mother. New bedtime stalling technique said sweetly with a slight lisp "Oh Mom, I just want to snuggle with you every time I see your sweet beautiful face." Almost worked...snuggle date made for the morning. ~Lauren, 6

21: Lauren was up in the middle of the night with a bad dream...she looks up at me with wipe eyes and says ""Ummm, Mom, you can NEVER sit on Luke's lap." ~Lauren, 4 | We were staying in McCall, and you and Lauren were staying in the upstairs bedroom. You told me you didn't like staying upstairs. I asked why..."Because I'm afraid of heights!" -Luke, 5 3/4 | After a lengthy middle of the night clean up - dried vomit on the wall, caked in hair, all over the bed and two baths, Lauren asks if I will snuggle awhile. We snuggle down, and quietly whispers "This is the best day of my life". ~Lauren, 5

22: HERE COME'S TROUBLE! So thankful for friends who teach our kids new games...like the tickle bug that Krystin taught Lauren, where the side fingers are the legs, and the middle finger is the head. Thinking she'd like to play during church, Lauren turns around and shows Krystin the ticklebug, and a thumbs up...twice! Yep, she's giving the finger at church, not only to Krystin, but all the older saints sitting behind her. ~Lauren, 5 Lauren cleaned her room without being asked today..."Oh Mom, I'm going to show Dad my very nice room...I feel a tear coming!" Salutes me with a grin, and runs down the hall to brush her teeth ~Lauren, 5 You take 2 vitamins every day, Lauren takes one. Grandpa Ron and Grandma Cheech were here and you were telling them how you take more because you're older. "How many vitamins do you take Grandpa Ron...a hundred?!" -Luke, 5 Playing Uno with my Lauren, and as I lay down a Draw 2 she looks at me with a big grin and says "Oh, you're such an insulter!" ~Lauren, 5 Morning musings by Lauren..."Mom, you look kind of chubby in your bathrobe." Headed out for a skate ski...~Lauren, 5 Lauren just threw her head in her hands, dashed to the bedroom in tears crying about how this was her only chance, and it would never happen again in her life, it's the worst day ever, etc....all because I stopped her from making her own recipe of something using one CUP of vanilla with her one egg and water. ~Lauren, 5 Reported in staff worship this morning...What have you been doing today Lauren? "Oh nothing...and I'm getting really good at it!" ~Lauren, 6 "I love being able to walk to church" I think as I stroll down the grass airstrip to get ready to teach the kids SS class. A few minutes later, here comes my daughter into church, wild crazy bed hair, frilly church dress on over her pink silk PJ's, muddy blue rain boots on, and a grin on her face. "Um Lauren, what are you doing"? Oh, I just walked to church. "Does Dad know you're here?" No, I... don't think so, he was in the shower. "Did you eat breakfast?" Oh no, I forgot. Call to Cory. "Do you know where Lauren is?" No, I can't find her anywhere. "Well, she's here, could you bring her some underware and church shoes"? Send Lauren to neighboring Grandparent's house to eat a snack and tame the beast we call her hair. ~Lauren, 6 "Mom I bit the cats tail." Why? "Because she bit me!" ~Lauren, 5

23: I caught Lauren putting a toothpick in her ear. When I asked her what she was doing, she said "I'm just cleaning out my ear". ~Lauren, 5 Luke, I really hate it when you kick me, can you please stop? (Tapping my leg obsessively under the table). "But, it's so fun!" -Luke,3 Starting the morning arguing with Lauren why she can't wear her pants on backwards, even if the pockets are sparkly. ~Lauren, 6 ...wishes that Lauren hadn't decided to read books in the tub...~Lauren, 1 1/2 | So, I tell the kids it's probably not a good idea to sled off the shed roof as the snow looks like it's going to slide. A few minutes later I hear hollering and yep, the roof has slid, right onto Lauren, who is now completely stuck with her right side buried in wet heavy snow. I open the door and she calls out while laughing "Don't worry Mom, I'm still breathing!" -Luke, 10 ~Lauren, 5 Lauren busts in the cabin yesterday morning, big grin on her face, and as she curtsies low says to me with flair "Welllll, good morning your royal highness!" ~Lauren, 5 I was gone last night for bedtime, so this morning I called Lauren and asked her to tell me everything about her day yesterday. "When I was on the playground just yesterday, I got a wedgie - that's all". ~Lauren, 6 | You were having a bad streak and talking back a lot. One day you got a spanking for being naughty. With a quivering chin you looked at me and said defiantly "How would you like it if someone did that to you?!" -Luke, 4 The teacher was talking to us about Lauren sucking her fingers. She was very nice about it, but felt that it may be interfering with Lauren's learning as she does it a lot, and spaces out! As we walked down the hall, down the steps, through the parking lot, drove to Luke's school, had a little snuggle she sobbed and sobbed. Finally in her grief was able to talk..."Mom, do you know why I didn't cry when we were talking to my teacher? Because I had to hold it together and not interrupt you. Ohhhhh, sob sob sob, I'm so broken hearted"! ~Lauren, 6 Overhead conversation between Lauren and her soup. "Oh hello, what's your name? Liquid? Oh that's nice. And what's your name little buddy? Oh, Liquid too? Would you like to go for a walk...you would? OK, good. Let's go explore this cave OK? That'll be fun" Spoons soup into mouth!" ~Lauren, 4

