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Lifes a Roller Coaster (UBook)

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S: ScrapUBook

BC: But lucky for me, its still going on... | Sources: Clipart

FC: Life's a Roller Coaster By Erin Heneghan

1: Life is a roller coaster, and you never know whats lying ahead. The rides going on no matter what. So why not enjoy it and embrace every moment, because soon the ride will end. "When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us."- Alexander Graham Bell. You should never take for life granted because life is a precious gift that can be taken away any minute. Remember each moment, and treat it as a precious gift because one day you might forget all the good times you had. So thats why i think you should capture every moment on film. Live life on the edge because, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” -Mae West. Don’t let anything or anyone get in your way and, "Live life to the fullest."-Ernest Hemingway. | Personal Mission Statement

2: Beginning of the ride | Never stop smiling because you don't know who's falling in love with your smile -unknown

3: Creating Memories since 1997

4: I am from South Windsor, born on July 8th 1997 in Hartford Hospital, One older sister and two older brothers, there is nothing that they have not done to me. I am 100% Irish with curly hair and freckles with relatives that live in Ireland which I have visited. I am from on the court playing volleyball to on the field playing lacrosse or in the studio dancing. I am from the mall to just relaxing or at a friends house. I am from, "you should never stop smiling because you never know who’s falling in love with,your smile,” I am from capturing every moment on film because you never know when you’ll forget, Since pictures are worth 1000 words, by looking around my room, it tells a story I am from being around my family if its laughing together, or eating, From going in long car rides, to The Cape or Myrtle Beach, I am having good times and bad with my family but either i love them, I am from having a crazy loving family, which I would take over anything. | I Am From | Based on a poem by George Ella Lyon

6: What, We’re Moving? (Setting: Mid-afternoon after pre-school. In the kitchen was mom who was cooking lunch. A loud stomping coming from upstairs and then Erin runs downstairs screaming, mom, while in her hand she was holding a Barbie) Erin: Mom! Mom: Yes Erin? What’s the matter? Erin: Why were some of my toys in boxes? You’re not giving them away, right? Mom: No sweetie, here sit down I need to tell you something. (Mom walks over to the kitchen table, sits down and, Erin goes over and joins her) Mom: Since you guys are all growing up, it seems that this house is getting smaller. (Erin interrupts) Erin: This house is shrinking? I don’t get it, how can a house shrink? Mom: No, not really, you guys are growing up; this house is just too small. Erin: No, it’s not, this house is perfect. I want to live here for the rest of my life. This house and I are like peanut butter and jelly, you can’t have just one, you need both. So I am not moving, no matter what! | Going down a steep hill

7: (Mom is trying to talk calm and sweet to Erin because she doesn’t want to upset her, especially after what she said) Mom: Well, wouldn’t you like your own room instead of sharing gone with your sister? Erin: Yes! I can’t stand her at times, she’s so messy. Mom: So, that’s why Mommy and Daddy decided that it was a good idea to move to a bigger house, were you can have your own room. That’s why your stuff is in boxes, so it can stay safe when we move. (Erin starts to cry, threw her Barbie on the ground, and began to have a fit) Erin: But all of my friends live here, and they’ll never ever, ever get to see me again. I’m staying here. (Mom reaches out and holds Erin’s hand, trying to calm her down) Mom: Yes they will, the house is just a couple streets away, and you can always visit you friends here. Plus, this new neighborhood has lots of little kids your age. (Erin starts to cheer up) Erin: Really? Mom: Yes. It also comes with a neighborhood pool, basketball and tennis court. Erin: I love swimming. That sounds great, I can’t wait. Let me go upstairs and finish packing. (Erin runs up stairs) Mom: Erin, come back, we’re not leaving until 2 months!

