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Little Miss SunShy

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S: Little Miss SunShy

FC: The Little Miss SunShy

1: “"Memories are precious, and if they were to determine one's value, than that girl is hiding a treasure. Her feelings are hidden in the lines of this memoir." ” By Anna Polak

2: From the Top: Me and Lamis, Me andKatie, Me and Shahar

3: Credo I believe that education is important however not the education how we know it. I do not believe that schools and universities prepare us enough for life. I think that we should change the system and look at education from a different perspective. We as students should have more choices, we should chose what we wish to study and explore. I believe that our own curiosity can trigger our brains and create real geniuses. If education was more open than even the people that have trouble with studying would find their passion. Most people think they would not be disciplined enough to reach for the knowledge themselves if they weren't forced to in schools, I think that many are not aware of their capabilities. We do learn more from our own experience and we should be allowed to make more mistakes.

4: School is an experience that takes a big part of our lives. We learn. We make friends. We change. Everyone remembers their school days differently. I do not remember the tests or quizzes, even though I remember all that I learned. My memories are all about me and my friends and the good times I spent with them. I also have bad memories, which make All these memories make me shed a tear from time to times. Even the bad memories are not something I want to forget because they make me who I am. I used to be shy and didn't make friends easily before I started moving and was forced to switch schools as well as friend. I became more open and wasn't afraid to speak up anymore. The friends I met at that time remained my best friends forever. They influenced me and my life. Without them I would still be that shy girl that never spoke when not asked.

5: One of my first baby photos.

6: Kindergarten

7: From the Top: Me and my mom in Turkey, Me and a friend, Me and my Grandma

8: Kindergarten was the period of my life which I spent in Germany, I was born there and went to nursery school but I do not remember a lot from that period. My memories start pretty much at Kindergarten. I lived in Düsseldorf and I went to a small private kindergarten because it was the closest to my house. I remember the building well. The school was small and charming it showed that people took care of it. It was a one level building and that gave it the sense of stability. I felt at home there with nap times and lunches. I sometimes did not want to leave to go home because I lived in an apartment and with no place play. I remember locking myself in a bath room and screaming to my dad and the teacher that I want stay here for the night. My parents told me I enjoyed waking up and ran out the door as soon as I was ready to go. I signed up to as many after school activities as I could just to stay a little bit longer.

9: In Kindergarten. | Camping with Friends from Kindergarten.

10: The shooting In our block there were around 10 apartments and there were 4 blocks in the compound so that in between we had a playground. One day when I was outside playing in the sandbox I met a new friend. She told me how she was waiting for her mother to come home and had to play here for now. As we were talking the sunny day was pierced with a sound of a shot. Then another. I didn't know what was going on but kids and their parents begun to run towards the apartments in panic. I thought I should go home just in case and then remembered that he girl I just met didn't have anywhere to go. I told her to come with me. When we were in the apartment the shooting was louder. My mom was at the door shouting for us to not use the elevator. We ran up the stairs and got into my apartment. My mom locked the door and told us to be quiet. I could tell she was scared and so was my new friend but I was oddly calm. I looked outside and saw 2 people running after each other . Soon after a few more shots the gunfire was over. My mom told us we couldn't go out. Apparently someone was killed in the elevator. The shooting was policemen running after a criminal. I don't remember the details though. We had to stay in for more than 3 hours. We called the girl's parents from the phone book and told her mom everything. I never talked to her after that day but I'll always remember her.

11: Upper photos the Kindergarten playground, bottom - my family in the elevator.

12: A play in Kindergarten and Me as Miss America.

