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Lily's Fifth Year

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Lily's Fifth Year - Page Text Content

S: Lily's Fifth Year

FC: Lily Alexandra Schultz May 2011 through May 2012

1: May started off with celebrating Connor's fourth birthday at the Adventure Playground. I had fun climbing on the structures and collecting nails so I could earn the use of paint, hammers and saws. I got a measuring tape, a pencil and a tool belt from Connor. It was a fun place to play!

3: I also went to a park playdate for Joey's birthday and an art party for Sofia's birthday. I went to the Dr. for my yearly check up. Mommy's favorite part this year was when I was asked about my favorite tv show. I said Cook Chef America (Iron Chef America.) I know who Bobby Flay is!

4: Here I am modeling an outfit Grammy made for Mommy and a dress Grandma Donna sent for my birthday. | I got to sit in a police car that was at my gymnastics show. | The policeman wouldn't put me in the back seat like Daddy wanted him to. | Melina, Emma and I are all taking swim lessons at the Y. Melina and I are watching Emma and then we all had ice cream together.

5: 3 weeks early my baby cousin Louis Colton Caric was born. Daddy was in Vegas for work so he got to be the first to meet him!

6: June started with my friends Emma and Melina's princess birthday party. It rained so much right before it that we had to have it at Emma's house instead of a park. My favorite part was the "marry tent" that Anna made.

7: The next weekend was Dalia's party at the splash park in El Cerrito. While not raining, I didn't think it was warm enough for too much water play! Later we met up with Joey and Nolan to do chalk art and ride ponies on Shattuck.

8: On Sunday Mommy and I started the long drive to Las Vegas to meet baby Colton. I loved being able to hold him. | Our first day together. | Uncle Stephen gave me a blue lollipop | Uncle Louis came for a while one day. | I got to play legos with my Uncles.

10: Daddy joined us on the weekend so we could all celebrate Fathers' Day together. Grandpa came too. I got to go swimming at the hotel.

11: We babysat baby Colton so Uncle Stephen could take Aunt Natalie out for her birthday. After swimming on Monday, we took Daddy to the airport. Mommy, Grammy and I met up with Uncle Louis for lunch at the Paris where he was working. Then we started the long, tiring drive home. I watched some Bob the Builder, Mickey Mouse and slept. I also asked Mommy a zillion times when we would be home.

12: As soon as I got home, I wanted to see friends. I had popsicles with Joey and Nolan and a playdate at home with Dalia. I also started ballet classes this month.

13: On July third we had a bbq and Juliet, Ilana, Emma, Melina and Connor came over to swim and eat BBQ and peach cobbler. | On the fourth we went to the park and had a picnic lunch. I rode the mechanical bull, had a water balloon toss, climbed a rock wall and did some bouncing. After dinner we watched the fireworks at the rose garden.

14: I went to several fun places with friends: Lawrence Hall of Science, Academy of Science, Fairyland to see Go Dog Go and the Discovery Museum.

17: We went camping with Melina. We got a play tent and Daddy bought me a princess bed Mommy and Daddy and I went for a hike to a waterfall. I loved the bridges and the creek. Of course we made s'mores!

18: Daddy and Aunt Karrie signed up to run the SF half marathon. Cousin Johnny, and Riley came to visit us at our house for dinner. Mommy and I went to the race to cheer them on. After Daddy finished, we raced back to the beginning so that I could run a half mile race. I had my own shirt and bib. Daddy ran with me. Afterwards I got a medal and a taco!

19: I've been working hard at gymnastics this summer. I have gotten really strong and can do a lot of things that I couldn't before, like flip on the rings and use strong arms to hold myself up on the bars.

20: We began our vacation this summer by driving to Uncle Louis'. I played the bongos and we had dinner with Uncle Stephen, Aunt Natalie and Baby Colton too. After spending the night we drove to Del Mar to celebrate Grammy's birthday at the beach.

21: I went boogie boarding with Daddy. The water was cold! | Getting in | Ready to go | Missed the first wave | Ready for the second | Here I go | What a ride | I'm done! | Out again | Wipe out | I'm soaked | Daddy to the rescue | Try again. | Love my Daddy | Finished

22: We went to dinner after that. The next morning we had breakfast with everyone before heading off to a brewery. I got to color with chalk on the floor and Daddy and I got new shirts. The next morning, after a walk on the pier we went fishing. I wasn't too sure of the fish at first...

23: But in the end I enjoyed it and caught lots of fish thanks to Daddy's friend Chuck who was the boat captain. I was wiped out on the way back to shore and fell asleep in Mommy's lap.

25: After that we spent the week at the beach in Santa Barbara. I rode my bike to town each day.

