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Life Of Duane (Copy)

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Life Of Duane (Copy) - Page Text Content


BC: The End | Illustrations: Stan Russon Color, Editing, & Graphics: The Kirk Brimhall Family | "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" | Yeah.

FC: All Are Based on TRUE FACTS... (Well, some with a teeny, tiny bit of FICTION.) | STORIES OF MY LIFE | by | Duane Martineau

1: One time, all my brothers and sisters got together to organize the Charles Henry Martineau Family Organization. My brother Lloyd was elected to collect the family stories and histories. He accepted the challenge and said, "I only have one thing to say. While writing your stories and histories, don't let the truth get in the way of a good story!" Duane Martineau


3: One time Teresa made some cookies and Lorence and I wanted some but she was real stingy with them. So we tried several stratagems to get her attention away from them so we could sneak in and grab some. Well, she knew that if she didn't hide them, we would steal them. She and her co-conspirators, Minda and Hazel, hid them. Well, they didn't know how smart Lorence and I were because we found them right away and hid them in a different place. On the other hand, we didn't know how smart our sisters were either. They found them and hid them again. This went on several times until Sunday morning and the cookies were in their possession. We didn't have time to look for them before our Sunday meetings, so as soon as our meetings were over, we ran home as fast as we could go, found them, and hid them again. We all sat down for our Sunday dinner and after the meal was over one of them said, "It sure would be nice if we could have some cookies for dessert!" We agreed whole-heartedly. They said, "Well, why don't you go get them then?" As we left, we looked back around the corner and they were about to explode from trying to keep from laughing out loud. When we came in with the cookies, they looked kinda sick. Flawless Florence split a gut. FACT ONE: Lorence and I probably stole the cookies and hid them and that started the whole thing in the first place. FACT TWO: I said, probably. FACT THREE: It was all Teresa's fault. If she hadn't made such good cookies, we wouldn't have stole them. (Probably.) | -3-

4: TERESA'S COOKIES Part Two | -4- | Later on Teresa made another batch of cookies. This time she figured she would get revenge so she put all kinds of garbage in them. We got deathly sick when we ate some. | I don't know which of us came up with the idea (it was probably Wendell cause he was older than me.) He said, "Do you remember those cookies that Teresa made?" I said, "Yeah." He said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I said, "YEAH." So we caught that good old cat and crammed one down her throat. | We had a good old cat that was becoming a real nuisance in our home. She was so old she couldn't tell the difference between Orlee's shoe and a hole in the ground. This was only one example of the troubles she was causing in our home. Wendell and I decided to take it upon ourselves to get rid of that good old cat. We were very kind-hearted and wanted to do the job in the most kindly manner possible. We figured we would be doing the family a real good service to get rid of her. But we found out that everyone considered us mean-spirited and very unkind. We figured out a lot of ways to do the job but couldn't make up our minds how to do it in a kindly manner. We loved that good old cat.

5: FACT ONE: Wendell and I really did take it upon ourselves to get rid of that good old cat. If Orlee were still alive, we could prove it about the good old cat and his shoe. FACT TWO: All of the second paragraph is true. (Almost.) FACT THREE: How in the heck did the cat and cookies get into the same story? | She sputtered and spun around a few times then keeled over with her feet straight in the air. We figured we had her for sure, but decided to check her out by using the standard method to see if cats were dead. This is done by tickling her belly. If her foot came up and started scratching then we knew she wasn't dead but if she didn't scratch then, we knew she was dead. She wasn't. We figured one more cookie would do the job. So we started to cram another one down her but she opened one eye then she opened the other eye and saw what was going on and let out a loud "mmmeaowwww" and lit out of there like greased lightning. Well, we decided that those cookies were too cruel of a way to die anyway. | -5-

6: One day we were out in the work shop and I don't know which one of us came up with the idea, (it was probably Wendell cause he was older than me.) He said, "Do you see that there wash tub hanging on the wall?" I said, "Yeah." He said, "Do you see that Mattress leaning against the wall?" I said, "Yeah." He said, "Do you see that there gasoline engine with the long flexible exhaust pipe?" I said, "Yeah." He said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I said, "YEAH." So we caught that good old cat, put her in the tub, put the mattress over it, put the exhaust pipe in and started up the engine. We had it all figured out that the good old cat would just go to sleep and drift off into never-never land. Now was that kind or what? Well, things were going real well, when all of a sudden, Edna appeared in the doorway. She just happened to have a broom in her hand. When she saw what was going on, she lit into us with the fury of the Tasmanian Devil! Why, she liked to have killed us! It was terrible. Of course, she let the cat out. | GOOD OLD CAT | -6- | Years later, after our wounds had healed up and Edna had cooled down and apologized, I asked her how come she just happened to have a broom in her hand. She said, "Well, you know how I love cats, especially black ones. Well, I was riding my broom around and I had this terrible feeling that something was wrong down in the work shop, so I dropped in to see what was going on. When I saw what you were doing to that poor old cat, I just lost my cool, and you know the rest of the story." | AND EDNA'S BROOM

7: FACT ONE: I can't remember whether Edna's broom actually made contact with us or not. Probably not because we got out of there too fast. FACT TWO: I did ask Edna how come she just happened to have a broom in her hand when she came to the door. She couldn't remember. Well, I just couldn't let the unknown truth get in the way of a good story. (Sorry, Lloyd. I couldn't think of a better way to say it!) | -7-

8: Well sir, me and Wendell were getting desperate. We were getting discouraged. That good old cat was getting worse and worse each day. One day Wendell and I were out by a pile of bricks. There was a ballpean hammer sitting on the pile. I don't know which of us came up with the idea , but it was probably Wendell cause he was older than me. He said, "Do you see that there ballpean hammer sitting on that pile of bricks?" I said, "Yeah." He said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I said, "YEAH." First, we checked to make sure Edna wasn't out flying around on her broom somewhere, then we caught that good old cat. I held her and Wendell got the hammer. Then, he said, "Here. You do it." So I took the hammer and held it for a moment then said, "Naw, you do it." Well, we could see we were getting no where fast, so finally I said, "Since you are the oldest, I'll do it." I won't go into horrible details of what happened in the next few seconds, only say that the deed was done. Anyway, we checked her out by using the standard method for checking out dead cats. She was. While we were checking her out, Papa came by and growled, "If you are going to kill her, then kill her and quit teasing her!" So we gently carried her to the garden and dug a grave about 18” deep. To our amazement, there was a gopher hole in the bottom of the grave. So we gently lowered her down into the grave and propped her up on her haunches with her nose in the gopher hole. Then we had a graveside funeral and told all the good things we could think of about her and shed a few tears. We gently covered her with dirt, made a cross, and put it at the head of her grave. We had it all figured out that a gopher would come along and seeing the cat, would die of fright. Then come the morning of the First Resurrection, that good old cat could have a spiritual feast! Now, wasn't that nice of us? | END OF GOOD OLD CAT | -8-

9: FACT FIVE: Edna always has been one of the nicest and favorite people I have ever known, as have all of my brothers and sisters. | -9- | FACT FOUR: I have been afraid to publish this story until now because I was afraid Edna might beat us up again. But now, our wounds have all healed and she apologized. Edna has mellowed over the years. Of course, the fact that her broom is all worn out and her wheel chair can't fly, helps out a little. Not only that, Wendell and I can out run her now--speaking for myself that is! | FACT TWO: Papa must have approved of us killing the cat because he didn't bawl us out for doing it--He only got after us for teasing her. | FACT ONE: I can't remember who actually did the dastardly deed (it was probably Wendell cause he's older than me). | FACT THREE: It was all Edna's fault we had to resort to such drastic measures to get rid of that good old cat. If she had left us alone, we could have done the job in a much more kindly manner.

