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love letters to mom

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S: Happy 75th Birthday - Love Letter to Mom

BC: Created with lots of love

FC: Happy 75th Birthday Created by: Donna Isaac | Love Letters to Mom

1: Dedicated to: Darryl Bruce McCullers December 18, 1954 - October 15, 2007 A Mother's Love For Her Son Author: Valerie Dupont A mother's love for her son is pure and special. It can not be broken or reckon with. It's a kind of love that softens even the hardest of hearts. Love between mother and son is strong and visible from the sea. It brings peace of mind and drys sad tears. It can bring a man to his knees and make him weep. A mother's love for her son is not hidden or shy, but is ever lasting that grows stronger each day.

2: Momma, I just want you to know - loving you is like food to the soul!

3: August 1, 1936

4: Vanessa Darryl Beverly Michelle Toni Donna

5: In a world of make believe You can change all that you see But in the world of reality You've taught me all that I need Time like a river flows Twisting and turning all the way Life is an endless road You've been with me day by day The only way I can thank you Is to be the best that I can be If we hold on together Just you and me A mother's love is forever A mother's love is for free It doesn't matter if you're good or bad She's there for whatever you need In the world of fantasy Hold on to your dreams Open up your heart and see All the love you need is me Time like a river flows Twisting and turning all the way Life is an endless road You've been with me day by day You are you and I am me You've made me all that I am Heart to heart and hand to hand Always there to understand A mother's love is forever A mother's love is for free It doesn't matter if you're good or bad She's there for whatever you need Doesn't matter if you're good or bad There's nothing like a mother's love

6: Dear Mom, One of my fondest memories of you is that you always taught us to always remember family first. I have always and will continue this. Love, Vanessa Yvonne Ingram, Daughter

8: Darryl Bruce McCullers and Son Darryl Malik

10: Mom, Everyone who knows me knows that I believe my "mom" is the best "mom" in the world. Growing up, I was always proud of my mother, she was in fact, the only woman I knew who could drive and had a car. When we would go somewhere, I was very proud to be in that Chevy Impala. I made sure my head was out the window because I wanted the world to see my mother driving that car. Our house was the neighborhood house, any and everybody was there. My mother was known as "Momma Liz". All my friends wanted to be around our house, we had so much fun and love in that house. The boys loved my mom as well, they used to always say, your mother is so pretty. Years later, when they became adults, they visited mom, and told her how much they loved her, and what a big crush they had on her. She was so shocked! There are some things I love about coming home to Philly. When we are on the highway, my mom always calls to see how close we are, that is because she is standing at the door waiting for us. When we reach Chester, we call and order something to eat. It is so good to see my sisters and niece and nephews, and my granddaughter. Almost the whole time we are there, we don’t go anywhere, and when people hear we are in town they come to see us, it's wonderful. My mother loves God, family and people. She is always willing to be of help to someone. She believes that if you give your life to God, he will take care of you. She is always praying that we will accept God as our personal savior. Go to him when you are in trouble, he will help you. Mom, I thank you for always telling us to be your own person and to know who you are as a person. That advice is the same advice I give my children today, it has helped them out of many a bad situation and put them back on the right track. I thank you for being a shoulder to cry on. I have always felt that if I go to my mother, everything will be alright. God has made you a go to person for many people. Thank you for that. I love you always and may God continue to keep you in perfect peace and happiness. Love Beverly Jean McCullers, Daughter

11: Beverly & Michael | Happy B-Day Gram! Nobody has a Gram like I do! Thanks for always being there for me. You always know the right things to say to cause me to stop and think. You encouraged me to put God in my life and pray to him always, because of that I know that I will have great success with God in my corner. That is why I keep you in my prayers. I also know that no matter what comes you are in my corner, and that God will take care of you. I love you and hope you have a wonderful B-Day and a long and happy life. Love Michael Stephen Lewis, Grandson October 17, 198

12: Mother, First and for most I want to tell you that I love you, and to take this opportunity to thank you for being my mother. I also wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate all that you have done for me. Mother, I take pride in the person that I have become because you have taught me the sense of right and wrong. You have shown me how to be responsible and other positive things, like the importance of family and how to help others. But most importantly how to remember God in all that I do. I know that I have the best mother in the world! I feel blessed to have you because you are the most unselfish and giving person that I know. Mother you have given me so much pleasure in life from making me feel special to protecting me from danger. I most definitely thank you for all the wonderful things that you have done for me, some of them being exciting vacations and the best Christmas's ever, since we spent them as a family, because of you I know that there is nothing greater then being a part of a loving family. Mother thank you for being you. Love Always, Michelle Elaine Proctor, Daughter