9: “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” –James Dean

10: (Black screen) In the background you hear car doors shutting. Dissolve to longshot of the small white house and its uphill driveway. You see a family of six get out and walk to the front door of the house. Zoom in as they begin to walk. Some of the sunlight is beaming through the trees. Zooms in to medium shot of the mom who just rang the doorbell. A loud bell goes off. Crane shot out to show the women opening the door and the back of the family waiting patiently at the door. Sue (dog seller) – Hello, are you the Heneghans? (smiling) Dad- Yes we are Sue- Come on in Camera starts high viewing the backs of the family looking down then zooms in panning to show the inside of the house as a pov. The camera then zooms in on the puppies once they are spotted. The family walks over towards the puppies. Mom- Aw, these dogs are so cute! Sue- yes, the ones over here ( camera pans towards where she is pointing) are the ones that have been sold, but over here ( camera comes back towards her) are for sale. Erin- Mommy, I want this one! Pan towards Erin, she’s bent down next to an older looking dog Mom- Erin, that’s the mommy dog, we can’t have her, she’s not for sale. Mom walks over and grabs Erins hand, brings her back to the puppies that are for sale. Dad- How about this puppy? Zoom in towards puppy/ medium shot. The family then walks over towards the puppy and you hear aw in the background. Then you hear Erin in the background: Erin- How about this one? Pan towards Erin Mom- Erin, she’s not for sale, that’s the mom again. Erin- Fine. Erin walks over towards the puppies, panning the camera. Since the puppies are all over, she gets confused and goes towards the mom again. Erin- Mom, I love this one, can we get her? Mom- Erin! I said we can’t have her. Erin- No, this is a different one than last time. | Fast part of the ride | When I Got My Dog

11: Mom- No its not. How about this one, do you like this one? Erin- Yeah, that one is cute too! Sue-So have you guys decided yet? Dad- yes, I think we are going to take this one, but we won’t be able to pick him up until three weeks because we are going on vacation soon. Sue- That’s fine, I’ll just put him over here where the puppies have been sold, so no one else takes him. Sue picks up the puppy pan with her as she places the puppy with the other dogs Mom – Thank you very much. We’ll see you in three weeks. Sue- By! The family walks out the door towards the car, crane from Sue to longshot of house and family getting in car. Mom – How about Tucker? I like that name! You here several yeses in the background Erin- I like the name Coco! Mom- Oh Erin! Hear engine starting and then fade to black.

12: My First Dance Recital I have been dancing for 9 years, and it was almost like yesterday when I first started to dance Scene- At South Windsor High School, backstage in the hallway. You can hear music coming from the stage. Ten little girls holding hands, dressed up in a Hawaiian costume. The costume was a little hula skirt attacked to what looked like the bottom of a bathing suit. It matched the top, which was purple with floral designs of yellow, orange, green, and blue. It had a purple flower/bow to hear in your hair. They were all lined up single file against the lights. You can hear them tapping. Long shot of the hallway, then starts to zoom in to show the girls, going down the hallway getting a glimpse of the other girls lined up too. A mom- Shh! They can hear you tap from on stage, and the audience can too. (Music starts to fade, and then some little girls come from the stage doors all smiling.) Medium shot of the girls coming out from the doors. Cut back to the girls lined up. Another Mom- Ok, are you guys “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride”? Everyone in my class- YES! The mom- Ok, shh. Whoever starts on the other side of the stage, follow me, and don't tap, or talk. (New music cues up, and you hear tapping coming from on stage) POI shot of them going backstage. Lighting darkens. I follow the mom, holding her hand, and another girls hand who was behind me. I was so nervous. This is going to be my first ever dance recital. And my first time dancing one stage, or even being one. My mom, Dad, Sister, Brothers, and Grandparents were here. I continue to follow the mom to the other side of the stage. The mom- Ok, you guys will go on after they are done. Good luck! American Shot. | Going over a fun hill