24: AND MORE... Just cleaned up the flooded bathroom, washed the marker off the face, and picked up piles of crayons and markers... ~Lauren 1 1/2 Yep, she's in trouble after I look over and find her stuffing her mouth full of Grammy's new tablecloth...I mean, her mouth was stuffed! Sadly, she says to Grammy at bedtime..."There's a rain cloud over my brain cause I'm so sad...cause I got in trouble for eating your tablecloth. Is it ruined Grammy?" ~Lauren, 6 Glancing over, I see that Lauren somehow got a hold of the long lighter, and yep, it's lit as she's kneeling in the living room gazing at the little flame. WHAT are you doing, I 'calmly' yell! "Oh, don't worry Mom, I'm just getting warm, wasn't that a good idea?" And more gray hairs are added to the collection... ~Lauren, 5 Drama during the bedtime routine...Sob sob sob. "Oh Mom, I just love the taste of my tears" Sniff sniff. "They taste like a sour, um, thing. I love them...you should really try them. Next time you have a tear Mom, you should lick it." Washing her hair..."OH NO! You got soap in my eyes, quick Mom, pass me the towel, oh ow, it's in my duck tears" (aka tear ducts) Sob Sob sob... ~Lauren, 6 Conversating about disappointments and crying today, Lauren says "I'm crying right now." You are? "Yep, I'm just crying in my brain, and my brain is all full of tears right now." ~Lauren, 6 | I feel bad that I couldn't catch Lauren, but only could watch her fall head first, on her back, down the stairs! I'm just not quick enough sometimes...~Lauren, 2 Conversation in the beach bathroom with Lauren, who was intently doing her business, looks up at me and says, "Well, this is just how life is." Right. "And Mom, I just love your bathing suit. You know which part is my very favorite?" No, which one? "The pink flower... it's just marvelous!" ~Lauren, 5 ...thinks that she shouldn't let Lauren stand in the bathroom sink and comb her hair with Cory's razor. ~Lauren, 1 1/2 ...is wondering how to get spray foam insulation out of Lauren's hair. ~Lauren, 1 Lauren while drinking tea out of her mini-tea set..."Finger wants to take a bathtub", while sticking her fingers in her cup. I tell her that might be messy, and she says "Fingers need a washclob" ~Lauren, 3 Caught Lauren drinking soda from a random cup at a table in Costco. ~Lauren,3 Overheard in the kitchen just now..."Ooooh, Dad, I'm just so sorry." Why are you sorry? "Cause I spilled my milk all over the floor, it was just an accident." Well, Lauren when you tip your cup full of milk upside down, it will make a big mess. "Oh yeah, yeah!" ~Lauren, 3 Mom job #2537, untangling the frog stuck in Lauren's hair... ~Lauren, 6 "Mom, what if I went into a store with only pink underwear on, with my pet bear. People would probably stare at me. That would be funny huh Mom?!" ~Lauren, 3

25: TROUBLE! Rainy cool day and Lauren is dressed in a short sleeved dress wanting to go on a bike ride. OK, I tell her, but I think maybe you should put on some warm leggings. Exuberantly she points at me and shouts "YOU have the best ideas" and runs to change! ~Lauren, 4 Lauren, you can't wear underwear on your head when we go to town. "Oh yeah, sorry Mom. I forgot." ~Lauren, 4 "Dad?" Yes Lauren? "When will I be able to dye my hair pink or purple?" ~Lauren, 4 1/2 "Mom, mom I have a surprise for you". OK, and Lauren pull up your pants, your bum is hanging out. "Yeah, I know, that's not the surprise though...I'll be right back!" ~Lauren, 5 -So glad that I caught Lauren just seconds before she pulled the fire alarm at the hospital! Phew! ~Lauren, 2 ~I was not quick enough, however, to stop her from opening the fire door at Home Depot...~Lauren,2 | After several exaggerated sighing, eye rolling meltdowns, just had a talk with Lauren about how to handle life when it doesn't go exactly how she wants. I told her it was important to take a deep breath, and choose a good attitude. "And, now it's time to go to bed Lauren". From under the snuggled bundle I hear a loud exaggerated deep breath and a triumphant voice..."I JUST DID IT Mom, are you proud of me" ~Lauren, 5 At the vets...Lauren, please stop sucking on the counter. "OK Mom". I see her eying it again...Lauren..."I know Mom, my brain is just thinking about sucking the counter, but I wasn't gonna do it, seriously Mom". Back home at supper. Lauren, please stop licking your hand, and eat your food. "OK Mom" loud blowing is heard. What are you doing now Lauren? "I'm blowing my hand dry" ...yep, she is with her nose! “Look Mom, I can make a heart with my fingers”. Shows me heart. “I just love you the best Mom – whoops I just spilled my smooths Mom, sorry” Please stop scooping it up with your hands Lauren, that’s gross. “OK Mom.” Sings ‘I’m a Little Tea Pot’ with motions –crash- sigh “Oh no, I spilled my smoothy again Mom, but don’t worry it’s not on the table, only the floor.” Me – louder sigh - “I’ll help clean it up Mom, I’m a good cleaner”. Um, NO! Time for a bath, wash your hair and face please. “OK Mom”. Minutes later naked girl sneaking up the stairs with dry hair and dirty face. Seriously Lauren, go and get clean. “But Mom, I have to tell you something”. WHAT?! “I am so super scared”! Why? “Because the water is too hot to wash my hair.” Go turn on the cold, you know how to do that. She gives the hugest grin ever and thumbs up. Naked girl trots to the bathroom to wash her hair. Comes back”Where’s the lighter, I’m gonna make a fire”. ~Lauren, 5

26: OUR QUEEN OF TROUBLE! Lauren tried to feed the cat soy sauce today...he wasn't impressed! ~Lauren, 2 | ...it's too bad that Lauren figured out how to unlock the deadbolt! ~Lauren, 2 I thinks it's funny that Lauren takes apart her oreo, and gives Luke the non-creme side! ~Lauren, 2 | " Ionders why Lauren decided to put cat food in the washing machine today...~Lauren, 2 "Lauren ate some styrofoam today...~Lauren, 2 | ...interested in Lauren's choice of colors...blue for the nose, red for the .bottom of the feet (from markers that is!). ~Lauren, 2 Lauren stuffed the cat in the Lego bin today and shut the lid...I found a very squished fuzzy cat peering up through the plastic lid. Lauren's in trouble! ~Lauren, 4 1/2

