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Loretta Young

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FC: The Journal of Loretta Young The years of: 1926-1935 Cara Bodnar and Cameron Schwerdt

1: March 26, 1926 IT's my 13th birthday! Mom and Dad bought me a journal so I can write about my daily events. I think I'll use it as something to help me with my acting career. Hopefully I'll be a star one day.... Mom and Dad said to always reach for my dreams, thats how Dad got to be one of the biggest brokers in New York City Justin, my 14 year old brother wants to become a fighter just like Gene Tunny, who just won the World Title! I hope he makes it far, it would be an amazing ride! Well, I have to say that my birthday has been great so far. My friends and I saw a film called Aloma of the Sea at the theater on Broadway. IT WAS AMAZING! Mom says she admires me for my dreams to become an actress, hopefully my work will pay off. Having the money that we have definitely helps. Well I'm off for dinner...maybe some ribs? -Loretta | New family car!!

2: a bumpy bus ride | Old photo of Justin and I in Aunt Bonnie's garden! | My favorite actress Joan Bennett. (I want to be just like her!) | Ticket Stub from New York to New Jersey

3: Our new apartment key :) | Mom and Dad's wedding photo!

4: April 1, 1926 Hey there! Today was great! In school we did our main courses and then I went to play practice. Mom finally finished moving all the boxes into the new apartment. Its has a huge floor plan and there's a big window that over looks Central Park!! Dad says that the stocks are doing so well that we may buy a beach house! That would be just dandy. Just imagine having a house in Long Island...amaxing. Many people are in New York now it seems. Then again who wouldn't want to be here, it always alive and filled with energy! Everything seems to be going great, everyones happy, I hope it stays like this forever! Justin says that it will, I believe him though. Well I'm heading off to dinner! See ya!-Loretta

5: April 17, 1929 Hi there! WOW! I haven't written in this in, god, almost 2 years! Life's still the same, busy, busy, busy! Today was an interesting day. First, I walked to the bakery to get a scone. it tasted like heaven. School was good, the usual. Go to classes, have lunch, go to play and then go home. I have a leading role, I'm so nervous! The show is in 3 weeks! Mother says that father mite not be able to make the show, work has been getting crazy! Mom plans on throwing a party tonight, Dad doesn't want her too since we had one last week. She says not to worry! Dad thinks that work is becoming to stressful, so Mom says the party should cheer him up. Hopefully everything is okay... Dad should be good though, he is one of the top broker's in the city! I can only imagine the stress on some days. Justin's fighting has been improving! He won a fight the other night, he will be boxing at the Garden next week! Such Exciting news! Love-Loretta

7: October 30, 1929 Dear Journal, the worst has happene+d. No one really knows what to do, no one really believes it. All the money, all the sticks, its all gone. Yesterday, everything just dropped. All the stocks were just gone. It seems like it hit out of the blue. Just two days ago Dad was saying that stocks were making a come back after stalling a little. I still can't believe this. Our teacher, Mr.Callinway told us in the middle of practice for the fall show. I instantly ran home to mother, and I just saw her sobbing. I've never felt so defeated, seeing our own mother sob the way she was... I told mother that things will be okay, and that President Hoover should be able to fix it. I hope father is okay, I know that we've lost all our money. He hasn't come home yet, that worries me. None of want to believe it, at all.. -Loretta

8: February 13, 1931 Hello there, it seems as if I haven't written in this since that awful day...pity. Things have just been terrible. President Hoover hasn't helped out at all...isn't that what he's supposed to do?! There are riots all the time, and some people are forced to live like animals. We had to sell mainly everything. The apartment, our furniture, everything. We kept some clothing because we obviously need somethings. We were living in New Jersey with Aunt Bonnie, but we couldnt pay rent any longer. Dad says we are going to pack and go to California.. I think he has a good idea. We still have the car, and we have saved up on gas. We could build a new life out there. I feel bad for Dad, he feels like he should have "seen it coming" and that "all he did was watch stocks all day"..he's definitely falling into a bad state of mind, then again who in the country isn't right now> -Loretta

9: May 5, 1932 Diary, We've been out in California for about year. I can say the journey across these great states was interesting. However, while traveling across then, Mom picked up a bug. Im not sure what it is and neither is the doctor, this does concern me. We are living on a vineyard that Dad is working on. He has some cash coming in. Justin and I both have to travel to work. We have to drive the car an hour to San Fransisco. I am n a small play and Justin is fighting at a gym. They love him. They say he has the "Yorker" style of fighting...who knew that different cultures could affect it. The is going to be shown soon. I was able to get y first head shots done, a nice man did them for free. its nice to see that some people still have a heart during this awful period of time. President Hoover still hasn't done anything really. tthis man needs to leave office. We need a new leader and we need one now.. -Loretta

10: July 15, 1933 Dear Journal, Things are harder. Dad still has a job, Justin's job is there and mine, well not so much. Yes, I make good money. When we have a show, I bring in about $15 per month, and thats for 4 months. However, Justin's job, it gives but takes money because he needs to pay for using the gym. Dad's job can give him a consistent $10 per month. Looks like I've forgot to mention...Mom died. She died a few months ago from a illness called "Tuberculosis" better known as "TB". It was a bad times, worse then usual when this occurred. She's at a better place now though, so I can not complain. If anything, this whole "depression" status that our economy has, has made me stronger. I think I can really get through anything. It awful looking around and seeing all of us, fighting to keep going. I do, long for New York somtimes.. -Loretta

11: September 6, 1933 Journal, My acting career is dramtically improving. Between the plays I've been asked to perform in and the movie that I'm auditioning for, I couldnt be prouder with myself. Justin and Dad say that they I could alwas do it I just had to work at it. Justins fighting keep improving, sometimes I do worry about him fighting and possibly getting hurt. Each time he fights its either a bigger person, or they are more experienced!! Dad was able to get a raise on the vineyard, so hopefully one day we will be able to afford a house to live in. Mom would want that I think. I often think of her, and pray that she is watching over the family, and the other family thats staying here. I think she really does watch over all the ones we care about..we have to have faith now. -Loretta | When I see how these "Hooverville's" are..I'm am grateful for what I have..

12: September 30, 1934 Dear Journal, great news! besides my acting career really taking off, HOOVER MIGHT BE OUT OF OFFICE SOON! know it's such a bad thing to write, but the President hasn't done anything to help this nation. So obviously people are going to be happy that he mite be leaving! FDR sounds like a wonderful man. He connects with us and makes us feel like that all of this isn't our faults...we will officially know who is the nest President in November, but we all know that FDR will win!! Justne's fights have really helped him. He travels up and dwn the California coast fighting and is able to provide some money. My acting, as I said before, has taken off! I was in a MOVIE! I never thought I would be able to say that, but it just shows that hard work can do anything!! -Loretta

13: July 4, 1935 Hello There! Its a grat day! I don't think I have been able to say that in ages. Its the independence say for this wonderful nation and everyone is actually smiling. President FDR was elected and IMIDIATLY started working on helping the unemployment rate lower. It's called the "New Deal". I can say my family was a luckier one out of the thousands that this depression affected. He has started different programs to give people jobs and a solid income. Justin, on top of his fighting, joined the CCC, which is the Civilian Conservation Crops. It lets men, for a wide range of age groups, build different things and get paid for it! The acting for me has become huge. I have been able to make enough money to help support my family and even get us a small house!!! I wish mother were here to see the progress that was made. Well I hope this positive feeling and raise of moral continues. Its a good feeling..we haven't had in awhile... -Loretta

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