14: The Ebo's

15: My Dearest Mom, Dearest Mom, How do we begin to say we Love You to a very special woman that God has put in our lives as our Mother and guardian Angel we can not begin to tell you how much you are appreciated. and loved . Mom you are irreplaceable you have the hug to heal and comfort, you have the kiss that can cure anything from a scraped knee to a broken heart. From Toni - When I think about all the sacrifices and joy that you've brought to my life, I am overwhelmed. There is no way to repay you but to try and live each day, putting God first in my life, and loving my family with my whole heart. That's what you taught me. From Dave - thanks Mom for everything but most especially for giving me the best woman in the world, because i am truly a beneficiary of your uncompromising sacrifices and great investment in your children. From Bria,Emeka and Obinna- Grams you are the best of the bestest. from Marco- wuff wuff (you know he loves you) So thats why we say Happy Birthday , may the Lord keep you so you can enjoy the rewards of your hard work the best is yet to come We Love You! Toni Dave Bria Emeka Obinna

16: The Isaac's

17: Mommy, I have never been gifted with words and I would never be able to convey to you just how much you mean to me. So I guess the best thing is to just say, mom I love you. You are the BEST MOTHER in the world. No ifs, buts or supposes. You are the poster picture for best mother. No matter what, when or how I needed you, you always came through for me and my family. Shawn said to let you know that he also appreciate what you have done for him and his family and he thanks you for allowing him to feel so apart of the family. Mom thank you for always loving me. Thank you for always caring for me. Thank you for teaching me to love. Most of all thank you for teaching me about forgiveness. I love you and will always love you. Donna Nicole Sharon Isaac, Daughter May 13, 1970

18: Grandma's Hugs Are Made Of Love Author: Unknown Everything my grandma does is something special made with love. She takes time to add the extra touch that says, "I love you very much." She fixes hurts with a kiss and smile and tells good stories grandma-style. It's warm and cozy on her lap for secret telling or a nap. And when I say my prayers at night I ask God to bless and hold her tight. Cause when it comes to giving hugs my grandma's arms are filled with love!

19: Grammy

20: Janine, & Children Eric & Felicia

22: Janine, & Children Eric & Felicia

24: Grams: This is going to be an exercise in restraint for me. You see I have difficulty being concise. When I was asked to provide a letter to go into this book, memories from my entire Life came flooding to the front of my memory. I have been blessed to have been your grandson now for 37 years. There are days that I feel I fall very short of such an honor. I wish I could take away all of your responsibilities, burdens, concerns, and fleeting worries. I think that is the least that I could do for someone who has given so generously to me, and now my children. I am not speaking of financial giving. I am speaking of the LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, KINDNESS, and WISDOM on a consistent and unconditional basis. I often think back to the day I told you that I was having my first child and the fear I had that you would be so deeply disappointed in me. I dreaded having to tell you because I did not want to be the cause of such disappointment. When I finally got up the nerve to tell you, Aja was on her way, you were as graceful and loving as ever. You simply stated, “Well, there is always room for one more.” I believe that is an integral part of your character, you have always welcomed in “one more.” It has not mattered whether they were a blood relative or a stranger on the street. In my humble opinion, you have truly lived a life that embodies God’s call in Matthew 25:45 “Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.” In this verse Jesus was speaking to his disciples about not feeding the hungry, providing shelter to the homeless, and not providing a drink to the thirsty and by so doing—they failed to provide to him. This is the very same lesson you have taught us. This is what life is about, sharing and when necessary sacrifice. You have taught me that service to others, is an inextricable part of living a good and worthwhile life. I sincerely hope that I am teaching my children this lesson as well as you have taught it to me.

25: The next lesson that has served me well has been that there in nothing like family! We are all going to fall on hard times, and “we each will have our turn, but family should be there to pick you up and help you along the way.” I know that my children will remember, you speaking through me, saying “family is important, you should know your entire family.” There is no family like ours. I am thankful and grateful, because I and my children have been blessed to know such love and acceptance. These are truly the most basic of human needs and many people spend their lives trying to find them unsuccessfully. All we had to do was, be born into this family and nurtured by you! Nylah, has grown so much and I see the same kindness and loving spirit in her. I am mindful that is something I must nurture in the same way that you have nurtured me. Although, in the world in which we live—it must be tempered with caution. This is a delicate balance, but one that I am managing through our conversations about parenting and life. I want to say thank you for always being there. I want you to know today and always that I love you. I would be lost without you. I would be so much less of a person if you had not poured of your spirit into me. My children would be less because they would not have the benefit of your Love, Knowledge, Kindness, and Wisdom. Gram words seem so infinitesimally small to repay all you have given. Please accept these few words in recognition of the fact that WE love, appreciate, and understand that we are nothing without YOU. Sincerely, Shawn, Aja, & Nylah, Grandson and Great Granddaughters

27: Itty | Shawn McCullers and Girls Aja and Nylah

30: Michelle Proctor's Children | James

31: Jeffrey | Nikia

32: Love | U | Happy Birthday Grammy, God has brought you many years and many blessings. I love you and appreciate everything that you have done for me. Thank you and again happy birthday. You are the best grandmother in the world. Love Always Chanae DaeShawn Isaac, Granddaughter June 11, 1992 | Dear Gram, I want to let you know how much I appreciate you and how much I am thankful for you. There is nothing like a Grandmother’s love. You are a very strong woman, and I hope when I become of age that I will be just like you. Happy birthday and I pray that God bring you many more. Love Always, Shawna Tiara Isaac, Granddaughter | WE

33: Dear Gram: I am sorry that I could not be there for your birthday celebration, but I wanted you to know how much I love you. You have always been there for me. I love you very much. Bria Nonyem Ebo, Granddaaughter | Dear Grandma: You are very nice to us, even when you fuss at us, we know you love us and we love you. You are the greatest Grandmother ever. We want to make your birthday extremely special for you. I hope you have an amazing birthday, Love Emeka, Obinna, Malik and Family.