13: The shows As I mentioned before I took part in many after school activities, even though the activities themselves weren't the purpose after a while I started to enjoy them. My favorite were plays, I played in 5 different ones in kindergarten. I don't remember all of my roles but one of them is stuck in my head. I played the main role in Hansel and Gretel and no it wasn't Gretel, I was Hansel. Again I had trouble with the fact Hansel is a boy but the teacher told me that she changed the role to a sister and not a brother of Gretel but changing the name to Heidi and Gretel would be a loss to the production. I played my role so sure I was Heidi the new sister of Gretel. I was all happy that the whole play was changed for me but the day we had to perform I saw that the poster didn't say Heidi and Gretel but still are Hansel and Gretel. I decided to take care of things in person so I stepped on the stage before the play and made an announcement. I told the whole crowd that the play was about Heidi and Gretel and that there are two girls playing the leads and that it was very important they remember that. I know I felt proud of telling everyone the posters are wrong and I was so proud of myself I was playing a girl. I was very mad at the art teacher, I hated her ever after that play even though I played in a few plays after that.

14: The zoo When I lived in Germany my family and I loved to go to the Düsseldorf zoo. It was one of the most beautiful zoos in Germany and I loved animals. I remembered one of those trips with my dad when we went to the zoo and I almost walked into one of the cages. We were walking around the zoo, looking around and we stopped by the zebra's cage. I wanted to touch one of the zebras so I climbed on the fence and was about to jump over when my dad caught me. I remember this because I was so eager to touch the zebra and later so disappointed that I didn't get to. Those trips were a big part of my life. Back then I always went with my dad and that's when we got to bond and have fun. I was always exited to go with him every other weekend because it was our own special thing.

15: Me and my dad at the zoo.

16: Me with the backpack before kindergarten.

17: The backpack I bought a new bag for my first day in kindergarten and it had 3 penguins on it. I remember begging my mom to get it for me even though she thought was too big. After a long time of discussion my mom got me the bag. I was so happy I wore it around the house for the week before kindergarten started. I even slept with the bag next to me the day before 1st day of classes. When it finally came to be the 1st of September ( always first day of school in Germany)I held my head high and marched to my school with my new bag. When they finally organized us all into groups and subsections I saw a boy wearing the same backpack as me. I stood there and fell into hysterics, I cried because of that for the whole day. When the teacher finally called my parents when because they didn't understand what was I so upset about I told my mom that she bought me a boy bag and that I didn't want a boy bag. Back when I was small it was a big deal for me to have all things labeled for girls and boys because I thought it is not lady like to own boy things. My dad took me to buy a new bag and I made sure it was a girls bag by asking the counter lady more than 5 times just to be sure. I still remember that hatred I felt towards that boy that wore the same bag. I also can remember the way I hated the bag after the 1st day of school. I still have a habit of asking people if a thing I want to buy is for girls or boys because of that traumatic for me experience. At the time, I was so sure I would be punished somehow in life because of buying a boys bag. Now that I'm writing down the story I realize how silly it is and how naive children are. I believed that things were different just because they belonged to different genders.

18: Me with the "crown"on my hair.

19: The crown This is a small detail I remember from the kindergarten years it had to do with my hair. Now that I look at my photographs and see it I think I was very nave again. I believed any fairy tale I was told and could be fooled easily. Whenever I wanted my mom to pin my hair she told me the story of a beautiful princess and how she walked around the castle having all the fun adventures in all the spots the princess stopped. My mom used to pin a hair clip. In the end of the story the princess found a crown and what was left on my head my mom used to call a crown. It's something I remember because I felt that story and what came out on my head was some kind of magic. I was amazed by how my mother can do that . I was mesmorized by how the story became true and appeared on my head. I used to brag to other girls that my mom knows magic and she can do tricks on my hair. After a while I learned that it was just a trick she did to make me feel better but I still asked my mo from times to times to do my hair like that.

20: The uncle When we lived in Germany my parents had this friend. He came over very often and after a while I started calling him uncle. When we moved, we failed to keep in touch. I never saw him again. I remember that when he visited I used to climb on his back and he wouldn't mind. I liked spending time with him because he was a little reckless and over the edge. He didn't mind getting a little hurt or dangerous. He gave me many ideas of games and told many stories he had an almost childlike imagination. I always thought him family but when we moved to Poland he no longer could visit us so I remember I missed him. Now that I look at old pictures or hear about him I think of a child hood friend and not of a grownup I knew.