10: One time, when I was a teenager, us boys were out in front of the house digging Bermuda grass. While there, a centipede crawled up my pant leg. It left blood spots on my leg where each of its legs dug into my skin. I rolled up my pant leg and scraped it off. I went in the house and told Mamma that a centipede crawled up my pant leg. She nearly fainted. | CENTIPEDE | -10-

11: FACT ONE: When I was a teenager, my family had a large flock of chickens. Our stake had a poultry co-op where we could buy baby chicks and grow mash for growing chickens, lay mash for laying hens, and also to have a market for eggs. When a laying hen molted, she would stop laying. When this happened, most people would lop off her head and have a chicken dinner instead of feeding her till she started laying again. Us boys were usually elected to do the job of lopping off her head. On one occasion, I was assigned to be the hatchet man. My pant legs were rolled up and as I chopped off her head, she jumped around (not wanting to admit that she didn't have a head any more) and her blood splattered all over my bare leg. The centipede story was a natural conclusion to an otherwise boring chore. FACT TWO: I almost felt ashamed of myself for my actions. FACT THREE: I said almost... | -11-

12: FACT ONE: The big city was Colonial Juarez and the high rise building was the old school house that was being torn down. The workers had cut a hole in each of the stories in the bell tower and built a windlass with a platform so they could lower a wheelbarrow full of bricks down from the top of the building. As the building came down, a brick at a time, they lowered the windlass. FACT TWO: One evening after the workers had all gone home, several of us kids got to playing on the elevator which was powered by a hand crank. We would take turns riding to the top and down again. As one of the kids was coming down, the operator of the hand crank let it get away from him. The elevator with it's passenger came crashing down. FACT THREE: Luckily, they were only one story high. We didn't try that again. | One time, several of us kids were in a big city taking in the sites. There was a large high rise building so we went to the top in the elevator to see the city from the roof. On the way down, the elevator cable broke and we had a frightening ride down! | Elevator Gone Crazy | -12-

13: FACT ONE: I asked Errol to get something for me and he refused. So I got Molly on my arm and told Errol that I would sic Molly on him if he didn't do what I told him. Errol started running. I ran after him with Molly on my arm and said, "Go get him Molly!" I didn't think Molly would really do such a mean thing. I was only trying to scare Errol. That dumb crow wasn't as dumb as I thought he was. FACT TWO: You know Molly. He never passed up a good chance to peck a bare spot, especially one like this. | As most of you have seen and heard the stories of our family which are illustrated by that very talented member of the in-law gang, Stan Russon, know there is one story that was blamed on Molly the crow. This, as you recall, shows Molly dive bombing Errol when he was a little boy with his drop-down pants dropped down. I know from experience that Molly was guilty as charged for nearly all of the mean and ornery things he was accused of, but he was only half guilty in the case of Errol and his drop-down pants. On the other hand, I was not guilty of all the terrible things that I was accused of. In this case, I was only an accessory to the fact. One day, I had Molly on my arm. We looked over and saw Errol with his drop-down pants dropped down. | TRUE CONFESSIONS | I can't remember who came up with the idea (it was probably Molly cause he was meaner than me.) He said, "See that there bare bottom over yonder?" I said, "Yeah." He said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I said, "YEAH." So I started running after Errol and Molly took off, zeroed in on his bottom, and dive-bombed him. He hit the mark right on. | -13-

14: Us boys had the good fortune of having an outside door to our bedroom. One time when Minda was a little girl, she apparently had done something to get Papa's dander up. Our bedroom door was opened and all of a sudden, Minda came running past our door screaming bloody murder. Papa was hot on her heals. About 15 seconds later, here they came again. About 17 seconds later, here they came again. About 19 seconds later, here they came again. I don't know if he ever did catch her. Us boys got kind of dizzy and finally passed out. (From laughing that is!) | FACT ONE: Well, it was kind of funny. | RUN MINDA RUN | -14-

15: Lorence and I were out on the Tinaja one day. We decided to take the 22 rifle and go up over the hills to look for some big game. Of course, we would settle for anything that moved-like a rabbit or a kangaroo rat or even a mouse. After a while, with nothing to shoot at but rocks and other cold unblooded things, we went back to the house. I had the rifle and went ahead. When I got there, I emptied the gun. As Lorence came over the bank, I pretended that he was a big buck deer and pointed the gun at him. I was about to pull the trigger, then thought to myself, "How stupid can a person be?" So I turned and pointed the gun at a calf by the corral and pulled the trigger. That empty gun went off. The calf jumped then just stood there. Lorence and I examined it, hoping I had missed. I didn't. For once, I was a good shot. The bullet went in one side of the belly and out of the other side. We were hoping the calf would live. It didn't. Papa was to relieve me that night so when he got there, I hightailed it out of there as fast as I could. The next morning, the calf was dead and Lorence told Papa what had happened. Papa never ever said a word to me about it. I guess he figured that I had learned a very valuable lesson. I did. | EMPTY GUNS DO KILL | FACT ONE: EMPTY GUNS DO KILL. | FACT TWO: I guess Lorence's turn on earth wasn't over yet. | -15-

16: One time, we were at a Birthday party at Margaret Cluff's house playing a game called "Wild Horses". This game was played by forming a circle. A couple is chosen to hold hands, run around the circle, and tag another couple. Both couples run around the circle in opposite directions to see who can beat the other back to the starting point. The losers then tag another set of horses. At this particular time, I was racing with my companion when we hit head on with one of the oncoming horses. It knocked my tooth out and laid it back in my mouth, hanging on with a piece of gum. I put it back in place, hoping it would grow back. It did. Freda Whetten, my cousin, talked me into going to Dr. Hatch and have it checked out. She and another girl went with me and stayed outside of the fence by the gate to wait for me. Apparently, the girls got tickled about something because they were giggling and Dr. Hatch heard them. The next Wednesday, as I was walking to MIA, Dr. Hatch picked me up in his car. He said that he had been up all the night before and all day when I knocked on his door. He didn't think it was very funny for us to be playing tricks on him. I explained to him that it was no trick and that I didn't know what those two girls were laughing about. He said, "All right. That will be 15 pesos." I didn't have 15 pesos but I promised I would get it for him. Well, time went on, as it always does, and I never got around to getting it for him. During the Centennial of 1987, I met Dr. Hatch on the Academy lawn and reminded him of the 15 pesos I owed him. I gave him a sad story about how I hadn't been able to sleep for the last 50 years because of that debt. I asked if I could pay him the 15 pesos now or would he cancel the debt so I could go home and sleep nights. | FACT ONE: I knew Dr. Hatch was pulling my leg all the time. FACT TWO: Or was he? He is dead now and I still can't sleep nights wondering if he was serious or not. | He got real serious and said, "Wellll nowww letttt meeee seee. Inflation over the last 50 years. Interest over the last 50 years. Hmmm, ahhh, mumble, mumble. That comes to about... Oh what the heck. I cancel the debt. Now go on home and get some sleep!" | DOCTOR HATCH AND FIFTEEN PESOS | -16-

17: One time we had an exceptionally good rainy season. When this happened, the Tinaja wash would run a pretty good stream for several weeks. The Tinaja meets the Piedras Verdes River a few miles down stream. When it has water in it for a while, the cat fish would come up the Tinaja and we would have some good cat fishing in a pond near our ranch house. The fish apparently spawned at this particular time because there were quite a few minnows in the outskirts of the pond. One time, Wendell and I were swimming in the pond. I can't remember which of us came up with the idea, but it was probably Wendell cause he was older than me. He said, "I wonder how those minnows would taste fried?" I said, "I don't know. Let's find out." So we got a sieve and caught about a double hand-full, got bacon grease, and dumped them in. Then we covered them with cheese. After we figured they were done, we each ate a spoonful. They were so tasty and filling that one spoonful was all we could eat. We figured that we had discovered a real good source of food for our family in times of need. Pretty neat of us, huh? | FACT ONE: The minnows were so nasty and bitter that even Molly the crow wouldn't eat them. He dug a hole in the ground and covered them up. We had a small dog that would watch Molly hide extra food and then when the coast was clear, she would steal it and eat it. So according to custom, | she started to dig up the minnows. When she got them half dug up, she got a whiff of them, turned around, and covered them up again! FACT TWO: I can't remember what we did with the minnows. All I know is that WE didn't eat them! | MINNOWS AND CHEESE | -17-