27: I just caught Lauren drinking honey straight out of the bear "Umm that's yummy" she says sheepishly!" Lauren, 2 Lauren tried to season the corn with carpet room deodorizer tonight. She's so helpful! ~Lauren, 2 Lauren painted the bathroom door with toothpaste today...*sigh* ~Lauren, 2 "hmmmm taste good" is what Lauren said when I caught her with about 10 cough drops in her mouth. ~Lauren, 2 Lauren beat me outside today, and while I put on my shoes and coat, she took her little pink stroller and walked to the end of the driveway...OK, so this driveway is maybe 1/8mile long! Here came a few more gray hairs. Luke's comment as we are walking out to get here..."Mom, maybe you should never let her outside alone again, EVER!" -Luke, 7 ~Lauren 3 I don't think Lauren understood why rubbing toothpaste all over your arms isn't the same as using lotion...~Lauren, 2 | Lauren's conversation this a.m...."Mom, I wanna go to beach" It's too cold today honey. "I'm gonna make beach warmer!" How? "I dunno"'. Driving into our driveway a few minutes later..."Oh YEAH! It's our happy house!" ~Lauren 2 1/2 Lauren decided it would be a good idea to warm her hands in her nice warm bowl of soup..."Oh, warm, cozy soup!" Where does she think up these things? ~Lauren, 2 1/2 More gray hair courtesy of Lauren, who decided to hike to the nearby creek, play in the mud, throw rocks, and then come home a scary-long time later...I thought she was with Cory, he thought she was with me...She has not one, but three, guardian angels I am sure of it...it's more then a full time job. She couldn't have been happier as she told us all of her fun adventure! Excuse me while I go and vomit! ~Lauren, 2 1/2 Lauren threw up on the way to Sabbath School, then was TERRIBLE once we got there...home we came early to wash out the car seat, and have a nap. Not exactly the day I had planned! ~Lauren 2 1/2

28: LUKE DAVID APRIL 14th, 2002 6:59 p.m. 7lbs

29: Lauren Elizabeth January 29th, 2007 11:30 p.m. 7lbs 7oz

30: ALWAYS THINKING! | Talking with Grammy about what's real or not..."Monsters aren't real, rocks are real, grass is real, etc. " A few minutes later..."I know I'm real!" How do you know? "Cause I talk all the time!" -Luke, 3

31: Talking to Jeremy on the phone..."Today I saw a horned owl and a black-winged redbird!" -Luke, 4 Luke was listening to Jeremy trash talk our tractor because it is orange! He whispers “MOM, Jeremy is bad-mouthing our tractor”! Well, you should go tell him how it is Luke. “No, how about you be my Aaron and tell him, and I’ll be Moses”!!! -Luke, 11 Watching a show about turtles which had a part about their habitat in CA on the wind farms. A few minutes later you asked..."Mom, do those windmills keep all of California cool?!" -Luke 4 Overheard during a game of memory. Cory - OH you got another one! Luke, "Oh, let me help you Dad', pointing out a match. Next turn...Luke "I'm not helping you this time!" Luke won! -Luke, age 3 | "Mom, what is milk?" What do you mean? I don't understand the question..."You know, like apples are fruits and carrots are vegetable, what is milk?" -Luke, 5 "OK, now I want to talk about dissolving, you know like the chemicals dissolve in the hot tub, I want to talk about dissolving!"-Luke, 5 "Mom, why are they called 'girl cheese'? Why not 'boy cheese?'" -Luke, 5 1/2 What are you going to do today Luke? "Oh, work on my Rube Goldberg machine. -Luke, 11 | Lesson learned after Luke threw away a bag with "trash" in it...doing his chores, ended up throwing away a bag with about $150 worth of clothes away which I needed to return. Note to self...don't teach kids to do chores too thoroughly!" -Luke, 10 After learning the saying 'red sky at night, sailor's take warning...' "Mom, was there a red sky this morning?" No, I don't think so. "Oh, I guess it's a sailors delight day!" -Luke, 5 1/2 "Are you going to work Mom?" Tomorrow I am. "Oh, that is NOT good!" How come? "Someone fell down and got a big owy!" -Luke, 3 Washing Luke's sheets today, I had to remove 17, yes 17 books from his bed before I could proceed. Oh, and a slinky and a ruler! -Luke, 10

32: STILL THINKING! Luke, would you be willing to read the scripture in church today? "Aw, do I have too, I hate being up front and having people look at me." Lauren pipes up..."I like having people looking at me Mom, can you teach me to read today?" -Luke, 10; Lauren, 5 Conversation at supper with Lauren..."We've been talking about the 'hard working' letters at school, you now like a, u, i...um, well there's five, what's the other ones, or yeah, o and e. Um, yeah, you know Mom, the bowels?" ~Lauren, 5 Luke's musing about a sign we passed while we were driving in Boise. "Hmmmm, Execution Park. That doesn't sound very fun!" -Luke, 10 | I'm not sure what to do right now, I say to my kids hoping for an awesome idea...Lauren's response..."Well, we will read books, and you do big jobs...like Mom stuff". I'm going to take another poll with different people! ~Lauren, 5 It must be spring when we can drive the van down the driveway for the first time in six months! My son must have my genes when the conversation goes like this..."Oh good, we can drive the van down the driveway now." Luke: "Why is that good Mom?" "Well, it's easier, and nice not to have to haul all our big loads down the driveway." Luke: "That's why they make sleds and wagons Mom, besides it's good exercise!" -Luke, 11 Lauren loves her food...so much so, that to protect her fruit from Cory today at a restaurant, she picked up the bowl, licked every piece and says to him "You'd better not eat my fruit Dad, cause my slobber is all over it"! ~Lauren, 4 Lauren whining at me as I brush her hair "NO, Mom, you're hurting me! You need to use some irrigation!" She then explains that it hurts less when I use water! ~Lauren, 4 | Lauren walks up to the neighbor..."HI, I'm then new girl, my house is just down the road. Do you have a slide?" Neighbor "Yes we do!" "Good, where is it?"!" ~Lauren, 4 1/2 "Oh, Uncle Seth, could you sleep with me?" No, I'm going to sleep with my wife. "Well, I have a good idea, how about Mom sleeps with Angela, and then you can sleep with me!" ~Lauren, 4 "I'm so hungry, can I have a snack?" No, it's time for bed. Cory feels bad for her, and goes up to bring her a snack, her door is closed, he asks why..."Well, cause I was gonna growl, cause I'm so starvin and you wouldn't feed me!" ~Lauren, 4 So we're at the hot springs tonight, and a girl asks Lauren where she lives...she promptly replies "In the woods!" ~Lauren, 5