13: Erin- (in her head) “What if I mess up, I will look so silly, I'm so nervous. Wait, what do we do first? Oh yeah, flap. What if I do too many, then everyone will laugh, and my whole family will see. I don’t know if I can do this, I'm so nervous. I hope I do ok.” ( Our assistant teacher comes over) Medium shot of all the girls backstage. A.Teacher- Are you guys nervous? (She whispers) Everyone- Yes! (Loudly) A.Teacher- Shh! Ok, well you guys are going to do just great, if you forget, me and Mrs. Munson( our dance teacher) are right on either side of the stage, so just look at us if you get lost. Remember arms, and to smile. (Hear music fade down as the girls start to come of the stage) A.Teacher- This is it! Good Luck! (“Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride” Starts to cue up) POI of Erin, then as she gets on to the stage, crane shot to get the POI of the audience. As I start to flap on stage, I get really nervous. Looking out into the audience, and seeing how many people there are, scared me. I start to get really nervous. POI of Erin. I start to lose my spot, but then I looked at Mrs. Munson and just kept on smiling. Cut to POI of audience. The song was going by very quickly. Then all of a sudden, our costumes started to glow. (Hear the audience say, ohh!) After that, soon before I knew it, the song was fading out and the stage turned black. POI of Erin. I had finally completed my first ever dance on stage. I was so excited that all my hard work paid off. I was so happy, I couldn't wait for the night show to do it all again. I love to dance, as big as the whole wide world, and I can't wait for next year!

14: Dear Caitlin, In English, when we had to pick a memory that someone taught us, I thought of this story. This is just one of the many lessons you have taught me. Love, your favorite sister. For a split second, everything went black. I started to open my eyes, and right in front of me was the wooden chair that we keep in the office. I look up, and I see my sister starting to get worried. “Erin, go to the kitchen,” She said. “Why?” I ask. “Because you’re bleeding above your eye, here grab some paper towels.” I grab the paper towels, and put it above my eyebrow. I took it off and the towel was saturated with blood. I started freaking out because I had never seen so much blood. My sister came over and tried to calm me down by saying, “it’s okay, don’t worry.” She picks up the phone and dials 911. This was the first time she had to call 911 by herself, since she was only 14. I could hear my sister respond, but I couldn’t hear the person on the other end. I could hear my sister say, “My sister just hit her head and now it’s bleeding. Above her- right eye. She collided into a wooden chair. 6. 14. No. Okay.” At that moment, I see fear in my sisters eye. It’s not the type that you get from a horror movie, but its worried fear. I could see that she was getting upset, and it started to make me get very upset. I started to cry and as the tears started pouring down my face, I slowly start to look up at my sister who is still on the phone. She looks at me, smiles, gives me a thumbs up, and then a hug. That smile, thumbs up, hug, and her staying calm, gave me a signal that it was going to be okay, everything was in good hands. Several towels later, I hear the loud serene from ambulance. As they were about to take me away in the ambulance, my dad came through the door. I was happy to see him, but mad because I wanted to ride in the “cool car.” Soon after I knew it, I had six stiches in my head, and it was almost all better. I’m glad that I have an older sister because over the years she has taught me many lessons, and has helped me get through hard times. This incident taught me that even in the toughest situations, you need to stay calm and put your best foot forward, and that’s what my sister did. This lesson has come in handy through tests and quizzes, by staying calm and trying your best. | Going around the loop

15: How I got my scar March 4, 2007 When I was 6 years old, my brother had a basketball game, so my mom took him to Ellsworth. Then my dad picked my grandma up to take her to the game too. Meanwhile, I was at home with Caitlin, and Owen who was sleeping, so Caitlin was the only one watching me. I decided to paint. We keep the paper under the computer desk, so I went to get the paper. My sister, who was at the computer, go up and the chair went back and hit me right above my eyebrow. My sister called 911. They took a lot of information about her and what had happened. The only reason she called 911 was because Owen was sleeping and we couldn’t wake him up. We were both scared, Caitlin because no one was home, and me because the police and ambulance men were so big and I was so small. When the ambulance cam it wasn’t long after that my dad and my grandma showed up. My dad followed the ambulance because he saw it turn up our street. I had to get 6 stiches and it hurt really badly. I could only see out of one eye. It was about an hour before they were done. I stayed there longer to make sure that everything was okay before we left. I got to have a free lunch and even a goodie bag. That day was not one of my favorites because it was a long time before I could get the stiches off and I will have the scar for the rest of my life!!!

