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Lily's Fourth Year

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Lily's Fourth Year - Page Text Content

S: Lily's Fourth Year

FC: Lily Alexandra Schultz May 2010 through May 2011

1: I went to see Dr. Meezan for my 3 year check up. They tested my hearing and sight. I got to wear funny glasses to read the shapes. She made me hop and jump and walk on my heels and toes. I did great! She also asked me about what foods I like. She wanted to know about my favorite green vegetable. Mommy knew this would be a problem right away as green is a color I am not sure of yet. I chose grapes, which are sometimes green but not a vegetable!

2: I helped my friends celebrate their birthdays. I got my toes painted with Melina. I went to Joey's for his birthday. I made him a card and wrote a J, O and E all by myself!

3: In June I went to the Marina for a Kite party for Dalia. Daddy flew a shark kite for me. He spent too much time in the grass and got an allergic reaction. I preferred playing with the bubbles and rocket balloons and eating chocolate cake. Then we went to a pink party for Melina. There was pick cream cheese, a pink flower pinata and a pink flower cake. Daddy tried to wear white, but I was sad so he switched back to red.

5: And then it was time for vacation. We drove down to Grammy's where we took our annual Lily and the air conditioning picture. Then we went to Los Angeles and saw my Uncle Louis, and then we rode two airplanes to Mexico!

6: I spent a lot of time in the water with my orange mask, my pink floatie thing, my water shoes and my boogie board. I also enjoyed playing in the sand.

10: We went fishing with Daddy. He caught a barracuda and a Mahi Mahi. When we got back to the beach we got dressed up and took the Mahi to the restaurant next door. They cooked it up for us for dunner. Yum!

11: Here Mommy and I are looking at a fresh turtle nest. Next I have just been swimming with Daddy. At the bottom I am posing with Daddy and a crab that we found hiding on our patio at the hotel.

12: One evening we were taking our nightly walk on the beach and I decided to get in the water on my own. I played in the waves and threw rocks and had a great time in the water.

14: One day we drove to the jungle to look at the Coba ruins (old stuff). It was fun to climb on them and go in the tunnels. We saw lots of lizards and butterflies too!

15: On our last night, we walked over to the restaurant for dinner. We had our picture taken and ate yummy food. Then we went and sat in the bar on the fun swings they have. Finally, we walked across the street and I got my hair braided.

16: After we got back we spent a few days at the beach with Grammy, Uncle Stephen and Uncle Louis.

17: Mommy and I went to a party for Aunt Natalie's mom. Uncle Stephen and Uncle Louis, Grammy and Grandpa were there too. I got to dance the hula and watch AuntNatalie dance too.

19: On our way home, we stopped at Grammy's where it was 108! We played at the water park to cool off. When we got home, Mommy undid my braids. My hair was kinky after a whole week in those braids!

20: July began with our monthly potluck at Sophia's house. We played in the back yard on the slide and we had some fun with bubbles too!

21: This is the happy face I drew by myself with chalk. In the other picture, I have dressed myself for the day in polka dot pants and a floufy butterfly t-shirt.

23: On the Fourth of July we went to the festival at Albany Park.We met Melina and Connor there. I rode the ponies, got tattoos, played bowling and went for a ride down a huge slide with Connor and his Daddy.

24: After the slide, my friends and I had ice cream before I got a shoulder ride home from Daddy.

25: Later we went down by the water to watch fireworks. It was cold and windy so I zipped into Daddy's sweatshirt to keep warm while I ate my dessert.

26: The next day I had some hot cocoa at breakfast before we headed up to Little Farm. After feeding the animals, Dalia showed up and we walked to the lake to look for turtles and climb around. We had fun looking for fairy nests and trying to find the fairies in the trees.

28: After gardening with Ilana in her new garden, I got to make s'mores.Still not my favorite, but I like the chocolate!

29: We met up with Connor, Dalia, Emma and Melina at the zoo.

32: On Wednesdays, Mommy and I have been walking with my friend Joey to the library. | We go swimming at the warm pool afterwards and then walk home together.

33: Emma came over one day while her Mommy and Daddy went to a wedding. We played dress up together. I started as a princess and then I moved on to my giraffe costume from two halloweens ago.

34: After dinner, we went outside and had s'mores. I asked for them when I saw Daddy was using the big bbq for dinner. After I saw Emma eat one, I decided they weren't so bad and I even ate two myself.

36: We went to a birthday party for Melina's Daddy. I put on the dress I got in Mexico and Mommy's high heel shoes and danced around before we went.