33: Studying for Luke's vocab test this a.m., talking about the word "crucial" Lauren perks up, and with a huge grin says "It is CRUCIAL to eat cookies"!" -Luke, 10, ~Lauren, 5 "Grammy, if robbers come to our house, I'm not going to be afraid. I'm going to go with them, cause I want to be a robber" ~Lauren, 5 Feb. 14th Best part of my day so far...listening to Luke tell his classmates not about his Lego, candy or card that he got, but about his scented bath bomb! All the girls ooohed and awwed as he explained it! -Luke, 10 Discussing hair nets for food prep with Lauren... "What happens if you're bald and can't hatch hair, Mom?" ~Lauren, 5 Luke has noticed he is the smallest in his class, and is trying to bulk up...situps, pushups, weights, now looking online for foods to build muscle. Under nuts it says "Good for skinny guys trying to gain weight". He grins, and packs a container full of almonds for his lunch tomorrow! -Luke, 10 Random musing from my daughter. "Mom, I have decided on the perfect names for my kids". Oh yeah, what's that? "Nana and Tom, those are good don't you think?"~Lauren, 5 Take care of yourself. Take care of each other. Take care of this place. These are the three rules at Lauren's school. "Mom, I took care of my school today. I found the sink so full of poop, so I cleaned it out." Lauren, 6 Cory says to Luke, you can read to yourself now! "Yep, there is a voice in my head" Who is it? "I don't know, it's a stranger!" -Luke, 6 Overheard Luke as he was petting and talking to the cat this morning "Oh Earl, let me strum your whisker guitar!" -Luke, 8 Happened to peek in on Lauren while she was showering, and discovered she was washing herself off with the shower squeegy! Rubbing it all over her belly with conviction she tells me, "I'm working REALLY hard on getting clean Mom!" ~Lauren, 6 Teacher report from school today...She asked the kids to color the fish with "E's" red, and the fish with "I's" on them green. Lauren proudly brings her picture - fish all red. "Lauren, you were supposed to color the "I's" green". Seriously, she points out...I did, all the EYES are green! Sure enough all the red fish had green EYES! Teacher says, "Your right Lauren, you just made my day"! ~Lauren, 5

34: At Olive Garden yesterday I look over the table only to see Lauren's feet up in the air (that's all I could see as she was on the ground). What are you doing Lauren I calmly ask..."I'm making a snow angel Mom" ~Lauren, 3 Morning musings by Lauren..."Mom, you look kind of chubby in your bathrobe." Headed out for a skate ski. ~Lauren, 5 .Cory and I are headed away for a much needed get away. For the first time in her life Lauren is sad! As I'm tucking her in bed she holds her head in her hands and gasps "Oh, this is just SO painful". What's painful Lauren? "Well, it's just so painful that all my parents in my whole house are going to be gone for two days and I'm just going to miss them so much". ~Lauren, 5 ""Mom, please don't sing." ~Lauren, 5 Sniffing Grandma Cheech loudly - "Hmmmmm, smell good!" Lauren 2 | HONESTLY? "Mom when you became a nurse,, did you recite the Nightingale pledge?" - Luke, 7 Feeling a bit old after Lauren saw a picture of Paula Dean on the cover of Reader's Digest and said loudly "Oooooh Mama!" ~Lauren, 1 Lauren to me..."Stay still so I can smell you Mom...*loud sniffing*...Ummmmmmmmmm, I smell a Mama!" ~Lauren, 3 Mom, are you coming to Grammy and Grampy's with us this weekend?" No Luke, I'm going on a girls trip. "Oh good, then we won't have to have any safety lectures and be safe. Oh, uhhhhhh, well, I'm just kidding Mom". -Luke, 11 Alert child protective services as I am the worst Mom ever...I make my son take a shower (with soap) EVERY DAY! -Luke, 8 I must have lost my kids. There are two counterfeits sitting quietly in the living room getting along, and have been for the last 30 minutes... -Luke, 5 ~Lauren, 3 Lauren pats Grammy's boobs and says "Oooooh, balloons!" ~Lauren, 2

35: Luke: "Hey Lauren, who's the funniest person in the world?" Lauren: "You are - um I mean I am" Me: "What about me? I'm funny, I mean, funny defines me, it's who I am" Thinking to myself about the Seinfeld episode where George's funniness is threatened. Lauren: Chuckles..."Oh no Mom, you're not funny! You're just a mama, and mama's aren't funny!" -Luke, 8 ~Lauren, 4 Lauren's trying to get her swimsuit on, and having a hard time. I hear her mutter to herself "Oooh, Awkward"! complete with the tone..." ~Lauren, 4 "Good night conversation with Luke..."Mom, I wish you were fancier". What do you mean Luke? "Well, you don't have any cool things like an I-phone, I-pad, you know like a Droid or touch screen computer...but you are fancy enough for me in your cooking!" Conversation ensues about different interests, the budget, etc. *Long sigh* from Luke. "I just love technology"! Poor guy in such a non-techy family!" -Luke, 10 Lauren's first comment to me this morning "Oh Mom, this is gettin kind of small." I open my eyes to see what she is talking about...yep, it's my bra!!!" ~Lauren, 3 | A bit sad that my little "girl" is growing up...*sigh* she apparently has been practicing, and shared her new talents with Cory last night...."Know what Dad? I don't say 'gireel' anymore, I can say 'g-i-r-l'". ~Lauren, 3 Cory to Lauren "Lauren, could I have a sour bunny?" 'No' "That's not being very sharing Lauren" 'Nope, it's selfish'. "Do you think that's very nice?" 'Nope, but I'm still not sharing my sour bunny', as she walks away... ~Lauren, 4 Lauren is quite concerned that Cory informed her this year her Easter eggs would be filled with vegetables. Tonight at bedtime "Dad was just kiddin about vegetables in the eggs right Mom, I don't like vegetables in Easter eggs, it has to be candy Mom, right Mom?!" ~Lauren, 4 On the way home from preschool today..."Mom, David is my best friend...but, um, he doesn't come anymore 'cause he moved to Nenevah!" ~Lauren, 4 You might be old when your son says to you "Mom, when you were a girl in school, did they have desks?" -Luke, 7 Conversation heard from the dining room just now..."No, don't eat that Lauren, that's a napkin"!" -Luke, 6 ~Lauren, 2

