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Kindergarten at Horizon

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Kindergarten at Horizon - Page Text Content

S: Kinddergarten at Horizon

FC: Mrs Eernisse's Kindergarten Class at Horizon

3: Work Experiences This semester I worked with Mrs. Eernisee's Kindergarten class at Horizon Elementary School. A lot of days I helped the students with their numbers or played games that had to deal with numbers, letters, colors or shapes.

5: This semester I learned that working with little kids is one of the best jobs in the world because it is never a dull moment and they're so funny!

7: Working with this class had a huge impact on my life because I learned that I need to be more patient with people and to not take everything for granted.

9: This semester I formed many relationships with the students, mostly because of the great memories and from working with each student many times.

11: I will use what I learned in the semester when I have kids of my own because I will help them with their letters and colors.

12: Monday: 2:00-2:37- helped the students cut out leaves for their sunflower and glue it onto the stem. Tuesday: 2:01-2:36- helped the students cut out leaves for their sunflower and glue it onto the stem. Thursday: 2:00-2:36- helped the students paint their fish pictures.

13: Mrs Eernisse jeerniss@plymouth.k12.wi.us 892-2225 x3510 (Horizon) Something I found difficult this week was trying to get the kids to take their time while cutting and glueing.

14: Monday: 1:56-2:31- supervised the kids as they painted a picture of the sea. Tuesday: 2:00-2:32- supervised the kids as they colored an apple. Wednesday: 1:55-2:30- supervised the kdis as they colored an apple their favorite color. Thursday: 1:55-2:30-supervised and slices of apples on plates for the kids to sample to figure out which one is their favorite kind.

15: I displayed a positive attitude this past week by always having a smile on my face, tried to help kids with putting together a puzzle they were struggling with and being helpful to the kids when they came over to sample different apples

16: 10/3 Monday 1:57-2:30 Figured out which apple each child liked the best. 10/4 Tuesday Sick 10/5 Wednesday 1:56-2:30 Helped the kids make a coconut out of paper, crushed up mini wheats and coconut. 10/6 Thursday 157:2:32 Had the kids come over and put their name on a paper cocunut and then hung that up under either the Yes they liked it column, or the no they didn't like it column.

17: I have reached my full potential by interacting with the kids as I get to know them better. I can do more in the future by remembering all the names and not mixing some up.

18: Monday 10/10 1:56-2:31 I followed students around while they asked their classmates if they liked the coconut they tried on Friday, they then graphed that on a sheet of paper. Tuesday 10/11 2:00- 2:31 I followed the students around while they asked their classmates if they liked the cocnut they tried on Friday, we then graphed it by x'ing out boxes. Wednesday 10/12 1:56- 2:32 I followed students around as they asked their classmates if they liked the coconut. Thursday 10/13 1:55-2:32 My class was on a field trip so I cut out paper mice for a project they're doing based on a book next week

19: I would give myself an A. I dress appropriately everyday, I interact with the children all the time and I get my work done to the best of my ability.

20: Monday: 1:56-2:30 Played Bingo with some kids. Tuesday:2:00- 2:31 Went to gym. Wednesday:2:00- 2:30 Had them color a paper pumpkin.

21: I like that the kids are all hardworking and helpful.

22: Monday Oct 31: 1:58-2:30 I had kids read their #'s from 21-30 and then gave them a strip of paper to glue onto so they can make number headbands. Tuesday Nov 1: 1:56-2:30 I played number bingo with Cres, Emma, Noah, and Serenity. Wednesday Nov. 2: 1:56-2:30 I played number bingo with Edi, Travis, Alec, and Penny. Thursday Nov. 3: 1:57-2:30 I helped Cooper make his paper scarecrow.

23: I can take an activity and make it better by putting some more energy into it so it's not a boring thing, like come over and color the picture. I can be like can you please come over and draw a picture to take home, because when the kids find out they can take something home they do their best on it and are excited to take it home.

24: Monday 11/7: 1:56- 2:30 I played 3D bingo with Jack, Noah, Travis and Cres. Tuesday 11/8: 1:58- 2:30 the class had speech for half the time so after I just helped kids do puzzles till I had to leave. Wednesday 11/9 1:57- 2:30 I played 3D bingo with Rachel, Emma, Brielle and Hailey. Thursday 11/10 1:56- 2:30 I played 3D bingo with Maxim, Penny, Tyler and Brady.

25: I am a strong worker with kids.