38: We met up with Joey in Sausalito to go to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. We got to play on boats, with fishing poles, and on a play bridge. I dressed up like an astronaut too. It was a fun morning and I didn't want to leave when it was time to go meet Daddy for lunch.

42: My outfit: I believe in fairies shirt, with wings, stripy pants and my orange tutu. On the bottom: Daddy and I have matching shoes now!

43: I started gymnastics this month. I have fun on the huge trampoline. Below, the vivarium brought some stuff to my school. I didn't touch any of the snakes and stuff and I kept moving further away from them each time one came by for touching.

44: On the last day of July, we drove to Davis to visit Emma at her grandma's house. Its been so gloomy and cool in Berkeley, we decided to get some sun. We played in her Daddy's play house from when he was a little boy and we spent a lot of time in the pool. Her Mommy and Daddy bought us both fun zebra floaties. I went off the diving board by myself!

45: August was supposed to begin with a camping trip, but we all got sick so we had to "camp" in the living room. Joey and Gus came over to play in the tent and outside and to have some dinner.

46: We went to dinner at Melina's one night and I posed for Mommy in my froggy dress. I also spent lots of time with Joey at the pool. Here we are from underwater. I love my gymnastics class. I have lots of fun on the trampolines and stretching and even swinging on things.

47: We did eventually go camping. This was my (and Mommy's) first camping trip. We went to Fort Ross and got the best campsite. After my nap in the tent, Daddy went diving while Mommy and I played on the rocks on the beach.. It wasn't lots of fun since there was no sand. After that, we went fishing with my new Tinkerbell pole. Here it is i n Daddy's pocket.

49: The next morning we went for a nice hike and then we went to the tide pools. We found crabs and anemones and fish and sea stars.Mommy found this tiny one that I liked to hold.

50: After my nap we went to a sandier beach for Daddy's second dive. I was worried about getting my panties wet in the water.

52: The Maloney family joined us for some playtime, dinner and birthday cake that evening. We had corn and steak and tomato salad. Joey and Nolan and I played in the car for a while. We made s'mores after dinner and then sang happy first birthday to Nolan.

55: Grammy came to visit and we took a second trip to the Discovery Museum. It was also Grammy's birthday that weekend so we celebrated with a dinner of steak, tomato salad and a lemon tart from Masse's

56: Here Mommy and I are on our first day back at school. Mommy left early and Grammy took me to school before she left. I am an elephant now and my new teacher is Teacher Bianca. Emma is still with me!

57: We spent time at the pool with Joey and then went to his house. I brought my masks to play with. | Here Joey and I have taken over the video game that Daddy and Big Joe were trying to play together.

60: We began September with our monthly potluck at Dalia's. She had just been to the dentist and he gave her a bunch of dentist stuff to play with. We used the gloves and mask and then looked at each other's teeth with the mirror. It was a lot of fun.

62: This month I started a soccer class with two of my friends. We go on Saturday mornings and learn how to dribble and shoot and run. It is a lot of fun, but Emma, Melia and I like snack time outside afterwards.

63: Emma and I had brunch together at her house and then we went to Solano Stroll. We rode in my stroller together. I got my face painted and then we watched the parade from our Daddies' shoulders.

64: Emma, Melia and I went down the big slide with my daddy. We were all going to go with our own Daddies, but they wouldn't let Ryan and Bjorn on with flip flops. Emma cried, but Melia and I liked it.

66: It got hot at the end of September so Mommy and Daddy took me to the beach. It was foggy when we got there and we couldn't see the bridge. Later on the sun came out and we enjoyed playing in the sand and water.

68: At the beginning of October, we went to Grammy's house and Uncle Louis came too. We made my halloween costume while we were there.

70: At home I also had homemade pizza that I put together myself. Then we had our annual pumpkin carving and cookie decorating party. It had to be indoors this year due to rain,

72: I am loving my gymnastics class. The above picture is of me jumping up while I am waiting for directions. I hang and flip on bars, walk on the balance beam and I have even done some circus stuff too. Coach Michaela has been teaching me a lot!

73: Halloween began with my celebration at school on Friday. We had a parade around the block by school. Afterward we sang some songs together and then we had our party. We got lots of yummy treats that our mommies and daddies made for us. The next day I put on my Cinderella costume and went back to school for a potluck. We had brunch and the dance class did a dance for us. Then we got to break open a pinata in the yard. My Grammy was there too. She read me a story while wearing my witch hat.

74: After the potluck we drove to Gilroy to meet my new puppy for the first time. We played in the yard with all the puppies. | The next day was Halloween and we had our monthly potluck at Emma's. I looked great in my flower costume. Thanks Mommy and Grammy! I got a lot of yummy candy too.