36: OUR FATHER, WHO ART IN HEAVEN... Lauren's musing..."Mom, God is a wonderful God...know why? He made my head turn side to side, right?" ~Lauren, 3 1/2 Lauren was up late tonight (due to her impromptu nap) and so was having a hard time going to bed. Our babysitter snuck up to check on her, and she was standing on the toy box looking out the window. Anna says "Lauren Nelson, what are you doing?!" Lauren hems and hahs, um's and fidgets and then says "I'm praying to God!" ~Lauren, 3 1/2 "Dear Jesus, thank you for this day. That Jeremy is here, Claire is here and Jesse is here. And, um, well, I don't really like lasagna. Amen" ~Lauren, 4 Riding in the car, Lauren says to Jesse, “Jesse, Jesse, be quiet.” Why Lauren? “Cause I’m listening to God talk in my brain, sorry it might take a while cause sometimes God talks for a really long time!” ~Lauren, 4 I feel bad that this morning's worship made Luke cry. Some kid killed a bird, and then felt bad about it - too much for my soft hearted son! -Luke, 6 | Breakfast conversation regarding the resident dining room spider who lives on the corner of the ceiling. Luke: "Oh look Lauren, the spider isn't here today" Lauren "PRAISE JESUS, the spider is gone! Lauren, 4 Lauren put on a Gregorian Chant CD on in her room this a.m. then comes down and tells Cory "This pretty song is for Jesus in Nazareth cause the soldiers don't have a radio!" ~Lauren, 3 "Dear Jesus, thank you that Mama's here, Grammy and Grampy are here, Lukester is here, and Lauren's here...I'm Lauren. Please 'fortect' Dad...cause he's my favorite, and so he can come back soon. Oh and thank you for the food!" ~Lauren, 4 ""Mom, what does supervise mean?" Definition given as asked, then I mused...where did you learn that word Lauren? "Oh, from God, He spoke out to me one time"! ~Lauren, 4 Lauren's praise and prayer time request today at church..."Um, we need to pray for my Dad, cause he's at home. He's at home with the cats...cause they poop...all over the carpet...and he needs to be there to take care of them". ~Lauren, 4

37: SPIRITUALITY MADE SIMPLE "Mom, when I die, will I die on the cross like Jesus did, because I was hoping not too!" Discussion about death, the cross, etc. "Mom, when I die, will I stop breathing? Yes. "That is NOT good!" -Luke, 6 "OH NO! IT'S GETTING DARK! HOW ARE WE GOING TO SEE? LAUREN, WHAT'S ON THE FRONT OF THE CAR THAT MIGHT HELP US SEE?..."UMMMMMM, JESUS?!" LAUREN, 3 Mom, WHEN are we going to see Jesus, cause I really want to show him my pink blankie!"" ~Lauren, 4 All the other, well-behaved children in Sabbath School today singing sweetly "Jesus Loves Me" and "Lift up the Trumpet" when they are supposed to...my daughter "We Will, we will rock you, rock you!" ~Lauren, 3 Discussing giving Jesus your heart..."But, if I give Him my heart, I won't be able to breathe!" -Luke, 5 1/2 Looking up at the long haired bag boy at the store today, Lauren loudly says, "Mom, is that Jesus?" ~Lauren, 2 1/2 Conversation about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and giving our hearts to Him. "Well, I want to give my heart to Jesus right now OK?" -Luke, 6

38: 3 a.m. and Storm is having her kittens. I woke Luke as promised so he could watch. We sat in the closet for a long time watching in amazement. Inevitably the conversation led to "How are babies made Mom?" I explain the process appropriately, but honestly. He looks at me in shock..."Dad did THAT to you?!" Yep, I say. "Oh, that is so gross! I NEVER want to talk about this again Mom - well, except the sperm, that's OK because it's microscopic!" -Luke, 7

39: ...the birds and the bees... Had to have a talk with Lauren about personal space before going to camp. "Oh, i just am filled up to my eyeballs with love for the boys...i want to marry them!" ~lauren, 6

40: - SAVING LIVES - 2 minutes of unsupervised time to get meds from the basket on top shelf of closet. Lauren says "I ate a couple medcins" Shows me what she got into "child proof kids tylenol". After counting, had 2-3. She's in trouble! Hours later she lays her head on my shoulder "I sorry for eating medsin Mom" *sigh* I need two of me to keep my daughter alive...not to mention an extra bottle of hair dye to cover gray!" ~Lauren, 2 1/2 Daily goal of keeping Lauren alive - check - wishful goal of not adding to the gray hair count - failed miserably! While driving today, she opened her door. Someone undid the child safety lock *sigh* it never stops... ~Lauren 2 1/2 Staying at a hotel in Boise with Grammy and Grampy, we had two rooms next to each other on the 2nd floor. Our doors opened onto an outside porch. We all wanted to watch the Olympics together, so once I was sure you were almost asleep, I snuck over to be with everyone else in the room next door. After about 15 minutes, I went back to check on you, and you were GONE! Frantic, I got Dad and Grampy, and scanned the parking lot and porch quickly, you weren't anywhere. Grampy ran down to the office, and someone had found you wandering around in the parking lot, and had brought you inside. Probably one of the scariest few moments as a Mom that I have had! -Luke, 2 Luke just got beat up on the bus by a 12 and 13 year old boys...I'm livid. Watch out for the mother bear. -Luke, 7 After tasting the superglue that she found in the "childproofed" junk drawer, she decided she didn't like it. ~Lauren, 2 Lauren painted her chin with purple nailpolish today. ~Lauren, 2 A whole tube of desitin, a black sharpie marker, a half bottle of while paint...I'm exhausted...time to put Lauren down for her nap! ~Lauren, 2 ""I Dunno" = Lauren's response when asked why she opened her car door while we were going 75 mph. That and spilled grape juice all over her outfit, and an entire bag of Costco pistacios spilled on the floor. ~Lauren, 3 So, I'm picking out my bread at Subway today, what does that take maybe 15 seconds since I always choose the same kind...anyway, I look over and Lauren is standing in the middle of a table checking out the pretty hanging lamp! ~Lauren, 2 I have saved Lauren's life twice in the last 24 hours...where's my medal?!" ~Lauren, 2