26: Monday 11/14 1:56-2:30 I had some kids come into the hallway with me and trace numbers on the iTouch. Tuesday 11/15 1:56-2:29 The kids had speech with Mrs. Nickel so then I just helped Noah build a lego building for my last fifteen minutes. Wednesday 11/16- off of school Thursday 11/17 1:55-2:29 I had some kids trace numbers on the iTouches again. Friday 11/18 1:57-2:31 They had gym and then I had Cres and Jack trace numbers on the iTouches.

27: This week I helped an elderly lady get her mail.

28: Monday 11/21 1:55-2:30 I supervised and helped the kids as they made an art project matching the necklace they had made earlier in the day. Tuesday 11/22 1:57-2:30 Brielle, Emma, Max and Noah traced numbers on the iTouches as I supervised.

29: My goal was to become more patient with little kids, and I think I am on my way to achieving that goal very successfully.

30: Monday 11/28 1:56-2:30 I helped students put their numbers in order for their number headband. Tuesday 11/29 1:57-2:32 I played with the students because my teacher was goin to they had a substitute. Wednesday 11/30 1:56-2:30 I finished up with the kids who had to trace numbers on the ipod and then helped max build a building out of blocks. Thursday 12/1 1:56-2:30 I had the students come over and write their name on their ABC books that they took home on Friday.

31: At my volunteer site I have accepted opinions of others, this past week I took the opinion of Noah to put the triangles in a square shape so that they would fit in the box, and it worked. Another opinion I accepted was to take three students into the hallway to trace numbers instead of just two.

32: Monday 12/5: no school Tuesday 12/6: 1:57-2:30 The kids had speech class for the first half of the class and then I helped Maxim finish his ABC book. Wednesday 12/7: 1:56-2:30 I held snowmen shaped bricks while students painted them for thier christmas gift to their parents. Thursday 12/8 1:55-2:32 I touched up on the snowmen so there was no red showing. Friday 12/9 went to the armory and helped set up for the toy thing

33: 1. ringing bells for salvation army 2. Toy drives 3. the gift thing that we helped set up for at the armory. 4. Penny war for project angel hugs we had at PHS. 5. food drive This weekend I am ringing bells for salvation army at WalMart and on Tuesday I had my aunt take a toy for the toys for tots toy drive at a basketball game in Sheboygan.

34: Monday 12/12: I was sick Tuesday 12/14 I was sick Wednesday 12/15 1:57-2:30 I helped Brady, Jade, Jenna, and Brooke with their numbers 1-10 by playin a matching game with them. Thursday 12/16 2:00-2:30 I collected the classes game papers and stapled them with their instructions and then placed them in their backpacks. I then helped Jack and Noah put their blocks back together and in the wooden squares that they go in.

35: First off, if I personally knew the person and trusted them I would let them live with me to cut down on some of their expenses. If they didnt take that off I would buy them non-perishable food items for them to eat so that they dont have to worry about the food going bad. Thirdly I would give them money for extra financial support. These are the best choices because these three things are the main items that people need to get by today, they are shelter, food, and money.

36: Monday: 12/19 1:58-2:30 I graphed whether students bit off the head, leg or foot first of their gingerbread man. Tuesday: 12/20 2:00-2:30 I helped the students count how many green and red M&M's that they had and then made sure they graphed it correctly on their piece of paper. Wednesday: 12/21 half day Thursday: 12/22 Assembly

37: The thing I enjoyed the most was seeing the kids so excited for Christmas. Over the break I was looking forward to taking food to a food pantry for my brother's business.

38: Monday: 1/2 1:58-2:30 I played the number game with some students. Tuesday: 1/3 2:00-2:30 I helped Noah and Jack with their ABC books. Wednesday: 1/4 2:00-2:30 I packed papers into the students backpacks. Thursday: 1/5 2:00-2:30 I helped Emma do a puzzle.

39: 1. Not working up to standard. 2. Not respecting the children. 3. Showing up late to your site. If a student was doing these things the teacher could write a bad report for the student and even let the student's teacher know that they didnt want that student at the site anymore.

40: Monday: 1/9 2:00-2:30 I helped Brady with his numbers 1-10. Tuesday: 1/10 2:00-2:30 I supervised as some kids played Candyland. Wednesday: 1/11 2:00-2:30 I supervised as some kids played the Ants Picnic game. Thursday: 1/12 2:00-2:30 I supervised as Edi, Brady, Cres and Vivian played Candyland.

41: 1. I think the impact I made at my site was big because even if a kid was having a bad day when I would come they would be happy and more like themselves. 2. To have a lot of patience because having that will make your life a lot easier.

42: Dear Mrs. Eernisse, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work in your classroom this semester. I have formed many great relationships with you as well as the kids.My greatest memory of working with this class was seeing the smiling faces everyday! Sincerely, Kevin Friederichs

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