21: Uncle Martin with his girlfriend and me.

22: Elementary 1st to 3rd grade

23: The Holy Communion with my cousin.

25: My memories blend when it comes to 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade because they are all one section in Germany and classes are very similar. I had the same friends and we lived in the same house. This was the years when we finished building our house in Poland. I fell in love with it at first sight. It was big and had a huge pool with a big garden. I had a lot of space to play and for me back than that was a nice transition.

26: 1st day of school Everybody remembers their first day of school. I was very excited to finally cross from kindergarten to school. I felt more like a grown up knowing I was going to school and could finally tell people I go to school. At the time, I thought going to school is the sign of being responsible, I wanted to do everything alone. A week before school actually started I played school with my friends and this time instead of being the teacher I wanted to be student to get prepared. When the day finally came, I woke up at 6 and couldn't go back to sleep even though the ceremonies started at 10. I felt exited so much that I didn't know what to do with myself. My mom told me I changed around 10 times before I chose my dress. All I remember is that my body couldn't contain my spirit I wanted to jump up and down from all the excitement in me.

27: When I t was time to go I found myself hesitating even being a little bit scared. I still couldn't wait to see my new school and all my new friends. I sat through the assembly not thinking about anything, my mind blank just waiting for the boring part to end. When we got out of the gym where the assembly was held I ran to my new classroom. I chose my chair and looked for my friend from the compound. She sat next to me. In the end we weren't best friends but we got along just fine. I remember that the teacher I liked the most that day was our math teacher maybe because she taught us math, my favorite subject, but also because she gave us cookies. At the end of the day I was kind of happy to go home. I was more than tired and wanted to be prepared for the first day of actual studying so I fell asleep early. It was a day full of emotions, I was happy and exited and all that made me exhausted.

28: The Communion The Holy Communion was the most important thing I remember from 2nd grade. It was a big deal to all of us. For the girls, the most exiting were the dresses. All the girls had pretty white dresses and they were very much like princess gowns. The only problem was that my 3 neighbors and I belonged to the same school but not the same church so we were told to go to our church. We had no problem with that but our dresses were uglier. I remember being so upset and begging the priest to let us have our own dresses. The priest was so amused with us that he let us have the communion in the other church. When we finally got all the documents transferred we found out the dresses were limited and there are no more so we would have to custom make them. I was upset again but only to find out that custom made dresses could have any shape and detailing we wanted. Alexandra an Katie and I were the happiest girls in 2nd grade with pretty custom made dresses. The disappointment came when the church told us we couldn't stand out and our dresses would have to match. I remember being so mixed and confused about the whole situation. The whole drama was unnecessary and the transfer of churches was no big deal. However from the Holy communion I best remember the dress part because as a girl it WAS a big deal. Our moms told us we could still wear the custom made dresses to our after parties. I still felt confused over the fact why we couldn't stand out.

30: I also traveled a lot with my parents in those years, The two on sides are in Paris and the middle in Croatia.

31: Trip with school In second grade we had our first school trip that would last more than one day. It was a whole week away from our homes and parents. I personally had no trouble going on trips away from family. My first camp for 3 days was in kindergarten and then a camp each summer. I was a very responsible and self sufficient child. I could last a week without my parents not even crying or missing them. This might seem a little insensitive but really I just kept all my emotions in me until one point of my life that I broke out of my shell which Ill mention later. Whenever the school took us on a trip I was very excited, unlike my friends. They were scared and unhappy to leave home. All I cared about was what song would we sing on the bus. The teacher was very worried about us and how will we react to this new experience so she asked us what we felt. I screamed out “it will be the best trip ever". Other kids looked at me hoping to convince the teacher not to go but I was so eager to travel that I told her I'm already packed and ready to leave. I remember the whole grade being so mad at me but when we finally went and had fun on the trip they agreed with me and didn't want to come back.