29: I got to go out on the paddle board with Daddy in the ocean. I really enjoyed it, but I sat down most of the time. Once when we were both standing, I fell off and swam right back to the board. I didn't know that Daddy had fallen off too! The last time, I decided to jump off when we came back in.

31: I also spent a lot of time on my boogie board in the water. I bit it a few times, but I was always willing to jump back on the board and try again!

33: When we got home, we took Daddy diving. I played in the water in my wetsuit. Shadow didn't want to come in with us. Daddy got abalone and a fish. We made fish tacos with it!

34: We also went to the beach with Emma and her family. It was soooo cold. We did not see the sun the whole time, but we had a great time playing. We had dinner with Melina one night and Emma one night.

35: On the left I am at Triple Rock with Daddy. To the right, I got some food on my head. Below is my first day of school picture.

36: Here I am reading some books. I made myself a little nest of blankets and pillows on the floor in my room. | Later that day I went to Juliet's princess party in the park. We got to pull strings on a pinata.

37: I started a new soccer class this month. We actually play some little games against each other. Lily red, Connor and Nathaniel from school are in my class.

40: I got a new gymnastics outfit. I also got my Halloween costume. Connor and I got our faces painted at the Spice of Life festival.

41: In October, cousin Colton came to visit. We got to babysit overnight while Uncle Stephen and Aunt Natalie went to a party for a client. Grammy came to visit too. I had fun being the older cousin and holding the baby.

42: Colton came with me to my soccer game and even came to an Octoberfest celebration where we "dressed up" as little German children. I got to feed Colton a bottle!

44: We had our October potluck at Melia's house. We dressed up in princess clothes and Daddy read stories.

45: We took a trip to a pumpkin patch to buy Halloween pumpkins. We got to ride ponies too!

46: Mommy and Daddy took me to the Goblin Jamboree at the Discovery Museum. I dressed up in my Pooh costume. I got to throw a sponge at Mommy, go on a pumpkin ride, get my face painted and bounce in a bounce house. I rode ponies and showed Daddy around the museum since this was his first visit. I also got to make witch's brew.

48: I also got to race a witch and eat cotton candy. The Friday before Halloween, Mommy and I went to school in our Halloween shirts. That weekend, we carved our pumpkins. I didn't want to put my hand in, but Daddy made me this year. He carved a Minnie Mouse pumpkin for me. I carved the one on the left. I made a circle eye, a looong triangle eye, a rectangle nose and surprise mouth. Mommy thought it looked super cute!

49: We got a prisoner costume for bad dog Shadow. He wouldn't move while he was in it. On the Saturday before Halloween my school had a potluck. I dressed up as a Samba dancer. We ate and played and then hit the pinata for some candy!

51: Halloween night we hosted the monthly potluck. I was so impatient for everyone to get there. We had dinner and then all went out to trick or treat. When we returned, Daddy did witch's brew with all my friends before dessert. It was a fun night!

52: In November I had my last soccer class. I also took my first bubble bath in a while. The jets made the bubbles go crazy! I also made cupcakes with Mommy and Daddy and I got a little frosting on my nose!

53: During Thanksgiving week we went to San Diego. The highlight of the trip was Sea World! I got to feel a sea star on my hand and feed some Moray eels. Mommy also got me some cotton candy.

54: We watched the shamu show. My favorite part was when the whales said no to one and two fish, but yes to the whole bucket. I also got to feed and pet a dolphin and see a sea turtle close up.

55: Daddy caught a lobster while we were there. We spent some time exploring the tide pools at the beach. I also went swimming in the hotel pool before we left.

57: On Wednesday we went to Disneyland. I wore my Minnie Mouse costume to meet Minnie and Mickey. Then we headed off to meet the princesses.

59: We spent all day meeting various characters including Sleeping Beauty who also let me take a picture of her with Daddy. I was exhausted afterwards and fell asleep on the way back to Uncle Louis'.

60: We got ready for our second Disneyland day. I tucked Pooh into bed. Daddy took me on Thunder Mountain. The highlight was our princess lunch. Sleeping Beauty remembered Daddy and me!

61: In my new Snow White costume! | Waiting with Daddy. | Just hanging out | Meeting Chip and Dale | The ladybug ride | Uncle Louis bought me a Tigger tail | Grammy, Daddy and I on the teacups | Meeting Pooh | Me as Snow White | Meeting Ariel | Meeting Snow White and the Queen | Waiting to meet Rapunzle | Meeting Rapunzle

63: In December we visited Santa, took Christmas photos, decorated gingerbread houses and tried out ice skating for the first time.

64: On Christmas eve we decorated Santa's cookies and then went out to dinner at Wayfare Tavern in San Francisco.

