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Lily's Scrapbook

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BC: Created By Kathleen Floyd Alejandra Cruz Erica Cofer Brittney Perry Morgan Mauldin Marissa Hohl

FC: Lily's Scrapbook

1: Dear Reader, I am Lily Owens; this is twenty years after my first summer in Tiburon. In 1964 I was fourteen years old. My father is Terrance Ray or T-Ray, and my mother was Deborah Owens. I lived life as a lonely teen girl who longed for someone to love her. When I was four my mother had left my father and I, she stayed with the Boatwright sisters, however at this time I did not know who they were. She was fighting depression. As soon as she was better she came home to take me with her. My father was not always cruel, but the day she left him something snapped from that point he no longer showed any sign that love still existed in him. So once she came home she was rushing to pack her things quickly, so she wouldn't run into him. I was there too, helping her pack. I heard my father come upstairs, he was so angry at her for trying to leave again. She picked up her gun for protection. He knocked it to the ground. I remember seeing the gun in my hands then my mind goes blank. Next thing I know I am attending my own mothers funeral. I killed my mother. My father hired a stand in black mother who has raised me. I have always searched for clues about my mother. One day I was in the attic and I found a box it had some of my mother’s things.

2: In the box I found a picture of a Black Virgin Mary, on the back it said Tiburon, South Carolina. Ever Since I have wanted to go there and find out something about my mother and what she was like. On my birthday T-Ray told me that my mother was cleaning out her closet when I shot her. For some reason I was angry for hearing what he had to say, and I smart mouthed him. He got angry and yelled at me. He told me that my mother left us both and only came back to get her things. I was so angry I couldn’t look at him. I decided to go to town with Rosaleen. The night before the Civil Rights Movement had been passed, and Rosaleen was going into town to vote. It was so hot we stopped at the church to rest. Rosaleen was so hot she stole to fans from the church. On her way to vote we passed by the meanest men is Sylvan. They were rude and mean to Rosaleen, so she dumped her snuff spit jug on their feet. They were so angry they called the cops. Once we went to the Police station, they demanded an apology. She would not back down and apologize for anything. They beat her so bad she was sent to a hospital. Since I was angry and scarred I went home packed my things and went to the hospital. I broke Rosaleen out of Jail and headed to Tiburon. Once we got there we went into a shop to get food.

3: I saw the Black Virgin Mary picture stuck on a honey jar, I asked the man what is was and he said it was a honey company that belonged to August Boatwright. He gave me her address, and we were on our way. I went to August and met her two sisters. Their names were June and May. They took me and Rosaleen in and helped us get better. We repaid them with work. I told them I was an orphan, trying to visit my Aunt, but I didn’t have any money. Although she looked as if she didn’t buy it, she let us live there until we were better. We soon learned about May who gets depressed very easily. Whenever she is depressed she goes to the wailing wall. She puts what makes her sad inside a rock. Eventually it started making a wall. We also met Neil, who is “sweet on June”, but she wouldn’t accept his marriage proposals. Soon I met Zach ,who I fell on love with. He was sweet and my first love. Every week we would attend the Daughters of Mary in the Pink House. They believed in the Black Virgin Mary. They also believed that everyone had their own mother inside of them. I spent my whole summer working with August. I wrote a letter that summer addressed to T-Ray. I wanted to tell him how rude he is and how much I hated him, but I couldn’t do it for I felt to mean, like him, and I wouldn't stoop to his level.

4: Later Zach and I went into town. He met with some of his friends. One of his friends threw a bottle at a white man, and they all were arrested because they wouldn't tell who did it. Once we got home we decided not to tell May because she would get too upset. Later Zach’s mother called and May answered the call. After she heard what had happened, she decided to go to the wall, even though it was late at night. After twenty minutes of her being gone we all went looking for her. Soon enough we found her dead, in the river. Later we found her suicide letter. She only wanted us to be happy. After that June decided that if Neil ever asked to marry her again, she would say yes. Later as the summer was ending, I told August who I really was and why I had come there. She told me she knew who I was because I was just like my mother. Then she told me she was my mother's nanny. She also told me that my mother really did leave me. It took some time to understand, but once I did I was back to being me. One day when I was alone in the house I heard a car door slam, It was T-Ray he had found me only to take me home, but August and the daughters of Mary stopped him. As soon as he was about to drive off I stopped him, and I asked him if I really killed my mother. He told me it was true and I he left. I spent the rest of my highs school life in that town because I loved it.