41: Taking a bath at Carol and Jeremy's you got real quiet. I came in to check on you, and you were playing with Carol's razor. There was blood everywhere...all over your hand and belly, coloring the water pink...You were drawing with your bloody finger -"Rainbow!", "SNAKE"! "Ladybug", "AIRPY!" You didn't mind at all! -Luke, 2

42: Telephone call at work... Hello? -Hi Mom. Oh Hi sweetie, how was your day? -Well, I was very mature today!... Really? How so? -Well, I ate when I was supposed to, I was the best swimmer in my class and I got out of the pool when I had to, so I was mature. Wow, that's pretty mature Lauren! -Yep. Oh, I can't wait for you to come home and see my pipe cleaner craft! OK, well I'll be home soon. -Alright, hurry up Mom so you can kiss my cheeks! Bye! ~Lauren, 6 In the grocery store, Lauren seemed to be about 2 times louder then absolutely necessary "MOM, CAN WE GET THESE APPLES" etc. I tell her maybe she could talk a little quieter since I am right next to her. "Oh, sorry Mom, guess I am not feeling very shy today". ~Lauren, 6 Just finished feeding our 3 day pet black widow spider it's supper of gourmet fly! Then took my sad son to let it go, "Can't we keep it Mom, I love it!" -Luke, 8 | Lauren's comment after doing something she probably shouldn't..."It was funny for 'bout 2 seconds, then it wasn't funny anymore!"~Lauren, 4 Just finished reading Lauren a funny story. She belly laughed forever, sighed and grinned up at me "That was just so funny, I laughed and laughed until I almost cried"!" ~Lauren, 4 Prepped Lauren on how to ask the librarian for a book today, we walk in and she says REALLY loudly "HI! DO YOU HAVE ANY BOOKS ABOUT UNDERWARE?!" That's not exactly what I prepped her to do! Lauren, 3 Overheard conversation from Lauren as I'm coming up the stairs. "Uh, made a BIG mess, have to cwean it up before I get in troubow. Uh-oh, here she comes, she's gonna be mad" Loud cleaning heard. I finally make it to the top of the stairs with my crutches, and hear "Oops, too wate!" ~Lauren, 3 Tucking Lauren in last night, I found she had put 12 hair bands on her arm. Her hand was purple and cold. Explaining the importance of not doing this, as I took the bands off, how it cut off blood supply to your hand, might hurt, etc. Lauren says "It's OK Mom, I have veins in my hand." ~Lauren, 3

43: So, we're at the pool this weekend, and while helping Lauren get changed, she sits back in the chair, rests her arm on the arm rest, and drumming her fingers asks, "So, Mom, what do you like to do with your friends?!" I pause and tell her visit, be outside, etc. "Oh, yeah, Me too!" as she continues to drum her fingers! ~Lauren, 3 | Lauren wraps up in her blanket and morph's into all sorts of things...The other day it was Jesus, then it was a flying bird, a princess, just now it's a baby...at the table she says "I'm an eating baby *pause* come feed me Mama!" ~Lauren, 3 | No Lauren, we can't go to the playground today. "Why Mom?" Cause you're sick. "Can I just throw up in the grass Mom..?!"~Lauren, 3 | I cut out a few construction paper hearts for Lauren to paint and color...she just brought me one, and with a big grin says "HAPPY BALANCE-TIME MOM!" ~Lauren, 3

44: SO MUCH MORE... Headed to work one night and when I came out of the shower, you had made me a chocolate sandwich and other lunch things in your 'Cars' lunch box. The sandwich was SO gross! It had a big blob of PB in the middle of the blob of Nutella on that. You were so proud of yourself! -Luke, 5 1/2 I cried when Lauren told me "love you" for the first time today. Wow, she turns two and the next day is so much older and more mature! ~Lauren, 2 Up much of the night with my sick boy. As he's pale and puking he looks at me and says "I'm so sorry Mom" Why Luke? "Cause I'm keeping you from sleeping." --Luke, 7 Was having a lousy day yesterday, unexpected trip to the dentist for Luke's braces, etc. We FINALLY head home after 7 p.m. Luke is inhaling a Subway in the back and says "Ummm, this is good...but not as good as the wonderful food you make for me Mom" So, I start crying and tell him it's the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day..."I said it cause I love you so much Mom". Love my boy! -Luke, 8 | LOVE "Mom, I just love it in the morning when you wake me up for school I love the sound of your voice!" Seeing that you had made me feel good, you said when Dad got home "Mom, did you tell Dad about my loveness?!" -Luke, 5 1/2 Lauren started caressing my cheek with the back of her hand while I was helping her get undressed for her bath. What are you doing Lauren? "Oh, I'm just showing you the niceness Mom!" A few minutes later while she is trying to convince me to put a pop-it-drop-it on my head she says "It doesn't hurt, I will protect you, well, it hurts a little, but it will be OK Mom!" ~Lauren, 5 Overheard in the car today from Lauren "Luke, you have such a cute chin!" -Luke, 9 ~Lauren, 4 Time for bed honey bunny. "I'm not honey bunny, I'm sweetie" Time for bed sweetie pie. "I'm not sweetie pie, just sweetie" Time for bed sweetie. "Wuke's not sweetie, he's 'markable'"! ~Lauren, 3

45: ~FIRST WORDS~ First word = "Daisy" ~Lauren "O-glad-you-la-tions" = Congratulations "Per-million-pede" = Millipede "Wonderware" = Underware "Pokernuts" = Polka dots "Huck-up" = Pick-up "Hobobottamus" = Hippopotamus | First word = "aaaawt" = Hot! -Luke, 1 "Toilet" = Altoid "Gee-up" = Pickup "Tittie" = Kitty "Hopper" = Grasshopper "Fu-fu" = Careful "Flow-fu" = Flower "Bull*#^(" = Bulldozer "Dwammy/Dwampy" = Grammy/ Grampy "Air - P = Airplane "Pus" = Octopus "Ffff-Fffff" = Woof-woof | Lauren cont... "Cannonbumper" = Cucumber "Llama-ma" = Llama "Kanks" = Thanks "Wauren/Wuke" = Lauren/Luke "Sweet Woops" = Fruit Loops