16: “Kissing the Blarney Stone” I packed my bag in the matter of minutes, even though I was going to wait a long several months. Every day there was a long countdown. Every night as it got closer, I couldn’t sleep. I don’t even think I slept for the last week I was so excited. Getting on the plane, I rushed to our seats to make sure I got a window seat next to my mom. The part I didn’t like was taking off and landing because it hurt my ears really badly. I tried everything from gum to yawning, to try to make my ears not hurt so much when we changed elevation. My favorite memory; and the one I remember the most is when we visited the Blarney Castle. It’s this old stone castle that holds many legends. One legend is that whoever kisses the Blarney stone will receive the gift of gab. I was eight at the time, and kissing it seemed easy enough. When my turn came around, I pictured this giant boulder in the castle. But it was nothing what I expected. It turns out that you had to climb to the top of this castle several stories tall. There was this hole in the floor of the castle, and if you looked down you would be staring at the grass. So you had to get down on all fours and bend backwards leaning your head back. Since I was shorter I had a disadvantage since I had to bend farther down. As I slowly bent backwards, I realized that the “rock” was the castle. Even though there was a spotter there holding you making you not fall straight down to the ground I still just started freaking out. I remember it taking me several times of me going down the popping right back up because I was too scared. When I was on my way down every time, I remember hearing my mom saying,” You can do it this time Erin, don’t be scared. The guys got you in case you fall.” I would respond back,” but I just can’t do it.” She says “Yes you can, don’t give up.” My mom was there every second of me trying and failing at kissing the blarney stone. She was even there holding my other hand; because she knew I really wanted to do this. My sister went again to show me that it wasn’t that hard; trying to be supportive. But she made it look so easy; it just made me more upset that I couldn’t do it. On our way out after I just gave up since it was getting dark and we were all very hungry, my mom said to me,” Why don’t you just kiss the castle since that is what the stone is, it’s just the castle. Anyways Erin, you don’t need the gift of gab. You could have not kissed the stone and no one would know that.” On our way leaving, we went to the gift shop and purchased a mini piece of the brick castle that had fallen down, so that could always remember. I learned a very good lesson looking back at this trip; and that is to never stop trying, it may take several tries, but never give up on chasing your dreams. I bet I could have done it if I put my best foot forward, and didn’t look down thinking of how high it was from the ground. But now I have a good reason to go back to Ireland and do something I have been thinking about for a while to accomplish, and that is to go kiss the blarney stone.

17: Going Pretty fast, its fun, but the memory is vague

18: Scene- Mom sitting watching TV on the couch in the family room. In the background you hear the CNN nightly news playing. Camera starts to follow Erin as her, going down the stairs to the family room to talk to her mom. It is mid-afternoon with the sun beaming through the windows in the family room, reflecting on mom. As camera approaches, the news get louder. ( Erin Enters) Erin- Mom, can I talk to you for a second? Mom- Sure (mom shuts off the TV and then Erin sits down and camera follows her, the zooms in to the both of them sitting on the couch next to each other) Erin- You know how in school they always ask us, what do we want to be when we older? Well I think I know what I want to be. Mom- Oh really, what? (Camera is medium shot on Erin) Erin- A nurse. I think one of the main reasons is, you. You're always so helping and when I see you helping people, it inspires me. Like the other day, when I fell off my bike and I scrape my knee, you helped me. I know you're supposed to help me as my mom, but you know what to do and you never second guess yourself. (camera zooms out to show both of them, and mom smiles. Then camera goes back to Erin) Erin- Plus, since Nee-Nee and Nana are in the assistant living, I like going there. I like to see them, and I like to see everyone else. Mom, those people over there love when people visit them. I don't think they get a lot of visitors. Like yesterday, I went with dad, and everyone was in the lounge with the TV and the fireplace, and we got Nana a drink. Then dad told me to go around to see if anyone else wanted a drink, and I did. Then the nurse came over and told me I am great with them, and that I am good helping them, and very kind and patient. (Camera zooms out to the both of them again) Mom- yeah dad was telling me that, and I think you would make a great nurse, maybe soon when you're old enough, you can help out there, or even a nursing home. Erin- Thanks, you're a great mom, and I want to be just like your when I'm older! (Camera zooms out to show the whole family room. Erin gets up and gives her mom a hug. Music starts to play in the background and then fades as the screen turns to black) End of Scene | The Decision