32: 4th grade

33: First year in higher school That year was very important for me and my friends. It was the year we all entered higher school. In Poland until 3rd grade school looks like elementary and 4th grade is that step into more complicated school work and life. Strangely, I don't remember a lot from that year, all my memories give me are my friends and a major change in my life.

34: The Cracked Armor As I mentioned before as a child I was a very bashful, closed person. I didn't make friends easily and as well as I couldn't trust many people. My personality was something I kept buried under a thick armor. The only people that really knew me were my parents. In 4th grade everything changed my whole life turned around. It all started when met a person that opened my eyes to the world and helped me care about others. Yes, in 4th grade I fell in love for the first time. Even if it was just a crush it made me realize how wonderful it is to have more lovable people surrounding me. He made me believe that others can actually feel for me and care. That's when I started to make friends. Those friendship still last even though we are far apart. Before that happened I wasn't uncommunicative and I did stand up for what I believed in. That year I became best friends with Katie and Joanna. We still keep in touch. I know I felt a huge relief that I didn't have to hide my true self before others any longer. Today I look at the old me so closed and confused and think of what I became now. I think I came a long way and really flourished. I don't mean it in a selfish way but I really am glad that boy noticed me because I could still be that unsure and insecure girl, who knows? The biggest emotion that I discovered during that period of my life was care. I learned how to give care and receive it. I didn't only cared about others, I trusted that they care about me too.

35: Our first summer together Me, Katie and Joanna.

36: 5th grade

37: Fifth grade was also very important to me because as I already grew attached to my friends and my new life I was told my family and I would have to move. I remember the day that my mom came home and I was called downstairs to talk. I was already worried thinking that my parents saw that whole in my special occasion dress. I perfectly remember the excuse I came up with, I couldn't tell them I was playing dress up and tried it on than slipped while dancing so I decided to tell them that when we brought it from washing it was already ripped and I didn't tell them because I wanted to fix it myself. With a perfected cool tone I asked my mom what was wrong. She told me to sit next to her and I knew this was no longer about the dress. I could feel the weird atmosphere in the room I couldn't quite place it. My parents knew I was finally making a life for myself here so they were so sad to tell me we had to move and once they did my reaction shocked them. I stopped speaking and moving went straight to my room and I think out of shock stood still for the whole night. The next morning the crying started but then I found out that I could visit my friends here. I was still very negative about the moving but tried to forget about it and enjoy the time I had left with my friends. It was a drastic change for me even though I moved before because like I said I became a different person in 4th grade. That new person was attached to the place she lived in and had no business in switching schools. It was a very emotional matter for me and starting over did not feel like the best idea but I had to. My mom was very sorry that I felt so bad but she promised that this will bring me new friends and new opportunities.

38: Tornado A more fun memory of 5th grade would be a tornado. Since I was leaving I was allowed to have sleepovers every other day. Katie, Joanna and Justine came over every weekend because my house was the biggest and we were allowed to stay up late. One of the weekends we needed to do a project together. The whole class had to make their own totems. Our group voted we should do a bear. I remember this because of what happened latter and that details stuck with me. When we were finished with the bigger parts of it we realized we had run out of glue, so we sent my dad to get some more from the store. The day was very cloudy and the air was very thick since it was early summer. I knew it was going to rain , I never expected a storm and a tornado. As we waited for my dad we heard a loud thunder and suddenly there is a terrifying and enormous storm breaking out. We were all scared and decided to shut the protection blinds on each window. A second after we finished we knew we were right. Hail the size of baseballs crushed down from the stormy sky. All we heard was thudding and then the power was cut short. I didn't know where were the candles but managed to find a flashlight. It was just us three girls in a big house with no adults to take care of the situation. I tried calling my mom and dad but there was no service, I felt safe though. I knew they were alright. My friends and I could hear the wind rushing past the house. What we didn't know was that a tornado passed the city. When it all finished we were glad it was over and looked outside to make sure the yard was not damaged. The whole neighborhood looked like a trashcan. There were pieces of plastic and metal everywhere. Houses were missing roof tiles and our pool was filled with trees, branches and trash. This is something Ill remember because it was the biggest disaster I ever stood face to face with. I knew there were worst things happening out there but this is something I saw with my own eyes. I was sad, depressed and felt bad for all the people who lost their houses. I felt very miserable for the whole week as I saw people trying to put their lives back together. Happily, my family was alright and I could help others less fortunate. This is an important memory for me because this was my first real charity event that I could relate to and really help.