18: When I was a wee lad, Lloyd and I took a team and wagon and went to a field where we had a crop of corn planted to get a load of corn fodder for the cows. When we got to the gate, Lloyd handed me the lines while he got off to open the gate. I drove the horses in and we got our load. When we got out through the gate, Lloyd handed me the lines again while he closed the gate. About this time, a couple of Mexicans came by on a horse at full speed. They were whooping it up and yelling at the top of their lungs. This spooked the horses and they took off running down toward a wash that ran past the place. I, being a small lad, dropped the lines and was hanging on for dear life. There was a telephone pole near the wash. The horses ran straight for it. One horse figured that they should go on one side of the pole, and the other horse felt that they should go on the other side of the pole. So they compromised. One went on one side, and the other went on the other. The tongue of the wagon hit that pole dead center and snapped it in two. The pole missed me, but the wire caught me under the chin and snapped my head back. If my head had been against something that wouldn't give, I probably would have gone around the rest of my life without a head. The horses ran down in the wash, then up the wash, passing an irrigation pipe, then stopped by a corral. Lloyd came running as fast as he could. He didn't know if his little brother still had his head attached to his body or not. It was. I carried a scar on my neck for a while after that. | CORN FODDER AND RUNAWAY HORSES | FACT ONE: It's all true. My head may not be on straight, but it is on. FACT TWO: I think. | -18-

19: As a kid, I learned to ride a bicycle after Lloyd bought himself one when he was working at the Alamito Ranch making cheese. I wanted a bike real bad, so I found parts from all the junk piles I could around town and made myself one. Out on the Tinaja there was a long sloping road that ended at the bank of the wash. One time, I rigged up some wings made of old sheets and fastened them onto the bike. I figured I would come down the road real fast and when I came to the bank, I would take off flying. So I proceeded to put my plan into action. I came down the road at high speed. Sure enough, when the ground dropped from under me I was airborne! An air thermal caught me and took me high in the air. I was having a great time until I decided to bring it down. To my embarrassment, I hadn't figured this part of my adventure out. Anyway, the thermal gave out and I made a crash landing. | FACT TWO: When the ground dropped from under me, I was airborne for a second, then the ground came up under me so fast and furious that when it hit my front tire, the metal bead gave way, the inner tube ballooned out which stopped the wheel, and I was airborne again. Without the bike. It was not a soft landing. | THE FLYING MACHINE | -19- | FACT ONE: Forget the wings.

20: MOUNTAIN LION IN A GRAPE PATCH When Wendell and I were quite young, we were elected to go turn the water off. The irrigation ditch went near the canal, then turned left, and followed the canal for several yards to the head gate, passing Lebaron 's grape patch. It was a bright moonlight night, so we could see pretty well. We had the option of following the irrigation ditch or taking a short cut through Lebaron's grape patch. We decided to take the short cut. We turned the water off and about halfway returning through the grape patch, we looked and saw a huge animal coming toward us. Wendell broke and ran up toward the canal-- but I froze solid. I couldn't move a muscle. When Wendell realized that I wasn't with him, he started calling to me. As I said, I couldn't move a muscle. I couldn't peep nor mutter. Wendell, bless his brave little heart, grabbed a big stick about the size of a base ball bat, came charging down yelling like a Comanche Indian, and waving the stick around his head. The big animal saw him coming and high tailed it out of there. As soon as Wendell got there I unfroze. We lit out for home as fast as we could go. We just knew the monster was breathing down our necks all the way home. The next morning, we decided to go back up to see if we could find some tracks and perhaps determine what kind of animal it was. The tracks we found were those of a big mountain lion. Our hair stood on end all over again. | FACT ONE: The only tracks we could find were those of a house cat, probably our own cat that followed us up there. FACT TWO: Many years later, Wendell and I were rehashing the events above. He said it was a skunk. FACT THREE: I like my story better. I still say it was a house cat. | -20-

21: GAG AND SPUTTER Before the Beeline Highway was paved from Mesa to Payson the road was winding and bumpy. I was the assistant scout master and was elected to take the scouts to Camp Geronimo to the north of Khol 's Ranch. We left on Monday and returned on Saturday. In those days, it was permissible to transport scouts in the back of a pickup. On the way home, one of the boys got car sick and threw up. I stopped the pickup and told him to come and sit in the cab with me. As we were going down the road at a pretty good clip, he leaned out the window and threw up again. Of course, it splattered all over the boys in the back! | FACT ONE: As we were going down the road at a pretty good clip, I suggested--only suggested mind you--that he lean out the window and go, "AAGGGHHH!" while at the same time, pouring water out of his canteen, which he gleefully did. FACT TWO: My ears are still ringing from all the new swear words I learned that day. | -21-

22: When my brother-in-law, Melvin Burrell, had his 80th Birthday, his family invited friends and family members to celebrate the occasion with him. Anice and I joined in the festivities. While there, I noticed Preston and a few of our nieces carrying on quite an enjoyable conversation, so I went to listen in. When I got there, one of the girls said, "Uncle Duane, what happened to your face? Why is it so red?" I explained that "just as I was ready to step into the shower, I realized I had forgotten a wash rag and towel. Since Anice and I were the only ones home, I didn't bother to put on my clothes to go to the laundry to get them. In order to get there, I had to go down the hall, through the living room, and kitchen. As I entered the living room, I saw to my horror that Anice's Visiting Teachers were there. I was so embarrassed that my face turned red and it has been red ever since. I then walked away and left them to think about it. Later on, Preston told me one of the girls said, "I don't know whether to believe him or not." Preston said, "Don't." | FACT: For 18 days I had been taking what is called a "face peel". This is a salve that is put on your face three times a day. This is supposed to clean your face of any cancer cells and make your face as smooth as a school marm's thigh or a baby's bottom. I opted for a school marm's thigh but I couldn't find a school marm that would let me compare. Anyway, it left my face red as a beet for several days. | -22- | MY MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT | -22-

23: -23- | After my divorce from my second wife, my kids were living with their mother in Cottonwood, Arizona. One day I went down to see them. I knocked on the door and while I was waiting for someone to answer the door I looked over, and here came this great big black dog around | Attack by Ferocious Dog | Fact #1: The youngest stepson from my second marriage, Brett Ross, was really good with animals. He had this big black dog that he had trained named Toki. As he came around the corner, I thought I had had it! Fact #2: I noticed the dogs tail was wagging. He came trotting up to me and I thought to myself, “I wonder if this is Toki?” And so I called out, “Toki?” He ran up to me and put his front paws around my legs and hugged me real tight and began whimpering. Fact #3: If there is a dog heaven this dog will be there in good standing. | the corner. He came charging around that corner with his fangs barring and snarling. He ran at me and knocked me down and began chewing all over my face. I thought I was going to die! Finally, someone came to the door and called the dog off.

