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lauren hodgen and rachel mcquiston

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FC: The Dark Times of a Princess | By: Rachel McQuiston and Lauren Hodgen

1: By: Rachel McQuiston and Lauren Hodgen | We dedicate this book to everyone who died from the Black Plague!

2: The black plague, a vicious disease with the symptoms of shock, chills, chest pains, and weakness, has come to the sea in the year of 1347. The queen's precious daughter is locked inside her room because her mother is afraid she will die from this terrible plague. While the beautiful princess is inside her room she sees her neighbors walking toward the castle crying! The princess notices that her best friend, Rose, is not there and Rose will do anything to come over and visit! When her parents bring them into her room she asks them what's wrong. They break the news to her that her best friend Rose, has died unexpectedly! After they leave, Jone asks her mother why Rose died so soon when she was so healthy a few days ago. Her mother said that the plague had gotten to Rose.The whole castle has heard about this terrible plague and they fear for the princess' life. Doctors from everywhere around the kingdom are called in by the king and queen to make sure that their only daughter will stay healthy and not become sick since she was around Rose only a few days ago. When the doctors assure the king and queen their only daughter is well, everyone is joyful!

3: Later on, Jone goes out into the town and notices that people have all these black bumps on them. Jone goes over to this one man and asks what's wrong. The man says that the town doctor says it is normal for a man his age. A few days later Jone goes to town and sees her best friend and says "did you know that Rose died?" her friend Isobel said that she had no idea. Jone notices that Isobel has black bumps on her too, Isobel is happy to see her that she gives her a big hug! They decide to go to lunch. Isobel said that she didn't feel good during lunch, so Jone said that she would take her to the town doctor. When they went to the doctor the doctor said that she was sick! Jone asked the doctor what kind of sickness and the doctor said that he wasn't sure. The doctor prescribed some herbal medicine. When Jone left, Rose said that she had terrible aches all over. Jone got very worried. She was hoping that her dear friend wasn't becoming sick and wouldn't die from the same disease Rose died from!

4: When Jone returned to the castle, which was near the docks, her mother was so glad to see her. An hour later her father comes in, so he can read and talk to his daughter. When he sit down he notices that the Tar-Tar soldiers have come into port. The king and his daughter go to the port to greet them. When the king comes to the port he notices that all the soldiers, or most, were either dead or very sick from the horrid plague that was spreading rapidly. The king asks the captain of the ship what's wrong with his crew he says he's not sure. The king, only thinking of his daughter, orders that the captain and the crew must exit right away. The captain is so angry that the king would ever do such a thing, but he obeys the king's orders. The king storms out before the crew and captain could even walk away. But with the king out of sight, clearly out of revenge, the

5: captain slowly inches toward princess Jone and touches her shoulder, as soon as he does this she realizes that he has black bumps too and that they were hidden mostly by his long coat. As they all left Princess Jone stood there chewing on her fingernails worrying about what might happen next, it was so scary she wouldn't even mention it....

6: Princess Jone tells her mother the next day that she isn't feeling good. Her mother asks her what hurts, and Jone says that her stomach is aching and she is feeling very weak. Her mother, without a second thought, called their doctor and had him immediately come over to check their daughter for any signs or symptoms of the plague.

7: "Wow, I'm afraid this is not good." said the doctor. Jone sat twisting her legs frantically. No,no,no, she thought to herself. "Well I'm positive this is not what you wanted to hear but, your daughter has a rare case. We can try to prevent it from getting worse. And I really hope it isn't too late." Said the doctor. "Oh" was all her mother could say. Jone could tell that her mother was trying to be professional and queen-like but her daughter has a rare case, but couldn't she show any affection? " Will I be okay?" Jone managed to spit out. "We can only hope," he replied. "Thank you," said the king. "But I think it is time for you to leave." "Very well, and I hope you make the best out of these upcoming days, you never know when it will get worse," said the doctor. As the doctor leaves, Jone looks nervously at her mom who was now starting to tear up. Jone was nervously looking at her arm which now had little black bumps like the old man on the streets. "Jone, go up to your room and don't come down for a while, your mother and I need to talk...NOW."

8: The princess went up to her room terrified! Awhile later her parents come up and break the news to her....... that she is suffering from the black plague! they are not sure if it can be cured, but if not, she only has a short time to live. Breath taken and really scared, Jone looks at herself and cries. Jone orders her parents to call the town doctor or any doctor back! Her parents get furious, and say, "no, we will not call any doctor back, we just have to wait this out!" Jone starts crying, her parents leave and shut the door. A little while later a dead body slams the castle door, the king starts panicking!!!!! The princess rushes downstairs to comfort her father but he sends her upstairs. The king goes outside and then to the port and sees that the Tar-Tar soldiers are the mastermind behind it all. The king asks the captain and the captain says "we are doing this for revenge!'' "But why?" You've already given my daughter the black plague! The captain says "my work here is finished." So the captain and his crew leave the port! The king walks back home and finds the doctor there, "why are you back?" the king asks. The doctor tells him that their daughter is vomiting, has chills, and terrible aches and pains. the doctor tells them that she MUST stay in bed, no matter what!

9: The princess gets so angry and calls her butler up who has to stay outside the door. She asks him WHY? The butler said that he was not sure but that if she did not stay in bed that she would get worse. So the princess didn't say anything else. Awhile later Jone calls down and says she is very cold. Jone's mother calls the doctor right away, when the doctor finally comes he says that she will only have a few days to live because she is suffering from the highly-contagious black death.(a.k.a the black plague)"She should definitely stay in bed now, she is going to need a miracle to live at this point," said the doctor. A little while later her parents tell her the bad news, Jone thinks that the doctor is wrong and wants him hung. Her parents say that they won't do that! Jone gets very mad and tells her parents to leave immediately! Her parents leave and decide they have to figure out something to do.

10: "What should we do, Henry?" asked Jone's mother, Queen Victoria. "Our poor daughter is just lying there, suffering." "Our daughter is strong, Victoria." Answered Jone's father, King Henry. " But the Black Plague is a dangerous, cruel, aching disease. I just never wanted this to happen to he," said Queen Victoria. "I know if I had the black plague I would want to be killed off...Victoria, no!" She is our only child, she was going to be the best queen Europe ever had!....it'll pass, I know it will." Said King Henry. "No, it won't. She has three more days, tops. I will miss her too, but it's what she would want," said her mother " I.....uh, no I don't think that's a good idea," said her father. "Oh, just let me do all the work, besides, mom always knows best.." replied Queen Victoria. In a flash she gently looked at her husband, gave him a sly smile, and walked off.

12: A little while later the princess is laying in bed suffering. she says that her stomach is aching even more than before and she has shortness of breath. Her parents come up to the princess' bed. Queen Victoria says that they have a medicine that will cure her. "Hmmm, it tastes like bitter almonds," said Jone. Her mother says it's the doctor's new recipe. Her mother starts crying and her father joins in. A few minutes later the room goes silent as Princess Jone takes her last breaths and her eyelids close for eternity.

13: King Henry and Queen Victoria come downstairs and announce to everyone that their beloved daughter has passed. Soon after that they announce the news to the kingdom. As the princess is being taken to the graveyard, everyone takes their hat off and goes into mourning. Princess Jone will always be remembered as the Princess who fought the terrible Black Plague.

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