39: Me and Katie at the sea side in Croatia.

40: 6th grade

41: Sixth grade was the year I moved to Romania. We moved into a house but ended up moving three times because of constant constructions in each and every one of them. At first, I did not like Romania at all. I came from beautiful and clean Germany, and lived in the German side in Poland for all my life that I was used to the organized community. When we moved, it was a shock. As I got off the plane I saw dogs and trash on the ground. I instantly thought about how much taxes do they have to pay for throwing all the mess of the ground. At first I felt disgusted and out of place. After a while I figured out that Romania is different but it has it's good sides too, like the close sea side and mountains. I was pleasantly surprised with what the country had to offer in comparison to the Romanian stereotype. In Poland and Germany, Romania is discriminated and looked down upon. Now, whenever I hear anyone say something stereotypical about Romania I disagree. It taught me a lesson to be open-minded and not rest on stereotypes. I know that whenever I go now I'm not going to be ignorant towards other cultures.

42: New to the school Sixth grade was a really different year for me. This was my first year in a new school with new friends but most importantly with a new language. In my previous schools I spoke German and Polish. When I moved I had to start in a new system. This was a big transition for me. I remember that going to the orientation day I had no idea what to expect so I was a little scared. I didn't know English that well at first but I soon got a hang of it. My parents were more terrified for me not being able to understand than I was. I actually got more confident when I saw other kids having trouble with English. I just took a risk the same way I took a risk when I changed my life around. I was no longer scared to make friends, I was no longer shy and I could start over. Nobody knew me here , nobody knew who I used to be. I was free to be what I wanted. That was a huge opportunity for me so I decided to commit to learning English and being open to others. For a long time I did not find a best friend I had many friends but didn't grow attached to any of them in particular. I remember feeling dorky and lonely. I spent my afternoons chatting to my friends from Poland because I felt that they could really understand me.

43: After the second semester I got more common with the environment and was even more confident and that's when I started being best friends with two girls. I remember that those were happy times and I felt like I really belonged to this new environment. Now it brings also sad memories because the friend I made a connection with left after that year. I try to remember the good times and learn that taking the risk is worth it. | Class photo from 6 grade.

44: Lamis and I

45: The Outdoor Education Trip In sixth grade I went to my first long trip with my new grade. As I mentioned already I loved camps and spending time away from home wasn't a big deal for me. I was very excited for the trip. I remember I was very happy and had a lot of fun during the whole tour. There is one particular memory that stands out thought. It's the trust game. At the camp we all were split into groups and in those groups every day we had different activities. I remember one of the activities in particular because it made me realize I can trust people without being nave. It was an exercise which partners had to go through a maze with one of the people blind folded and the other guiding me. I chose to work with Lamis she was a very good friend of mine. I knew that I could trust her so I knew we would do well in that activity. I was the first blind folded from both of us. I walked in a little overwhelmed of my other senses being so strong, than told Lamis to start. She guided me pretty well but at one point she told me to turn right, I could feel there was something in that direction so I didn't move. I asked again to make sure she was telling the truth she responded the same. I couldn't push past my intuition, so I asked if she's sure it was her right of left hand after what she told me it was indeed her left hand. That made me feel very dependent on my senses. I always believed my intuition and mostly it is dead on. I remembered this because I think on the trip me and Lamis really bonded and became close friends.