24: -24- | When I was an Explorer Adviser in the scouting program, I was assigned to take the boys on a week campout. We went to the White Mountains on the Apache Indian reservation by Snake Creek. While we were setting up camp, two of the boys chopped down a small pine tree so they could use the branches for a shelter to put their tent under. Soon after, two young Indian boys came into camp. When they saw the tree cut down, they said that they were the sons of the Indian who was the Forest Ranger and that they were going to tell their father about them cutting down the tree without a permit. They also told them that when their father found out about the tree he would get a bunch of Indians to come and wipe out the whole camp and scalp them all. Sure enough, after everyone was in bed, here came a whole bunch of Indians. They didn't scalp anyone, but they sure did tear up the camp and scare the pants off of everyone. | ATTACKED BY INDIANS

25: FACT ONE: There was another scout camp about two blocks away. After dusk and I had my boys settled in, I went over to check them out. They had two Indian boys in their troop. I suggested (only suggested mind you) that the two boys come over to our camp, mention the tree and give the boys a bad time. The Indian boys were real serious and put on a very good performance. After all my kids were in bed, all the kids from the other troop came over with flash lights, started yelling Indian war hoops, beating on the tents with sticks, and making all kinds of noise. It would have scared the pants off the kids if they had any on, but they only were able to make them crawl deeper into their bedrolls. | FACT TWO: After it was over, the kids from the other troop gathered around our fire and were laughing up a storm. One by one, my kids came out of their tents and joined in the fun. | -25-

26: In 1987, during the centennial of the Mormons going to Mexico, Maurice, Minda, Edna, Melvin, Anice, and I went down to join the festivities. Arrangements were made for Maurice and Minda to park their house trailer below the retaining wall at the house of our cousin, Rea, and her husband, Howard. Their house was built up on the hillside. Anice and I set up our small domed tent on the lawn above the retaining wall. Howard had a large dog that looked like a Greyhound--only much larger and stockier. Since the house was up on the hill a ways, this dog would go to the edge of the wall, listen to what was going on in the town below, bark a few rounds, then like most male dogs, would mark his property to let other dogs know not to trespass or they would suffer the penalty of his fury. Since our tent was new to his domain, he naturally claimed it "his". As Anice and I were getting into bed that first night, the dog went to the edge of the wall, and went through his hourly ritual. As he came toward our tent, Anice had a feeling of what was about to happen and said, "Shoo! Get away from here!" Well, he had already claimed us his and wasn't about to take a chance of letting another dog put his own brand on us, so he pittled on our tent post next to the door. I think he barked and marked all six of our tent posts before the night was over. We had been invited to eat breakfast with the others in their trailer the next morning and made the mistake of telling them about the happenings of the night before. They had absolutely no sympathy at all for us and laughed till they could hardly stand up. I didn't think it was a bit funny. The next night, as Anice and I were getting ready for bed, we heard some hysterical laughing going on down in the trailer. We figured Edna and Minda were reminiscing and enjoying some past skulduggery, so we didn't pay much attention. We no sooner had gotten into bed than I heard some droplets of water hitting our tent on the side toward the wall. I also heard some muffled twittering. In view of the happenings of the night before, and the carryings on in the trailer a few minutes before, I knew exactly what was going on. I immediately grabbed a gallon milk bottle full of water and ran to the edge of the wall, and sure enough, there they were squatted down enjoying a good twitter. I quickly turned the bottle upside down and emptied the bottle on their heads before they knew what hit them. | TWO WET HENS OR BARK AND MARK | -26-

27: FACT ONE: All of these facts are true except for the last line. Anice and I laughed ourselves to sleep that night. FACT TWO: They probably would have gotten away with it if they had barked before they marked. | They walked away looking like two wet hens! They looked so pathetic that I almost felt sorry for what I had done! | -27-

28: Life Story Part Two: All Fact | I am the ninth child of a family of six girls and eight boys, born to Florence Whetten and Charles Henry Martineau. I was born in the Mormon Colonies, on the 29th of June 1927 in the top of the Sierra Madre Mountains in a little town called Colonia Chuhuichupa. We moved down out of the mountains on the Piedras Verdes River at a place called Colonia Juarez. At that time the horse and buggy was still the dominating means of travel in the colonies and log cabins were not uncommon among the poorer families. I myself, was born in a log cabin, so I had a small taste of pioneer life. | -28- | One of the greatest disappointments of my life came when I was seven years old and wanted to start school. We didn't have the money for tuition so I was thrown a year behind my age group. When I | I do not remember too much about my life in Chuhuichupa as I was only four years old when we moved. I do remember my brothers having to drive the pigs to pasture and watch them all day. I also remember a large corn mill that was attached to an iron wheel. This was pulled around a central axis, which was connected to the mill that ground the corn. | Some of my older brothers and sisters were old enough to go to high school at the church owned Academy in Colonia Juarez. Boarding the kids out away from home didn't suit my parents so they decided to move to Colonia Juarez. My first view of the town as we came over the hill was one of great joy. I remember most the tall, beautiful poplar trees that lined the streets. The apple orchards were truly a sight to behold. We moved into a two-story frame house owned by Robert C. Beecroft. There was a big barn and several apple and pear trees on the place. Also, room to raise a garden. | Making a living was very difficult, however, by drying apples and picking blackberries on shares, and my mother cording wool and making quilts, and my father and brothers doing what farming and ranching they could, we managed to get along. It seemed like I was always hungry, therefore the dried apple sack was always being raided. I learned my lesson one time however. I had some dried apples in one pocket and a small piece of soap in another pocket. I still can't figure out how the soap got in the wrong pocket.

29: According to My Point of View | About 1938; Back Row Left: Teresa, Joe, Edna, Lloyd, Wendell, Lois, Orlee, Emma Middle Standing Left: Duane, Papa, Mama, Lorence, Minda; Bottom Row Left: Preston, Hazel, Errol | -29- | The next few years seem to me like the worst, as far as financial means were concerned, that I have ever experienced to date. My father bought two lots from Dayr LeBaron. One of them had a large brick house in which we lived. The lots were quite close to the school house so we were given the job of janitor for the whole sum of 25 pesos a month. Things seem particularly bad in the winter. Shoes were real luxuries. Many a time I remember wading through the snow barefooted to go light the fires to heat up the schoolhouse before school. One time my father was sleeping at someone's house while they were away and I went with him. As I was looking through a junk pile, I found a girl's shoe for the left foot. It surely felt good for one foot at least. As I remember it, our diet at the time consisted of cornmeal mush with blackberry juice for breakfast, corn tortillas and beans for dinner, with blackberries without the juice for dessert. Then for supper, cornmeal mush and blackberry juice. Oh well, we all survived pretty well for I remember very few serious illnesses in our family. | did start school the next year I really enjoyed it. Genevieve Hatch was my first teacher. She later married my cousin Bill Foutz. As a teacher, she was the best. Recognizing the fact that I was shy she did all she could to push me forward and make me feel that I was as good as the next person.

30: One of my greatest regrets as I look back over my school years is that I didn't take more interest in my studies. I was blessed with a good mind as far as learning was concerned. I always got very good grades, not because I studied hard, however. I went through grade school and graduated from the eighth grade as valedictorian. All through high school it was the same, good grades with little effort. I hope my own kids take a lesson from this experience, for where much is given, much is expected. | As a teenager I had my share of good times in the old swimming hole, “The Nick” it was called. While I was in school at Juarez, the town built a swimming pool and gave me the job of caring for it and being a lifeguard. While in this position I saved two people from drowning. Not because I knew anything about saving lives, but because on one occasion, I was able to touch the bottom myself. On another occasion, my brother Errol, slipped off an inner tube and couldn't swim. So I stood on the bank and encouraged him to swim to shore, which made him quite happy, because he was actually swimming. I don't know what I would have done if someone bigger than I was tried to drown.Perhaps that's why no one ever did. They knew better. | -30- | In 1945 during my sophomore year I attended high school in Chandler, Arizona. My uncle Henry Whetten wanted me to help him milk cows about 8 miles south of Chandler where he lived. Have you ever slept while you milked cows? Or have you ever milked cows while you slept? It can be done, I assure you. I spent most of my time in study hall sleeping and milking cows, as my fingers would go through the motions (very embarrassing). Coming to Chandler with Uncle Henry was my first taste of real city life. His step-daughter, Arlene Foutz, was the first to introduce me to the hazards of crossing a busy city street. We took a walk early the next morning after arriving in Douglas, Arizona. We came to an intersection where the pedestrian had the right-of-way. A car came to a stop and Arlene took my hand and said, “Let's go,” but I wasn't about to step out into that street and get run over. However, after much persuasion and seeing a wide grin on the face of the man behind the wheel, I finally crossed (again very embarrassing). | One of the greatest sports was during rainy season when the river was running high, we would swim down for several miles and be picked up by someone with horses. Another great sport was to take a horseback trip to the mountains, then climb some high peak and roll rocks. On the way coming down we would try to find a strip of shale and jump and slide for several feet. It was a lot more fun coming down then going up however.