46: LOVE EXPERTS "Mom, Emma asked me to be her best friend today." Oh yeah, what does that mean? "I have NO idea!" Wait, is she in 7th or 8th grade? "8th". So, you're hanging out with older women now? "No, they are hanging out with me!" -Luke, 11 1/2 Lauren informed me today she has a boyfriend. I asked her what that meant and she says "Ummm, Uh, umm, it's hard to 'esplain'". ~Lauren, 5 At Ice Cream Alley tonight, and Lauren sees a boy from school last year. "OH Mom! I think that's Conner, I'm going to go say hi". Shyly walks close, and just looks at him. No response. Comes back to me. "I've decided to stand where he can see me and then twirl my hair and suck my fingers...then do you think he'll recognize me and say hi?" ~Lauren, 6 I wonder if anyone knows the answer to Luke's latest birds/bees question "Mom, don't you think it really hurts when porcupines have babies?" -Luke, 6 Lauren, there's going to be a new boy at the babysitters today. "Oooh, good, what's his name?" Cole. "Oh, yes, Cole is my best friend!" Have you ever met him? "No (dreamily looks out the window), but I HAVE been dreaming about him!" ~Lauren, 3 "Mom, when I'm married, my husband will drive me where ever I go" ~Lauren, 5 | Conversation on the way home with Lauren..."Mom, I really like Chase...and not just because he has a pink unicorn either!" ~Lauren, 6 Never thought I would have to explain to my son what "Hooters" is...Cory's explanation...it's a place to watch birds Luke.., you know, chicks & others like that!" -Luke, 4 Lauren to Cory...Dad, I really love you so much, I want to marry you. "Well, Lauren, Dad's don't marry their daughters, and I'm already married to Mom." OK, well, then I'll marry Jeremy then. "I think you'll have to check with Carol on that one Lauren!" ~Lauren, 4 " Krystin, I was going to sit with you at church today, but I had to sit with the boys from Camp Ida-Haven...they are just too fancy!" ~Lauren, 6

47: ON LICKING! So many wonderful things about vacation for all of us...Lauren just comes in from the porch and wistfully says with a sigh "Ohhhh, I just love licking concrete"! ~Lauren, 4 3/4 Morning musing during a morning snuggle..."Mom, sometimes I just wish I could suck on people's noses"! ~Lauren, 6 Lauren on our drive to school today "Mom, the front car window is REALLY dirty...maybe I should lick it off!" ~Lauren, 3 Overheard between Cory and Lauren..."Dad, I was going to kiss you, but my heart told me to lick you." ~Lauren, 4 | Had a bunch of people over last night for start of our Financial Peace University. Lauren was very very sad that she had to go the babysitters. With tear filled eyes she looks at me and says "But Mom, I PROMISE not to lick people!" ~Lauren, 3 Went to our fancy dentist today and admired the wall fountain.Apparently Lauren was doing the same, except she takes her admiration one step further and goes over and slurps up some of the water. Of course she does. ~Lauren, 5 Lauren was running up to people in Costco hugging their leg and saying 'Hi'...I thought, but upon closer investigation notice she was LICKING their leg, then saying 'Hi"! ~Lauren, 2 1/2 "Lauren must bet getting bigger"...says Logan at camp..."She kissed my cheek instead of licking it!" I'm so proud! ~Lauren, 4

48: I wonder why Lauren decided to taste the nipple of the bottle that we used to feed our neighbors twin calves today...~Lauren, 2 My big helper was washing the car windows today at the gas station...I look over with pride and love, just in time to see her take a big lick of the window washing liquid that was running down the handle. ~Lauren, 4

49: TALENTS... Lemon pudding cake, chocolate fudge cake and Toasty baked oatmeal with pears...all made by himself in a day by my gourmet chef son. -Luke, 8 We're listening to CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia on CD, and Cory and I missed the first couple chapters of A Horse and His Boy. We asked Luke if he could catch us up, and he proceeded to recite quotes and a play by play of the chapters...he's listened to it once! -Luke, 7 Luke won a bike for the March book to bike competition! He was even having me set his alarm early so he could read more. Latest books are the Little House on the Prairie books, which he reads to himself... -Luke, 7 Over 2500 minutes read for the read-a-thon...I'm going to need to get another job to fund this endeavor! -Luke, 11 1/2 | DRAMA... In a public bathroom, Lauren pulls down her tights in the stall next to me, and starts to wail "Oh, no! When I was at the playground, I fell down and scraped my knee, *sob* I left some of my skin at the park *sob*sob*sob*!" ~Lauren, 4 While riding her bike, Lauren stops and says "OH NO! I have a probwem" What is it? "I really need bike shorts!" ~Lauren, 4 | QUESTIONS... Luke to me "Mom, who do you think is more hideous...Barney or Dora?" Ummmm, that's a tough one! -Luke, 7 Hey Mom, where is that special place where babies come out again?" -Luke, 6 Was just thinking the other day "I wonder when Lauren is going to cut her own hair. I don't have to wonder anymore. ~Lauren, 3

50: WORD PLAY! Looking at our bird clock..."What time is it mom? Oh, never mind, it's bird o'clock." -Luke 5 3/4 Lauren's teacher pulled me aside yesterday to relay a conversation she had at school... L: Oh, Mrs. Ellis, I'm so sorry to disturb you, but could you tie my shoe? Mrs. E: It's not disturbing me Lauren, sure I'll help you. L: Oh thanks, well, I disturb my parents a lot too... Mrs. E: Oh really? L: Yep, just the other day I disturbed them while they were wrestling. Mrs. E: Um, uh, they were what? L: Oh, silly me, they were RESTING, I disturbed them when they were resting, not wrestling ~Lauren, 5! I consider myself to be fairly intelligent...Luke just beat me in Scrabble 189 to 134...he's 7. I'm reconsidering the intelligent notion. -Luke, 7 Seeing pictures on the computer of Old Faithful..."Oh look! Old Navy"! -Luke, 6 | Lauren to Cory "What's in your mouth Dad?" Jerky. "Let me see...NO that's bugs! Spit the bugs out Dad!" ~Lauren, 2 1/2 You made a St. Patrick's day shamrock "Hey Mom, look at the sheetrock I made at school!" -Luke, 6 Lauren's chatting to Cory about her whoopy cushion..."Dad, then there is my 'tooshy cushion!" ~Lauren, 4 constructions = instructions prism = prison exterb or exterbing = disturb or disturbing. -Luke, 3 "Mom, my cheek hurts and it's cold...I should've worn a cheek hat" ~Lauren, 3