19: On the top of the hill, looking down

20: Erin- “Now, Tucker (dog) I was thinking that there is so much that i would like to do when I'm older and experience. Thats why i created my every own bucket list. This is just a brief one since in the future ,it might be completely different. Okay so some of the big things on my bucket list: -Ride on a motorcycle or a in a convertible -Go backpacking to several European countries -Go Bungee jumping, Skydiving, Parachuting, Paragliding -Visit all the continents -Go snorkeling in the coral reefs -See the northern lights and a solar eclipse -Visit/live in Ireland for several months -Have a huge closet (like the one from Princess Diaries) -Build my dream house -Fly First Class -Go in a hot air balloon -Fly a helicopter -See a volcano -Meet a famous person/one of my idols -Visit all 50 states -Go to Italy, Greece, Germany, Rome, etc. -See famous paintings like the Moan Lisa And this is just a few of them. There will probably be a lot more to come, and to check off, I hope.” | Viewing the other parts coming up | My Bucket List

21: "You may delay, but time will not." ~Benjamin Franklin

22: ConformIty Some might say she’s a conformist, sometimes, Others say individual, but not the type that commits crimes. She was similar in many ways, But did what she wanted to on other days. She was quite friendly and very kind, And didn’t let others mess with her mind. 1 older sister and 2 older brothers, And they all lived with their father and mother. Since she was the youngest, independent she was, She knew what she wanted, just cause. She was Irish with curly hair too, Basketball, volleyball and, lacrosse were things she liked to do. She also liked to dance, And go to the beach when she got a chance. She was like any other girl in the mall, She would buy anything, you name it all. Like all the others, she went to school September through June, Since she loved summer, she wanted out very soon. She also valued her family and friends, And never gave up in the end. Conformist or an individual, what does that make her, Or is it all a blur?

24: Character Analysis | Before: When Erin was little, her favorite color was pink. She loved to pretend that she was a princess on land, or a mermaid in the water. She loved to dance, swim, and eat strawberries. She had a wide imagination that would lead her to do all sorts of things. She was the youngest of 4, so it was tough for her growing up. She would get blamed for everything, and get left out, because she was “too little.” But it does come with some advantages, like getting hand-me- downs and more attention. But when your little, you don’t always want the attention, especially when you do something bad, then you’re going to get caught right away. “Erin started/did it” was one of the most commonly said phrases daily in the Heneghan house hold. Some of that started to change when everyone got older. Now: Erin is currently living at her house with her sister (graduated college), her Mom and Dad and her dog, Tucker. Her oldest brother lives in Boston and comes home every once in a while, and her other brother is off at college. Even though there not always around, they still remember her as “Baby Erin” and that is the title that probably will stick with her forever. When she is not home, she is either at one of many places; the school, the mall, friends’ houses, outside, or at the cape. Things that she likes to do are, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, swim, dance, and volunteer at the hospital. She is very active 24/7 and there is never a dull moment. You can tell that she has changed, not only because her new favorite color is purple, but the way she looks, acts, and talks. Future: In the future, Erin plans to graduate from a great nursing college, and become a nurse. She would either want to work at a hospital or a nursing home. She hopes that before she goes straight to work, she takes time off to go see the world. She wants to live in Ireland when she is older, weather it is for 4 months to 4 years, since she is an Irish citizen. She wants to go and complete many things off her bucket list. She also has hopes to marry a rich guy and live in a huge house with her dream room and dream closet. She hopes that she will be very successful in life, and make a difference and live life to its fullest. Foil: If Erin had to pick someone as her foil, she would pick her family because they have always been there and supported her through school, sports, and everything in between. Without them, she would never have had the goal to peruse a job in medical field. If she had to be even more specific, it would be her mom, because she has always been there for me, through thick and thin. She told me to never give up, which has leaded her here today. She always told her to aim for the stars and be the best person you she can be. Without her, I don’t know where she would be, or who I would be.

25: As you can see, most of the things in my life, i haven't sat back on. There is much i want to do before it ends. The rides still going on, no matter what. So enjoy and take advantage of every moment, because soon it will end...

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