31: I then went back to Mexico and finished high school at the Academy. With the money I saved up from working with Uncle Henry, I went into the chicken business. Chickens were quite a lifesaver for my folks at this time and many people were doing well on them. So this was my first business venture. The chicks did real well until the barn that they were in burned down. We saved most of them however. After graduating from high school, I came back to the States and left the chickens with my mother. | -31- | My uncle Ernest Shupe, was hauling logs from the Chiricahua Mountains to Douglas, Arizona to stock pile a new lumber mill that was being built. The Caterpillar tractor that was skidding the logs down off the mountains had broken down and they had gotten a team of horses to skid the logs. The horses were very unmatched because one was much larger than the other. Uncle Ernest was the only one that could make them pull together but he needed to spend his time hauling the logs to Douglas. He made a trip to Colonia Juarez to haul a load of freight while they were repairing the tractor. While he was in Juarez he asked me if I would like to go with him to Douglas to drive the horses. I was never much for riding, but one of my biggest dreams as a boy was to own a team of | He explained how to make the horses pull together. “Keep the lines tight so one horse can't get ahead of the other.” he said. “Make them pull with their mouths and they will pull harder, also they can tell what you are thinking. Almost as soon as you can.” | I had this job for quite a while. I really enjoyed this experience because I always did like to drive horses. | beautiful bay draft horses and harnesses with all the trimmings. Of course I accepted.

32: After the job was finished at Douglas, I went to Mesa to work for my brothers Joe and Lloyd pouring cement. This was before ready mixed concrete was used very much, so we really worked hard shoveling sand and rock into the mixer. Later we started using ready mix. Joe worked for a tile setter in Tucson as a helper so we gradually went from pouring cement to tile setting. | I used to get quite aggravated because I apparently always looked young for my age, at the time I was about 19 or 20 years old. People would say, “Don't let that kid do my work,” because they didn't think I could do a good job, when in reality I could do as good as anyone. We worked on many Mormon chapels all over Arizona, some in New Mexico and California. Many homes both fancy and more modest have bathrooms and kitchens with tile from Martineau Brothers Tile Company. | About that time several of us boys were living in a small house that Lloyd owned and we were attending one of the Mesa wards. There were several girls in that ward and we all became good friends. I liked one in | -32- | The children born to us were Duane Lamont, born 14 March 1949, Kathleen Louise, born 8 January 1951, Gail Edwin born 30 December 1952, Douglas Henry, born 27 January 1955, and Leslie Dale born 28 February 1957. | Geneva Louise Lee and Duane Martineau 1 June 1948 | particular and I started dating her. Her name is Geneva Louise Lee. We were married in the Arizona Mesa Temple on the 1st of June 1948.

33: -33- | During the time I was married to Geneva I worked as a tile setter. I won't go into details, but we were divorced on 15 September 1961 after 13 years of marriage. That summer before our divorce was final, I moved to Taylor, Arizona. | After my divorce, I worked for my brother, Lloyd building houses. I also did some tile setting. While in Taylor I met a young widow by the name of Jacqueline Lorraine Self Ross. Her husband, Jack Ross, was a fighter pilot in the Air Force. He was killed when his plane crashed while taking off from the airfield. She, like me, had four boys and one girl. | Jeri Lynn born 27 June 1954, Arnold Brent born 31 July 1955, Franklin Bruce born 24 July 1956, William Bryan born 27 October 1957, and Roderic Brett born 16 May 1959. We courted for a while then were married in the Arizona Temple for time only, on 29 June 1962. We also had four boys and one girl: Rockney Willard born 28 May 1963, Jacqueline Mignon born 10 January 1965, David Santiago born 8 February 1968, Nathaniel Marcos born 9 January 1970, and Marvin Austin born 25 June 1971. Before David was born, we got Shirley Marie Smith, a three-year-old Navajo girl, born 25 April 1964. | We lived in Taylor, Arizona for a while and then moved to Green River, Utah, where I worked at the missile base. Later we moved back to Snowflake, Arizona, and then to Cottonwood, Arizona. Like my first marriage, this one also lasted only 13 years. I again won't go into details, but we were divorced on 18 February 1975. I had moved back to Snowflake to work at the paper mill before the divorce was final, leaving my family in Cottonwood. | Duane Martineau and Jacqueline Lorraine Self Ross Married: 29 June 1962

34: boys and two girls (and six stepchildren). Finally, the spell was broken. Unlike my other | I met Anice while living in Snowflake. To read the story about how we met, see page 36. We courted a while and then were married and sealed in the Mesa Arizona Temple on 29 May 1976. She had six children: four boys and two girls. I had 10 children: eight | The first year Anice and I were married, the mill went on strike for six weeks so I had to set tile again while waiting to go back to the paper mill. During the second year of the marriage, we purchased the Blue Spruce Motel and it was a fixer upper. With working shift work at the mill and remodeling the motel (after five years, we started to remodel it into a mini mall while still running the other part as a motel) I was completely tied up with working and you could imagine what our family life was like with Anice working part of the time also. | -34- | marriages, instead of four boys and one girl, we had only one boy: Michael Anthony, born 4 April 1977. I was really convinced that the spell had been broken when the 13th year arrived and we were still married and not in the process of getting a divorce. Anice Godfrey's children are Terry Grant born 30 May 1959, Dave Allen, born 2 January 1961, Don Arnold born 2 January 1961, Cindy born 14 March 1962, Penny born 9 December 1963, and Robert Lynn born 28 December 1969. Four boys and two girls instead of four boys and one girl. | In the year 1996, Michael was called to the Washington DC North mission and soon after, Anice and I were also called to the Dominican Republic on a humanitarian mission to open and operate an Employment Resource Center. After returning home in 1998, I was called to be the Snowflake 3rd Ward Employment Specialist. Later on, Anice and I were called to help at the Regional Employment Resource Center that had

35: -35- | recently opened in Snowflake. We served in that position for one year and then when Brother Whiting was released as manager, I was called along with Anice to be the manager and served another two years. Meanwhile, I still held the job of 3rd Ward Employment Specialist. I was released from that position after being called along with Anice to serve in the Primary Nursery in June of 2004. I guess the Lord could see that I needed to learn patience. So far, I have been a slow learner. In August of 2005 Anice and I were called to be the Ward Historians. In January of 2006 we were released from the Nursery and were called to work in the Temple laundry along with our calling as Ward Historians. | In July of 2008 I was having heart and bladder problems. I had to have my heart taken care of before my bladder could be fixed. Since there was going to be a long delay with the scheduling of the cardiologist in Show Low, we went to Provo, Utah to the Cardiologist Group that had fixed my tachycardia a few years before. I had three stents put in my heart. And while recuperating, John (my brother-in-law), and his son Marvin Allen (one of | On 20 August 2010 we began our first day as Ordinance Workers at the Snowflake Arizona Temple. Our calling is for two years and our shift is every Friday morning. | On 29 May 2012 Anice and I will celebrate our 36th Wedding Anniversary. There are many details left out of these years, but it would take a larger book to write it all down. | the doctors in the Provo Cardiologist Group), referred me to a urologist who then fix my bladder, which turned out to be a long, involved ordeal. Now I return to Provo every so often for checkups with my Urologist. I now go to my family doctor, Dr. Coss, in Snowflake for my heart checkups.