34: Gram, I promised Nikia that I would never ever show this picture to anyone, so I just edited her out with some love. LOL Shawnna

36: Sisters | Brothers

38: th | THE THINGS YOU DO | Mom is always trying to make any and everything special! | At Christmas time she always make sure that if she spend $200 on one person - she spend $200 on every person. So that no one ever feels shorted. | Mom believes in giving | No matter what you leave at mom's house she will make sure you get it. Even if it is one sock. | When we travel to Philly she always call so she can see where we are so that she can travel down the road with us! | I love to watch basketball with my gram. She understands the calls and knows the players. | She makes sure you are in the loop with everything

46: To Grandma McCullers: In the world we live in today, there is a tendency to assume the worst of everyone around us. In most cases, this true as it keeps us on alert and prevent disappointments. But you are an exception and you change that perception with your loving, caring personality/demeanor. As I sit back and think of the first time I met you until the present day, it has been a model of what human beings should be like. I hope that someday I can match that level of care and selflessness that you portray in your life. I struggle to find a word that describes your value to the lives of people around you. So I just made one up, “JANE OF ALL TRADES, MISTRESS OF ALL”. You take interest in everyone around you, offering advice and encouragement. You do what you can to play a part in their well being. I remember when I was heading back to school, and you wanted support me in some sort of way. I remember thinking; she was just making a nice gesture, so I guess as people say “IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS”. Little did I know that you meant what you were thinking and insisted that I accepted this lil’ something something. Thanksgivings at your place are great. Everyone is always happy to be together. The food is always a classic. I always end up being in a food coma for at least 24hrs. Then hunger sets back in again, and I wish I had eaten even more. A family that eats together, prays together, will always be together. Your family is together; I don’t think this would be possible if you weren’t genuinely caring and accepting of everyone. And then, as if it weren’t enough, there is nothing better than a Sunday afternoon watching a football game with you and rooting against your Philly teams. The game analysis you give is always on point. Am telling you, John Madden aiint got nothing on you. You are cool, relaxed and as down to earth as anyone I have ever met. Go REDSKINS, bye bye Eagles. What made Grandma McCullers special? She is strong but tender-hearted, very proud woman but humble in her approach to life, bold but soft-spoken, extremely blessed with her accomplishments, family, and friends, but is still living to be a blessing. Happy Birthday, and may the Lord watch over you. Chuka and Family

47: Mrs McCullers, Happy Birthday. May the sun always shine on your windowpane May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain drop May the hand of a friend always be near you. May the good Lord fill your heart with gladness to Cheer you. Jesus has overcome the world Stay well and many more years Milford and Family | Chuka and Family

49: Live | Live | Laugh | Love

51: Fabulous Woman

52: To the world’s greatest mother-in-law: We met 15 years ago and it has been an absolute joy! Since the very first day we met, I have grown to know you and like you. Each time I have the fortune of spending time with you, I have developed an even deeper appreciation for who you are. One of the truest testament of a woman is reflected in her family. You have an exceptional family. I am very proud to be a member of this family. As the matriarch, you are not only the backbone, you are the nurturer, the protector and the best example each women in the family. Thank you for being such a wonderful mother, grandmother and aunt. Most of all, I thank you for your continued love and support for my sister and brother, Toni and Davis. Again, thank you for your love and kindness over the years. I know that God will grace our families with many more years of your love and many more joyous moments! Warmly, Micheal

53: My Dearest Aunt Itty, When Donna sent me the email telling me she needed a letter, I thought to myself "Wow, God is so good, now I can no longer put off what I said I was going to do almost every other month...write my auntie a letter." Auntie, I think of you often and most often I think of your huge hugs and even bigger smile! Life happens so fast that we sometimes go through it missing out on all of the love and affection that God himself has designed us to enjoy. I love you so very much and I want you to know today that you are very special to me. Thank you for making my childhood memories at Christmas dinner over grand mom's the absolute best! It was a celebration I always looked forward to. I knew aunt ITTY had a gift not only for me but for everybody! Thank you for being you. I love you. I hope you have a happy birthday and I pray that God continues to bless and keep you in perfect peace!! With Love, Monica Joyce Beverley-Holmes, born October 29,1970 Daughter of Edward and Retta Beverley | auntie

54: Faith | Hope | Love | Greatest of these is Love

55: Without question | Worlds Greatest Mother

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