75: In November we traveled to San Diego to see Mommy's friend Sara and her sons Jack and Andy. We met up with cousin Johnny and baby Riley at the San Diego Zoo for a day of fun.

77: On Thanksgiving we met everyone at Disneyland. Uncle Stephen and Aunt Natalie told us they were having a baby!

78: On our way home, we stopped to pick up our new puppy,. We brought him home. I got his crate ready. We played together and we named him Shadow by the end of the day. He is my puppy and I like him lots.

80: In December, Mommy and Anna came to school to do crafts and decorate cookies. The next week we had our concert and my class sang in our Santa hats. The elephants sang We Wish You a Merry Christmas. I bowed at the end..

81: We met up with Joey and Nolan at the Lawrence Hall of Science one day. We had lots of fun playing , especially with the air tubes that would blow things into the air for us. I spent time with my favorite thing there, the water in the back. I like putting in the plastic dividers that block the water.

82: On Christmas Eve, Uncle Louis and Grammy helped me decorate cookies for Santa. While Uncle Louis took a nap, Mommy and I went to meet Anna and Emma and get our toes painted. Later in the evening we got all dressed up to go out for our annual Christmas Eve dinner. This year we all went to Yountville and had dinner at Bottega. It was very yummy. Then we came home, put out our cookies for Santa, left a few carrots for the reindeer and went to bed.

83: On Christmas morning I got up and saw that Santa had left me the pink pedal bike and dr. kit that I wanted. I also got a table and chairs that we got to put together, a tea set and a carrier for my baby doll. Grammy got me some ladybug rainboots and umbrella to match my jacket.

84: In January we went to LA to celebrate Uncle Louis' 30th birthday. We also ended up celebrating great work things for Uncle Stephen and Aunt Natalie. We celebrated a late Christmas with them too. I got my picture taken with Baby Blue!

86: Here are some pictures of me playing dress up in Mommy's swimsuit, and my princess clothes. I also like to play haircut with Emma.

87: In February I went to the potluck in the new clothes Grammy got for me. We also got a new piano which I enjoy playing. I celebrated Valentines' Day at school and at home with my friends. I played with Joey and Sophia at gymnastics on a rainy day. I ate Fun Dip for the first time and Daddy and I worked on building a shoe bench for the porch.

88: I grew a lot in February. I went from a little over 40 inches in January to over 41 inches in February. I really got back into swimming again. I love to go under water on my own and touch the bottom of the pool. They redid the warm pool and I told Mommy that I was glad they made it so I could touch the bottom. I didn't realize that I had just grown enough that I could touch now. Here I am painting my Daddy's fingernails.

89: In March I went to Emma's for my first sleepover. I also decided I didn't want to wear diapers at night anymore. Daddy promised me 2 princess dresses from the Disney store if I made it for 7 nights.

90: Spring Hat Parade

91: Baby Blue's Baby Shower

92: April started with an April Fools potluck at Sofia's. Mommy and I made sushi from rice krispie treats. We then tried to take our annual group photo. We recreated our original circle photo.

93: Spring Break started with Emma coming over for a sleepover. The following day we both went to a playdate at Juliet's house. Mommy and I went swimming, had a playdate with Dalia, went to the Discovery Museum, had lunch with Daddy and got our hair cut.

94: Easter weekend I went with Mommy and Daddy to the farmers' market. Then we went to the celebration in the park. I saw firemen and trucks, the easter bunny, some very small goats and pigs and I got to hunt for eggs. On Easter morning the bunny left a trail of jelly beans to my basket and outside to my eggs that he had hidden outside in the yard. After that we went to Marcia and Paul's to pick up a cake and I got to have cocoa and a hot cross bun. Later we went to Melina's for snacks and playtime.

95: We spent Mommy's birthday at the SF zoo. Daddy and I built a shoe box for the patio. I dressed up for Wacky Wednesday at school.

96: On my fourth birthday, I woke up early and came to see Mommy and Daddy. I was ready to open presents! We went to breakfast at Pizzaiolo and then drove to the jelly belly factory. Then we had lunch at Triple Rock before picking up the turtle cake Marcia made for me.

97: After a nap we met my friends for playdate and I shared my cake with them.. Then Mommy and Daddy took me to Chez Panisse for my birthday dinner.

98: I had a gymnastics birthday party. My friends and their parents got to do the obstacle courses, trampoline, and trapeze. Mommy made me a rainbow cake. Later in the month I celebrated my birthday at school too.

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