36: Soon after I was divorced from my second wife, I was living in a small house trailer ten miles west of Snowflake, Arizona. It was New Years Eve 1975, and there was going to be a New Year's Eve dance at the Snowflake Main Street Chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I had been suffering from a real bad cold for several days and didn't feel like going to the dance, but about thirty minutes before the dance started, all symptoms of my cold completely left me and I felt great. I immediately got ready and went to the dance. When I got there, the dance was well under way and I sat down and was watching the dancers. All of a sudden, a woman by the name of Sonya Shaw came toward me towing a nice looking woman by the hand. She stopped in front of me and said, “Duane, this is Anice. Anice, this is Duane.” Then she walked away and left us standing there looking at each other. Well, I had two choices. I could either say, “Pleased to meet you,” then walk away, or I could ask her to dance. Asking her to dance was the only polite thing to do, so me being a nice guy, I asked her to dance. I didn't dance with any other girl that night. While we were dancing, I asked her how many kids she had. She said, “A lot.” Then she asked me how many kids I had and I said, “A lot.” When the true facts were known, she had six and I had ten. I also had six step-kids. Bob and Velda Hancock were having a New Years breakfast after the dance and they invited us to attend, which we gladly accepted. We enjoyed ourselves very much and I took her to her home after the breakfast was over. We began dating and were eventually married in the Mesa Arizona Temple on the 29th of May 1976. | -36- | Duane Meets Anice | FACT: DO MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN? “YEP”.

37: When Dave and Don Godfrey (my stepsons) were getting ready to go on their mission, they had an appointment with the Mesa temple to get their Endowments at nine o'clock the next day. I was working shift work at the paper mill and was on swing shift. The boys were also working that day. Anice was already in Mesa and we were to go down after I got off work at eleven o'clock that night. We were using the boy's car to go down to Mesa. It had a little less than half a tank of gas in the tank. We figured that it was enough to get us to Payson, which was about half way, where we could get more gas. When we got to Payson, we found that everything was closed up. In those days, there were no gas stations open all night. There was nothing to do but keep going. We hoped that there might be something opened in Rye, a few miles down the road. We found the same situation in Rye as in Payson. The gas gauge showed right on zero. We still had hopes that there might be something open in Sunflower still further down the road, but also nothing was open. We still had a long way to go before we got to Mesa. When we got to the outskirts of Mesa, We turned South on Gilbert Road. As we got into town, there was a gas station on the right side of the road. We pulled in and about fifty feet from the pump, the engine stopped. The car had enough momentum to carry us right up to the pump where it stopped. The boys were able to keep their appointment at the temple that morning. After we returned from taking them to the Missionary Training Center, I used their car for carpooling to the paper mill. It was my turn to drive this particular day and the gas tank showed about one eighth full. I figured that if the car could go all the way from Payson to Mesa on nearly empty, then it could surely go out to the paper mill and back on this much gas. The paper mill is about fifteen miles from Snowflake. About half way home, the car ran out of gas. | -37- | FACT: DO MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN? “YEP”. | Dave's and Don's Endowments

38: Some Interesting | Experiences From My Life | The first time I did mouth to mouth resuscitation was on my wife's brother-in-law, Norman Fuller. When he was a young man in school, he trained to get his pilot's license. He was a building contractor and was in business with his father. After he was married, he bought the same little plane that he learned to fly in. Later, he bought himself a bigger plane, a tripacer, which was a four seater. | When I was a Scout Leader to the Mexican Branch, Norman was my assistant Scout Master. Norman had also bought a used Jeep from the Army. One day we were going to take these boys on a scouting trip to Four Peaks. Norman wasn't able to go because that night he had something to do, so I took my car, hooked his Jeep behind my car, and towed it up. At the turnoff to Four Peaks, we went up around the road – it was a real rocky old road before they built the new road to Payson. The idea was that we would set up camp there and then get up in the morning and take the Jeep up to Four Peaks as far as we could, and then walk the rest of the way with backpacks. So we made our camp. | Norman was a very good pilot. I had flown with him a few times. We came in from Salt Lake City one time when there was this big dust storm in Phoenix. From up in the air, you could see really good, but when you got down in the dust, you couldn't see anything. He brought that airplane down and I thought it was going to tip over. The wind was blowing really hard. He was able to bring that airplane down safely. Somebody came with a pickup to guide us in. So he was a very good pilot. | Before we left camp the next morning, Norman came up in his little airplane. He had his younger brother with him. They were flying around, dropping out oranges, apples and other things from the sky down to us in the camp below. They were showing off and having a big time. | -38- | But anyway, on this one day I guess he goofed or something. He was up there going around, dropping things, and I was taking pictures of him. He flew behind this one hill, and all of a sudden I heard this loud crash! I ran over there. I guess he turned too sharp, lost his airspeed, and nosedived into the ground.

39: The crash had pinned his legs and his brother's leg beneath the seats. Norman had hit his head on the dash-board and was unconscious. He was having a hard time breathing. We tried everything in the world to get them out of there. We didn't know what to do. We had an ax but we were afraid to chop the tubing for fear it would make sparks because we could smell gasoline. | In the meantime, one of the boys had a drivers license, so I sent him down to the lake to call for help. Meanwhile, my scouts, who were 14-year-old Explorers from this Mexican Branch said, “Why don't you administer to him.” I had never administered to anybody before. I made some excuse like, “I don't have any oil...” And they said, “Do it anyway!” So, I just put my hands on his head and gave him a blessing that he would stay alive until we could get him some help. And immediately I knew what to do. I reached up on the wing of the airplane. I had put a monkey wrench up there and hooked it onto one of the tubings of the airplane and began pushing it back and forth until it collapsed that tubing and broke it. I was able to do that to all the tubings that kept them bound and we were able to get them out. | His brother Kenneth, was still conscious and talking. He was in bad pain because he had a broken leg and a few things wrong with him, so we laid him out on a blanket. I went to work on Norman because he had stopped breathing. I turned him over on his stomach to give him artificial respiration by compressing on his back since that was the only way I knew how to do it. About the time I started to try that, a couple of guys came from the lake because they had heard this kid on the phone trying to get some help up here. So they were there when I started to pumping air into Norman. One of the guys said, “Well, you oughtn't do that...He might have some internal injuries.” | -39- | Luckily, a couple of weeks before, I had heard about a man who had saved his daughter's life after she drowned, by blowing air into her lungs. That was the first time I had ever heard of such a thing. It wasn't even in the Scout books at that time. So I turned Norman on to his back and started breathing air into him. I don't know if you can imagine...He was throwing up blood and vomit, but I gritted my teeth and started blowing air into him through all this blood and vomit. I kept blowing into him— about threw up myself, but I managed to hold it. We put him on a blanket and all of us picked him up and carefully put him in the back of the guys from the lake's car. I got in the back with him and kept blowing air into him.

40: We drove out to the highway and were speeding down the highway (they said they were driving 110 miles an hour) and we met a highway patrol man. He had got the word about the crash and was on his way to us. We stopped and he came over and saw that we had things under control as best as anybody could. He called for another highway patrol to come and lead us in, then he went on back to where the airplane wreck was to take control there. A helicopter came up and took Norman's brother Kenneth down to the hospital. The other patrol man led us all the way to the Mesa hospital where they got Norman out and put him in an iron lung. An iron lung is an air tight machine that sucks the air in and blows the air out for someone who is not breathing. Norman had his face out and this was tight around his neck, but the iron lung was breathing for him. | The next day, they had a specialist come in and check him out. The specialist said, “Under the circumstances, if he lives, he will be a vegetable.” because he was that bad. So that went on for about four days and of course everyone was praying for him and we administered to him. His wife Margie wouldn't give him up. But about the fourth day, she finally went in the bedroom and in prayer, told Heavenly Father that she was willing to give him up. She had just finished praying and the phone started ringing. The hospital told her to get down there because he was dying. | That was my first experience with mouth-to-mouth. | -40- | One time I was selling Neolife products I was over in Joseph City talking to one of the people I was selling to, and her husband was an avid bow hunter. He was outside practicing shooting with his bow and arrow. He had an out building made out of rough 2 x 6 x 8 lumber, some going vertical, some going crossways. Between the crossways, there was a little hole. He had some bales of hay stacked up against this building with a target on it. He was aiming at the target but he missed. The arrow went above the target through one of these little holes into the building. | On the other side of the wall these little kids were playing. This one little girl bent down to pick up a kitten and when she raised up, the arrow came through the wall and hit her in the temple. The arrow went all the way through her temple to the other side of her head and stopped. The kids inside were screaming so the man ran inside, really quick, and there this little girl was with the arrow in her head. He quickly put his fingers against her head and pulled the arrow straight out. Then he helped