51: "Mom, I know what a sour pus is - a cat who likes lemons!" -Luke, 6 So Lauren has informed with that today is "ground squirrel day!" Apparently it is the day when ground squirrels come out and play...who knew! ~Lauren, 5 "Oooh, look at Cabella's beautiful Christmas lights!" (Camilla's!) -Luke, 5 3/4" Singing the ABC's to Cory on the phone, Lauren gets to the middle part LMINNOW..."Dad, what is the minnow part?" ~Lauren, 5 "Mom, did you know that bats are camel-lodged? They are brown and when they land on trees you can't see 'em. Isn't that cool?" ~Lauren, 5 Look Dad, Mom's wearing her "zucchini"!" ~Lauren, 4 | Telling us about the songs you were learning at school "The Star Bangler" = Star Spangled Banner and "My Country Tisavee" = My Country Tis of Thee! -Luke, 5 "Mom, where is Wood's House?" Huh? Oh, you mean Forest's house? "Yeah, that's it!" -Luke, 5 3/4 Conversation at supper with Lauren..."We've been talking about the 'hard working' letters at school, you now like a, u, i...um, well there's five, what's the other ones, or yeah, o and e. Um, yeah, you know Mom, the bowels?" ~Lauren, 5 | You were in a relay for track day, and were telling me all about it..."and then we passed the 'croûton' to each other!" -Luke, 7 Cory...What book did you get at the library today? Lauren..."Diarrhea of a Spider"! {Diary of a Spider} ~Lauren, 6 Helping to start the fire, and went to get some wood..."Look Mom, I brought in 8 pieces of 'kimberly'" Huh? Oh, kindling! -Luke, 5 3/4 ""Dad those mean boys were calling me names at the playground...they called me Baby Face...Dad, I'm not a face or a baby, it made me very sad!" ~Lauren, 5

52: Well, Lauren just got caught stealing Luke's candy. Oh, the deep sad guilt of being caught in the act! Much sobbing ensues, "Oh, it's all my fault, I'm just so angry at myself. I just couldn't help it Mom. Etc etc." Apologizes to Luke, and returns to sobbing when I tell her she will have pay to replace his candy with her own money, and tell Cory what happens when he gets home. "Oh, no, if I t.t..ell Dad he's going to be upset with me" More sobbing. "Please don't tell my classmates, they'll make fun of me forever!" Lots of hugs and talking later, an accepted apology from Luke and they are out sledding having a great time! So, I say to Luke, maybe he should tell Lauren about a time that he stole something. He immediately remembers stealing a bag of Hershey kisses (I don't remember this at all!). He says "There is NO way I'm telling her about that, she uses things like that to manipulate me later on". Good point Luke, I say as he runs up for another sled run down the hill! -Luke, 10 ~Lauren, 5 I tell Lauren to get dressed the other day (not her talent), and she comes up with sheer summer tights that are too small, a skirt, and a short sleeved shirt on backwards. So, I say "Lauren it's a blizzard outside, you need to go and change into something more appropriate." Sadly, she heads downstairs, and once in her room starts to sob and sob. I hear her sob, "I just worked so hard". Cory, in his understated way says "you didn’t even acknowledge that she just got dressed by herself you know". I thought about it for a minute, called Lauren up and as she snuggled on my lap and cried, told her how proud I was of her for getting herself dressed, and if she wanted to wear that outfit it was fine, she just needed to wear boots and a coat. I am so grateful that there are two of us parenting, and that Cory is there to help when I might say something in haste or make a decision that isn’t the best. How I love him! ~Lauren, 4 3/4

53: THE STORIES NEVER END... Full large yogurt container of water spilled on the ground ("Uh-oh Mom, I was just trying to make an ice pack so I can use it if I break my leg or something"), Hot dog slips out of the bun onto the floor-with all the ketchup, relish, etc. (Ooops, sorry Mom), large blob of ice cream flies out of the bowl onto the floor, "I'm like Harry that dirty dog book, you know Mom",(as she is eating the ice cream off the floor), Kitten shut in the fridge door (OH NO, accidents happen Mom)...when is bedtime again?" ~Lauren, 4 "Mom, I'm just not good at sleepovers." How come? "Oh, I'm just not comftable...I miss Mom and Dad and stuff". ~Lauren, 6 "Mom, can I talk?" Sure Lauren, what do you want to talk about? "I want to talk about when I was a little boy named 'Wukester'" Long story ensues about a bear chase, but no worries she told me "I just ran for my 'wife', I just go really fast, um, my legs are". ~Lauren, 3 1/2 | Proud Mom right here! Watched Luke drum with the Camp Ida-Haven band this afternoon and tonight for our programs. He's so awesome, and the staff is awesome as well for including him! -Luke, 11 Another bit of proof that Lauren spreads her pearls of wisdom - from my friend Jennifer Kilgore, and her breakfast conversation with her son Liam... Every time we eat cherries Liam asks me if the have fox pee on them. He asks all kinds of weird questions so I didn't think much of it. Today we are eating breakfast and again with the "does this have fox pee?" So I asked him, why do you worry about that? His answer "Lauren told me that the ones close to the ground get fox pee on them" ~Lauren, 6 Lauren talking to Grammy "I'm going to tell you a story" Oh good, what's it about? "Ummmmm, boats, water, bouy's, fish, and.....spit"!" ~Lauren, 4

54: Making supper, and kids are outside eating a popsicle...I hear a scream, and then cry. Run out, and Lauren has fallen, now has bloody/bruised head, bilat bloody knees, looking at me with be teary eyes she says, "Ooooh, my body is broken, now I have to cry...WAAAAH!" ~Lauren, 3 | My little Lauren has a fever of 102.1. Just gave her Motrin and she says right after drinking it "Oh sank you, I feel so much better now!" ~Lauren, 3

55: So Luke says today on the way home from church "Hey Mom, remember in the Bible that story about Judas when he hung himself, and then fell on the rocks, and then the dogs ate him up?" Lauren responds by singing "WHO LET THE DOG's OUT? Woof Woof wooowooowooowoof!" -Luke, 7 ~Lauren, 3

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