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Lord Of The Animals

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FC: The Lord of the Animals | Short Story By Ella Jacobs

1: Once upon a time, an Ark landed on a little island. All kinds of animals came from the island.

2: A young wise ape emerged from the ark, his name was Ralph. Ralph was accompanied by his best friends, Jack the tiger, Roger the snake, Piggy the hippo, and Simon the wise quiet owl.

3: Ralph calls everyone on the ark to a meeting by banging two bamboo poles in the woods.

4: All species flowed from the ark to Ralph's meeting place. "The first order of business is to elect a leader" Piggy shouted to the others "Who should be leader?"

5: "Who called us here?" Asked a young pup "I called you here!It was me!" Shouted Ralph Suddenly, all of the pups and elders began shouting, "Ralph, Ralph, Ralph!" "So Ralph it is then" Piggy said

6: Ralph began making rules immediately, his first order of business was to get a fire going on the mountain. A pup tugged on Ralph's fur, "Mr. Leader, are there any humans here?" "No, just us animals" The small pup began to whimper,

7: "Look around you young pup! Do you not see all of the greatness and beauty around you? Do you hear the river? See the fruit? See the squirrels we can catch?"

8: "But all of the other pups are afraid, we hear things at night. There is a beast out there. We hear it. It comes in the night!"

9: "There is no such thing! You are surely making things up, now go run along and play with your fellow pups." The pup nodded and Ralph was on his way up to the mountiain.

10: For the first days all of the animals got along very well. They shared fruit, kept the fire going, and started to build shelters. Jack the tiger even rounded up all of the fastest animals to go on hunting trips

11: One day as Ralph was making his rounds he discovered that the fire was out.! Piggy the chubby hippo tagged along to see what the trouble was.

12: When they reached the fire pit, they saw that it was abandoned. Just then, Jack's band of assorted hunters ran through. They were screaming and singing with joy.

13: "Jack why is this fire out?" Piggy asked "Oh look Ralph, look at what we've found!An enormous fat squirrel! We killed it ourselves!" His band of animals danced behind him, Roger slithered about, other tigers growled and roared, Rhinos snorted. They were a ferocious bunch.

14: Jack began to roar, "Ralph that fire is pointless! We should be hunting and getting food for our pups!" "Don't you want to be rescued?" Snorted Piggy.

15: "I do. But food is more important." Jack told his hunters to follow him to where the pups were settling in for the night. He slapped the bamboo poles together and called a meeting.

16: "We need a new leader. Ralph is not getting anything done! I promise that if you were to make me leader I would give you meat and freedom, everyday!Now who's with me?" All of the animals were silent. They looked down at the sand with shameful eyes. Ralph smiled to himself, "So that's that Jack."

17: Jack was so emmbarassed from this he ran away into the woods, but not before he could shout, "If you choose to follow me, I can promise you a feast. Tonight I hold a feast, all those who wish to follow me are welcome!"

18: Jack's feast was the largest display of food the animals had ever seen! Squirrels, rabbits, and other small prey, lined the beaches. Almost all of the animals went to the feast to see if Jack could keep his promise.

19: By then, Jack had heard about the scary beast they heard in the woods. Jack jumped up to the top of a rock and roared out to his supporters, "You have nothing to fear! If you are afraid of the beast I promise you I will keep you safe. And to prove this, I will leave the beast a sacrifice, the head of this rabbit!"

20: The pups screamed in joy! They wanted their fears to go away and Jack seemed to be just the person to help them. Jack told his followers, "We must raid Ralph's camp for supplies!"!

21: The animals began dancing in the excitement of the night. Their full bellies and full minds sent them into a rage filled tribal dance. At that moment, Simon flew from the woods, he said that he had seen something on the mountain. In the animals excitement, they began to jump on him, poking and prodding him with their claws and hitting him.

22: The animals backed away from Simon to see that he wasn't moving! The little animals began to whisper when suddenly Piggy stepped from the crowd. "Look what we've all become! Killing one of our own kind! What would the humans say if they could see us? They would be ashamed!"

23: The pups started to whisper again. Jack saw that they were agreeing with Piggy so he stood upon the highest rock and banged together the bamboo poles, "Piggy does not know what he is talking about! He has lost his mind!"Jack sent his ferocious hunters to chase Piggy.

24: He then turned to his followers, "The only savage on this island is Ralph! He is dangerous and must be chased away!"

25: The animals jumped and roared in agreement, every one loved a good chase! Roger began sharpening his teeth for the hunt. It was decided that the next day, Ralph would be found and chased away.

26: The next morning the hunting party set out on their mission to find Ralph. Ralph was nestled in the leaves so deeply no one could get him out. Jack had the idea of setting fire to the brush Ralph was hidden in.His hiding place burned and smoked and Ralph was forced to escape.

27: Ralph stumbled through the jungle aimlessly until he found the beach. He ran right into a man dressed in white looking down at him. The kind zoo keeper had come to take his animals back to the ark and away from harm.

28: The End

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