41: His wife ran outside and then came running in to the house again to call an ambulance. The ambulance was about 10 miles away in Holbrook. This woman's mother was there also, so she and I ran outside. The little girl had stopped breathing and her face was turning blue from the lack of oxygen. | -41- | her up and was leading her to the house, but when she got outside the building she collapsed and fell to the ground. He came running into the house, yelling, “I killed her! I killed her!” | After a little while, the girl started gasping and breathing on her own. But then she stopped breathing again. So I breathed more air into her. This went on several times. She'd quit breathing and I'd blow more air into her until she was breathing pretty good. It took quite a while for the ambulance to get there. | They eventually took her away to Holbrook, but the people there couldn't do anything for her because they didn't have experience along this line, I guess. So next they took her to Flagstaff, but the same thing happened there and they didn't know what to do for her. Next they took her on down to Phoenix. Down there, they were able to take care of her. The doctor there said, “Whoever pulled that arrow out did it just right. If they had moved that arrow even the tiniest bit to the right or to the left, it would have killed her.” The girl was in a coma for several days until she eventually woke up. | Years later, I met the guy who shot the arrow. I asked him about this girl and what had ever happened to her. He said, “She's okay. She came out of it just fine. She's married and has a family!” | A bee dies when it stings you, it's the price it has to pay. And don't forget that friendship acts exactly the same way. | The woman who was with me asked, “Is she still breathing?” I said I could still see her breathing a little. Then the woman asked, “Is her heart beating?” So I laid my ear down on her chest and her heart was going like, “thumpity thump . thump” and then it would quit and then, “thump... thump thump” and then it would quit again. She had this glassy eyed look in her eyes like death. So this woman asked, “Do you know how to do mouth-to-mouth?” I said, “Well, I've done it before.” So I bent down and started breathing air into her.

42: One time I was setting tile for Monty and Alana who were building a house down near Gilbert. I was there about a week or so and while I was there, they took me out for a Spanish supper. As we were walking in we passed an old man in a wheelchair. His head was folded back over the wheelchair and he wasn't breathing. His wife and his daughter were there wringing their hands because they didn't know what to do. They were talking about mouth-to-mouth, but they didn't know how to do it. People would see him as they walked by, but they didn't want to get involved. What ticks me off is we did the same thing! But when we got inside I said to Monty and Alana “If somebody doesn't do something that old man is going to die!” | I went back out and told the ladies that maybe I could help. So I bent down and started breathing air into him. He had turned blue from the lack of know, he was on his way out... Monty told me later that after I blew air into him for awhile, his color started to come back. So I just kept breathing air in him until the ambulance finally showed up. I guess somebody had called them. The ambulance took him away and I never heard what happened to him. I didn't care too much for Spanish food after that for a while! When we got back inside the restaurant, I heard somebody say, “Boy, he was crazy for doing that! Why they could sue him for everything he's got!” I thought to myself, “Hells bells! Take whatever I have – who cares? I ain't got anything worth taking anyway!” | -42- | That just shows you sometimes people refuse to help because they don't want to get involved. | When I was a young man, I lived down in Mexico and we had this favorite swimming hole. It was called The Nick. One time several of us were down there swimming, and my sister Teresa had my little younger sister Minda on her back. They were swimming around in the shallows. Well, they got a little bit too close to the edge of the sand bar and the sand caved off under their feet. They were in real bad trouble. I was on an inner tube and happened to be swimming nearby. Teresa told me about this later. She said, “Yeah! You came by on that inner tube and saved us!” I had forgotten all about it.

43: The town had built a swimming pool. They filled it full of water from the irrigation ditch up above, and then later on the people in Colonia Juarez would use the water from the pool for irrigating. So I was life guarding there, when one time my brother Errol was on an inner tube and got off of it. He was paddling for dear life. I could see he was doing pretty good, so I sat on the bank and encouraged him to shore. He finally made it. I don't know if I can take that as saving him from drowning or not, but anyhow, I counted it. | When I was life guarding, I had a cousin, a young girl, who got out too far into the deep end and I had to jump in and save her. | -43- | One time I was an assistant scoutmaster for Norman Fuller – I was the assistant this time not scoutmaster – and it came time for the Scouts to go to Camp Geronimo. Camp Geronimo was right up there across the highway from Khohl's Ranch. It was several miles north of Payson. The highway goes through it now, so they've moved it. None of the Scout committee was available to take the scouts that week so I volunteered to take them. While we were up there, the Scout Camp Director asked me to take a bunch of boys down the canyon to where there were some good swimming holes. I was supposed to pass them off on some swimming merit badges. One of these boys couldn't swim and he got in there too deep, and I got in and pulled him out. | Another time we went below the Salt River Dam where the Salt River comes out of it. We would float down the river on inner tubes. We were floating down there and we came to this great big pond. It was an easy pond, and I didn't have an inner tube. I was just swimming without anything. This Mexican boy who was about 16 or 17 years old, was at the front end of the pond and I was down at the lower end of the pond. He had an inner tube but somehow fell off the tube. He was in trouble. He was yelling for help and going under. I swam to him real quick and took my shirt off. I did like it says in the Scout book: you take it and you flip it, it fills with air, and it holds the air. I was able to do that and it kept both of us above water. It didn't carry us, but it did help us float. So I saved him.

44: Before Anice and I were married, I was living out east of town in a trailer, at the crossroads where Taylor breaks off from Snowflake at a place called Snowflake Heights. After my divorce from Jackie, I had moved there and Rocky was living with me. A guy by the name of Owen Shumway had a house out there and lived by me. When Owen was growing up, his dad would take him out to the Silver Creek Canyon to the river. There was a place they could hike that had all these ledges that went all down through the canyon which was rough and winding where they had to crawl over these ledges. But his dad showed him how to hike there. Owen took me down there before I met Anice and showed me how to hike down there. So I'd take Boy Scouts down in there. I'd tell them, “Now don't you go anywhere except follow me!” There were some pretty precarious places and I would help them down some of the spots. But after you get down in the bottom of the canyon there was a lot of vegetation that didn't grow on top. It was real interesting. There was good fishing down there. | -44- | This one time I took Anice down with her kids and Robert was with us. Robert invited his friend, Rusty Ford to go. So on our way back up from the bottom of the canyon I was always telling the kids, “Now you be sure and only go where I tell you to go!” | Rusty, this kid, decided not to follow instructions. He didn't obey. He went on his own route instead of following where I went. He climbed to the top of a slanted rock that had loose gravel on it and he wasn't being careful. So when he hit that gravel he started sliding down heading off the edge of a ledge with the straight drop. | The people that own the place blocked it off so you can't go down there anymore. | I don't know whether he yelled, whether I just happened to be watching him, or whether I was inspired, because it happened so quickly, but as he came sliding by, I reached my arm out and grabbed him and swung him around. I saved him from falling over that ledge into the canyon below.

