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Life Lessons

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1: Blindly Following Tradition can be Dangerous I was taught this lesson from The Lottery by Shirley Jackson. The characters in the story do not realize how much harm they are doing by continuing the lottery. Due to the fact that they have been doing it for so long, they become unaware that they are killing innocent people for a pointless reason. One way this has impacted my life was when I used to jump off the stairs as a kid. Though this technically is not a tradition, I used to do it all the time, clearly not seeing the danger that it could cause me.

2: Arguing Fair Outcomes that are Against you can do Harm I found this lesson from The Lottery. When Tessie Hutchinson argued over her husband pulling the “death card”, she ended up getting it herself in the re-draw. Though many people do not accept this as a true lesson, it is better to accept what has happened when things are fair. An example where this impacts me is at home. Sometimes my father will assign times for when my sister and I can use the computer. Once when she got to use it first, I complained, and that action got me grounded. This story showed me that accepting fair outcomes is the best choice.

3: The Importance of Establishing Identity I never thought much of this lesson until I read Beowulf. The theme reflected upon how the characters would tell of their lineage when they introduced themselves. I think this is important so that people know who you are and can treat you based on yourself. Personality is probably the most important, but showing your background can be important so people can have an idea of where you are from. One way this has impacted my life is when I tell people about my family. When I do this, I can help others have a better feel of who I am.

4: Brains Beats Brawns I have always known about this lesson but the Odyssey gave me a good example of it being used in a story. One example of how this lesson was used was when Odysseus and his crew were stuck on Polyphemus’ island. He knew he couldn’t defeat the Cyclops physically but with the use of his wit, he managed to defeat the Cyclops. One way this lesson impacted life was in a game of dodge ball last year. With the use of logical thinking, my team and I managed to defeat the other team by confusing them.

5: Temptation can have Downsides In the Odyssey, many of the characters have temptations that often lead bring problems. For example, the lotus flower caused the death of six men. Also, the killing of Helios’ cattle out of hunger caused many of Odysseus’ men to die because of the gods' anger. One example of how this has impacted my life is when I wanted a toy when I was six years old. My dad told me it looked cheap and wouldn’t be worth the price but I didn’t believe him. I thought he ended up buying it because he gave in to my begging, but really, he was trying to prove a point. When I opened the box, the toy was broken and my dad was right. From then on I thought hard about buying certain items.

6: The Excessive Want for Something can Cause Harm to Oneself In the horror Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein pushes the limits when he decides to create life. However, his creation ultimately brings his downfall. Becoming obsessed with something for too long can cause social and mental damage. One time I got too interested in a game and ended playing it for long periods of time. Eventually, my grades started dropping so I had to stop playing. Staying on something for too long is never a good idea.

7: Revenge is not Always Sweet When Tybalt commits the horrible crime of killing Mercutio, Romeo is enraged and decides to take the matter into his own hands. Because of this, he ends up killing Tybalt and is banished from Verona by the Prince. One example of how this lesson has impacted my life was when one of the kids in my class from elementary school decided it would be fun to trip me. I ended up falling and in my anger, pushed him onto the ground. The teacher managed to see me push him and I got in trouble with her. Had I just kept my cool, things probably would have gone better for me.

8: Laziness is a Bad Habit In the Veldt, the Hadley family is so lazy that they bought a house that can do everything for them. Because of this, the family becomes detached from each other’s lives. By the time the Hadley parents try to take action, it is too late, and they end up dying painful deaths. This school, GSMST has shown me enough of how laziness can impact my life. For example, when I was first assigned the Science Fair project, I waited until the night before to start which led to several hours of work in the wee hours of morning. Thanks to science fair, I have learned just how bad procrastination really is.

9: Nikhil Gangasani Ms. Glenn 3rd Block December 9, 2010

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