67: The week after Christmas we got the good news that the baby in Mama's tummy was a healthy baby girl! Mama made Daddy and I pink cupcakes to tell us she was a girl! | Santa was good to me on Christmas and brought me two things that Daddy had told him not to: a play phone and a cleaning cart. I got to spend Christmas with Colton. Grammy got me a pink princess cape and a dr. outfit with my name on it. Grandpa got me a fun rolling wheel. I like to turn it on its side and play inside of it!

68: January was a busy month as Mommy and Daddy went to visit all the kindergartens I might go to next year. | Here I am at gymnastics with my coach | I love flipping on the bars | I set up a cozy spot to read in my room | Exhausted! | Mommy couldn't resist taking a picture of me sleeping with Pooh | One morning I had fruit loops and I sorted them by color.

69: We had a second Christmas in February with Uncle Louis. He played barbies with me and read me stories.

72: Here's a picture of the Valentines we made this year. Grammy sent me M&M's with my name on them!

73: Here I am getting ready to go over to Melina's to have dinner with her and Emma. I liked posing in my new fancy pink dress.

74: Daddy went out of town for work and when he unpacked his suitcase, I decided to see if I could still fit in it. I was totally fine with it until Daddy almost had it zipped up.

75: In March we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday by making Cat in the Hat cakes for my school and Mommy's. When Daddy went out of town, Connor and Hazel came over and we played dress up.

76: I have been continuing my ballet classes, but this session, Emma and Melina are in it with me. We have fun learning all the moves together.

77: One day after ballet we met up with Melina and Joey at the park. I was playing chase with Daddy, but when he caught me, he fell with me under him.

79: Celebrating Maya's Second Birthday

80: Dying easter eggs with Melina and Sofia.

81: April began with Spring Break. Daddy took the week off too so he could build a wall. I watched while the materials were delivered. We had friends over for a dessert party for Mommy's birthday. I also dyed some eggs in preparation for Easter.

82: I also started playing soccer again. Before my first class I made a reading nest with pillows and blankets inside my rolling toy.

83: The Easter Bunny was good to me this Easter.

84: We went to Grammy's for a baby sprinkle and retirement party. | Colton & I took a bath together | Me with Alex and Marcella | I got to help Mommy open the presents. Since Grammy and I threw the shower, I also helped pay. I put my $20 in when Grammy paid the bill. | My Uncles played Pretty Princess with me. | Colton and I played a lot.

85: Finally we helped celebrate Nalani's second birthday. I also had my final spring hat parade at CDN. | Mommy and I made my hat during spring break. We used lots of silk flowers and ribbons and lace.

86: On the morning of my birthday, I woke up and got some cuddle time and then went out to open presents before Daddy left for work. I got a video and some watercolors. Grandma Donna sent the cool sunglasses.

87: I also got a mirror of my own so I don't have to use the one in Mommy and Daddy's room. Mommy's friend Bonnie got me a big sister t-shirt with my name on it.

88: My birthday was also the beginning of the eighth month of Mommy's pregnancy so we took our picture in my 5 shirt from Grandpa. Then after Daddy left, Emma came over to spend the day. We watched some videos and played and then went to Masse's for a birthday treat. Paul and Kathy brought my tart out with a candle and sang to me.

89: After that it was time for our nail appointments. Emma and I both got different colors on our fingers and toes and then added sparkles on top. Then it was off to lunch with Daddy.

90: After a nap, we all went outside for chalk and bubbles. We also played in the sand some. Emma's Mommy and Daddy and sister came over and they helped us sing and had some cake. Then Daddy and Mommy took me to dinner at Wood Tavern with a trip to Powell's candy afterwards. It was a great birthday!

91: On Friday it was back to Masse's to decorate some Mickey Mouse cookies with Bella. I got an apron and everything!

92: I got a parchment cone of chocolate and I piped on eyes, nose and mouth while Bella did most of the ears. Then I got to sprinkle sparkles on them.

93: Here is the amazing Minnie Mouse cake that Paul made for me. I totally loved it and it looked great with my cookies!

94: We had a fabulous dance party at the teen center in Albany. We had music and disco lights. I changed into three different outfits and had a blinking crown. Grammy, Colton, Aunt Natalie, Uncle Stephen and Uncle Louis came too!

97: After putting in my candles we tried to go outside for singing, but there was too much wind. We went back inside for singing and then ate yummy strawberries and cream cake. My friends and I ate outside together. It was a great party!

98: Finally I celebrated my birthday at school at the end of the month. I got a fun pink birthday crown from my teachers. We sang some songs for the moms and dads and then we sang happy birthday to all the May children. Then we had cake and ice cream. I asked for chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting this year. We also made vegan chocolate cupcakes for the boy in my class that is vegan. It was a great celebration!

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