45: Jackie and I and our kids lived in Green River, Utah, for about five years. This Green River is a tributary to the Colorado River. The Green River runs through the town of Green River, Utah, part of the town on one side of the river, and the other part of town is on the other side of the river. Up the river about four or five miles there are some nice rapids. I used to take the kids there with inner tubes and come down these rapids. Below the rapids, the water became real calm and smooth. There were beautiful sandy beaches on both sides of the river. So the water would go down and before it would spill out into the smooth part of the river below that, there was a whirlpool. It was a real good place to play around. | -45- | All of the people in town were scared of the river and wouldn't let their kids go play on it. I guess they thought it was dangerous. Cousins to my kids had their house near the river and their cow corrals went down into the river, and their kids didn't even know how to swim! So everyone in town thought we were crazy for playing on that river. But I had lived down in Mexico, and during rainy season, we'd go up there on the river and then float down and had a big time! So I was doing that on the Green River with the Ross kids and my own kids. | One time I thought I'd be macho and go down there without an inner tube. When I got down to the bottom of the rapids, I got into that whirlpool, and I went down, down, down. It was way over my head! I couldn't reach the bottom. I was about ready to give up. I just had to breathe. I was just about to pass out and couldn't hold my breath any longer. Finally, the whirlpool kicked me out and I came out gasping for air. I was a good enough swimmer, all right, but when you get in a situation like that there's nothing you can do. That experience didn't stop my enjoyment of playing on the Green River, though. | Divorce is hell. But in my case, if I hadn't of had my first marriage and divorce, I wouldn't have had my children from my second marriage: Rockney Willard, Jacqueline Mignon, David Santiago, Nathaniel Marcos, and Marvin Austin. Divorce is hell again, but if I hadn't have married the second time and divorced, I wouldn't have had Michael, and all of his kids. Even though divorce is hell, I am thankful to my first two wives because they gave me all of my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. | About Divorce...

46: While we were in Green River, we had this beautiful little Shetland Pony—a mare. So I bought a harness for her and taught her how to guide with these “lines of communication” I call them. I also got this little two wheel cart that was built for Shetland Ponies. This cart was built with heavy duty bicycle type wheels and had a seat across the top. So I taught this little mare how to guide. If anyone has driven a team of horses or one horse as in this case, knows that in order for that horse to know what you want them to do, the driver has to keep those guide lines snug. So the slightest pull one way or another that horse knows exactly what you want it to do. Like I mentioned, I call them the “lines of communication”. | This little mare could trot! She could get her little ol' legs just moving real fast! She could trot so fast that one time I pitted her against a big horse. The big horse had to break into a gallop just to keep up with her! | -46- | One day, my step-son, Brett, went with me for a ride. We went out in the country and this little mare was going real fast—I think she was enjoying the trip as much as we were. We got out about three or four miles from Green River. | Now around that country there lives a real small owl which only grows about six inches tall at the most. But instead of building a nest in the tree, this owl would dig a hole in the ground and mound the dirt up until it had a pretty good sized mound. If the owl was on the mound and got spooked, he would flap his wings real super fast and let out a real loud hissing sound. | When we were coming back, that little horse was going fast with extra burst of energy because she was going home, and came upon that little owl. That owl flapped his wings real fast and let out a loud hissing sound, really doing his thing, and that mare turned to the left to get around the owl. Well, that ticked me off! I thought, “I'll show her!” so I brought her back around and went about half a block further up the road, turned, and came down again. | This time I was ready for her when we got to that owl. The owl did his thing and I pulled real hard on the line to the right to make her stay on the road, but she just bent her head to the right real far and swerved anyway! And the cart tipped over. Dumped us off. Last I saw her, she was going towards town at full gallop this time! The lines were flapping in the breeze... | This is a true life parable. When Adam and Eve were put on the earth, Heavenly Father put these “lines of communication” on the earth too. Whenever the people were sensitive to these “lines of communication”, then Heavenly Father was able to bless them and guide them through hard times, and teach them righteous principles so they could be happy. But, whenever the people were not sensitive to these “lines of communication” and refused to obey them, then Heavenly Father couldn't bless them, guide them, and help them. This went on down through the ages. There were wars and pestilence and all kinds of bad things that would happen when people wouldn't obey these “lines of communication”.

47: -47- | When the Savior was on the earth he reestablished these “lines of communication” through the apostles and prophets. The people who obeyed these “lines of communication” then Heavenly Father was able to bless them. Eventually, wickedness began to creep in to the church. People began to worship idols and began to drift away from the church. Finally, when the last apostle was gone, Heavenly Father withdrew these “lines of communication” from the earth. We went into what was called the Dark Ages, which lasted for almost 2000 years. Now there were little sprinkling with these “lines of communication” during that time, for instance inspiration with Columbus coming over, Martin Luther, and a few people like this, but very few until Heavenly Father fixed America where he could establish these “lines of communication” with Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, John Taylor, and on down. So we have these “lines of communication” today. If we are sensitive to these lines of communication Heavenly Father can guide us back to our heavenly home. | Heavenly Father says, “I the Lord am bound when you do what I say, but when ye do not what I say you have no promise.” In other words it's not Heavenly Father who's punishing people, although there are times when He did punish them, I guess. But most the time people punish themselves! They did just like this kid did on that slope in the canyon, they didn't follow. Or like that little mare, she ignored the lines of communication and caused the cart to tip over and left the safety of her master. | A grasshopper once had a game of tag with some crickets who lived nearby, When he stubbed his toe and over he went in a twinkling of an eye. The crickets leaned up against the fence and laughed till their sides were sore. The grasshopper said, “You are laughing at me and I won't play anymore!” So, off he went, though he wanted to stay for he was not hurt by his fall. And the gay little crickets went on with their game and they never missed him at all. A bright-eyed squirrel called down as he passed swinging from a tree by his toes. “What a foolish little fellow that grasshopper is for he nipped off his own little nose!” | When people drift away from the church because someone may have offended them or for some other reason, who is the loser? They are the loser.

48: One time I was asked to give a spiritual thought in the Temple and I also used this for a talk in church. This is about a Grasshopper and a Praying Mantis. I was out in the garden one morning, and saw this Praying Mantis. The Praying Mantis have always fascinated me. So I was watching this Praying Mantis, and it would go three steps forward and two steps back, gently swinging and swaying – it was imitating a leaf! And then there was this Grasshopper. I could see this Praying Mantis slowly making its way to that Grasshopper. The Grasshopper, he was stupid. The Praying Mantis knew his prey. He was swinging and swaying pretending like he was another leaf in the gentle breeze. And he was getting closer to the Grasshopper and the Grasshopper just thought he was another leaf swinging and swaying in the gentle breeze. If there is no breeze, the Praying Mantis makes movement and makes the leaves move around so that it looks like there is a breeze. The Praying Mantis takes on the color of his background. When the Praying Mantis got right close to the Grasshopper, he jumped and grabbed him with these arms that he has which have spiky scales on them. Boy, that Grasshopper just struggled for his life! But his turn on earth was over. | I likened that to a Scripture in the book of Mormon. 2 Nephi 28:21-23 “And others will he pacify, and lull them away into carnal security, that they will say: All is well in Zion; yea, Zion prospereth, all is well—and thus the devil cheateth their souls, and leadeth them away carefully down to hell. And behold, others he flattereth away, and telleth them there is no hell; and he saith unto them: I am no devil, for there is none—and thus he whispereth in their ears, until he grasps them with his awful chains, from whence there is no deliverance. Yea, they are grasped with death, and hell...and the devil...” | Back to the Praying Mantis and the Grasshopper. The Praying Mantis says, “I'm not a Praying Mantis! I'm just the little ol' leaf swinging and swaying in the gentle breeze. All is well, I'm not a Praying Mantis!” The Grasshopper is saying, “All is well!” because he landed in this greenery and is not concerned about his future. | -48- | The Praying Mantis and the Grasshopper

49: -49- | Back Left: Lorence, Lloyd, Joe, Orlee, Duane, Errol, Wendell, Preston Front Left: Hazel, Edna, Emma, Mom, Lois, Teresa, Minda | Back Left: Preston, Joe, Duane, Wendell, Lorence, Lloyd, Orlee, Errol Front Left: Teresa, Emma, Lois, Mom, Dad, Edna, Hazel, Minda

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