46: 7th grade | One of the everyday from 7th grade

47: Last year was one of my favorite years of all. I liked that year for million reasons, there are too many to list them all but the most important is that I felt happy. Many things that past year made me a happier person. I got rid of many issues. I could do what I wanted because I finally felt careless and free. I don't know if the way I remember 7th grade has to do with my attitude or with the events that happened. I'm sure though that my attitude made me look differently at things so they weren't so drastic. Most of the people I still talk to from 7th grade think it was one of their worst year, so maybe I just didn't realize how bad it was because personally felt good. I think the reason the year made me feel so happy were the personal vendetta. I in a way enjoy helping people face their problems. From my former experience I learned that hiding who you are is not the best idea so I helped people face their true identities. I gained a lot of new friends just by talking to that shy girl sitting in the back or the guy that sat alone at lunch.

48: The movies Another thing that influenced me a lot in 7th grade was my new passion. It was the year I begun being obsessed with movies. Today I consider myself a film fanatic and I try to explore the cinematic industry more than I did but it all started from a movie I watched in 7th grade. It's called the Clockwork Orange. It's one of those movies a person either loves or hates, there is no in-between. I fell in love with the movie. It's very modern, random, controversial and creative. Most people that watched it say it's a creepy case of maniac behavior and that the movie should be banned. It's not my favorite movie but I enjoyed watching it very much because it was different than the rest. This movie got me into my cinema obsession. I started researching classical movies and buying a lot of DVD’s. I established what movies I like and what movies I dislike and I did that by watching a hundred of the movies I hated. This was important for me because I discovered my passion, I was finally good at something, like movie criticism. I spent a lot of time discussing with people on the interest about movies and their opinions. That movie changed me and I believe it's the begging of my future because now I wish to become a movie critic.

49: On the left Clockwork Orange and on the right Breakfast at Tiffany's.

50: The cover of Twilight

51: The saga Everyone has heard of the Twilight saga and as with the movie I mentioned before you either hate it or love it. Yes, I had two new obsessions in 7th grade, Twilight was the second. I read the first book at the same time the movie came out and as I read the first chapter I already couldn't wait to see how it ended. I was so possessed by those novels that I thought about them every second of each day, they consumed my brain. I admit it was a little too much but everybody goes insane once in a while. I fantasized about becoming a vampire and wanted the book to be real very badly. When I finished the whole series which happened in less than a month I wanted more. The only problem was there was nothing else so I read them again and again, and again. I remember that reading them made me peaceful and safe they were my runaway happy place. When I went through the saga the 3rd time I decided to lay it off. I balanced my hobbies out, took less time thinking about Edward , the main character. My fixation passed within that month I stopped reading the books. They were still a part of me and I still defended them when anyone said a bad word about Twilight. I find it funny now because I used to laugh at the people obsessed with Harry Potter or Star Wars, to be honest I'm just like them and I think we all are at some time in our lives.

52: Friends

53: In this section I wanted to somehow to make a tribute to my friends that even though I moved still are very close to me. I left Poland in 5th grade and that the year we became almost like sisters. I miss them every day and there are too many memories we have together to write them all down, I'll talk about the one that most valuable to me.

54: Katie My closest friend of all was Katie. The complete opposite of me, loud, crazy and confident. That's why we became friends she was the one making jokes and I was the one laughing, with time I got less shy and we grew really attached. One of my favorite memories of her is one of our fights. That might sound strange but it shows how much we bonded. I do not remember what was the fight about. All of the sudden we started telling each other that we have to get our stuff back. She said I have to bring her jewelry back and I told her to bring me my clothes. It went for hours and after the last comment which was “well them I want my dignity back” we burst out laughing that it's just easier to be friends because we would have to carry a tons of things to school. We started talking about how we didn't even remember what we were fighting about. It's memorable to me because none of our fights actually ended seriously. Our only common characteristics is commitment. When we find an argument we stick to own sides for a long time due to commitment but also make up fast because we are committed friends. This memory makes me laugh and remember all the good times we had laughing together.

55: Me and Katie at the Sea side in Croatia.

56: From the left- Katie me and Joanna at the beach in Polnd. | From left- Eveline, Joanna and Me at a new year's eve party.