5: I am now thirty-four. I live in New York with my daughter and my Husband. I am now an author and have written three bestselling books. One of my books is based on the true story of that summer. I did not marry Zach, or continue a romantic relationship with him after high school. I went to College at Julliard and met my husband there. Zach became one of the first colored men to have their own law firm. I was also a proud bridesmaid at June and Neils wedding. Rosaleen is still living with August. August is still one of the lively people I have ever met. My daughter loves to visit her grandmas, Rosaleen and August, to help with the bees. I made this scrapbook that so whoever is reading will know how truly inspiring it was to live with August. She has made one of the biggest impacts on me and I will love her every day for it. -Lily

6: Table of Contents 8 and 9 News Article 10 and 11 Letter to T-Ray 12 and 13 Diary Entry 14 and 15 Diary Entry 16 and 17 Special Souvenirs 18 and 19 The Daughters of Mary 20 and 21 Lady of Chains 22 and 23 Womens Power 24 and 25 The Wailing Wall 26 and 27 Poem about May 28 and 29 Poem about Bees

7: Page 30 and 31 Poem about Civil Rights Page 32 and 33 Letter to August Page 34 and 35 Pictures Page 36 and 37 Pictures Page 38 and 39 Pictures

16: Property of Lily Owens | Dear Lily, How are you ? I miss you so much. How has college. You are really doing it, becoming the writer you always wanted to be. I am in Washington D.C. I have my own Law firm, and I just wanted to wish you luck. Zach | Baggage Tag on Suitcase Used to leave home | Stamp of letter I never sent to T-Ray | Postcard From Zach

17: I kept three things that remind me of that summer. I kept my baggage tag, only because it was the first time I had ever traveled anywhere in my life. It was a special memory because I had that tag on my little suitcase ready just in case I was invited to a sleepover. It was never used for that sort of thing , but it did become very helpful. The stamp is from August's house, I was going to use it to send that letter to T-Ray, I decided not to send the letter because it was rude and mean and I didn't want to stoop to his level. I did keep the stamp to remind me that what I wrote was true. The postcard is to remind me of my first love. i truly did love Zach. We had our own careers and then parted ways. I hope Zach found everything he was looking for. I knew his strength wouldn't go to waste.

23: Strength

24: The wailing wall is something very important to me. It was also very important to May. It helped May and I let all of our feelings go. It helped May and I when we were feeling sad or lonely. We would just go to the wall to write down what we were feeling, so when we wrote it down we didn’t have to let all of our emotions out in front of people and make a scene. We would just go to the wall by ourselves and give ourselves some time to calm down. I think the wailing wall helped me out a lot. It helped me let go of all my feelings. Once I put my burden in the wall, a huge weight was lifted of my shoulders. I would still think about it, but at least it felt like someone else shared the pain. I also feel the wailing wall symbolizes how even though we have very many burdens, we can still stand strong and hard like a rock. | The Wailing Wall

26: My mother is always on my mind My father said she left me I do not believe it Why should I? I broke Rosaleen out of jail and together we left Sylvan We met the Boatwright Sisters June played for the dead, and May mourned for them May held the weight of the world When Zach was arrested, she couldn't take it We found a letter By the river That took her away | The First Summer

27: I wrote this poem to always remember the first time I left Sylvan and went into my new home and life. Also to remember May who felt everybody's sorrow and pain. She had the burden of all the sadness in the world on her shoulders. I knew it made her sad to live on earth with us, so we understood when she wanted to leave. It was selfish of us to make her stay in such a horrible place with us, only so we could have her company. Even though I miss May, I know she is truly happy with where she is.

28: Bumble bee on the move, from flower to flower seeing red clover it stops for awhile. Humming its way around this nature palace so free, to take pollen back to hive. | Bumble Bee Hard At Work | By James Foulk | Nectar so enchanting to draw each one to the colorful flowers in the fresh outdoors. Knowing that all flowers would soon fade away if not for the bumble bee's hard work.

29: This Poem always reminded me not only of how hard all of us worked, but how the Bees work. I was surprised by August because she would always tell me stories about what happens in the Bee hive. She told me that if a Queen left the hive you would need to get a new Queen or the worker bees would start laying eggs. She told me if you didn't send love to the bees than they would sting you. I also learned that bees are not only insects, they are the hardest workers ever.

30: Upon this land we do march today For these liberties and dreams that are rightfully ours the constitution does say Each man, each woman, red, yellow, black, or white Is created equal in the eyes of the law and that is right. Skin does not determine the people that we are | Yet it unrightfully determines the situations that we face. Freedom that you take so lightly and without concern Is the only thing for which we all yearn. Give us our rights and we'll give you back your street. Or in Hell again all equal we shall meet. | Civil Rights March | By Chelsey M Smith

31: This poem is important to me because as a child I was always embarrassed of what Rosaleen would do. It wasn't until later I realized she was only standing up for herself. She had every right to vote; those men were just in her way. She was so strong to not apologize. I thought she was so stupid, but she took everyone of those beatings just to prove her point. This poem is about never giving up, because no matter how much pain goes in to the cause it will get a much better outcome.

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