57: Joanna Joanna is like a copy of me, I always admired how we could sit for hours not talking to each other and still consider it having a good time. She's quiet too and has very similar interests. She also likes movies and most of my memories with Joanna consist of her showing me new movies. I enjoyed watching them but only begun having my own passion for movies in 7th grade. One of the times we went to the cinema we fell asleep at a movie. Joanna convinced me to go to one of the premieres, it was the premiere of the Lord of the Rings. It screened at midnight and we were very exited before it. As we were half way through the movie we fell asleep tired from all the excitement before the movie. We were awaken by the cinema service and told to proceed to the door because the movie finished and they were closing up. We had no idea what was going on. The next morning we went to see the movie again this time awake and aware. Ill remember this forever because movies is the passion of ours and that's what brought us closer.

58: Eveline Eveline and I met I 1st grade but didn't became friends until 5th grade. She was a very loud and immature girl, but she changed a lot and started being friends with me Joanna and Katie. She completed our girl-pack. She became the fourth musketeer. What connected the two of us were jokes. Me and Eveline had the same type of humor so whenever I think of Eveline I start laughing because most of my memories are of pranks and jokes. She bring the smile on my face whenever we talk and I'll always remember her.

59: Me and Eveline at the sea side in Croati.

60: Teachers

61: Mr.Esteller posing for one of our Technology class Project representing the IB Learner profile- Principled

62: Kindergarten teacher One of my kindergarten teachers was Ms. Hamster, she was my German teacher. The problem wasn't that she was mean or harsh, but more too sweet. As a kid I remember she scared me a little, her shiny teeth and bright blond hair were all perfected. She called us bunnies and sunshine, I thought she wanted us all to be perfect because she corrected all the small mistakes we made. Ms. Hamster was a perfectionist even in the way she made us color, If any one drew out of line she mad us start again. I'll always remember her as over reactive.

63: Mrs. Bigos Mrs. Bigos was my first teacher in Poland, and yet again she was my language teacher. I had bad luck to language teachers in my former years because I had to change languages three times. I was raised speaking German grew up speaking Polish and went into my adolescent years speaking English. Mrs. Bigos was very tough on me, she pushed me into learning Polish and that's why I didn't like her. I associated her with the feelings of misunderstanding and confusion. To add to that she always wore heavy perfume that made me dizzy so she will not be remembered as a good teacher.

64: Frau. Michalska On the other hand I had no trouble with German I my Polish school. I took it as my second language. The problem here was that I knew more than the teacher. I used to be really good in German and knew a lot about the grammar. Well the teacher was still studying German so she didn't reach her full capacity. She made us call her Frau instead of misses because she thought it was more professional. I remember that I was very bored in the classes or helped everyone with their homework. When she gave me the comment on my 1st semester report card she said I didn't pay attention I her class. I begged my mother transfer me a level up in German so I no longer had to pretend I'm paying attention since I already knew the topic.

65: Mr. Esteller Mr.Esteller was out humanities teacher from seventh grade. He is my favorite teacher that taught me in seventh grade. That year I really like humanities class and got into cultures which led to art history, one of my biggest hobbies. Mr. Esteller was the only teacher that paid attention to what I had to say. His methods of working with students were the way I understood and appreciated. I'll always remember him and what he taught us.

66: I do not know what the future has in store for me. However I know what I wish to become. I plan to continue on my education and hopefully make it to an ivy league collage. I probably wont be a star in Yale but I do hope to study art history there. I want to study art history or film, but lately I had teachers tell me I have more of a logical brain and would suit more for science or math. I don't mind changing my direction towards those studies, I only desire to be happy in what I do. I want to make a difference i this world, maybe not a hugely significant one but as much as I can. I hope to be someone's hero, a person worthy looking up to the same way I look up to Audrey Hepburn. She did what she loved and from that continued on her life helping others.

67: "Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, it's at the end of your arm, as you get older, remember you have another hand: The first is to help yourself, the second is to help others." by Audrey Hepburn” | The End

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